Immaculate Conception

SUMMARY: A Sequel to ‘House Guest’
POSTED: 21 Nov 2003
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content
AUTHOR NOTES: Part 5 is fully dedicated to Lysa for her much-needed help. Also, I popped the question and she has agreed to be my permanent beta!!!
STATUS: Complete

PART 1: Month 1
Shrugging off her lateness, Cordelia put it down to the small stress she had over having to move out of her apartment so suddenly. Being a few days late was nothing to worry about as she hadn’t done anything to cause that worry which was a good thing as sex only led to trouble. Especially where her boyfriend was concerned, he got a moment’s happiness and she wouldn’t need to be worrying about her monthlies, she’d be bleeding enough for a year.

Tugging on the cord, she turned the bathroom light off just as she opened the door and left; she doubted Angel would mind if she left her used towels there till morning. “Angel?” Cordelia called out, her fluffy mouse-shaped slippers pitter-pattering across the wooden floor and the sounds of her tired breathing invading the silent response. “Aannggeell?” she called out again when she got no answer.

Raising his head from his hands, the vampire looked up to see his girlfriend approaching him from the direction of the bathroom he had worshipped her in only four days ago. The scent of her arousal still tinged the air with a delightfully sweet aroma that made his heart ache. It was all over her, even after her twice-a-day showering, and it was all over him; their shared experience coated everything they did and every word she said.

One of his robes hung generously on her smaller figure, the shoulders were almost hanging off of her and he couldn’t see her hands for the arm length. The hem of the robe reached just below her knees to kiss her calf muscles softly. Her hair was tossed over her shoulder and small droplets fell onto his floor. The pitter-patter of her mouse-encased feet almost caused him to smile a little as his eyes dropped to the floor too see the slippers.

Angel felt a genuine and unforced smile flicker on his lips as he watched her almost skip merrily to the table, joining him at the kitchen table. The chestnut silk he had seen caked in sand was now hung in damp, wavy curls that cascaded like a stream down her back. The skin he had seen shining in the sun was now clean and smelled of watermelons and not of the oceanic breeze it had the other day. Those eyes that had seen him in the daylight shone with no recollection of their time together and held no memories of his drawing their names in the sand.

“Hey baby” he greeted tiredly, “Enjoy that?” he referred to the very long and, if the steam was anything to go by, very hot shower. Now that he thought about it, a good and hot shower might be just what he needed. If only they hadn’t performed something that was once illegal in there.

“Mmm” Cordelia contentedly hummed her response, crossing her long legs into a lotus position she reached over intending to grab his glass of scotch when he slapped her hand. “Hey, what did you do that for?”

Raising his eyebrow at her sternly, “I love you Cordelia, but you’re not old enough to drink” Angel moved the small glass out of her little thieving hands before she could grab it.

He was not going to pull that line on her surely? “Oh come on Angel” she rolled her eyes, “How old were you when you had your first drink?” she asked with a knowing smirk and watched as he realised he had no room to talk. “Exactly, so gimme a taste. I’ve only ever had port, sherry or champagne before” she urged, her hair swishing with her nodding.

“Here” Angel pushed the glass towards her, watching and waiting for her to cough it up when the burn reached the back of her throat. His brown eyes were drawn to the column of her throat that moved in synchronisation with every swallow she made. His expression turned to a small amount of shock when he realised she wasn’t going to cough, splutter or say it was disgusting. “You actually liked that?” he asked with an amused half smile.

“It was okay, like Doyle says that isn’t single malt its poly malt!” Cordelia shrugged and passed him the measure that had been half drank. Leaning forward, she dropped her chin onto her crossed arms and studied the vampire opposite her. His dark eyes had seemed so sad lately, he was getting bags under his eyes and his shoulders had been slumped, he looked like he had lost something he cherished. “What’s up big guy?” she asked, turning her face to the side, “And don’t say nothing cus I know you and you don’t suit the matching luggage you’re getting… I have some cream for that” she added as an after thought.

Looking at her with a pained expression, Angel had swore he would never lie to her again but he found himself doing just that. “I-you know about me, my past” it came to something when he was blaming a part of him that hadn’t even been there when it happened and now he felt like he was blaming his brother or something.

“You’re missing brooding, am I right?” Cordelia supplied to him when he became lost for words, “Well, I have got the cure for that” she told him, raising her head from her arms and uncurling her body from the lotus position. “Why don’t you get smuggled into bed and I’ll bring you a nice, hot mug of O pos or coffee whichever you prefer. A nice relaxing night before you drift into the land of dreams is just what you need”

He just went along with it.

“Yeah” Angel sighed unnecessarily, stretching his arms out and yawning, he found that idea did seem like it was just what he needed. Another night next to the woman he loved and not being able to love her like he had done for that day and night. “Maybe you’re right Cor, I do need a good nights’ sleep. But you don’t have to make my…” why did he have to say that B word? “Blood” he was sure he was the only vampire who hated saying that word.

“Nah, I don’t mind Angel” Cordelia, completely unaware of all that had happened, she quickly thought of something. “Hey, if you’re a night person and this is like your morning then I’ll be making you breakfast in bed right?” a girl had a right to be pampered by her boyfriend sometimes and since she was due for her monthly PMS cycle, she deserved to be pampered before he endured the horror that was her.

It didn’t take Albert Einstein to see where this was going. His heart ache momentarily forgotten about, Angel eyed her knowingly and crossed his arms over his chest. “And this wouldn’t happen to do with you wanting me to make you breakfast in bed would it?” he deadpanned dryly.

“Where would you get an idea like that?” Cordelia wondered innocently, turning her hazel eyes towards the ceiling and tapping her nails on the table. If there was one thing bound to drive him into submission, it was the nail tapping. Five taps… Four taps… Three taps…

“Alright!” Angel half growled, God that was so irritating and drove him nuts, it didn’t help when his ears were extra sensitive either. All he heard was thud-thud-thud where a normal person heard tap-tap-tap. Cordelia’s heart-shaped and happy smiling face turned immediately towards him and he knew he wouldn’t have her any other way. “Omelette?”

“A-la vamp!”


This was the latest she had ever been in her life, counting the days in her head Cordelia realised she was running almost two weeks late and she had no idea why. Once again, she put it down to one of those things, after all there were girls in the world who’s cycles didn’t run like clockwork. “Do you mind?” she asked Doyle when he waltzed in, leaving the door wide open, “What? Were you born in a barn?”

“No” the Irishman replied, “Back of a car actually!” he added, making her lips quirk up in a tiny smile. Obediently, Doyle backtracked the few steps and closed the door. “Happy now Princess?” he drawled, “Angel around?”

“He’s still asleep actually” Cordelia replied, inspecting her manicure “I need my nails re-painting, the French manicure look went out with flares”

Not at all interested in what shade of polish was in or what shade was out, Doyle indulged her topic of conversation. “What’s in then?”

With a cheeky, little smile the brunette pulled her top drawer open and removed a small paper bag from her local chemist. “These!” she poured various shades out on her desk, “We have the newest chrome-shine from Maybelline and we have the Holographic shades from Revlon” Cordelia rummaged through the small pile of shades, trying to find one that suited her mood. She was in a surprisingly good mood that morning, she had never felt better in her life and she put that down to being nicely surprised at her lack of homicidal hormones. “I think I’ll go with the… Silver chrome-shine”

“Good choice” Doyle agreed, not really having the foggiest what she was talking about at all. “Any chance of a coffee this morning?” he glanced towards the machine hoping there would be some steaming away under the little nozzle. “Guess I’ll make it myself then”

“Oh that would be great, thanks” she sighed happily, this was so far a perfect day; new nail polish shade and some coffee made by Doyle. The only thing missing was Angel in a pair of tight black Calvin’s and someone bringing her margaritas while she relaxed on the tropical island of Martinique. Okay, so maybe that was more than one thing but who was counting?

Shaking his head at her, the seer went to employ the coffee machine when it looked like the person in charge of coffee making seemed highly unlikely to do it. “I might go down and wake the Broody One” Doyle mused, wanting some company that wasn’t a currently perky nineteen-year-old girl now clearing her nails of her French manicure. It wasn’t as if he could talk about his latest love interest with her was it?!

“You took the words right out of my mouth” Cordelia told him as she set about shaping her nails before applying the polish. “He might be awake by now, there’s only one way to find out and if he is awake can you tell him crazy cop lady called about half hour ago?”

“Why don’t you tell him when he gets up here?” he asked in confusion.

“Because you can tell him for me when you go down there” it wasn’t like she was secretly playing ‘pass my boyfriend a message’ with him and she wasn’t about to start asking Doyle to give Angel a kiss for her either. What was she turning into today?

Shaking his head, he refused to play the game any longer; he’d been doing it for days now and it was getting boring. It was always “Doyle, ask Cordy is she wants to see a movie tonight” or “Doyle ask Angel if he wants a donut” he’d had more than enough of their damn flirting and using him to do it. “If you’ve got something to tell him Princess, tell him yourself”

“Tell who what?”

Both Doyle and Cordelia jumped a mile and were now clutching the place where their hearts sat wildly pounding. “Do you have to do that?” she snapped at him, rubbing her hand lovingly over her chest and patting her heart calmingly. “I’m so gonna get you a bell on of these days before you do give me a heart attack”

“What Princess said” the seer agreed whole heartedly and gave the vampire a dirty look.

“Sorry” Angel stated unapologetically, carefully dodging the small beams of sunlight filtering through the blinds he walked towards Cordelia’s workspace, seeing all the nail polish bottles spread out on the desktop. “New?” he enquired, eyes flittering between the bottles and her face.

“Um-hmm, I needed to go into the chemist anyway so I thought I may as well bestow upon myself a nice little treat” Cordelia replied, was it her or was her mood getting better and better? “And its worked, I feel really good today. What about you? Did you have a good nights’ sleep?”

Not wanting to shatter the hopeful look in the hazel beams, Angel stretched the truth, “It was alright, no different to any other nights sleep” he saw her face fall a little and immediately felt bad. “But you’re breakfast in bed idea helped though”

It worked, he got that smile back and all was right again, well almost anyway. Now if he could just forget what it had been like to with her. “Anyway” he changed the subject from his sleepless nights to something he could live with. “I see Doyle has the coffee on…”

“How do you know it wasn’t me who put the coffee on?” Cordelia asked defensively with an indignant stare up at her boyfriend who merely shot a knowing look right back at her.

“Because I know you” Angel retaliated easily, this time not minding the way her expression changed, her scheme had failed. “As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, Doyle has the coffee brewing and you were about to tell me something”

Huffing loudly at the intrusion into her self-manicure, Cordelia pushed the pile of polish away from her pleased she had started painting yet. Wiping her hand across her forehead, she flicked a few stray strands of chestnut back “Crazy cop lady called, something about something”

Nodding at her, Angel tried to figure out what that something about something was exactly. “Did she say what?” he prompted encouragingly.

“Yeah, something but I can’t remember what” she looked up at him with her own version of the puppy eyes. “You don’t hate me do you Angel?” the lashes fluttered together, her cheeks went slightly round and the corners of her mouth curled up invitingly.

When she turned to look up at him, he couldn’t help but stare back down at her; her smile was as bright as ever but it seemed softer and a sweeter. Her skin had always had a healthy appearance but today she looked so pretty and beautiful Angel couldn’t help but smile back at her. It was times like this when he made the right choice not to tell what had happened.

God knows what happen if she found out he had lied to her about it.

PART 2: Month 2
Okay, now she was getting pretty worried about her late cycle; she was just over six weeks late and she hadn’t had any signs of cramping, irrational distress and not even a mood swing. That was the really worrying part, the lack of mood swings; for the last six weeks she’d been feeling warm, happy and generally good about herself.

The one good thing though, her good mood seemed to have rubbed off on Angel and Doyle; every time she walked into the room they looked at her and smiled. Maybe it wasn’t a good thing, the more she thought about it the more it scared her. “I could really enjoy a jam donut right about now” Cordelia stated with a breathy sigh, looking at the square, pink box that held the current keys to heaven.

“Doyle, can you ask…” she went to say to the Irish seer.

“The door to his office is open Princess, ask him yourself” he replied with a quirky grin at her. He watched as Cordelia practically bounced her way into the office, lately she’d been so happy and it was showing. Her skin was glowing with health, the hazel orbs were brimming with bliss and her hair, though always kept in prime condition, was like a luxurious cloud of silk. Getting up off his usual perch, Doyle couldn’t help but follow her into Angel’s office while she asked him if he wanted a donut.

The vampire was waiting for Cordelia to speak to him, looking up he saw his girlfriend unable to keep the smile off her face as she returned his gaze. “You want a donut?” she asked, biting her lower lip to try and stop her stupid grin from splitting her face.

Book forgotten about, Angel got up and rounded his desk, “Okay, we have any jelly left?” he looked at Doyle accusingly, he always had the jelly ones. Curling his arm around her shoulder the vampire guided Cordelia back to her seat and sat her down. “I’ll get you a donut and Doyle can make the coffee” he stated, tapping her softly on her button nose.

“I was already up” she pointed out, hazel orbs going back and forth between the seer and vampire suspiciously. “Is there something you two aren’t telling me?” she demanded with narrowed eyes.

“Yes” Doyle piped up dryly, “You’re the coffee making secretary not me. I never get a cup made for me these days” he glared at Angel, silently telling him just who was to blame for that. The vampire’s glum attitude seemed to be picking up lately, for a few weeks he had been a little withdrawn and overly broody. It seemed that the more than positive mood of Cordelia had done something good for the vampire, hell it had done something good for him too.

“That’s cus you always say I never get the mix of scotch in it right” Cordelia deadpanned, her cheek tilted down to rest on the back of Angel’s hand and she sighed happily. Life was just so good lately, she had a place to stay, a great boyfriend and a great best friend; what more could a girl ask for? Okay, so there were a few things she wouldn’t mind having like those gorgeous heeled black boots she saw in the shoe store opposite the chemist’s the other day.

She quickly realised that chemist’s was becoming her favourite place to look around in, they had everything there. Cosmetics to try out, matching sets of toiletries and other stuff like those cute little baby bibs that had ducks embroidered on in pretty yellow and blue. Shaking her head, Cordelia also realised she was grinning like a maniac again and forced herself to stop, her jaw was beginning to ache.

When she glanced up at Angel, he was grinning at her dreamy expression wondering what she was thinking about. A small part of him hoped she was somehow remembering their lost day and what they had done. “What?” Cordelia asked through her smile, eyes dodging between Doyle and her boyfriend.

“Nothing” the Irish half demon held up his hands protectively, “We should be asking you that”

Angel gave an agreeing nod, “Yeah, you’ve been like this for weeks” he removed his hand from under her cheek to stroke the nape of her neck softly. “Why are you so happy?”

Shrugging unknowingly, Cordelia shook her head “Someone has to be around here, there’s way too much doom and gloom; I think it’s just my mental way of spreading a little cheeriness”

“Or it could be the fact that you don’t have to drink your own coffee” Doyle exchanged a knowing glance with Angel. As he was half demon, all his senses were more acute, and unfortunately tasting being one of those more acute senses. That girl’s coffee could cause someone to suffer blocked arteries, he pitied the vampire at least he could escape but Angel had to live with her.

“Hey, my coffee isn’t that bad” Cordelia defended hotly, pushing Angel’s hand away from her she stood up with every intention of proving them wrong and making the best cup of coffee either of them ever had. “I’ll prove it to you” her chin raised up in defiance as she marched past the vampire and seer who watched with hidden grimaces as her hands reached for the percolator.

Her lips furled upwards as the smell of dried coffee infiltrated her nose, swallowing a little Cordelia made a point to ignore the worried glances Angel and Doyle were sending each other. Her coffee wasn’t that bad and she’d prove it to them, if only to stop their little looks. Pouring the ground-up coffee beans into the top of the machine, she swallowed again as the smell caused her stomach to feel like she was on a boat.

Seeing her face pale slightly, Angel ceased his silent teasing “Are you alright?” he moved to stand in front of the desk, she looked like she was ready to pass out or throw up.

This was the sign she’d been waiting for, the sign that signalled the end of her patience and good mood. “Oh yeah” Cordelia waved away his concern with a flourishing gesture of her hand, “I’m fine” she was not going into this with Doyle standing there and she didn’t feel like discussing this with Angel either. There were some things men didn’t need to know about.

Going back to the task at hand, the brunette subconsciously massaged her elevator-mimicking stomach and swallowed again. “Is this coffee past its sell-by date? Do coffee beans have sell-by dates?” she asked, grimacing as the smell seemed to get stronger and more nauseating. Backing away from the offending stuff, Cordelia shook her head “I can’t make that, it’s making me feel sick. Doyle, you make the coffee”


Curling up on the couch with her special Winnie the Pooh hot water bottle Cordelia popped a dry roasted peanut into her mouth and chewed carefully, wondering why mother nature hadn’t reared her ugly head. All day she’d been feeling nauseous but surprisingly with no cramping or irritating mood swings. Angel had been, well, an angel; she’d kind of hinted at what her problem was earlier that day and after the awkwardness, he had been so sweet.

Right now, he was in the kitchen making some delicious hot chocolate with melted marshmallows for her. Popping another peanut into her mouth, Cordelia began to miss her television; Angel didn’t have one and she missed those silly late night movies that came on. “Angel?”

“You don’t have to shout, I’m behind you!”

The peanut she was chewing on was soon spluttered all over the floor when she jumped a mile. Angel heard her heart beating a staccato inside her chest, her pulse was now hammering away under the delicate skin at her throat and the bag of peanuts joined the half eaten one on the floor. “How many times do I have to have a near heart attack before you get a bell or hum. Humming would be good” Cordelia barked, snapping her head back to look at the sheepish vampire.

As soon as he opened his mouth, she raised a silencing finger “Don’t you dare say you’re sorry because no amount of apologising can make me forgive you for my lost peanuts”

“Sorry” Angel solemnly told her, “You want your chocolate now?” holding his favourite mug up for her to take from him, hoping she would notice the small affectionate gesture. He’d been keeping himself busy all day trying to take his mind off the forthcoming human hell he was going to be put through. When they had just been friends, it would have been alright he’d just be his usual stoic self and pretend she wasn’t hormonal. But it was different now, she lived with him, she was his girlfriend and still his lover, even if she didn’t remember it.

He knew how this would affect him as a vampire and he’d been debating on how to explain it to her without either of them suffering any embarrassing awkwardness or discomfort. While he’d been thinking, he’d been playing the role of caring boyfriend as much as he could and he couldn’t put off the explanation any longer. Clearing his throat, Angel moved to sit down next to her and smiled slightly when she instantly shoved all her things to his side of the couch for her nightly ‘snuggles.’

Instantly responding to her little smile, Angel inclined towards her with the intention of kissing her. His lips descended down on the warmer, softer one belonging to Cordelia who responded equally. His tongue dipped inside her mouth, tasting the jelly from the pastry sweet she had earlier. Massaging her lips more firmly, he cupped her cheek and tilted her to face him, deepening the stimulation.

Her free hand came up to trace the outline of his defined jaw, stroking her fingertips softly down the contours of his throat until she curled her slender fingers around the nape of his neck. Angel moaned into her mouth at the light tickles and the response he was getting. Unknowingly, her body was reacting to the lips that had tasted her in the shower, remembering the heat and the love.

As the desire slowly escalated, Angel decreased the pressure on her mouth until he pulled away completely, leaving Cordelia touching her tingling lips with a little smile. Looking into her eyes, the vampire half hoped for a glimmer of remebrance but only saw love shining back. Years of practice had made him perfect the ability on how to push aside things that hurt in order to get on with it. Clearing his throat, he touched his lips once more to hers and got back to the topic at hand.

“That was nice” she murmured, then on seeing his expression go back to the uncomfortable one he wore before kissing her she enquired about the problem. “What’s up Broody?” Cordelia asked between arranging her hot water bottle so it wasn’t chaffing her uncomfortably and shifting her shoulders to allow his arm to drop around her. “You have ‘I wanna talk but don’t know what to say’ face on. Just spill” she urged.

How on Earth could he explain to his girlfriend of two months and eight weeks that he wouldn’t be able to leave her alone for the next week and a half because of her curse as she called her monthly cycle. “You know that you’re…” Angel glanced at her stomach she kept rubbing, off Cordelia’s nod he continued. “I’m a vampire and you’re…” he glanced down again, hoping he wouldn’t have to spell it out to her.

Following the direction of his gaze, she looked at her stomach trying to understand what he was finding so difficult to explain. “Bloated?” she offered with a helpful smile.

“When you with the, you know, and me with the vampire…” he gabbled frustratingly.

“Angel, why are you sounding like Willow?” Cordelia asked with a highly amused grin at his obvious awkward disposition. Figuring whatever it was must be a vampire thing, she shifted round to fully face him, “Angel, yes you are a vampire but it doesn’t matter. I maybe bloated and not my usual happy sweet self right now but I still love you. Whatever is eating you for a change…” she grinned cheekily at his sarcastic facial response to her little dig. “It doesn’t make any difference and I’m hoping for your sake that whatever my actions maybe in the coming three days won’t make any difference to you”

It was those three days that were the problem, all Angel could think about was how her body would get softer, slighter rounder; her breasts would increase in size and her scent would become addictive. That was one of the main things female vampires hated about mortal women, mortals had the one thing that could turn a male vampire from a killing machine into a completely loaded, fully automatic horny demon in the matter of seconds.

It seemed so unreal that he, a vampire so wicked, others of his kind feared him, was now sitting on his couch with his live-in lover fumbling his way through an explanation about why he wouldn’t be able to help being glued to her side for a week. Shifting uncomfortably, Angel contemplated giving up his hopeless attempt at explaining vampire behaviour and instead, he thanked those Oracles for small mercies. It could have worse; Buffy could still be here while he was explaining.

“It won’t” Angel replied, lying through his teeth again; he wondered how she would take his excess possessiveness. Noticing her restless manner, he swiftly changing the subject, he tugged her closer to him careful not to make her spill any of the hot chocolate she was holding in a near worshipful manner. “You seem bored?”

“I am” Cordelia answered, fidgeting with both the mug and her pyjamas, “Why don’t you have a T.V? You have weapons of slight destruction, you have books that the New York public library would pay big money for and you have all these expensive-looking antiques. Why don’t you have a T.V?”

“Because I don’t mind not having a T.V” Angel peered down at her with a look of growing suspicion. “You don’t watch those soap operas do you?” his voice showed his distaste for them. He remembered how the thorn in his side used to watch that Passions, the only reason he never tortured the damn T.V was because it kept him quiet for an hour and not because he secretly watched that programme too.

“Of course I do” she peered back at him, “They’re the perfect escape from reality”

He snorted, “Like love triangles aren’t in reality, what about the you, me, Buffy triangle? Or the you, Willow, Xander triangle? Or the you, me, Doyle triangle?” he purposely left out the him, Spike, Drusilla triangle.

Rolling her eyes at his point, “Alright” Cordelia resigned, “But we don’t have friends that conspire to poison us behind our backs, we don’t have ex-lovers that conspire to kill us and we don’t have all that cheesy romance going on”

“I remember when Giles gave Buffy that serum to take away her Slayer abilities for a time” Angel told her with a victorious smirk. “I conspired with Spike to kill Buffy and I conspired with Darla to kill Spike. And we have cheesy romance. No need for television”

“We do not have cheesy romance Angel, if we did then you’d bring me flowers everyday and proclaim your undying love for me as I cried tears of sheer joy” Cordelia remarked, pausing to take a tentative sip of her drink before taking a bigger drink when she realised it had cooled down. “I just want something to watch or something to do besides sitting here and snuggling with you. Not that there’s anything wrong with snuggling of course, that’s the highlight of my days, but don’t you want to play a game of cards or go out for pizza?”

Angel opened his mouth to reply when he saw her face lose all colouring, turning as pale as any vampire Cordelia began to shake a little as her body revolted at the idea of pizza. Shoving the mug of hot chocolate into his hands, she bolted from the couch and into the bathroom.

Grimacing a little, the vampire got off the couch to go empty the chocolate and set about pouring her a glass of cold water from the bottled spring water in the fridge. “No going out for pizza then” Angel muttered to himself, putting the glass ready on the kitchen table he went to see if she was okay.


Sitting at her desk, the good mood from yesterday was replaced with an ever-growing nauseating feeling that made her stomach slide slowly up before dropping back down. “Urgh” she groaned out, rubbing her rollercoaster-riding stomach, “When will this ever go away?” she asked no-one in particular.

“Why don’t you go lay down?” Angel asked in concern, he knew some women could this sort of thing quite bad but he wasn’t sure if physical sickness was part of the package. She was pale, her voice was hoarse with the amount of times she’d gone to the bathroom and no doubt her throat would be quite sore. “Do you need more water?”

Slightly dull hazel eyes opened up to look at him with love, gratitude and tiredness “Yeah, more water would be great” Cordelia smiled at him softly, her lips quirking up at the corners. “I must have picked up a bug from some inconsiderate person at that damn chemist

“There are reasons why people go to large chemists like that you know Princess” Doyle deadpanned, who in their right mind went to chemists to have a look around? Sure, this was one of them large stores that sold everything from electric shavers to grooming kits for men and those warm, fluffy socks. So he had been told anyway!

“If they’re so sick, why don’t they ask one of their healthy friends to go get their prescription?” she snapped at him and took a deep, none-calming breath. “Look, I’ll be fine, no mood swings and I’m just fine. Peachy” Cordelia stated in a half mocked sob.

“Go back downstairs baby” Angel told her sternly and caringly, “Get back into bed and get some rest. I’m sure Doyle and I can manage up here while you get some sleep” he looked to his seer for confirmation.

“He’s right Princess” the Irishman agreed, concern marring his devilishly handsome face, he’d never known her to be so sick or glum before, it was unnerving him a lot. “Let the Brood Meister take you down to the apartment, I can watch things up here for an hour or two. I’ll just holler out if I have a vision”

She shook her head, “Nah, if I lay down I’ll throw up in my head” Angel and Doyle grimaced at her phrasing. Cordelia looked at them gratefully, “I don’t feel like I’m tired or that I need rest. I just feel… Urgh” was the only way she could describe it. “Just please, please” she stressed firmly “Don’t drink coffee in front of me or bring pizza in here and I’ll be okay”

The battle lost with her firm words and firmer glare, Angel and Doyle backed off while they still had the chance to do so. “You want to come with me?” the vampire asked, nudging his head in the direction of his part of the office. “It might be a little warmer in there and its closer to the bathroom” he added with a smile.

“Yeah, Doyle can make coffee then and he can watch the phones while I get some much needed snuggles” Cordelia stated, to sick to care about Angel’s reputation with the half demon. Shrugging off the shawl around her shoulders, the brunette allowed the vampire to walk her into his office section, leaving the door open so they could converse with their new apposed secretary.

Settling on his knee, she sighed happily and relaxed into the solid chest she had no idea how well she knew. Curling up and resting her head in the crook of his shoulder, Cordelia ignored the growling noise her stomach was now making. “I’m not feeding you so go away”

Angel’s eyes glanced questioningly around the room, seeing who she was talking too when it hit him she was talking to her stomach. With the millionth half smile of the day springing across his face, the vampire let his arms lock securely around her to prevent her from sliding off his lap. “Maybe you should try some toast or something, that might help your stomach a little” he suggested, he’d heard that once from the grandma of an acquaintance he used to have.

“I don’t know, I don’t wanna hurl anymore”

“Can you just say the word ill instead of those really sickly words please?” he asked hopefully. Blow chunks, hurling, talking on the great white telephone, praying to the porcelain Goddess and her sudden move to upchuck city were some of the more colourful phrases she had been using since last night. Shuddering at the images those words gave him, Angel peered through the window and saw Doyle looking at Cordelia’s desk drawers in sly contemplation. “You don’t have anything private in your desk, do you?”


It was close to being eight weeks of being late and Cordelia was working herself up into a panic. She’d had the mood swings, she was sick every other day and she was getting small cramps in her lower abdomen, so why hadn’t the cycle been completed yet?

His face was unwavering and his posture taut with firmness, Angel looked at her sternly from opposite her at the kitchen table. “You’re going and that’s final”

Shaking off the urge to whine, stomp her foot and sulk, Cordelia kept up her own unwavering resolve. “I don’t need to go Angel” she countered, “My thing’s just a little late so its going to hit me harder than usual” okay so being eight weeks would normally be cause for alarm but considering how she hadn’t done anything to cause that alarm, she didn’t see why she had to go. “It isn’t unheard of for girls to be late you know”

“No but it is unusual to be ill for two weeks the way you have and not get any better” Angel argued back, raising his voice a little bit. For the last two weeks, he’d seen her go from being perfectly fine and she would be her usual cheerful self and the next minute, she’d be locked in the nearest bathroom for ten minutes. “You’re going” he repeated, “Even if I have to drag you there myself”

“Why? So the doctor can whisk me in, say ‘Take these miss Chase, they’ll cure anything?’ I think not” Cordelia’s voice to match his, she would not give in and that was final. “I don’t need to go” maybe they would give her a needle and now that she had effectively given herself a daytime nightmare, she was certainly not going.

“Yes Cordy, you do and you are” Angel’s loud voice lowered to the one he used when intimidating his opponents. Not that it would work on her but it was worth a shot.

“No, I’m really not”

“Yes, you are”



Grabbing her by the wrist as his other hand clamped around her mouth, Angel forced Cordelia into the doctor’s room. The room was filled with small bottles filled with clear liquid, files and pieces of notepad paper pinned to a notice board made of cork. There was a leather chair in front of the desk, two chairs for the patient and companion and an examination bed in the far corner.

“Gaahhh!” Cordelia gagged behind Angel’s hand when she saw the packaged needles and immediately turned to run for safety. She could feel them now, pricking her skin and the cold feeling of the liquid going up her arm and the inability to move for the split second it took for the anaesthesia to work. Her arms felt itchy, she felt sicker than usual and her entire body was crawling with sharp, metal snakes.

Rolling his eyes in exasperation, Angel turned the terrified girl back round to face the doctor. “Afternoon doctor” he greeted, still trying to maintain his hold on the struggling girl in his arms. He’d had the great plan of dragging her through the tunnels to the closest doctor which happened to be at Saint Matthews hospital; much to her disgruntlement.

“Miss. Chase?” the doctor referred to Cordelia after returning Angel’s greeting with a warm, assuring smile and nod. “I’m doctor De Seased, why don’t you take a seat?” he offered, gesturing to the chairs as he took his own seat. “What seems to be the trouble?”

PART 3: Month 3
“Miss. Chase?” the doctor referred to Cordelia after returning Angel’s greeting with a warm, assuring smile and nod. “I’m doctor De Seased, why don’t you take a seat?” he offered, gesturing to the chairs as he took his own seat. “What seems to be the trouble?”

Forcing the still struggling brunette into one of the guest chairs, the vampire stood behind her with heavy hands on her shoulders pinning her in place. “Cordy sweetheart, the nice doctor is asking you something” Angel prompted patiently with an innocent smile at the female doctor he had requested.

“That nice doctor can go and kuff mff aff” one of his heavy hands left her shoulder to curl around her mouth preventing any defensive and not-so-nice comments from spilling out of her runaway mouth.

“What she means to say is” Angel began answering for her, “Her menstrual cycle is 11 weeks and five days late” maybe that was a little bit too informative, but on the plus side it had shocked Cordelia into stopping the muffled curses.

Doctor De Seased’s eyes flickered down the young woman’s body, settling on the stomach she was patting comfortingly. An eyebrow rose as she turned her knowing glance up to the handsome features of her husband or boyfriend. “Are you a friend or family?” she asked, she was going to need blood and urine samples, if only to confirm her suspicions.

“I’m her boyfriend” Angel replied, his eyes narrowing accusingly he wouldn’t let her make him wait outside. If the doctor needed to some tests then he’d be in here with her and that was none negotiable. “I’m not waiting outside” he said as much, the heavy hand on Cordelia’s shoulder squeezed reassuringly and he removed his other hand from her mouth.

“My period isn’t the only problem I’ve been having” the brunette spoke up, giving in when she realised she had no way to escape. The doctor looked at her, silently urging her to continue explaining the problem. Fidgeting uncomfortably in the little chair, Cordelia purposely kept her eyes on the floor and away from those packaged needles. “Well, I keep barfing… Sorry” she peered up at Angel who was grimacing, “I keep being ill, like physically sick”

“I see” the doctor replied, she had to fight to keep the knowing smile off her face as she listened to Miss. Chase explain her obvious problem. “Are you vomiting” she noticed how the dark haired man grimaced again and changed her word with an understanding smile. “Are you being physically ill everyday and how long has this been going on?”

“Almost a month, give or take” Angel replied, making sure Cordelia didn’t get a chance to fib to get her an early exit. “It hasn’t been getting any better or worse, Cordy’s just being ill all the time. Why?”

“And you say you haven’t menstruated in almost twelve weeks?” the doctor tried not to sound comically stunned by the fact these two hadn’t realised what her diagnosis was.

“Yeah” Cordelia answered, her own eyes narrowing in suspicion that was returned by Angel, “What are you saying?”

“Why don’t you give me a urine and blood…”

“No No No No No!” the panic suddenly infiltrating the room suffocated Angel as Cordelia shot up out of the chair and covered all possible needle entry points in her arms, wrists and the backs of her hands. “You just stay there missy” she warned, her voice shaky, uneven and filled with terror, “You won’t be coming anywhere near me with a pointy thing that can do damage”

Giving into the urge to chuckle, the doctor removed her stylish spectacles and turned amused eyes on the young woman once again being restrained by her boyfriend. “Miss. Chase, it isn’t my damaging pointy thing you need to worry about!”

The first thing that came to the vampire’s mind when damage and pointy things were concerned was if the human knew what he was. Tugging an unresisting and severely shaking Cordelia closer to him protectively, Angel looked at the woman with darkening, expectant eyes. “What do you know?” he asked, his voice lowering and his hold on his girlfriend tightening.

“I don’t know for sure as Miss. Chase won’t allow me to take a blood sample” the doctor replied, the protective behaviour wasn’t uncommon with fathers-to-be, even the unknowing ones and it always brought a smile to her face when she saw the expectant mother in such good care. “The same results can also be achieved with a less traumatising urine sample” she turned understanding eyes to the cowering brunette, “Would you do that Miss. Chase? Give me a urine sample?”

Taking a brave step towards the doctor, Cordelia peeked into the woman’s hands to make sure she wasn’t hiding any needles or bonds to tie her up before brandishing the needles. “You won’t use a needle though right?” she had to be sure she wasn’t agreeing to such a torturous crime. At the doctor’s assuring nod, she glanced up at Angel who, had once loved the smell of fear, seemed to be choking on the amount of it right now. “You won’t let her attack me with one of those things will you?”

“No Cordy” Angel assured, “Now stop with the cry baby act and go pee in the small pot for the nice lady” anything to find out what was wrong with her.

“Okay” Cordelia ignored the cry baby remark and strengthened her resolve, straightening her shoulders she pushed aside all fear towards those-those things and held her hand out for the little pot in which she would pee.


It was just as she’d suspected, Doctor De Seased peered at the indicator that marked her suspicions correctly. With a large beaming grin at the anxious and clueless couple sitting in the chairs waiting for the diagnostic to be revealed, she told them what they wanted to hear. “Congratulations Miss. Chase, Mr. Angel” she beamed a little more “You’re pregnant!”

The atmosphere changed dramatically, it was like a lead bell had dropped down and sent loud, blaring rings out in their ears. Cordelia’s mouth wouldn’t close, Angel’s mouth wouldn’t open, her grip on his hand went limp and his grip on the chair arms increased. Only the sound of the wall clock ticking disturbed the astonished silence. The doctor looked from the young woman to her boyfriend as her beaming grin now held a sign of dread.

“Was this an unplanned pregnancy?” she asked warmly, keeping all comments about protection to herself. Maybe she’d been wrong and this was just another frivolous young couple who didn’t bother with precautions or maybe they had listened to those old wives tales.

The hazel irises of the young woman was none-existent as was the rich brown irises of her partner, large black pupils regarded the doctor in silence before Cordelia broke it.

“He’s a vampire and I’m a virgin”

She couldn’t help it, the doctor began to laugh; a deep laugh full of humour as she took in the young woman’s words. A vampire and a virgin, “Oh please forgive me Miss. Chase” she sighed, patting her chest, “I haven’t heard that one before, it certainly has brightened up my day” she remarked with the odd chuckle escaping now and again. “If you’ll both excuse me, I’ll go fill out the record form and give you a moment alone”

When the door closed with a soft click, Angel turned his head slowly towards Cordelia and simply stared at her with a blank look which she mistook as an accusing glare. “Don’t look at me like that, I’ve never, ever had sex with anyone”

“I didn’t say you had” his words were monotonous as he carefully made sure to speak clearly and not jumbled up jargon that would make so senses whatsoever. He knew who the father was and he knew she didn’t remember any of what they had shared. How the hell was he going to explain this one to her and keep his balls firmly attached to his body?

Deafening silence once again pressed like a lead balloon as Cordelia sat there and tried to figure how she was pregnant. Then a most horrifying thought occurred to her, “Angel” she whispered as her expression clearly showed the horror.

“Yes Cordelia?” he enquired, still in the throes of letting the news sink into his head that he was going to be a father.

“Um, you know how Mary was supposed to be a virgin before she got pregnant?” he almost burst out into riotous hysterics at the first thing that popped inside her head, calmly Angel replied to her question.

Shaking his head slowly, he loosened his grip on the arms of the chair and took her hand, as though realising she was probably in state of shock right about now. Having just found out she was going to have a baby and not being able to remember it happening must be having quite an impact on her. “No bay, uh, sweetheart. I don’t think that’s the case” he was going to have to tell her how it happened and how to break the news he was the father. “We’ll talk about this when we get home okay Cordy?” he’d call her a cab and meet her back at the office, she couldn’t walk that distance if she was expecting.

“There isn’t anything to talk about” Cordelia countered, her voice was distant and deceptively light considering the bombshell that had been dropped in her lap. “There’s some kind of mistake and you know that too. I can’t be pregnant Angel, I haven’t done anything like that and you’re sterile so how could this have happened?”

Now he heard the tears in her unsurprisingly frightened voice, immediately he turned to comfort her, shoving his own shocked elation away for now and concentrated on the mother of his baby. Ha! He was going to be a daddy whoo-hoo! “Hey” he soothed, cupping her cheek to make her look at him, “You don’t have to be scared Cordy, we’ll talk about this when we get home okay?” he was not looking forward to that conversation at all.


It had taken enormous amounts of self control for Cordelia not to throttle Angel, he’d been insistent on her taking a cab to get back to the office while he took the tunnels. She’d demanded a blood test before leaving the hospital after the doctor had told her that the urine test wasn’t a hundred percent accurate but a blood test would be. Though she had bawled her eyes out on Angel’s shoulder in terror she had confronted her worst fear and lived to tell the tale.

Now, Cordelia and Angel were sitting opposite Doyle in complete silence while they both tried to assimilate the news a little more before springing it on the half demon seer. Blue eyes glancing back and forth between the unusually quiet brunette and the usually quiet but unusually fidgeting vampire, the Irishman snapped. “Well?” he urged with a gesturing hand movement, “What did the doctor say?”

Nothing in the world could have prepared him for the reply he got.

“I-we-Cordy and I that is” Angel babbled on a little bit, “Are going to have a baby”

“Was I drunk and can’t remember having sex?” Cordelia thought aloud, trying to wrack her brain on how the hell she could get pregnant when she was wholly intact. She’d gone through everything from having the second coming to unremembered drunken sex to someone spiking her drink with a pregnancy pill. It wasn’t possible to be expectant without having eggs fertilised by a male… Well, it was until she’d read on the internet those Australian scientists had figured out you only need a man to create a girl but that wasn’t the point right now.

“Hang on a minute” Doyle’s voice portrayed shock, amusement and incredulity as he continued to look back and forth between the brunette and vampire. “Vampires fire blanks” his gaze stayed on Cordelia longer this time, wondering if she’d been with someone before she got together with Angel.

“No” Angel answered the silent question on his seer’s face firmly, he couldn’t tell Cordelia about their lost day with the half demon in the room so he continued to dig his proverbial grave deeper and fibbed again. “We don’t know how or why she’s pregnant”

“Was I kidnapped and used in some sort of experiment that was so traumatic my brain blocked it out?” Cordelia continued to work through all kinds of scenarios that would possibly explain her unexplainable state. Landing on the vampire, her black gaze looked at him for answers. “Angel, how is this possible?” those black pupils misted over with glistening and scared tears threatening to fall. “It’s not right, I haven’t done anything with you or anyone else. I shouldn’t be like this”

Guilt and dread flooded Angel as he saw the understandable fear within the shocked depths of his girlfriend’s uncharacteristic black eyes. He had to tell her sooner rather than later just to put her mind at ease and then they could get on with getting ready to be parents. “It’ll be alright” he soothed with a nod, “Come here” he held his arms for her to crawl into and hugged her reassuringly when she did. “We’ll figure it out, I promise” he cursed himself for the umpteenth time since he first fibbed. He needed advice on how to go about telling her.


Doyle could get women to hang onto his every word without even uttering a single word and if he could do that then he was the best person to ask for advice. Angel stroked Cordelia’s hair and while making comforting, cooing noises he caught Doyle’s stunned blue eyes. Looking back at the vampire, he saw the plea within the worried orbs and amusement broke through the shock. “Lets get you some rest Cordy” Angel murmured, “It’s been a long day for you and since you’re pregnant, you need the rest”

“I don’t want to sleep or rest, I wanna find out who did this to me so I can pull their balls out through their mouths and make em choke on them”

Doyle didn’t miss the sheer panic filling Angel’s gaze nor did he miss the slight shaking of the vampire’s large hands. He knew something had been up with the vampire for the last few weeks and he wasn’t stupid, Angel brooding, Cordelia pregnant and not remembering how she got that way and now Angel’s attempt at hiding his panic. That vampire had done something alright and that something would be appearing in seven months time.

“Angels’ right Princess” the seer spoke up, covering for his friend “You get some rest and we’ll take care of the research while you sleep” after all, men had to stick together in times of need!


Sitting in the outer half of the office a short while later, Angel was slumped over Cordelia’s desk with his face cupped in his hands breathing in and out slowly. There was only the street light outside that provided Doyle with the ability to see half clearly. He looked down at the vampire who was hiding his face and moaning on about Oracles, destinies and their cryptic comments. “How do you about the Oracles?” was the first thing he wanted answering.

“You told me to go see them about my humanity” Angel replied as he raised his head from his hands, brown eyes back to normal now as the shock had diminished somewhat. Seeing more questions on the face of his seer, he elaborated into telling him everything. “During my conversation with Buffy in the office, a Mohra demon attacked” he began, “When I wounded it with the letter opener I cut myself too, its blood mixed with mine and it made me human for a whole day and night”

And Doyle thought nothing could top a virgin pregnancy. The Irishman absorbed everything at a slow rate, processing his friend’s words until he came to one conclusion about everything. “Let me guess, you and Princess shared a few moments of perfect happiness and didn’t think about the consequences?”

Angel could only nod his confirmation, “Then when you had a vision of the demon that Buffy hadn’t managed to kill the next day, I went to see the Oracles, asked them what would happen to Cordy and you if I stayed human. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fight against whatever’s coming, that I wouldn’t be able to protect either of you so I asked them to turn back the clock” he left out the rest of irrelevant conversation with the two Higher Beings.

“You chose morals and duty over pleasures of the flesh?” Doyle squeaked incredulously with a shake of his head. “And now those fleshy pleasures have your Princess with child” he shook his head again to clear the fog, “Man, she don’t remember a thing and you are in so much trouble that I can tell ya”

“Yeah” this time Angel voiced his confirmation, “How do I tell Cordelia why she’s pregnant and not have her hating me for taking it away from her? I didn’t want her remembering once I was a vampire with a curse because we wouldn’t be able to make love. How do I tell her that I’m the father?” he wasn’t above begging for help on this one. For the second time in their co-existing existence, man and demon were in complete agreement that help was needed. “We made love on the beach the first time and she can’t remember it”

The seer wondered if he’d gotten these details before, “And what else?” Doyle asked, subtly trying to worm more of the saucier goings on from the vampire.

Too worried about his own problems to care what he said, Angel told him what else had happened on the lost day. “When we got back from the beach, Cordy and I took a hot shower to remove the sand before going to bed. You were off having lunch with your ex-wife… I never got to ask how that went by the way”

After waving away the question of how the vampire knew he was married, Doyle automatically responded to the final statement. “It went better than good, she was going to ask me for a divorce but…” the following devilish grin told Angel what wouldn’t be happening between his seer and his wife. Getting back to the matter at hand, the seer found himself confused about what the Slayer had been doing while Angel was cavorting with Cordelia. “And during all this, where was the slayer if you said she didn’t kill the demon?”

“Listening” Angel replied with an inward grimace, no matter how long he had been a vampire; the inner demon hadn’t diminished the remaining amounts of his human persona. “That still leaves me with the million dollar question of how to tell Cordelia who’s the father of her baby and why she can’t remember”

Nodding seriously, the half demon gave the vampire pitiful glance and his eyes brimmed with sympathy for the balls he would surely lose after he finished the explanation. “I don’t know what to tell ya” Doyle breathed after a moment or two, “You got yourself into one fine mess” that was an understatement.

After a few moments of contemplating silently, blue eyes looked at Angel in knowing uncertainty. “So, you’re gonna be a father it seems”

The first genuine smile whisked across Angel’s face, his brown eyes alight with wonder, awe and boisterous joy. Tiny dimples appeared at the corners of his pale fully upturned lips and the apples of his cheeks puffed up with the large grin. “I am, aren’t I?” it wasn’t a question that needed a vocalised answer; the only answer to that question was in bed resting. “A father Doyle, God” those words had the ability to put him into cowering terror and make him feel like jogging all the way back downstairs.

“You’re taking it pretty well” Doyle commented with a grin spreading across his own face, how could he not be happy for his friends? It almost made him want to be expecting one of his own. Almost, that is but not quite. “Most of the blokes I know would have been running for hills”

The distaste for those men showed clearly on the vampire’s face, “I’m not most men” he stated unnecessarily. “I’m going to do what it takes to keep them safe, I’ll take good care of them. I love her Doyle and I love my baby” again, that statement wasn’t necessary but Angel said it anyway. With an unnatural sigh, the vampire pushed himself up off Cordelia’s chair and stretched his arms, revelling in the cracking of his joints. “I guess I’ll go be a daddy now”

With an acknowledging nod, Doyle shook his hand in congratulations before leaving Angel to have some time to go over things with Cordelia before anymore time had passed. Locking the office door behind his departed friend, the vampire turned to go back downstairs and face what was coming to him which would be a nice, lively show of fireworks.

When he turned around, Angel found himself face to face with wide and once again shock-filled eyes that seemed to brim with tears. “Cordy?” he felt a sense of dread bubbling around inside his stomach as he looked into her saddened face. How much of his explanation had she heard?

“You were human?” Cordelia asked in a hushed whisper, moving further into the outer half of the office and closer towards Angel. Her eyes were gleaming brightly with unshed tears and a concoction of emotions whirling around the glistening orbs. “You” she swallowed back the lump in her throat and blinked back the shining tears in her eyes, “Were human, for a day and night, got me pregnant and had the day and night taken away because you wouldn’t be able to protect the people you loved if you were human?”

Standing perfectly still, Angel waited for the slap across the face or the knee in the balls to come and when neither didn’t, he relaxed somewhat. “Yeah, pretty much” he answered with a little but rapid nod of his head and an accompanying apologetic smile. Cordelia bit her lip as she processed his response in silent thought for a few seconds.

Then suddenly the tears she’d bee holding back finally fell down her flushed, pink face as she dashed into his chest, flinging her arms around his neck and making him stagger back a little with the force of her instant movement. “You said you were going to be a daddy!” Cordelia wailed loudly, her body shaking against his as she cried into his sweatshirt. “Aannggeell…”


He didn’t know how long he stood there with a Cordelia-shaped crying wreck in his arms before cramp set in. Angel continued to stroke her hair away from her damp cheeks and forehead, trying to think of what to say that would calm her down enough for him to get her to bed. “Cordy” he spoke quietly, pulling back to look at her, “Baby?”

That started a fresh wave of tears to trickle down her red, puffy cheeks “You said baby!” Cordelia bubbled, wiping the falling droplets on the already soaked material of his sweatshirt. A hiccup soon broke through the sniffling and made her lower lip pooch out in a pout, peering up at Angel through overly glassy eyes; she stayed silent as she couldn’t think of a single word to say now that she had stopped her unexplainable crying fit.

“Come on, its been a long and pretty shocking day you, we, need to get some sleep” Angel told her, as he tried to budge her towards the stairs leading down to his nice and comfortable apartment with a nice and comfortable bed. “We’ll talk about this properly in the morning okay?” he knew he wasn’t off the hook by a long shot and would probably get it all tomorrow.

She looked like she was about to say something but decided against it as her mouth opened and closed twice, she did a double quick blink before allowing him to lead her back downstairs. They were halfway down when Cordelia couldn’t keep silent any longer “Angel?” she asked meekly.

“Yeah sweetheart?” he purposely refrained from using the baby word just in case it set her off again.

“Upstairs, when you were talking privately with Doyle you said that you were going to come downstairs and be a daddy” Cordelia reminded him of his earlier words to the half demon.

“I remember I was supposed to be talking privately with Doyle” Angel pointed out dryly, “I did say that and that’s what I’m gonna be okay?” he stated firmly with an agreeing nod. Large, masculine hands cupped her red cheeks, tilting her face up so she was looking at him, the skin on his thumb roughened but gentle as he traced the tear lines on her heart-shaped face. “We have a lot to talk about here Cordy and we’ll do that in the morning, but just so you know you’re gonna be a great mom and I’m gonna be a great, albeit undead, dad”

“Do you promise everything’s going to be alright?” she asked in a tiny, little voice.

“Of course it will” Angel assured her and planted a small kiss on the end of her nose which earned him a contented sigh and smile.

“You won’t get mad or angry if I tell you that before I listened to your conversation with Doyle that I called Giles would you?”

PART 4: The End of Month 3
“Why did you call Giles?” Angel quizzed with a panic-stricken expression devouring his face in scrunched up lines. All he could think of was the fact that Giles would tell Buffy and in turn Buffy would come back here and then there’d be more trouble. Rubbing his hands tiredly over his face, he shook away the mild surprise that she had gone to the watcher rather than wait for him to explain the whys and how’s she was pregnant.

Resuming the course down the stairs to Angel’s apartment, Cordelia mutely shrugged as though he should already know the answer to that question. “I’m pregnant, didn’t know how and was pretty scared out of my wits. Considering the fact neither you, me or Doyle are any good at research, I called the only person I know who is. When in doubt, go to Giles”

Following hot on her heels, the vampire trailed through his living room and into the kitchen trying to get her attention. “What exactly did you tell him?” maybe there was a way to stop this from being made public so soon, “Maybe I can still stop him from telling anyone”

Opening the fridge, Cordelia snatched a bottle of still spring water off one of the shelves followed by giving him a ‘move’ look when he was in the way. “By anyone do you mean a certain blonde whose name rhymes with Scruffy?” she enquired and breezed past the vampire. “How was I supposed to know you were the one that boned me and got me pregnant?”

“I didn’t bone you” Angel cringed at her phrasing, off her pointed expression and the soft pat on her stomach he relented. “We made love okay? And yes, I mean Buffy. I don’t want her coming back and us feeling like we did something wrong”

“By something wrong you mean, oh say making love to me and taking it away?” Cordelia asked lightly, her sense coming back as her earlier mood swing began to fade away. Angel was still on her heels as he followed her into the bedroom area, watching as she sat down and took a big deep breath. “It isn’t anything to do with her whether or not I’m having your daughter”

Whatever he was going to say was immediately cut off when that statement past her lips, a stupid grin quirked up on his pale lips as his dark gaze was drawn to her stomach. Narrowing his eyes, he studied that part of her body intensely, his grin widening when he noticed a tiny lump under her clothes. “You’re starting to show”

“That’s nice but don’t change the subject” she tried to open the bottle of water with a concentrating glare on her face. “Why don’t you want her find out? Are you ashamed of this?”

He took the bottle off her and opened it with an ease that had her hazel eyes rolling as she took it from him. “No Cor, I’m not ashamed” Angel denied, the quirky grin still highlighting his mouth. “I just want some time to get used to it. Keep it for us first before we tell the world”

Tearing her eyes off him, Cordelia ran her gaze across the length of the bed and smoothed her hand over the top sheets, feeling the cool material under her touch. “Was I, you know, okay?” she had her insecurities just like everyone else. Though she couldn’t remember any of what happened when he’d been human, she wanted to know what it, making love, had been like.

“Were you okay at what?” he asked, his voice dropping to a light whisper as he sat next to her.

“Good? Did I…” her head nudged towards the bed they were sitting on, her face flushed from a light bronze to a pretty pink in a split second.

“Well, we both must have done something pretty good” Angel softly elbowed her and gave her another stupid grin. Seeing her not laugh at his whimsical and bad timed joke, his grin softened immediately and he wrapped an arm carefully around her as though she were made of glass. “Cordy, you were perfect I swear” his voice was smooth and wispy against her cheek as she leaned on him for support, “When we’ve discussed all the important stuff, I’ll give you the details”

A quiet laugh bubbled up, “God Angel” Cordelia puffed out a heavy breath of air as her body slumped a little more as the full weight of their situation grew on her. “I don’t actually know what to think, do you even want kids?”

She felt him shrug unsurely, “I never really thought about it” Angel answered truthfully “With me being a vampire, it was something I never thought was possible. I didn’t count on being human for a whole day and night. What about you? Do you want kids?” he wasn’t sure what he’d do if she said she didn’t.

“I never really thought about it, I never even thought about sex” her voice was tinged with a small amount of disgust as she said the word. “From what I was always told, sex is nothing more than a wet patch and sticky residue so I didn’t plan on having that let alone kids” her gaze drifted up to meet his twinkling one. “I don’t think I want to abort the baby, Angel”

His shoulders relaxed with relief and a unneeded breath of air was pushed out of his lungs, that had to have been the easiest hardest decision he’d ever made. Her confession took a few moments to sink in, the words circled his brain for a little while before he unusually broke the silence first. “So we’re definitely going to be parents, huh?”

“I guess so” Cordelia nibbled on her lower lip, she was supposed to have been moving out and into a place of her own but now she wasn’t sure if that would be for the best. “Angel?”

“Hmm?” he was too busy dreaming of far off activities he could do with his son or daughter, playing football inside, teaching them languages and generally being a real father.

“Is the offer to stay with you still open? Cus I was thinking that with this happening, it’d be better if we were together ‘together’ you know. That way, you could be there for whole thing and we could be like a family”

“I need to find a way around my curse” Angel told her sharply with a vicious intake of breath, “Until I do, don’t talk about us that way okay? I need to call Giles and find something that’ll stop him from researching this”


Replacing his newly cleaned glasses high on the bridge of his nose, Giles carefully opened one of the oldest and most precious text’s he owned. Holding his breath do he didn’t contaminate it with some unforeseen airborne germ, he oh so gently placed the front of the book down onto the clean towel.

With his other hand, he picked up his cup of tea, blessing his dear aunt for the proper teabags he had received for Christmas. If he was forced to drink Earl Grey anymore, he would surely cause the local supermarkets a tremendous bout of earache. Turning his face away while he sipped the steaming hot liquid so as not to spill any on the ancient text, Giles sighed as relaxation flowed through his body.


Hot tea spilt down over his fingers, making him jostle his mug and pour more hot liquid over his now mildly scalded hand. “Blasted” the Englishman cursed harshly as a tiny spot of brown liquid landed on the corner of the text, “Oh bugger it”


“Yes, yes alright I’m bloody coming” Giles went to answer the phone’s impatient ringing. “Hello? Ah good evening Angel… Yes, that is correct Cordelia did indeed call me earlier tonight… Oh I see, so she is not with child… Um a demon that suffers from phantom pregnancies passed the affliction onto her, making her think she was pregnant… I see, what is the name of this demon, it does sound rather interesting from a Watcher’s point of view… A Dumbassious demon did Cordelia say… I’ve never heard of a Dumbassious demon, perhaps she will give me a few notes on it… Thank you Angel…”

He waited while Angel passed the phone over to Cordelia who began to tell him about the demon…

“Six foot you say…” Giles nodded, “With vampire-like fangs and a hunched posture… Oh dear, how awful for you. It must have been rather horrendous to be within the grasp of such a foul smelling demon… Really? A demon with acne? This is really quite incredible, I wasn’t aware of a demon prone to problematic skin disorders… Of course you are tired, thank you for the information Cordelia. I hope you recover from your frightening ordeal quickly. Best regards”

After hanging up, Giles pondered over what he had been told about the Dumbassious demon before dismissing the resolved situation aside in favour of getting back to the rare moment of relaxation.


“Dumbassious demon? I can’t believe you said that” Angel growled at the sheepish-looking brunette who was twisting her shoulders back and forth in front of him. “Cordy, you don’t think saying a six foot demon with vampire-like fangs was giving too much away do you?” he was not impressed in the slightest and it showed. His lips were pulled into a tight line, his shoulders were symmetrically positioned and tense while his dark gaze was unblinking as he simply looked at her.

“Oh come on, Angel” Cordelia fluttered past him with a flourish of her hands, “What did you expect? Sense on demand? God, you’d think I was a mine of demonic information which I can’t stress enough that I am not” her bare feet padded with little slaps across the uncarpeted floor as she headed back towards the bedroom.

Much like he’d been doing all night, Angel followed her like a lost lamb into the bedroom only to pause and stare down at her as she made herself completely at home on their bed. Right in the middle, with her arms splayed out and her legs slightly apart, leaving him no room to lye down next to her. “You’re taking up all the room”

“I need it, sleeping for two here and you can thank yourself for that” Cordelia shot a dirty look towards his groin. “Anyway, we still have to talk about this”

“What’s there to talk about? We’ve both decided we want the baby” Angel pointed out as he continued to stare at his girlfriend-shaped bed hog. “I know we have to discuss names and stuff but I have some great ideas… What do you think of Bowen? It’s a good, strong Irish name for a boy…”

“Mmm, maybe if we have twins we can call the other one Arrow!” Cordelia snorted with laughter as she scooted over to make room for him on the bed. “I didn’t mean names, I meant doctors and hospitals and living space because, no offence this apartment as nice and weaponry as it is, won’t be big enough”

“The medical stuff can wait, let‘s just have a little while for us and our baby” the vampire rolled onto his side, his large hand instantly landing on her stomach to stroke the small sloping curve with soft and soothing circles.

Nodding, the brunette relented on her panicking and simply relaxed against the large pillows behind her. “You won’t leave me in like five years or anything right?” Cordelia covered his hand with her smaller one, making him look to her. “My parents, well they left the country and I was sorta left on my own during my senior year”

“No sweetheart, I’m not going to leave you” Angel quirked a half smile up at her as he moved his body closer to hers but still giving her space in case she needed it. He’d had people ask him not to leave and he’d turned their offers down, but he would never leave her.

Even if their baby hadn’t made the unexpected appearance, he still wouldn’t have left her. “You won’t decide that a vampire isn’t good enough will you? I won’t be able to go for walks in the sunlight or go to the park with you and Gareth…”

“Veto” she vehemently vetoed the name Gareth, “Not Gareth, never Gareth. Not Bowen, not Mozart or anything that screams old age… How about Tristan? Or Keanu…”

“Veto on both Tristan and Keanu” Angel’s threat was disguised by a deceptively light smile as he continued to move his fingers in gentle circles. “Hear that little guy? Your mommy wants to call you Keanu, we don’t like that do we?” he paused as though he were listening to something. “You’re out voted Cor, sorry” he winced in mock apology.

“He might be a she and if that’s the case, she’s going to be called Crystal” Cordelia stated firmly, “It’s tradition to have CC as the initial” so it was a lie, she thought the name was pretty and sounded musical.

“I am not calling my daughter after the material used to make my whiskey decanter”

“It’s a nice name”

“So is Kelsey”

“So is Cody”

“Yeah, then she can be nicknamed Morse in school”

They continued their bickering over babies names for a while until Cordelia yawned and rubbed her eyes tiredly. “I love you” she smiled sleepily through her words and sank into the mattress as she lost the battle to stay awake.

As he watched her breathing evened out and her heart rate slow down, Angel thought deeply about the situation and what exactly they were going to do, what he was going to do. He would take care of her and be by her side, he wouldn’t miss this for the world.

He knew that he had to get his soul secure before his son arrived or else his evil half would have himself a little vampire family for all eternity. That thought made him shudder and become severely determined to find a way to get his soul secure or get his evil half prescribed with a strong mystical version of Vallium.

PART 5: Month 4
Whistling an Irish folk song, Doyle jogged into the office taking care not to damage the little gift he’d picked up an hour ago. It was guaranteed to brighten the office and no doubt bring a smile to Angel’s face. His blue eyes scanned the office and he wasn’t surprised to see neither the brunette or the vampire up yet.

With no-one around to ruin the surprise, the Irishman lifted a small present out from under his jacket and grinned down at the tiny yellow jumpsuit. “Aww!” he couldn’t but coo over the size of it, the jumpsuit could fit into the palm of his hand. It had the little white buttons and came with a matching yellow hat with little animal shaped ears.

“Mum, Dad!” Doyle hollered with a smug laugh, either they would get a kick out of it or he’d get a kick, whichever way he wasn’t going to change their new names for anyone.


As the final vestiges of her deep and very relaxing sleep, Cordelia felt herself waking up slowly but surely. Her back was aching a little bit and she went to move into a more comfortable position.

Her body felt heavier and she found it hard to roll onto her side, Cordelia frowned when the heaviness wouldn’t go away. Still half asleep, she wafted her light-feeling arms trying to dislodge the thing preventing her from getting comfortable. Her frown deepened when she found the heavy thing had soft sort of furry spikes and smooth skin…

Prising her eyes open with difficulty, the brunette found Angel’s head pressed softly against the rising slope of the unborn baby affectionately referred to as ‘Lump’ “Angel?”

Unaware she had woken up, the vampire jumped a mile and screeched in shock, clutching his wildly unbeating heart he sent her a very dark look as his back his the head board. “Jesus!” he muttered.

“Really? Where?!” Cordelia sniggered, now almost fully awake she pushed herself into a sitting position and folded her hands on the growing bump. “What were you doing?” her still glassy eyes wandered over to the clock partially lit from his beside lamp. “At 9 in the morning” her voice turned into an annoyed growl “It’s still the middle of the night for you”

He put a finger to his lips, silencing her as he moved back towards her stomach and replaced his head. Concentrating really hard and blocking out all other sounds loud to him, Angel focused on the barely noticeable heart beat. “I can hear, sssh” he whispered when she opened her mouth to speak.

He was too in awe at hearing his son’s heart beat to really listen to her questions. It was so quiet but strong and steady.

“The baby? You can hear the baby?” Cordelia spoke anyway, for once letting him telling her to shush go without a fight. Excitement took over as soon as Angel told her he could hear the heart and she tried to listen for herself.

Leaning her neck over to see if she could hear it too, the brunette shoved his head away and leaned over a little more. “Damn! I can’t… What does it sound like?” she asked excitedly, her hands reaching out to grab onto his shoulders and she all but shook the answer out of him.

He looked up at her with an identical excited smile that softened when he saw how she looked right at that moment. Almond-shaped hazel eyes were almost black as the pupils swallowed the irises in elation, allowing a corona of beaming toffee to light up the black.

A sleepy but amazed smile curled up her parted bare lips up at both corners, creating a dimple in her chin. The apples of her cheeks turned a pretty pink as her blood smoothed faster with both awakening and excitement.

Not getting an answer from the vampire, Cordelia shook his shoulders harder to snap him out of his silence.

“Hey!” Angel fully sat up and her hands fell down to his chest, “I can barely notice the heart beat, but it seems strong and steady. Like a little drum only quieter” his words were comforting but a little creepy. “It’s a boy, I just know it” he breathed knowingly, he suddenly felt like bouncing on the bed or tap dancing round Los Angeles.

It was a good thing they hadn’t gotten undressed before falling asleep last night as Doyle bounded down the apartment stairs. “Dad have you got any clothes on?” he hollered with a cheeky grin, wondering if they would notice the fact he never asked if Cordelia had any clothes on. Well, a half demon seer had to try didn’t he?

“I’ll be there in a minute and we both have clothes on!” Angel instantly noticed and responded with a little growl in the words. Frustrated that his discovery had been interrupted, the vampire climbed off the bed and with a spring in his step, bounced over to join his seer in the kitchen. “Good morning my good man” he greeted with a manly pat on the back, “Coffee?”

Leaning back against the table, Doyle watched as the vampire trotted around the kitchen grabbing a tray, a mug, glass and a bowl from one cupboard. Blue eyes followed his friend as he then got orange juice and milk from the fridge, cereal from another cupboard and bread from the bin. “Taking the mum-to-be breakfast in bed are ya?” he quipped with a forming grin.

“Nope, she’s joining us when she’s finished in the bathroom” Angel replied, turning to face the half demon the vampire rubbed his hands in glee. “I’m gonna be a dad!” all his teeth became visible when an idiotic smile lit up his face and warmed his gaze into the colour of hot, dark amber. “Me, a daddy!”

Nodding his congratulations, Doyle held out his hand for the vampire to shake, as he did every time he got told, and wincing when he did. Wringing off the small ache now in his fingers, the Irishman nudged his head towards the bathroom where the shower was now running steadily. “She going to be long in there?”

“Who knows” Angel stated ruefully as he postponed making Cordelia a healthy breakfast until she was out.

“Check this out man” holding out the little box the pint-sized jumpsuit was in, the dark haired seer lifted the lid to show his friend. “What d’ya think?”

“Oh my God, it’s tiny!” the vampire cooed as his eyes drifted over the yellow baby garment, “Thank you Doyle, it’s perfect. Just like my son’s going to be” no matter what she said, his baby was going to be a boy. He looked down in fascination as his large hand gently toyed with the small booties attached to the short legs. “This is really nice, thank you sincerely. Cordy’s gonna love it”

Taking over from where his thoughts were, Doyle put them into words. “A little lad with your eyes, nose and fangs!” he laughed merrily at his joke. “Can you imagine how ya’d feel if it was a girl?” he asked with a goofy grin. “She’d be as beautiful as her mother” the Irishman stated honestly and with absolute certainty.

The vampire’s actions immediately halted as he envisioned a girl with long, chestnut wavy hair and bright hazel eyes just like her mother, Cordelia. Angel swallowed a forming lump in his throat as he remembered the way Cordelia was fawned over by boy in high school.

Boys who had raging hormones who could barely keep their hands to themselves when she walked past them. Boys who stared in lustful fantasies whenever his Cordelia wore her cheerleading clothes. “It’s a boy” Angel stated thickly through an irrational wave of terror.

With a sharply exhaled puff of air, Doyle shook his head gravely. “Girls are nothing but trouble”

The sound of the shower ceased, announcing Cordelia was almost finished, after handing the jumpsuit back for hiding Angel went back to the task of making her breakfast.

Should pregnant women be eating cereal and drinking orange juice? He’d have to check on that and a lot of other of things too, like the correct intake of fluids during the day, extra vitamins, exercises and recommended resting periods. “Doyle”

“Yeah man?” Doyle asked as he pretended he wasn’t hiding nothing when Cordelia came out of the bathroom in her bathrobe. “Morning mum!” he wiggled his fingers in greeting, grinning when she gave him her patented eye roll and her choked “Aurgh!”

Slyly keeping his eye on the brunette making sure she wasn’t within hearing distance “There’s some money hidden upstairs in my office” Angel whispered. “Second drawer down on the left, take it and go buy me some books on pregnancy, babies, healthy eating during pregnancy, vitamins and pregnancy and stuff will you please?”

“This looks conspicuous” Cordelia’s accusing voice interrupted the vampire’s plan to make the healthiest pregnant woman alive. “What’cha doing?” she flopped lazily down into a chair at the table, her hazel eyes glancing from one to the other. “Aww Angel, you making me breakfast? That’s so sweet, I love you!” she had to throw the dog a bone once in a while.

“If our resident creature of the night hadn’t kept me up arguing over babies names again I would have gotten some decent sleep” okay, so she’d been a little excited herself but it was Angel’s fault that she had something to be excited for.

Pouring plenty of milk onto the cereal, Angel frowned when he noticed the nutritional information on the box, it was confusing. He wasn’t too happy with giving her that but it would have to do until they went shopping later that evening. He couldn’t go shopping until he’d read sufficient information on the dietary needs of a 4th month-along pregnant woman. “Doyle, while Cordy’s getting her breakfast can you go to the book place on 6th and get what me those books please?”

Angel studied the nutritional information once more before deciding this couldn’t wait until he could go shopping. “I meant now, Doyle”

“Sure thing Dad, won’t be long” Doyle gave him a mock salute before popping a kiss on her head, “Congratulations Mum” he sniggered and dodged the slap aimed at the back of his head.

“Thanks Uncle Doyle” Cordelia responded affectionately, she waited until the Irishman left on his mission before springing her questions on the vampire now questioning how much butter to put on her toast. “What do you have him going out for?”

“I’m caught huh?” Angel turned round with the tray loaded with her breakfast and placed it in front of her. He was tempted to watch her every move just to make sure she ate it all.

“You’ve done nothing for the last two weeks apart from talk about my prenatal exam next week, the fact you’re now an upcoming star of fatherhood and how wrong it is for me to have two sugars in my tea” she took a deep breath before continuing.

“Get over it!” Cordelia told him firmly and his eyebrows shot up to his hairline, “I know this new and great for you, it’s new and great for me too but can we please change the subject” she really hated it when she had to resort to whining to get her own way. “Can’t we talk about who’s doing what in Hollywood or who’s wearing what in Hollywood? I’d settle for talking about the latest Hellmouth issue just pleeaassee anything but babies!”

He shrugged sheepishly, an identical grin on his face as he watched her eat the breakfast he prepared. “I can’t help it sweetheart, I’m just really excited about this. We’ve only known for a little over two or three weeks and you’re already halfway through your pregnancy. We gotta start getting things ready before our little guy comes along”

Had he even noticed his had begun talking like a baby? Cordelia let it go and put it down to Angel being a normal, hormonal vampire daddy-to-be. “I know Angel” she shovelled a spoonful of cereal into her mouth, chewed with an expression that made him laugh before swallowing. “What are we going to do about a nursery?”

“I was thinking our son could stay in our room while we look for a bigger place” Angel commented as he sat opposite her with a smile on his face. “Doyle says he knows a guy who can get an apartment with a view” he couldn’t believe he was sitting here discussing a proper apartment with the girl having his baby.

There was a tightness forming in his chest, a feeling of completion, that caused Angel to tense and take notice immediately upon recognition of the danger it implied. He really needed to do something about his soul and fast.

It was getting harder to hold on to it.

His expression remained the same though his mind was swimming with thoughts of what would, and could happen if he were to lose his soul. Dark brown eyes held an intensity she missed in all her excitement.

“Cool, we’ll ask him to check it out sometime this week” Cordelia grinned over the table at him, “Angel, do you know how much I love you?” she sighed, eyes clouding over with a dreamy haze as she forgot all about the half-eaten breakfast and became content to drool over the vampire.

Angel had missed the way the hazel irises melted when she looked at him like she was doing now. Though she couldn’t remember mentally, Cordelia’s body constantly reacted to it’s recognised lover in unmissable ways.

Her breathing would deepen when he was near, her heart would speed up to the point where he could see the heightened pressure of her blood making her pulse throb. The air would become drenched in the familiar scent of female arousal and he knew if he touched her there, she’d be hot and wet.

Cordelia would react exactly the way she was now and Angel wasn’t sure what was worse. The fact that he knew she wanted his touch or the fact she didn’t know. One thing he knew for certain was he really needed to do something about his soul.


Two weeks later found the brunette sitting in her chair at her desk passing the time away by pretty much doing nothing.

She was definitely getting bigger, Cordelia tugged on the softly elasticised waistband of her pyjama pants as she sat in the office. For all she was only four months along, she was showing quite visibly and most of her dress pants were uncomfortable. “I need to go shopping” she grumbled, poking around the raised bump “Lump, you so owe me for this. You’re not even born and already you’re costing me money”

“You okay Cor?” Angel asked in concern when he saw she’d lost all colour in her face “You don’t look well” instantly he was at her side with his hand stroking her back comfortingly. According to one of the books Doyle had bought for him, physical contact between the mother and father stimulated the growing bond between both parents and child.

“I’ll get you a nice glass of water okay?” this would be number three of the recommended eight to ten glasses of water. “And a roast beef sandwich” iron was incredibly important during the early stages of pregnancy and since they had missed out on the first trimester, he was going to make it up to his son.

Leaning her now pale cheek against the warming material of his sweatshirt Cordelia let out a breath of relief that the butterflies felt her stomach was receding. “No, it was just a case of the butterflies that’s all Angel. God, what is she doing in there? Inviting her friends for a slumber party?”

No sooner had she uttered those words than the butterflies increased, Cordelia tried to get control over the feeling with deep, calm breaths. “Bathroom sweetheart, come on I’ll help you there” he easily scooped her up and carried her downstairs to the apartment bathroom. He didn’t understand, one of the books said that morning sickness usually passed just as the second trimester started.

Setting the pale brunette steadily on her feet, Angel then sat her down on the closed lid of the toilet and brushed her hair out of her face. “You sit here and I’ll fetch you some water”

Watching him warily, Cordelia wondered why he was being all touchy and pretty much on emergency call.


Later that day, it was going on early evening. Doyle was sitting with Cordelia as he was instructed by Angel and warned not to let her out of his sight while he went shopping for food, baby and maternity clothes for her. So here he was, getting his ass kicked by a nineteen-year-old Cordelia-shaped Pontoon hustler.

What made his losing worse was the fact he was the one who taught her how to play in first place. He just put it down to beginner’s luck. “Twist” Doyle nudged his head towards the dealer’s deck and waited to see whether or not he could pull of a winning five-card trick.

“Living dangerously are we?” Cordelia eyed him, trying to figure out if he was bluffing or not; with a quick flick of her wrist she flipped a card over and smirked when he got a Jack. “So” she pursed her lips and popped them “Where’d Angel go?”

She wouldn’t put it past the vampire to have Doyle on babysitting duty.

“Nowhere Mum” Doyle changed the subject, “So how does it feel to know that in five short months time you’re gonna have yourself a little bundle of joy cooing and grizzling drool on your shoulder? Bust and my deal by the way” his hand whipped out to pick up the cards. “I hear ya got your first ultrasound next week”

Her pale face got some colour back as she thought about the ultrasound happening on Wednesday. Hazel beamed with excitement and her lips curled up in a big smile that made the apples of her cheeks puff up. “I can’t wait Doyle, but I’m kinda scared you know. I mean, I’m not even twenty and I’m having a kid, Angel’s kid no less”

“I know you’d rather be having mine but your loss!” the seer retorted cheekily with a matching wink and smirk. Offhandedly, he wondered how Angel was getting on…


His jaw was aching, he was sure he’d never grinned so much at clothes in his life. Angel peered down at the jumpsuits, booties, hats and mittens he was holding and grinned widely in fatherly joy. There were blue suits, white suits and a pink suit just in case, each had there own matching booty and hat set and all were made from a soft, knitted material. The physically powerful vampire walked slowly down the aisle where the bottles, sterilising equipment and other accessories were.

“Everything is so small” Angel cooed in wonder as he juggled the clothes in one hand and picked up a bottle specially designed for a newborn. It was clear with white measuring marks on one side and a picture of a cartoon character on the other. “Cordy will love this” he added it to the growing pile of baby things.

“Is that your baby’s name? Cordy?” a heavily pregnant woman asked with a warm smile. She had wavy blonde hair, large blue eyes and she seemed to glow with energy.

Smiling back at her, Angel shook his head “No, um my son isn’t due for another five months but I wanna start getting things ready for him”

“Is he your first?” she asked knowingly, recognising the excitement once experienced by herself in the man in front of her.

“Yeah, it’s gonna be great. I can’t wait” the vampire had to stop himself from bouncing up and down on the spot. “Is this your first?”

The woman chuckled, “Oh no, my third. I’m hoping for a girl this time”

“Your third” Angel pondered, “So you must know a lot about pregnancy then” he assumed as he thought up a list of questions he could ask her. “My girlfriend is four months, or 17 weeks, along and I read that morning sickness should be decreasing around the end of the first trimester but she’s still be sick. Did that happen to you?”

“Morning sickness doesn’t necessarily mean you’re only sick in the mornings” she chuckled warmly at his clueless disposition. “Just like some women have it throughout their entire pregnancy. How old is she?”

“Cordy? She’s nineteen, she‘s been my secretary for about eight months now” Angel told her then wondered why the woman’s smile to freeze up lightly. “Are you okay miss?” he asked in genuine concern as she now glared at him. “Did I say something…” it clicked.

“Oh no, you misunderstood…” he went to rephrase his words before she thought of him as one of those men who slept with their gorgeous, young secretaries and got them pregnant after a night of unprotected sex.

He refused to think just how right that description of him was!

“You men are all the same” the strange woman yelled “A pretty young thing comes along and you automatically climb into the nearest bed with them. Well” the woman straightened her clothes out “You’ve made your bed and I hope to God it has thorns in it. I pity that poor girl”

A stunned into silence Angel watched open mouthed as the woman flipped her head around so fast he was sure she would get whiplash before storming off. “Bye to you too” the vampire called out, sarcasm dripping from his tongue as he found himself along in the equipment aisle once more.

After a few more aisles, Angel came to a display of varying types of cots and cradles which he stared unimpressed at every single one. Sure, they all looked cute and each came with their own musical lullaby playing light show but at the same time they seemed plain and not right for his first born.

“The cradle will have to wait until Cordy’s with me I guess” he muttered to himself with a pout that he couldn’t surprise her with a cradle for their baby. He trudged towards the checkout pouting dejectedly.


It wasn’t long before Wednesday evening came, Doyle and his newly reacquainted wife, Harry, had been invited to see the first ultrasound viewing of Angel and Cordelia’s baby. It wasn’t as easy following the directional boards in St. Matthews hospital as he thought it would be but they eventually found the place where they needed to be.

After a short conversation with the receptionist on duty, Doyle and Harry found the correct waiting room where the Angel and Cordelia were waiting. The brunette’s hair had been scooped up into a messy ponytail, wispy strands falling down to frame her face with blue overalls covering her enlarging stomach and a red shirt underneath that looked like it belonged to Angel.

Even though morning sickness had been keeping her up late mostly every night and though she looked tired, Cordelia still seemed to have that pregnant woman glow. She seemed softer, more approachable and it was like she’d lost her vicious bite.

“Angel, Princess” after Cordelia got him with a right hook yesterday, he’d decided against using his pet names for them again. Holding his wife’s hand in a protective grip, unconsciously and irrationally warning Angel off of Harry. As always, Doyle held out his hand in congratulations to the vampire and as always, he winced at the strength in his grip. “I’d like you meet Harry, my wife”

Cordelia tilted her head to look at the other woman with a warm, welcoming smile on her face. Her hair was in tight, dark blonde ringlets some of which were held back with an exotic looking clip, her eyes were blue and her skin was lightly bronzed. “I would get up but it seems my body has melded with my chair so…” she stuck her hand up for the other woman to take.

“You must be Cordelia” Harry nodded in recognition though she had never laid eyes on the brunette before. “I’m Harry, Francis has told me so much about the both of you” the ringlets swished up and down as she nodded towards Angel in greeting. “I take it this is Angel, the vampire with a soul and a baby on the way. Interesting”

“Not so interesting as it is gory” the brunette sent an apologetic smile towards the dark haired vampire at his yelp of hurt. “What? It’s true. He doesn’t like to talk about it Harry, for some reason his own past squicks him out which is strange cus he lived it…” the rest of her words got cut off as the discussed vampire spoke for the first time to Doyle’s wife.

He placed a large hand on Cordelia’s shoulder, squeezing her lightly but warning her to shut up “Excuse me” Angel leaned down, pretending to kiss her “You do want the cake baking slowly tonight, don’t you sweetheart? With allll that sticky chocolate toffee sauce and the chocolate chips that melt”

“I’m shutting up” Cordelia held her hands up in mock apology, shooting a dirty look that told him what she thought of his blackmail. A thought suddenly occurred to her, turning a deeply worried gaze up to Angel she tugged on his sleeve to get his attention away from Doyle. “What if the baby’s half vampire?”

That stopped all mindless introductions quickly, Angel and Doyle became still while Harry mused over her words silently before speaking.

“If Angel was human at the time of conception like I was told, then surely the baby would be fully human” everyone breathed a sigh of relief at her logical thinking. The demonologist in her wouldn’t let her brain rest at that simple conclusion.

“On the other hand” everyone tensed back up “With Angel being a vampire for so long, it might be worth your while to seek someone who can help with this” Harry paused for thought before speaking again as the perfect person came to mind. “I know just the person”

“Miss. Chase, Mr. Angel?” a nurse called as she came into the waiting room, a friendly smile on her face as she looked at the young mother-to-be. “The doctor will see you now”

Cordelia and Angel sucked in equal breaths of nervousness and excitement as they prepared to experience their first look at their unborn baby.

Hazel eyes locked onto deep brown as he took hold of her smaller, warmer hand in a tight and reassuring grip. “You ready?” Angel asked, he could swear his heart was pounding.

“Yeah” Cordelia exhaled a breath she didn’t know she was holding as the vampire gently guided her up from the chair into the medical room. Both wondering what was to come.





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