French Kiss

SUMMARY: Angel is fixated on the urge to kiss Cordelia whenever she directs her tactless ribbing on him.
POSTED: 25 Feb 2004
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: Califi’s Cheer-Up Challenge! S1- Angel is fixated on the urge to kiss Cordelia senseless every time she starts on her tactless ribbing/comments at him. How he does it/what makes him crack/can he stop after the first time he cracks/is Doyle-Wes there/in the office/ in his basement/out on a job?
STATUS: Complete

Her lips seemed to move in slow motion. Those full, lush pouting lips glistened with a lightly tinted gloss that accentuated the perfect cupid’s bow on her upper lip.

Pink tongue flicked out to wet her rapidly moving mouth, words rolled from that pink tongue in a fluent and graceful way that made no sense to him at all. Small, delicately female hands made exaggerated movements in the air while those sparkling hazel eyes shone with exasperation and irratation.

Nodding in complete agreement with her, Angel’s head frantically bobbed up and down while his dark chocolate gaze remained fixed on those lips. All he wanted to do was crush his mouth down on hers and shut her the hell up…

Cordelia stopped talking long enough to realise Angel hadn’t heard a word she said. Slamming her hands onto her curved hips, the seer’s gaze turned from mild irratation to blazing with annoyance. “You haven’t even heard a word I’ve said, have you?”

The silence between her demanded question and his answer startled the vampire into looking up at her eyes. “What?” Angel was lost for a moment or two but he quickly caught up. “Of course I heard what you said”

“Alright mr smarty-pants” the brunette seer’s mouth twitched into a victorious smirk. “What did I say hmm?”

Treading carefully, Angel went over what he knew Cordelia usually talked about in one of her tirades. Clothes? Shoes? Hair styles? Keanu? His penchant for blondes? None of them seemed right.

His dark brown eyes lit up as a light bulb went off inside his head, his entire expression brightening up with the other thing she talked about. “Money!” Angel almost shouted in excitement, “You were talking about money”

Narrowing her eyes into dangerous slits, the hazel orbs flashed with high suspicion as Cordelia intensely scruntinised the vampire. “That was pure luck.”

He shook his head in outright denial “No, I was listening”

She granted the vampire with a simple look that suggested she knew he was lying. “No you weren’t, that was a lucky guess on your part.”

“I swear I was listening” Angel vehemently defended against the accusation. Crossing his muscular arms over his chest, he faced her expression with a one of his own. “If I knew what you were talking about how could I have not been listening?”

He sounded so smug and so sure of himself, standing there looking like he knew everything.

“Okay” Cordelia replied with an elegantly raised eyebrow, “What else was I talking about?”

Damn! She had him there.

Luckily, Angel was saved by Wesley who entered the office, directing a bright and chirpy greeting to both occupants.

“Good aftternoon all,” the Englishman beamed at both Cordelia and Angel as he set his briefcase down on the brunette’s desk. “How are we on this wonderful day? Any visions of unspeakable evil to fight? Any demonic entities raising hell in down town L.A?”

Cordelia and Angel shared a glance, hidden smile and silent appreciation for the new addition to their little evil fighting team. “No visions, not that I’m complaining about the lack of headache and droolage.” The young woman gave a shudder at the thought of that happening again. “God, you’d think the PTB would pay for my prescriptions and dry cleaning.”

“Is that what you were talking about?” his concern for Cordelia dropped him in it when he heard her mention the word prescriptions. No doubt she meant the cost of headache tablets, the tablets he should be buying because it was his fault she had the visions in the first place. “I can buy you them Cordy, you should have said”

“So you weren’t listening to what I said?”

“I didn’t say that…”

“No but you did ask if that was what I was talking about thus you have no idea and money was a lucky guess.” The brunette gave him a pointed stare before turning back to Wesley who didn’t have the slightest idea what they were on about. “You think he’s ever had his ears cleaned? Oh God, can you imagine having 300 years worth of wax in your ears?”

“247” Angel scowled at her, his hand involuntarily going up to touch his ear as his gaze focused in on her mouth again. “I clean my ears,” he mumbled under unneeded breath.

“Then how come you didn’t hear what I was saying?” Cordelia threw over her shoulder, making the tasks of speaking and listening an easy combination to do. “And don’t even think of trying to tell me you were listening because I know you weren’t”

“If you know then it must be true” Angel muttered quietly, watching how much fuller her mouth seemed to look from the side. He could see where the left corner quirked up with the beginnings of a smile, a tiny almost unnoticeable dimple was right there and looked so damn cute.

The lower lip was fuller then the upper one, a soft pout pooched out every time she finished speaking; making that mouth so kissable. Angel’s brown eyes glazed over as he thought of nibbling on that soft pout, he could happily nibble on that pout for all eternity.

He would brush his own mouth across hers, sweep his cool tongue into the warm depths of her mouth to caress hers. Her breath would be hot, with a combined taste of toothpaste, coffee and strawberry doughnuts.

Angel licked his lips at the thought of tasting that sweetness from that luscious mouth. Slowly, he would deepen the kiss and cover that mouth completely, effectively stopping anything else from being spoken. Those lips would swell under the increased pressure, becoming fuller and softer under his.

The silence now surrounding him was golden until he felt the strong gaze of his seer boring into his, another expression of exasperated annoyance on her heart-shaped face.

“And the prize for smallest attention span goes too…!” Cordelia spoke in a game show host voice as she awarded the vampire with a sarcastically beamining smile. “And again you weren’t listening to me”

Shaking off the vestiges of the dazing fantasy of kissing the talkative brunette, Angel refocused his darkening eyes on her unimpressed hazel ones. “I was listening” he tried with a small half smile.

“Right!” disbelief dripped from her tongue.

“I was” he nodded in affirmation. What would she be talking about now? It wouldn’t be money again, it would be something else but what?

“So what was I talking about this time hmm?” Cordelia raised both eyebrows at him this time, increasing the weight of her glare.

Fidgeting at having the spotlight completely on him, Angel cleared his throat and shifted until his arms were once again crossed over his chest. “You were talking about…” he sent a pleading look in the direction of the highly amused ex-watcher. “Visions!”

“Ha!” the brunette yelled triumphantly, jumping up and down on the spot. “See! I was right, I knew you weren’t listening to a word I said. Angel, how can you run a business if you don’t listen to your office manager? You can’t and what I was saying was…”

He couldn’t take it anymore, having spent all day watching those lips move so seductively like that and seeing that warm, pink tongue wash her mouth and making the gloss shine, Angel cracked.

Keeping his near black orbs focused on the target of her mouth, the vampire reached out, his large hands curling around the slender shape of her upper arms and yanked her body into his. Ignoring Cordelia’s shocked yelp, Angel bent her backwards and placed his mouth down on hers.

His mouth was harder than hers, male lips cushioned by the soft and pliant ones that opened up on his demand. Taking her up on the invitation, Angel graced her tongue with a long caress from his cooler one as his lips increased the pressure, making hers swell.

Cordelia’s hands clutched his shoulders for support as his curled around the sensous curving of her lower back, moving up to hold her steady. Her eyes fluttered shut, a dreamy expression replacing any irratation from earlier.

Teasing the tip of her tongue with his, the vampire groaned deeply as he deepened the kiss and took complete control. Darting his tongue all around the warm cavern, he tasted every bit of sweetness that was his seer. Strawberries and cream was what he tasted, deliciously female softness was what he felt.

In his arms, Angel felt the womanly shape of her body shaping to his masculine form and felt the way she all but melted into his touch. The ends of her silky hair tickled his fingertips and the material of her sweater was warm from the feminine heat it protected.

Cordelia’s fingers tightly held onto the shoulders, feeling the strength and power he retained in his body. Hard contours of muscles flexed beneath her touch as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Against her chest, no heart beat vibrated from his body and sighed in comfort and safety.

Decreasing the pressure on that mouth, Angel nibbled on the bruised pout as he eased away from her lips. Staring down in satisfaction at the reddened, swollen and well-kissed mouth, the dark haired vampire sighed and brought Cordelia back into a standing position.

Tracing his fingertips over those lips, he asked “What were you saying?”

Never one to let anyone else have the last word no matter what the situation, the shaken and stirred brunette glanced around the office for inspiration. “Where’s Wesl…”

The moment Cordelia started talking again, Angel once again couldn’t help but kiss her quiet!

He hoped that would take a while.



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