In the Dark

SUMMARY: Cordelia’s accidental kiss leads to more than just kisses in the dark.
POSTED:15 Oct 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) A Challenge by Impress: Cordy, Angelus, and Scoobies somewhere.
2) My smut muse returned at 7:05 am!!! Totally re-writing this as we speak cus my smut muse won’t shut up until I change it!!
STATUS: Complete

Cordelia checked her watch, 9:15 it read and it was almost time to meet him in the closet at the Bronze. Peering around at her little managerie of friends, the brunette made sure no-one was watching her as she quietly slipped off to the supply closet near the fire exit.

As sneakily as possible, Cordelia cranked the handle open and slipped inside, closing the metal door behind her as carefully as she could. Breathing a sigh of relief, she fumbled for the light switch but couldn’t find it in the near-pitch black. “Damn, but at least nobody saw me so that’s a silver lining right?” she asked herself as she waited for Xander to meet her there.


“Are you coming Xander?” Buffy asked as she, Willow and Oz climbed into their seats. “We’re going for pizza before I hit my nightly patrol”

Xander glanced in the direction of the supply closet, he hadn’t seen Cordelia go into it so he figured she hadn’t gone to meet him as arranged. Eh, it was good while it lasted! “Sure why not?” he asked as clambered awkwardly into his seat to join his friends instead of going to join his kissing partner.

“Great, can I have anchovies?” Willow piped up hopefully, widening her eyes as she peeked at Oz asking him to back her up on the anchovies.

“Anchovies could be good” Oz replied noncommitedly.

“Yuck, well you two can share anchovies I am gonna get me some pepperoni” Buffy stated factly. “You with me Xan?”

“I can do pepperoni so yes Buffmeister, I am with you on the pepperoni” Xander nodded affirmatively.


Cordelia paced a little in frustration, she’d been in here at least ten minutes and no Xander. If it was one thing she detested and that was being stood up, least of all being up by Xander Harris. Oh, the shame of it if her friends ever found out! “I can’t even check my watch because it’s dark” she barked at the blackened walls. “Five more minutes and then I’m outta here” she told herself.

She paced once, twice more before her patience ran out and she fumbled along the wall looking for the way out to get back to sanity. Smiling when her hand wrapped around the handle, Cordelia tugged on it and frowned when the door didn’t budge.

“Don’t tell me…” she tugged hard on the handle again but it still didn’t move. Letting out a yelp, Cordelia banged her palm off the door and started yelling for help. “Hello, somebody get me out of here please? I’ll let you sit near me at lunch I promise!”

“Somebody get me out of here!” she yelled as loud as she could while continuously tugging on the door handle.


Angelus had heard the Slayer and her little cronies were having a night out and he’d decided to pay a little visit, cause some trouble and maybe make poor little Buff watch as he romanced some sweet, young thing. “I love being me” he murmured happily as he strolled past the supply closet and subsequently heard the yelling from inside. He knew that voice…

The vampire made the few short steps to the door and with no effort, he had it open and stepped inside, closing it behind him.

“It’s about time you got here, I was beginning think you weren’t gonna show” Cordelia spoke in a sultry voice that switched on Angelus’ voice recognition instantly. The brunette closed the gap she made when the door opened and brought the vampire’s lips down to meet hers!

Angelus’ eyes snapped wide open, what the hell did Cordelia think she was doing?! He had no time to say anything at all and she was kissing him like the world depended on it. Eh, who was he to put up a fight? If the Cheerleader wanted to rape him, then he certainly wasn’t going to stop her!

Moaning into his mouth, Cordelia deepened the kiss in sheer delight and wonderment. Xander had never kissed like this before, his lips were sensually massaging hers and his tongue was caressing hers in an oh so naughty manner. He must’ve been eating one of the Slush drinks because his tongue was cool, but it felt nice against her warmer one.

The vampire could see her face clearly, her eyes were closed and a dreamy expression flushed with a pretty pink hue. Didn’t she need to come up for air anytime soon? Taking the initiative, Angelus eased her away from him and stepped back just to be sure she couldn’t recognize him from close quarters.

“Dammnit! I was enjoying that, get back here!” Cordelia all but growled in frustration and stomped her foot for good measure. “Where the hell did you learn to kiss like that?” she asked and he saw the self-satisfied smirk on her swollen lips.

He didn’t answer, he was too much in shock at being pounced on. Usually, it was him doing the pouncing because he was the predator and not the prey. Where was he when that changed?!

“Xander, what are you doing now? If you stutter and say nothing, I’m gone because I’m not waiting around while you play hand-man!”

She thought he was Xander freakin Harris? Angelus went to snap at her before rethinking his plan. This could turn out to be fun he thought deviously. In a low, melodic voice that sounded like a smooth Jack Daniels, the vampire finally answered her.

“I’m not Xander” he whispered loud enough for her to hear and Cordelia stilled, quieting down instantly. “You kissed me. Do it again, I won’t tell you twice”

“Who are you? Because I am, in no specific terms, kissing any guy from the science lab or the chess club” Cordelia replied, shaking her head rapidly in strong denial.

“I’m not telling you who I am sweetheart, I’m telling you to kiss me. That’s twice I’ve told you and I wasn’t going to do that” Angelus repeated his earlier words. “Now you have to forfeit. Close your eyes”

“Why? It’s not like I can see anything anyway and I’m so not kissing you until you tell me who you are”

Angelus moved behind her so fast that she only felt a gust of air on her arm, startling her when she felt a cool hand cover her eyes and that husky voice in her ear. “Keep your eyes closed got it?”

Whimpering a little in fear, Cordelia gulped and nodded her consent. Slowly the hand was removed from her eyes and she kept them closed. “Now what?” she asked a tad breathlessly.

The vampire didn’t answer only removed the band holding her hair, allowing the long mahogany waves to cascade down her back. “Better” he murmured almost lovingly in her ear. Angelus began to comb his fingers gently through the tresses, working out the kink caused by the ponytail until all the waves were separated and loose. “I love your hair sweetheart, soft and silky. I could touch it all day”

“Alright Casanova, the smooth talk might work with other girls” Cordelia stated her tiny fib, this man was working her big time and they both knew it. “But me, you have a looong way to go before I relent to your not-so-charming charms”

Angelus laughed lowly, the vibrations making her body shudder as he tugged her back to his chest and wrapped his arms fully around her. “You’re fibbing, I can hear the way your heart is beating; your breath is shallow and I bet if I touched you there, you’d be hot and maybe a little wet. Shall I touch you there?” he purred softly.

“If you did, that’d be forced attention and not something you wanna get into with me. Do you know who my father is?” Cordelia asked boldly and ignoring the way his voice alone was making her react in such a feminine way.

“Forced attention is when you don’t openly give consent and everything about you is screaming consent to me right now” he countered easily with another deep chuckle. His hands moved up her stomach, masculine fingers grazing the satin skin just below the hem of her soft cashmere sweater. “Soft skin” he moved his hands underneath the top and up towards her breasts. “Nice bra sweetheart, what color?”

She was stood totally immobilized, her breathing so quick her brain began to get a little fuzzy from lack of oxygen and she was reacting to his simple, if not innocent, touch. When his hands moved to cup her silk covered breasts, time had stopped ticking and the world had stopped turning. She’d never gone this far with a male, let alone a perfect stranger.

“What color?” Angelus pressed, one hand slid inside the silk to cup the naked, pert breast in his hand, fingers kissing the hardening pebble.

“Uh… blue. My bra is blue” Cordelia couldn’t stop herself from arching into the stranger’s warming touch and felt a little moan vibrate from him. So he was getting into this little game too was he? Well, two could play at this! With that thought in mind, the brunette brought her hand up to reach behind her to caress his face.

Strong jaw line led to a rugged cheek that turned into her soft touch, pressing his lips into her palm. “And your panties? Are they blue silk too?”

“Yeah” came the whispered reply, “Tell me who you are. Please?”

“Why? So you have a name to scream out when I’m inside you?”

“I-inside?” Cordelia asked, when she went to snap her eyes open in shock she found a hand covering them once more, preventing her from seeing anything. “I wasn’t going too…”

“Liar!” Angelus chuckled in amusement before removing his hand once he was sure she wouldn’t open them. “Does that frighten you? Have you ever been with a man Cordelia?” grinning a grin she didn’t see when he got the answer he knew anyway. “I get to go there first, I promise to make it a good experience for you”

“I don’t want my flower to blossom in the supply closet at the Bronze. Thank you but no” whatever he was going for had just been ruined by that. Cordelia rapidly came to her senses about what she was doing and where, “There will be no inside of anybody’s body mister. Least of all mine”

Angelus rolled his eyes, trust her to make this nicely erotic moment sound sordid. Even he was enjoying the game God dammnit! Taking control of the situation back in hand, the vampire cupped both her breasts this time and pushed them together, creating a visible cleavage. “Good breasts, I wanna run my tongue over you, taste your skin and kiss you all over. I wanna feel your orgasm in my mouth and on my lips…” his voice trailed off when he heard her choke back a moan.

“Let me sweetheart, you won’t regret it. I promise” he whispered harshly. Her hips were moving in a way that her ass kept brushing against his erection, teasing him through the leather of his pants and making him hiss at the slight contact. “Let me Cordelia or I’ll take what I want anyway”

Angelus unclasped the front fastening of the bra, groaning when her hot flesh fill his hands, heating his cool hands in seconds. “You’re so hot sweetheart” he murmured as he lowered his lips to the nape of her neck, kissing softly. Darting his tongue out, the vampire traced invisible patterns on her skin and kissing her there with delicious kisses that sent ticklish shivers through her.

“Uh” Cordelia scrunched her neck up a little at the tickles, making Angelus smirk against her skin. Her hands held the backs of his forearms and her hips rocked back a little harder against his when she felt his erection. “Oh uh” he saw her pink hue turn a luscious shade of red, staining her throat. Nails scratched the leather of his jacket, making a whispered noise that only added to the erotic encounter.

He massaged her breasts fully, petting her nipples with first gentle touches then rougher ones, fingers circling the sensitive skin around her areolas, persuading them to react to each pleasuring sensation. “Take your top off Cordelia, keep your eyes closed then turn around. I wanna taste you now”

“What about me? Do I get to play too?” Cordelia asked as she felt herself being held steady as she removed her top and then felt her bra graze her overheated body as the silk left her. She knew she was now half naked in front of a total stranger but right now she didn’t care. “Carpe Diem” she whispered to herself. Seize the day it meant, but now she needed a new motto. One that meant seize the stranger in the supply closet!

As soon as she was turned around, Cordelia went straight in for the kill. She brought her hands up to caress each side of his strong features and brought his lips back to hers for another kiss. Angelus once again didn’t have time to give his next order before he had her tongue practically down his throat!

Her naked breasts were crushed against his chest, even through his sweater, Angelus felt how hot her body was getting and couldn’t wait to feel her skin to skin. Spinning them round, he braced her back against the cold stone of the wall, never losing contact with her lips.

Her pink tongue explored his mouth, sweeping over his much cooler tongue and curling over where his fangs lay hidden. That little movement caused him to shudder, he was sensitive there! Angelus toyed with the pert buds, squeezing them with the right amount of pressure to send little shocks straight to her core.

Moaning richly, the vampire let go of her breasts, moved down to the hem of her skirt and brought her skirt up so it bunched up around her waist. Looking down, Angelus saw the blue silk panties were almost transparent with her response to him and he smirked. He couldn’t wait to see her reaction when she found out it was him who had brought her to this stage. “Is that because of me sweetheart? Is it?” he chuckled out his question.

Cordelia whimpered when she felt his hand skim her sex, bringing more arousal from her with the temptation of being touched like this. “Is it good?” Angelus demanded and slipped his hand to touch her fully. Pushing up against her, the vampire growled when he felt the rich, human and female heat sear his hand through the silk. “Touch me Cordelia I’m so hard for you”

She smirked at him and moved her hands down from his neck, exploring his figure as she moved. Shoulders broad and exceptionally defined, heavily muscled biceps and an expansive chest encased in a silk shirt. His pectoral muscles flexed beneath her touch, making her scratch her nails lightly down to his stomach. “Hottie!” she giggled, not being able to help herself from saying it.

Feminine fingers unbuckled his belt and timidly opened his zipper, minding not to catch him in it because that really wouldn’t look good on her part! Cordelia sucked in a deep, needed breath when she felt him hard in her hands. Solid and cool like steel, but also smooth soft like pressed velour; she stroked her hand down his shaft curiously and was amazed to hear him moan lightly for the first time since they started this little game.

Angelus bucked his cock faster into her hands; urging her for more touching and stroking, “Do that again Cordelia. Faster” he hissed as he increased the pressure on her clit, rubbing his fingers in slow circles over her silk covered sex. He leaned down to take a hardened bud into his mouth, flicking his tongue rapidly over the sensitized peek; making her shudder in his arms.

Cordelia glided her hand up and down faster like he asked of her before teasing the tip of his cock with a slender fingertip. Angelus watched through a blazing obsidian gaze as she tasted him on her tongue; sucking him off her fingertip and moaning in delight. “You wanna take me into your mouth sweetheart? Wanna make me come like that? Or do you want me inside you?” he hissed out in a husked groan.

“Inside me. Please, inside me now” her voice cracked when she felt her panties swiftly removed and his large male hand covering her pussy as his fingertips circled the entrance, preparing her. Cordelia rocked her hips over his hand, silently asking for more from the stranger. She expected to feel his finger inside her first, to stretch and prepare her for penetration.

When she felt the tip of his cock taunting her clit, she had to force herself to keep her eyes closed and not snap them open in surprised shock. “I-I…” she began with fear in her voice that made her tremble against him.

Angelus bit his lip as he traced her outer labia with his sex, she’d be incredibly tight and he wanted to feel that first hand. “Trust me Cordelia” he spoke lowly, “I wanna do this my way and not have anything ruin you, I wanna feel all that tightness wrapped around my cock as I enter you. I’ll go slow I promise, I want you to feel every inch of me deep inside your hot, little body” he told her firmly, his voice unwavering and unarguable.

“Trust me” he repeated

Cordelia swallowed and nodded; biting down on her lip she let him spread her legs a little further apart, his hands kneading the muscles on her thighs to relax her a little more. “I trust you” she whispered to him, wanting to see what this man looked like and needing to know what his name is.

Angelus took hold of his cock, gently easing himself inside her; moaning when her vaginal muscles contracted harshly around his shaft. The blazing heat was almost overwhelming and he slammed his now glazed tigers’ eyes tight shut. He felt the change come over his face, fangs elongating, forehead and cheekbones becoming that of his true guise. Inch by solid inch he penetrated the heart of her, relishing the way her body was holding him, a silent vow to never let go.

She could hardly breathe, the dull ache in her pussy had her breath hitching in her choked up throat as her hands grabbed onto his strong shoulders, hanging on to her anchor. Cordelia whimpered a little when she felt push deeper inside her, a hitched little sound that was music to him. “Please more” she urged desperately.

The vampire opened his eyes, focusing entirely on her face as he penetrated her completely, slamming his mouth down on her pliant one to swallow her yelp of slight distress. Angelus held still, unable to move as each one of her vaginal muscles accommodated his welcomed intrusion. Withdrawing a little, he grabbed a hold of her ass and brought her legs up to lock around his waist before moving his hands around and up her back to take hold of her smaller, more fragile shoulders.

Cordelia tore her mouth away from his as she screamed quietly when he pushed her back down onto his cock, going deeper than before. “Oh God more” it ached but it was a good ache.

“Like it?” Angelus growled lowly as he flexed his hips experimentally, moaning when she responded by going against his movements. When he thrust up, she pushed down so every penetration made the tip of his cock hit off her cervix and his shaft taunt her G-spot. Cordelia used her legs to lift herself off him allowing him to bring her back down with a little more force. “That’s good”

“Mmm… I like that!” she purred as a smirk flirted at the corners of her mouth, her hands moved round to tickle the nape of his neck, nails tracing circles over his smooth skin. Cordelia let her head roll back against the cold wall behind her as the stranger moved within her body faster and harder with each thrust.

He clamped his jaw shut to stop himself from biting her just yet, he wanted to bite her right now. Cordelia was his choice, his way and he liked that he owned her now. He wanted to tell her his name, wanted to tell her just which vampire had taken her virginity and he wanted to see her reaction when he did. Angelus wanted his name to be on her lips when she climaxed with him deep inside.

The eroticism of the game was only heightened by the deep, harsh panting breaths of the vampire and the whimpered puffs of air from the girl he had effectively seduced. Cordelia’s breathing soon became labored, her moans got louder and her whispered pleas turned to orders.

“Faster” she hissed out to Angelus, her hips moving against his frantically as she tried to get more from him. “Please faster”

The vampire increased his pace, pressure and entry, stimulating her from the inside out. “Oh God…!” he moaned loudly and brought his lips back to hers in another bruising kiss. His lips moved swiftly over hers as he pushed her physical limits, his balls tightened up to nestle against her body and his hands moved down to crush her to him.

“I-I’m…” Cordelia screamed as her climax thundered through her body, every nerve blazed with the exquisite feeling as she felt him throb, move and swell inside her. A shower of hot arousal rained down on him when he pushed in and felt his own climax wash through him.

Angelus kept his eyes on her, “Open your eyes” he choked out as he ejaculated over and over inside her.

She opened her eyes, and saw who had done this to her, Cordelia’s breath caught, her hands went to either side of his face and she opened her mouth. “Evil vampire… Helloooo evil vampire!”

At first he thought she was going to scream for help, push him away or try and fight him. Angelus found himself staring at a very smug grin which now snaked across her face as she pulled him down for a deep kiss. This time, he didn’t care about giving himself away with his fangs as he kissed her deep.

Breathing heavily against his mouth, Cordelia felt her body calm down from the orgasm she’d had and leaned her head down on his shoulder. Angelus purred deeply as the pressure in his balls decreased as his climax passed and he shuddered.

No wait, that wasn’t him who was shuddering it was her and she was laughing.

Confused, Angelus raised her face so she was looking at him, “What’s so funny?” he panted out as he searched her for answers.

Cordelia simply shook her head, not replying as she collapsed against his much larger frame, hissing when she started to feel a little sore. “Ow!” she muttered when he moved her off his body and settled her onto her feet.

“Hurting?” Angelus asked as he started to buckle up his pants which held traces of her climax. “Some advice babe” he immediately returned to his previous manner which she knew him as. “Go home and get a hot bath”

“So no chocolate and roses then?” Cordelia stated as she knelt carefully to the floor, rummaging around for her discarded bra and top. She could still feel him inside her and it felt more than good. She wondered if he’d be up for a nightcap, dinner, movie or if he was up for rental cus she could get used to some of that!

“I’m a vampire, unless you want to be the chocolate I wouldn’t say so” Angelus retorted carelessly as he picked her up off the floor and went straight for where her bra and top lay. “Here, you”ll be needing these to go home”

“Not walking me?” she asked sarcastically with a little smirk as she took her clothes. “And I see you didn’t bite me, nice to know I can still wear V-necks. Otherwise you’d have to give me a matching set of those teensy little marks”

“Did you want to be bitten and have your little friends know who did it?” Angelus asked pointedly as he walked to the door with a satisfied strut.

“If I wanna be bitten by you then I’ll be bitten by you, they don’t have the right to tell me who I can and can’t be bitten by. It’s my life, my neck and my blood. I say who does and doesn’t eat…drink…whatever!” Cordelia barked at him as though he were saying they did have that right. “Do you want to bite me?”

“I’m a vampire who’s just had some great sex, of course I wanna bite you. Do I look like I have a soul?” Angelus snapped back.

“Great sex?”

“Are you fishing now?”

“Well if you have a tackle to bait then yeah I’m fishing and you did say it was great sex” Cordelia pointed out as he walked back to help her with her bra and top.

Angelus looked down at her in total amusement, “Are you insane? I could kill you in a second and you’re asking me for more sex…?”

“Um, yeah” she nodded, “I’m not in the habit of lying to others or myself Angelus, if I like something or someone then it’s my opinion that counts and no-one elses”

“You like me?” he was starting to feel a little sick at that thought.

“Hell no you’re evil but I do like the sex… So sex?” Cordelia held out her hand to the vampire.

Angelus grinned wickedly, took her hand and kissed the back of it. “Sex it is!”




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