For Your Eyes Only

SUMMARY: Cordelia is a dancer at a club, Angelus finds out. A challenge by somebody but can’t remember who!!
POSTED: 13 Oct 2003
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content
STATUS: Incomplete

Part 1:

The club was bathed in a dimmed lights, the air was thick with smoke and created mist, and the music was a pulsing, erotic beat with low female vocals. Neon signs in fusia, blue and violet caught his gaze as he sauntered, with a feline grace, through the club.

Pole Catz held a reputation for having excellent, body beautiful dancers certain to please and entertain. That’s why he was here, to be entertained by beautiful women. Normally, this wasn’t a place he would come to for entertainment but he had been bored and wanted something a little different.

Angelus glanced around, so far only mildly interested in what he had seen so far, though he was strangely impressed by the decor of the club. Decorated lavishly, but not overly so, comfortable chairs surrounded wooden tables where you would be waited on by pretty girls dressed in all types of costumes.

Some were in leather, some in bikinis and some were dressed as belley dancers. Blondes, brunettes and red heads sauntered around as if they owned the place and, in a fashion, they did. Men whistled and cheered as the girl on stage made slow, agonising work of taking each garment off piece by piece until she was down to her G-string.

“Would you like a drink sir?” Angelus found himself looking at a petite blonde in a deep, royal blue outfit that strangely suited her. Liquid blue-green eyes stared up at him in boredom as she waited for his answer.

“Jack Daniels” the vampire replied, thinking she might taste good and making a mental note to keep her in mind for his private dance. “Straight and lots of it”

“Of course, if you follow me I’ll show you to your table” the girl, who’s name tag showed her name was Nicci. The sway of her hips designed to keep the interest of the men in a way to entice them into spending more money. This girl should be a millionaire, Angelus thought with a smirk.

Shortly after being seated and receiving his desired drink, Angelus sat back to watch the next show hoping for something good. The show began when a tall, leggy red head slid down the pole in a suggestive manner. Already, he had grown bored with it, the purpose of stripping was to tease, prolong the temptation of sex but this girl was advertising it too much for his liking.

Signalling Nicci over to order a private dance, Angelus watched the show in almost forced interest. He should kill her now just to end it! Smirking at his way of thinking, the vampire turned his attention to the girl now looking down at him expectantly.

“Another J.D sir?”

“Yes” he answered “I want a private dance”

Unlike most of the customers who came in, the man in front her held no shame or nervousness in his request or demand as it sounded. Nicci forced herself not to smack him in the face, who did he think he was?!

“Certianly sir, do you have any requests?” she asked almost dully. Same shit, different night.

Angelus mused over this for a second as he decided what he wanted for tonight. “Brunette, tallish, athletic with good breasts. Attitude” he purred deeply. “I wanna be entertained”

“If you come with me sir, I’ll show you to the private room” Nicci sighed, feeling sorry for whoever got this man. When he did that low, growly sound she had gotten shivers and not of the nice kind. The way he moved was silent, almost deadly while his eyes scanned her with a sharp precision.

She was once again thankful her boyfriend was the sweet, loving person he was. He understood what she was doing and the fact she was putting herself through university. None of the men in here would ever appreciate the reality she was a person. In here, she was just a thing to be leered at.

The private room held a chaise lounger set in luxuary velvet, dark red in colour and surrounded with smooth, polished wood. Light given off by the two lamps were dimmed with softly coloured scarves draped over the tops. Choosing to sit down in the matching chair to wait patiently, Angelus leaned his right ankle over his left thigh and cradled his cheek against his right hand.


Cordelia quickly checked her make-up in a small wall mirror as she made her way to the private room. Nervousness made her body shake with adrenalin as this was her first one, though if it left her feeling like her stage performances did, she was gonna go home one horny girl.

The glitter sparkling around the corners of her hazel eyes enhanced the almond shape, clear lips heavily glossed with strawberry balm and eyelashes black with mascara. A bronze hue tinted her already tanned cheeks, highlighting the apples when she smiled. In her ears, little sapphire studs went well with the dark blue thong bikini her lithe body was encased in.

Her breasts barely covered by the triangle halter top and her sex covered just so by the thong panties. Long chestnut silky tresses hung in loose curls that fell in a waterfall in down her back. Smoky, sultry eyeshadow swept across her eyelids brought out the gold in the bright hazel.

“Perfect” Cordelia commented after a not-so-quick inspection in the mirror. “Lets go see if I can’t make this guy a little on the horny side! If I can’t, I have to buy myself dinner!” came the useless bet before she added a little wiggle to her hips and all but danced off to the private room.

God, she loved this dancing gig.


He’d been kept waiting for just under ten minutes and he was getting annoyed with his dancer. What was she doing? Being flown in from a foreign country? Angelus tapped the fingers of his left hand against the arm of the chair he sat in, offhandedly he admired the ring adorning the middle finger of his right hand.

“Where is she?” he growled lowly, catching the attention of the two security guards just outside the door. Vaguely, he heard one of the guards make a statement.


“Excuse me guys, did I just hear you demean myself and my fellow dancers?”

“No! No, not me. I would never demean you in anyway!” the guard replied with a humoured tone followed by a light, merry little giggle. She had a teasing voice and she had spoke with just the right amount of fire to come across as seriously threatening while being in no way serious.

“Good, he in there? Is he cute? Rich? Muscley? Or is he a total wimp?!”

Angelus’ eyebrows raised in sheer amusement, he couldn’t wait to see this girl.

Cordelia pulled a face which made the guards laugh before composing herself and strutting into the room with her head held high. Her feminine hand brushed the back of the chair he sat in. “Hey there” she purred, God this made her so hot, made her feel naughty. “You wanna dance baby?”

“I want you to dance” Angelus responded quietly, her scent, her voice was so familiar but he couldn’t quite place who she was.

“I like a man who knows what he wants” God did she ever?! Cordelia moved slowly so she stoof in front of him. Eyes widened, lips parted and her heart dropped right into her stomach.

Angelus found himself staring at Cordelia Chase, the rich bitch of Sunnydale high, the girl who made life hell for the Slayer and her little show of sidekicks.

“Isn’t this a pleasent surprise?” the vampire asked with a shocked and very amused smirk.


Cordelia’s lips could move and talk but she had no idea what was coming out of her mouth. Her heart refused to beat, her brain had taken off on a permanent vacation and her stomach was full of birds, not butterflies.

“Wha… Ho… Wh… Y…! Oh my God, i-it’s you!” she exclaimed, too stunned to even contemplate moving or squealing for help.

“You’re ten minutes late Cordelia, I don’t like being kept waiting” Angelus purred and once again hooked his right ankle over his left knee. “Dance for me”

“D-d-dance f-for YOU!” her voice went rediculously high as she stepped back away from the vampire. “One word. NO! Get out of here or I-I’ll…”

“Scream for help?” Angelus offered helpfully as he moved to recline relaxingly in the chair. “Go ahead, you know what I am, you know what my particular favourite food group is. You scream for help and I’ll turn this place into a human buffet… Saving you for dessert”

Cordelia gulped visibly, her face paling slightly as she trembled with his threat knowing it was no idle warning. “You wouldn’t” she whispered, trying to fool herself into beliving it was an idle threat.

“You dance and everyone’s safe” Angelus replied smoothly as though he made this kind of deal all the time. “Scream or refuse me and you’ll be living your worst nightmare”

Glancing at the now closed door seperating her from the two guards, Cordelia began to wonder how fast they could get in here. “Not that fast Cordelia. Dance”

Refusing to let him bully her, she stood her ground firmly though shaking like a leaf. “No… I won’t do it. That’s the club rules, a dancer can refuse any customer she chooses”

“It’s also the club rules for the customer to have aggravated the dancer” Angelus countered easily, eyes skimming over the thong bikini set and the body barely hidden beneath it. “I haven’t done anything Cordelia, you have no grounds to refuse me. And I say again, deny me I’ll skin people alive and make you watch… Before I do the same to you and believe me when I say I don’t want to have to do that because it’s a waste of time and I don’t want that body to be marred”

“You would, wouldn’t you?” Cordelia asked in morbid curiosity.

“I’d enjoy every second of it” he answered, not needing to say the acknowledging word she didn’t really want to hear. “Dance Cordelia, you’re still keeping me waiting”

If he wanted her to dance, then she’d dance. She’d make him eat those patronising words, besides he would turn this place into a world of torment for her if she didn’t. Swallowing, Cordelia nodded and accepted whatever would follow this encounter.

“No music” Angelus stopped her before she pressed the music button. “Dance”

Keeping her back to him, “No touching, club rules” she threw over her shoulder at him.

“You can touch me” he once again countered, “Club rules Cordelia”

Raising her arms in the air, Cordelia crossed her wrists, circling her hips in a figure 8 movement that drew his gaze to her ass. Firm and tanned, Angelus wanted to touch her there, he wanted to make her ass glow a ruby red as he spanked her over and over. He wanted her on her stomach as he brought his down on those tanned globes, he wanted to sooth the sting with sweet, caresses before he spanked her again.

Her eyes fluttered closed as she listened to the song her body sang. Turning round she slowly brought her hands down to caress her cheeks, graze her throat and down to her breasts encased in the dark blue triangle cups. Gently pushing her breasts together, Cordelia gave him a tantalising glimpse of the dusky pink peeks hard with aroused shivers.

“Your breasts” came his gruff purr “Show me”

Feeling the heated gaze on her body, the usual rush of arousing adrenalin began to cruise through her veins and creating a tingle between her locked thighs. Cordelia opened her eyes, setting her own fiery gaze right back on the vampire. She shook her head slightly, denying his request; his warning growl suddenly stopped when she hissed as she squeezed her breasts together once more.

Erect, pebble hard nipples visible against the flimsy cups giving Angelus an idea of how aroused she was getting from dancing for him. Cordelia trailed a finger up the valley of her cleavage, dipping shallowly into her mouth and using her tongue to wet the tip. Her tongue, light and pink, glistened as it darted out past her glossy lips, touching the tip of her finger as though she were licking it like a lollypop.

He was hard, erection pushing against the restricting leather, Angelus adjusted his sitting position so she could see the evident male excitement in his pants. “Play with your breasts” he demanded of her.

Her hips constantly moving in a slow figure 8, Cordelia grinned cheekily and moved her wet fingertip to toy with a nipple. Her other hand glided down her flat stomach, teasing him with the removal of the thong. Tigers’ eyes were drawn to the panties, seeing a small hint of dark curls threading silkily through her fingers. Angelus wanted her to take them off and show him what else was silky.

Her fingertips brought both nipples to pert, little pebbles with light tugs. Hisses of pleasure escaped her lips as she increased the pressure on her nipples. Shocks of electric went straight to her sex, making her wetter between her thighs. Wanting so much to touch herself, for his pleasure and hers, Cordelia slipped both hands inside the bikini top, the moan like music to his ears.

Angelus brought a hand to rest on his inner thigh next to his erect cock as he traced his lips with the index finger of his other hand. His cool tongue showing her what he was thinking of licking like that. Short, rapid flicks of his tongue graced the tip of his finger as he continued to watch, growing increasingly hard.

Cordelia’s eyes flicked down knowingly, if he was hard now just wait until the lapdance really started.

She swiftly turned round, back facing him and slapped both hands down on her ass in a light but stinging touch making light pink streaks. An inhuman but low, short growl pierced the silence as Angelus made his approval known. She did it again, this time she dug her nails into the skin a little and loved the sensation it caused. Cordelia dragged her nails along the smooth, flawless flesh of her ass before spinning back to face the vampire.

Her face was flushed, her eyes were heavy and screaming at him to just screw her right then and there. Liquid arousal had dampened the thong panties, making them transparent to his hungry gaze. Angelus could see the shape of her sex easily through the darkening blue. But she was the one who started the No Touching rule and he was going to play because he was enjoying the teasing.

His hand was cupping his cock through the black leather, stroking slightly as he continued to undress her with his eyes. Deep, fiery tigers’ eyes brought her skin alive with blazing heat as she responded instinctively. Hot liquid sex warmed her pussy even more, the natural female response to his male reaction.

Angelus shifted in the chair as she strode, with feline, grace to him placing her hands on both chair arms. This was the closest she had ever been to the soulless version of the vampire and she couldn’t help but like it.

“You paid for lapdance” Cordelia purred with a genuine lusty haze to her voice. Straightening up, she moved so he was between her legs, the intoxicating scent of her arousal invading his senses. The bikini top was slowly removed, triangle cups clung to her breasts with a light covering of perspiration. “No touching baby” she purred to him “Take it off”

Angelus glanced up her, raising his hands he took hold of the loose straps and slid the material from her body. His knuckles so very lightly grazed across her nipples, causing her to struggle to hold back a whimper of pleasure.

Dark, dusky pink pebbles were revealed to his hungry gaze as she held her breasts for him to look at. Tanned skin surrounded those delicious nipples and made him want to lick and suck them with his tongue. He wanted to take each one into his mouth and bite them just hard enough to make her squeal in pleasured pain. He wanted to squeeze them between his hands, tease the pebbles with soft and rough touches and make them red with frictioned heat.

Angelus licked his lips, breathing in the female arousal and the pulsing need in his cock made his fantasies get lost in the fog of lust. There were so many things he wanted to do too her right now, one of which being he wanted her to suck on him with that mouth, just knowing she’d be an expert. She’d easily bring him to a climax and he wanted to make her swallow everything he could give.

A throaty, feminine moan brought Angelus out of his fantasy and he was rewared with the sight and feel of her brushing her scolding sex over his leather covered cock. He growled in response to the heat practically melting the leather on his body.

Cordelia lowered herself down onto his lap, eyes snapped shut when she felt his excitement against her sex. Raising up slightly, he growled at her and eyes went a rich amber, she moaned when she sat back down. Hard.

“Cordelia” he warned her seriously when she rocked her pussy over his erection. Blazing need and want raced throug him when the pressure on his groin came and went with each movement she made. She was almost riding him, driving herself wild with the temptation of sex.

He wanted so much to touch her but if she wanted to play the ‘No Touching’ card then he’d play using his own rules. Having had more than he could take, Angelus pushed into her body once making her grind against him in response. Male hardness bounced off her sensitised clit once, twice, three times causing Cordelia to reach up and grip his shoulders as she reacted with as much passion as he did.

“Angelus” his name came out without her thinking about it. God, she was so hot but she needed more from him. She continued to ride him hard, the simple dance getting more and more out of control.

“That’s it baby” he hissed to her forcing himself to keep still though it was all but killing him to keep playing the game. She bounced against him over and over, loving the feel of his cock continuously slamming off her clit. “Harder”

Cordelia raised up and sat back down once more, bouncing straight back up. The liquid sex now burning her with each contact she made. Her clitoris throbbed with the stimulation and the eroticism of her dance. She bounced once more but stayed sitting this time, hands holding on to his shoulders desperately as she snapped her eyes open and breathing deeply.

Wetting two fingertips with her tongue, she moved them down to her breasts and brought her already hard nipples to the colour red with rough caresses. Angelus watched it all, growling and moving his cock against her pussy. Even through the fabric of leather, he could feel how hot she was, could scent how close she was and he wanted to make her come…

It killed her, her entire body screamed out in protest when she stopped. Breathing in sharp, panting breaths Cordelia leaned so her lips were sending ticklish tingles along his ear.

“Times up” she whispered.

Part 2:

Pulling gently on her hair, Cordelia tightened the neat ponytail the chestnut tresses were kept in. A small puff of air could be seen as it escaped her still made-up lips, creating a little misty cloud. “Ya in tomorrow Cor?”

The brunette looked up to see three other dancers exiting the club. “Yup, you guys?” she asked in return with a big, beaming and genuine smile at them. It was like all girls who worked in the club had this bond, a little club that felt like a kinship at times. “Hey, we so have to do a double act or something. Dress up as school mistresses and give em a spanking!”

One of the girls, a blonde with bright red streaks that went by the name of Tammy, laughed out loud and shook her head. “Hell yeah, teach em how to behave huh? Strap em down and make em suffer”

“Tam, you’re evil” one of the others replied “But I like it, Cor we’ll talk about punishment later. That would probably get us bonuses and a hell of a lot of tips!”

“Yeah, besides what girl wouldn’t love to whack a man in his balls?” Cordelia asked through her laughter. “I know I’d pay them to let me do it! You three going off to a club?”

“Probably, gotta relieve some of the sexual stress girl and I’m in the mood for something horny, blonde and tanned” Kayleigh, a pretty natural blonde whose innocent looks belied her very naughty nature.

“Coming? Or did you do that in room 101?!” Tammy asked as she shared a knowing look with the others, a sly look on her vixen face. “We heard about your little show, according to Ben and Jerry there were some distinct moans…”

“Tam shut up” Cordelia flushed bright red as the events from earlier came out of the hiding place she had stuffed them.

“Was he hung?!” Kayleigh urged for details.

“I am so not answering… Yeah!” Cordelia divulged with a little, it wasn’t only men who liked to talk about sex. “I could definitely say he was packin more than a sandwich in his lunchbox!”

“You go hunney, hey if he comes back make sure he does come” Tammy told her as she made an oral sex move with her hand that had them all sniggering.

“Well, it’s late and I have some lovely food to nuke at home so I’ll catch up with you three sluts tomorrow!” she told them with affection.

“That’s us, the three horny sluts of Pole Catz!” the usually quieter girl, Sara, spoke up with a wicked glint as she slapped her ass playfully. “Take care Cor, ‘morrow”

She watched as they left, linking arms, and boisterously singing some very naughty songs. “Crazy!”

Angelus had listened to the entire conversation, a ghostly smile filled with amusement curled his lips. He watched from the shadows as Cordelia began walking quickly to her car, fishing around her purse probably looking for the keys. He moved, unheard and unseen, out of the shadows and was quickly in front of her.

“AARRGGHH!” Cordelia screamed in sheer shock, her purse and keys landed on the floor followed closely by her heart. “Jesus Christ! What the hell do you think you’re playing at you stupid asswipe?” her heart was pounding a tattoo on her ribcage, her stomach was swirling and she was shaking like a leaf.

He didn’t apologise, just simply smirked at her. “Hello Cordelia. Let me…” Angelus kept his eyes locked with hers as he bent at the knees to pick her things up off the ground. “Did you dance anymore?” he asked conversationally.

“What is it you want?” she answered his question with one of her own.

“Is it so wrong to want to talk?” he gave back, managing to sound hurt that he wanted something from her.

“What could you possibly want to talk to me about? House decorating? The latest in designer clothes for men? Anger management?” Cordelia retorted reaching her hand out to snatch her keys and purse from his grip.

Angelus held his hand away from her, preventing her from grabbing her things. “Why do you work here?” glancing at the club just behind them.

“Why does anybody work?” Cordelia shot back, she was in no mood to talk about her personal crisis with him. She was horny, tired, hungry and all she wanted to do was go home eat her microwave dinner and go to bed.

The vampire looked at her quizzically, eyes roaming her body and the sports clothes now decorating it. The Nike sweatshirt was too large for her, hanging off the edges of her hands, the tracksuit bottoms hung loosely on her slender legs and the trainers were a far cry to her earlier outfit. She looked extremely athletic and not scruffy like how some girls did in those clothes.

“You look good” Angelus commented suddenly, “Very tantalising for me considering I know what’s under all that wrapping. Again, why do you work here?”

Cordelia sighed and retracted her hand to fiddle with the ends of her hair. “Look, not to sound impolite or anything but I really wanna go home. I’m tired and hungry. Can we not play best friends?”

“Aww Cordelia” he replied in mock sadness, “If you’re hungry, I can always give you my lunchbox. There’s more than a sandwich in there!”

Time stopped, her face went beetroot red and too much time had passed between his words and her reply to be able to pass it off as a lie. “I had to say something!” Cordelia cried out “I didn’t mean it. I-it was a lie” she had to try though right?

Angelus curled his tongue around his fangs as he pondered her lie. “I know I’m gifted when it comes to food Cordelia, don’t be shy about it. I like the fact you know it”

She bit back a retort, determined not to dignify his words with any type of response at all. Instead, she settled for changing the subject. “Can I have my keys please? I wanna go home”

“Not until you answer my question about why you, of all people, are working here”

“Why won’t you mind your own business?” she snapped and then retracted a few inches away from him. Cordelia mentally berated herself for snapping at someone who could very effectively kill her and most probably would. Her eyes widened and her body tightened with the instinctive fight or flight she felt.

Angelus closed the distance she put between them, his voice low and unwavering as he spoke to her. “It is my business sweetheart” he told her, daring her to deny him the right of owning her. “You aremy business Cordelia, especially after tonight’s little game”

“This is what I do Angelus, it wasn’t a game and just because you paid me to dance for you does not mean you own me”

“You didn’t just dance for me” he told her, keeping his voice purposely low and husky. “You gave yourself to me, I paid for you and now I own you. I wanted you, I want you still and you want me” Angelus growled when she shook her head. “Don’t deny it, don’t deny me because you won’t like the consequences”

Cordelia inched her face away from his when he moved closer to her. Her breathing was verging on panicked palpatations while her heart began to speed up painfully. She hated giving in to him but if it meant she would survive the night, she’d tell him her life story if he asked.

“What do you want from me?” those words sounded like they came from someone else and not her. If it had been anyone else, Cordelia knew she wouldn’t have held back from telling them where to go. But this was Angelus, someone she had no chance standing against.

“I want to know why you’re working as a whore” Angelus replied, moving away a little now that she had complied with his desires.

“I’m not a whore!” Cordelia barked furiously, not being able to stop herself from pushing on his chest. “Don’t you dare call me a whore, you have no right to do that. I don’t sleep around with every guy I meet despite popular belief” she carried on poking his chest making him smile with amusement.

“I work here because I have no choice not because I enjoy it!” her voice got louder and louder the more she fought back.

“But you enjoyed dancing for me tonight” Angelus’ words deflated her rage like a popped balloon. He could see the visible signs of embarrassment cross her face. “You did more than enjoy it Cordelia, but we’ll get back to that later sweetheart. Let me take you home”

“I have a car which you still have the keys to by the way” Cordelia pointed out, still snapping a little at his egotistcal honesty.

“I’ll come back for it later, I want to walk you home” he told her and began guiding her away from the car. Her keys and purse still held in his firm grip so she couldn’t take them off him.

“Look if you’re gonna kill me then just do it. I don’t like being lied to or given a false sense of security. J-just don’t turn me”

Angelus laughed at her brave words and the fear that belied the courage behind them. “I don’t want to kill you, I’m not hungry Cordelia and I wouldn’t turn you just yet”

“Aren’t you comforter of the year? I’ll get you a mug” Cordelia shot back, her body painfully tense at the feel of his hand on her lower back. Slowly that touch came to caress her ass lightly as he tugged her more into his side. She couldn’t help the flush of warmth that pooled between her thighs, this was all she needed. To be walked home by the vampire who’d almost made her come without actually touching her.

“I’ll look forward to getting it” Angelus replied smoothly before they lapsed into an strained companionable silence while they walked.

Cordelia frowned when she looked around the street he was taking her down. She didn’t live here anymore so why was he bringing her here? Then it clicked, the vampire didn’t know about her little crisis. Mentally going through her options, she could carry on the pretense about her life and go to the motel after he left but that meant walking all that way by herself.

Or she could swallow her pride, tell him half of the truth and sorta ask him to walk her to the motel. Here goes…

Cordelia bit her lip and closed her eyes while she spoke, she didn’t want to see his reaction. Hearing it was going to be bad enough. “Angelus, I don’t live here anymore”

The vampire stopped his lazy stride and looked at her in confusion. This was the place he, when he had his soul, had taken her too after finding her in the dumpster. “Where do you live?” he asked quizzically.

“Sunnydale Motel”

Angelus raised his eyebrows, what was she doing living there? “You live at the Sunnydale Motel?” he asked, “Why? What’s going on?”

Cordelia opened her eyes a smidgen, expecting to see a pitiful expression and being grateful when she only saw confusion and intrigue. Opening her eyes fully, she prepared to tell him some of what had happened.

“My parents decided they could live without me” she explained with a noncommittal shrug. “I woke up to find a note saying goodbye, thanks for the memories and see you in the next, well, never”

Angelus pursed his lips in thought, the puzzle starting to fall together despite the remaining missing pieces. “So you were left to take care of yourself then? Hmm” was all he stated before shutting up, knowing she’d tell him the rest in due course.

“That’s it?” Cordelia demanded a little hotly, “Just ‘hmm?’ no aww you poor thing? No shocked, gasped in breath of concern? Just hmm?”

“You don’t really want to hear pity from me do you?”

“No I don’t because I know I wouldn’t get any” she shot back. “Even if you did offer me pity, I wouldn’t take it because I don’t need it from you or anybody else. I can do just fine on my own and I have been doing just fine on my own thank you very much. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going home to go too bed. Goodnight”

Feeling a little more like herself after that little rant, Cordelia decided she didn’t give a damn about other dangerous creatures of the night and started to walk in the direction of the motel. Angelus hung back for a few seconds before easily catching up with her.

“I said I’ll walk you home sweetheart, though I don’t see how a motel can be classed as home” he stated once he fell into step with her.

With Cordelia walking at a furious pace and Angelus easily able to keep up, they reached the motel in no time. When she reached for the door handle, he stopped her and held the keys out to her smugly.

“You won’t get far without these Cordelia” he inserted the key into the lock and opened the door for her. “I’ll see you around sweetheart, goodnight” Angelus told her. “Before I go…” he leaned down, placing his lips across hers in a very quick and chaste kiss. “Nice”

Stunned into silence, Cordelia blinked and he’d disappeared, not giving her a chance to say anything more to him but she said it anyway. “Thank you for walking me back”

In the shadows, Angelus heard her words and watched her enter her motel room. Vowing he’d see her again and soon.

Part 3:

Angelus cracked his knuckles as he sauntered to lay down on his bed. His neck and shoulder muscles tightly corded with unreleased tension, he rolled his head in a slow circle to ease some of it away before settling comfortably.

His hands pillowed the nape of his neck, biceps curled up with the movement and his legs stretched out in front of him, crossed at the ankles. Musing over what he had learned about Cordelia that night, Angelus traced his tongue slowly over a fang tasting what her blood would be like bathing his tongue in a hot, liquid caress.

Would she taste candyfloss sweet or spicy? Maybe a little of both. The vampire hardened in reaction to the imagined taste, erect with longing of wanting to bite into her, to feel that first piercing prick as he slowly sank his fangs through her jugular. He would hold her still as he coaxed her blood to fill his mouth and coat his tongue before swallowing the luscious liquid.

He could bring her so much pleasure from a single bite, a wry grin quirked at his lips as he thought of the pleasure she could give him from a bite! Angelus offhandedly wondered who would have the most vicious bite, him or Cordelia!

All these thoughts about Cordelia and biting caused Angelus to gain more tension in his taut body. Deep, intense and throbbing pressurised pleasure built slowly in the base of his shaft. He unlocked a hand from his neck and took a firm hold of his cock. Obsidian orbs, black as night against his pale complexion, watched with interest as the shaft pulsed in his grip.

Flexing his grip, Angelus held himself just the right way to make his shaft flinch with stimulation. To him he held no temperature but to Cordelia’s human touch, he would be cool and steel hard. The delicate flesh of his groin such a contrast to the unnatural power of his being, soft and smooth around the now glazed tip.

He smirked at the control he had over his body, one move and he could make himself moan with pleasure or stifle a hiss in pain. That control was like a drug, it was power that he had over Cordelia, he could control her and mold her into a quivering shell of the woman-child she was now.

She would quiver, shake, tremble and quake at his expert touch, Angelus released a with-held gush of air through clenched teeth as he thought about how she would look during sex. Her chestnut locks would be mussy and unkempt, her lips glossy and clear of lipstick, would be parted and heavy breaths would spill past them.

“Uh” Angelus grunted out lowly as his hand moved up his shaft, letting the control over himself go just to pleasure his body. The salty icing coating his tip used as light lubrication for his movements. A little faster and a little harder he moved along his cock, hips rising up off the bed to fuck his fist. Fingers flexing tightly and balls seizing up close to his body.

“Like that” he hissed as he started to envision Cordelia’s hands wrapped snuggly around his penis. The human heat of her palms would work him up so she could use her mouth to finish him off and suck him dry. His hand slid up and down, up and down; coaxing more pre-come to glisten on the tip.

Angelus brought his other hand to toy with the very centre of his aching excitement. He circled his masculin finger across the most sensitive spot, spreading the glazing over the tip as a whole. He was buzzing there now, wanting to sink his cock deep into her tight velvet and feel her body take him all.

“Finish me” he snarled down, his mind fantasizing Cordelia was tasting his pre-ejaculate with her hot, pink tongue. Bringing his fingertip to his lips, Angelus tasted himself as though he were tasting her arousal. He wanted to come hard and fast inside her countless times, he wanted to fuck her until she couldn’t take him anymore only then would he be satisfied.

Both hands now holding his shaft in an iron grip Angelus moved fast; grunting as the pressure in his balls built and built. The throbs came constantly now, he pushed with faster, harder, longer and smoother moves that made him moan.

Stronger and stronger the waves of his climax rushed through his body, his balls clenched up tight and the pressure of his grip increased. Long thick fingers encased his cock as orgasmic vibrations rocked along the shaft and squeezed the ejaculate from his body as the pressure finally gave.

“Fuck Cord…” as soon as her name spilled from his lips, Angelus’ eyes snapped tight shut as he saw his climatic liquid cover her lips and tongue, she would swallow it all. Cordelia’s mouth continued to work his cock, lips sucking every droplet of his cream from him.

Her hot breath would excite him further and the feel of her hair fisted in his hands would urge him to thrust his cock into her mouth until his orgasm was over. Angelus felt the tension in his body somewhat disappear as the intense throbs gradually ceased and he relaxed sated but totally unsatisfied.

He’d never openly called a girl’s name while pleasing himself. “Definitely a new one for me” Angelus murmured as he made a move to clean himself up, vaguely making a mental note to do this in the shower next time.


He woke later than usual the next evening, the fact he barely slept might have had something to do with it. Pretty much everytime he closed his eyes, all he saw was Cordelia dancing for and teasing him. Once he actually thought she was in his room and the vampire had sat up looking for her.

Angelus got out of bed, deciding a small bout of excercising would help get his mind off her for now. Pulling a pair of shorts out of a drawer, the vampire tugged them on, grinning at Cordelia’s comment about his manhood.

Sure, the girls she told would probably have told others, but then girls would be girls!

Stretching his arms, he sighed loudly in satisfaction when the kink in his muscles became loose. “God I could use some coffee” Angelus muttered to himself as he sauntered to the punch bag in the adjoining his.

A small bout of excercise was right, he punched the bag all of three times before calling it quits! The image of Cordelia watching him made him stop and think about how boyishly stupid that so-called fantasy was. Offhandedly, Angelus wondered if she liked muscles!


Angelus strolled lazily past a smirking Spike, only acknowledging his presence with tiny sarcastic sneer. He had swapped his usual red silk shirt for a black one, causing his grandchile to make a smartass remark.

“Not done laundry today then mate?” he asked, not waiting for a reply Spike continued. “So how goes the club last night? Get yourself some action?”

Looking at Spike, the dark haired vampire wondered if he knew Cordelia worked at Pole Catz. “You been there before?” Angelus asked casually, trying to see if he had known about the beautiful brunette.

Shrugging, Spike pulled a much wanted cigarette out of his pocket and lit up. “Nah mate, already got me a sex kitten”

Nodding, the elder vampire continued on to the kitchen for some coffee. He had the strangest urge for some, dismissing the thought Angel set about making it the way he liked though he couldn’t taste it properly.

“So you didn’t get shagged then eh?” came the next question.

“No, I didn’t” he replied, his thoughts once again drifting back to Cordelia’s lapdance and her near orgasm.

“Um-hmm, that’s why some girly’s orange squash is on you” Spike pointed out smugly and enjoyed the look of frustration that crossed his grandsire’s face. “Take it you got you a lapdance, girly musta been randy to go with the likes of you! Was she a cutie? Tell all mate”

Angelus grinned wickedly for a split second before divulging some of the details. “She had more than brains in her breasts”

“Had a good pair on her did she?”

“Believe me when I say they were good” a slow smile flirted at his lips, even when doing something so simple like participating in guy talk, Angelus couldn’t seem to escape Cordelia today.

Spike let out a low whistle and wished to God he’d gone with him! “Nice arse?!”


“Let me know when you’re next going will you mate?!”


Cordelia Chase pretty much dominated his thoughts for the next day or so and Angelus was pissed by that. It seemed that most of the young women he drained were brunettes with hazel eyes, though he had no intention of killing her.

It was like some sick obsession!

It was an obsession he planned not to end because he was enjoying laying in his bed fantasizing over the wonderfully naughty things they could get up to. A grin flickered at the corners of his full lips as Angelus locked his belt into place, securing his dark brown leather pants around his waist.

He had gone for a change tonight, he wanted to catch her eye and make her see him as something other than who she knew him as. The dark beige 100% silk shirt skimmed over his strong shoulders and broad chest, his pectoral muscles flexing under the soft material.

The dark brown Cuban-heeled boots he wore completed the look he was going for and he knew he looked good. Skipping out on wearing his usual black leather jacket, Angelus ran his fingers through his hair once to make sure it was the way he liked it.

The vampire slipped his silver sapphire and ruby signet ring onto the third finger of his right hand and smoothed down his shirt. With a smirk, Angelus left his rooms and jogged down the stairs. After one of his minions had informed him of Cordelia’s next shift at the club, he made the decision to go after her and not as a predator either.

Part 4:

It took the vampire no more than ten minutes to reach the club and find himself sat comfortably at the same place he was before. Angelus glanced up at Nicky, the waitress who served him the other night and spotted a covered up love bite on her throat.

Dismissing it instantly, it wasn’t her who interested him at all. “Jack Daniels, double, straight with no ice” he stated politely and handed her a twenty dollar bill. “Keep the change”

“Thank you sir, I’ll be right back with your order” Nicky replied with a genuine smile, maybe she’d misjudged the man. He didn’t seem as dangerous tonight as he did three days ago, there was something in his eyes that hadn’t been there before. Some spark that told her he probably more than enjoyed his private dance with Cordelia.

She’d heard about the moans from the guards and she couldn’t help but steal a little glance at his crotch! “Will you be wanting a private dance this evening sir?” Nicky asked with a flushed face when she noticed her glance had been noticed!

Angelus wondered who else in here had heard about his endowment. “Not just yet, thanks” he responded, letting the young girl off by not calling her on her checking him out. He watched as Nicky nodded and left, turning his attention to the vacant stage “Who have you been speaking to sweetheart?” he asked with a smirk.


Not knowing he was in the club tonight, Cordelia zipped up the skin tight leather catsuit following by tying her hair in a loose ponytail. She couldn’t resist going out there tonight, the high was addictive and drugging. The only downside was the leftover unreleased sexual tension that grew stronger every time she performed.

Tonight, it was pure black wet look leather that looked like it had been sprayed on. It was barely long enough to cover her ass and her thigh-high leather boots reached just above her knees. Cordelia licked her lips, making the velvet red shiny and mouth supple with slight moisture.

Glitter eyeshadow replaced her usual sultry colors, a shimmery bronze swept across the apples of her cheeks and two little rubies decorated her delicate ears. She felt good and she knew that if she felt it then she looked it.

Cordelia used the spray to gloss up the leather just that little more, bring an extra sparkle to it and she was done.

“Here I go!” she whispered excitedly as she did a little jump on the spot. Her thoughts went quickly to Angelus and her surprise at finding her car parked outside the motel room the next day. She’d been surprised he’d never woken her and tried to get an invite.

She shoved the thought away as quickly as it had invaded her mind. She didn’t need the vision of him, black mysterious eyes full of lust and desire; mouth telling her he liked it, liked what she was doing. And his body, wholly reacting in the most illicit way to her performance.

Cordelia found herself breathing a little too deeply for her liking, “Stop it. Evil vampire remember? Bad. Not a sex God!” she cursed herself and gave an added mental slap for good measure.

“Cor, those guys are getting a little impatient” the owner of the club, Paul, told her with a firm look.

“Okay, going now” she smiled until he turned away then stuck her tongue out at his back.

“I saw that Chase!” Paul threw over his shoulder.

Offhandedly, Cordelia wondered whether he meant that literally after all, this was the Hellmouth and a person with eyes in the back of their head was no big! Clearing her throat and picked up the horse whip accessory, she sauntered onto the stage when the lights dimmed.

Catcalls, wolf whistles and the usual hollers sounded when the lights went back up. Red, indigo and violet brought her to life in an array of rich, sultry colors.

She had her back to the audience and so missed the controlled look on Angelus’ face as he watched her unblinking. The music started, a heavier beat than normal but that was what she wanted tonight. Aggression, tonight was all about aggression at being denied something you wanted.

Cordelia crossed her ankles and spun round, bringing the handle of the whip up to tease her lips. Her eyes blazed as she watched the men all but go silent. Body language screamed to them what she was thinking as the tip of the leather inched slowly into her mouth, pink tongue flicking out to lick it.

With a naughty wink, she trailed the handle down between the valley of her visible cleavage past her stomach to smack into her palm. Her eyes closed as a hiss escaped her mouth, tongue tasting the salty perspiration on her upper lip.

Angelus sat in predatory silence, listening to the words coming from other men in the room. He watched as their excited expression lay riveted upon the girl on stage doing her best to make them come in their pants. Obsidian eyes so black they rivalled the night outside, hand gripping the table so tight the wood splintered and his rugged features, taut with fury, set in marble stone.

Cordelia walked lazily from one side of the stage to the other, repeatedly hitting her palm with the horse whip. Her thighs purposely rubbed together and her hips swayed in perfect sync to the heavy beat.

The vampire watched as his girl taunted, tantalised and teased him without knowing he was there. He watched, clearly observing the fact she was letting loose for that reason alone. Angelus glanced around the room and his eyes landed on one man in particular who was not just looking at her.

That snapped his control in two, getting up from his seat, Angelus went to find the owner’s office and have a little chat with him.


Looking up from the mountain of paperwork, Paul watched his secretery, Taryn, enter his office with him giving her permission. “There’s a man wishing to speak with you, he say’s it’s urgent and very important”

“Can’t you see I’m busy?” Paul began a little annoyed at her sudden entry.

Angelus brushed carelessly past the woman as he strode into the office, his posture and body language commanding attention. “No you’re not” he countered Paul’s statement, turning to the woman with the slate-grey eyes, the vampire said a single word. “Go”

Wide eyed and a little shaky, Taryn left closing the door behind her.

Paul stood up and rounded his desk, coming face to face with the vampire. “Who the hell do you think you are barging into my office and ordering my staff around?” he demanded hotly.

“I’m someone who’ll kill you if you don’t give me what I want” Angelus replied easily with a simple shrug. “And you will give me what I want or I’ll turn this place into a bloodbath”

“Look pal” Paul stated and kept a lid on his temper, he was sick and tired of having to deal with guys like him. “We don’t deal in what you’re after so take your business and yourself elsewhere”

“See now that’s something I just can’t do because my business works here” Angelus stated. “I have a problem and you’re going to fix it”

“The only problem that needs fixing is the one in your is your head you insane cree…Uck!” the words got caught in Paul’s throat when a hand latched strongly around his windpipe, depleting his oxygen supply.

The vampire followed his threat by slipping into his vampire guise and smirking when the fear sky rocketed to delicious proportions. “You what I find amusing? When humans find out vampires are real, I tell ya I’ve got some real good memories from that.” Angelus now spoke casually as though he were talking to an old friend “But do you know what I don’t find amusing?”

Paul began to see little black spote blurring his vision as his hands wrapped around thick wrists, trying fruitlessly to unhinge the death grip on his throat. His clammy hands continuously tried to dislodge the claustrophobic grip on his windpipe and failed miserably.

“Some ass jacking off while my girl dances, that’s what I don’t find amusing” Angelus carried on talking casually.

The man felt his feet leave the floor and his legs dangled in the air as the vampire increased the horrendous pressure on his airway. Those little black spots turned into big black spots, gurgling came past his gasping lips and strength growing weaker.

“Now that’s something either you or I can fix. If I fix the problem then people will die and if you fix it, well things will be in healthy condition if you know what I mean” Angelus grinned nastily up at him, looking every bit the predator her was.

“Do you understand?” the vampire asked casually while Paul gasped, struggled and silently begged for air. “I said” he increased the pressure in his grip a little more “Do you understand?”

As his vision blurred, Paul choked out a strangled “Yes” just before he was dropped carelessly to the floor. The man was too weak to be able to hold his body up and so he stayed crumpled on the floor of his office.

“You will take Cordelia off the stage and she’ll dance for me and me only. Since she doesn’t need anything from you, I’ll pay her” Angelus told him as he straightened his shirt free of the wrinkled. “You make sure she doesn’t go on stage and we’ll get on fine”

Paul wisely refrained from calling him a psychopath and simply nodded his acceptance of the vampire’s terms.

“Good boy and you can start by getting her off stage now”


Cordelia glared at Taryn as she was all but dragged off the stage, her performance ruined. “What the hell are you doing?!” the brunette yelled in aggravation as she was led, by her wrist, towards the private room.

“You’re wanted in the private room” Taryn reported what she was told to report. “Paul says its urgent and important”

“What? Just cus some guy wants his rocks off doesn’t mean my dance has to be ruined” Cordelia snarked with a pout. “I was enjoying that!”

“I know” Taryn replied, disgruntled and worried about Paul, that man really raised her heckles and brought goosebumps up on her skin. To say she didn’t like him was an understatement. “But you’re getting one hell of a bonus”

That stopped Cordelia’s anger almost instantly, “A bonus? Is Paul increasing my paycheck cus I’m getting more attention? Cool! I get paid and get to enjoy myself at the same time, is this a great city or what?!”

“Something like that” the older woman muttered as she deposited Cordelia in the care of the two guards, Ben and Jerry. “Take care of her yeah?” she told them unnecessarily.

“Don’t you mean take care of the poor guy when she’s done?” Ben asked with a knowing smirk directed at Cordelia. “We remember the other day!”

Her face flamed bright red, “That wasn’t funny” Cordelia defended weakly. “I didn’t have any choice” little did they know just how truthful her words were.

“Sure you didn’t, I bet they guy didn’t have any either!” Jerry remarked with a mock leer at her. “He’s waiting for you, just remember to keep those claws sheathed honey, you don’t wanna cause him an injury!”

Cordelia sneered sarcastically at both Ben and Jerry before pushing the door to the private room open. The brunette turned her gaze on the man who had so impatiently requested her presence.




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