Fight For Your Right

SUMMARY: Cordelia gets some training advice from both Buffy and Angel.
POSTED: 1 Mar 2005
AUTHOR NOTES: This has been on my mind for eons.
STATUS: Complete

Wandering aimlessly around the lobby, Buffy looked this way and that, taking in the detail of Angel’s home and business building.

God, she was bored out of her skull.

A normal life was all that she had wanted and now that she partially had it, all she wanted was to go out and beat demons to a bloody pulp.

The last Sunnydale Showdown had ended with her almost dying at the hands of a demi-god.

“Sod all?” Buffy commented and wrinkled her nose up. “Thanks a lot, Spike.”

So here she was, with Xander and Willow and Spike, in Los Angeles doing nothing but being bored senseless.

Angel and Gunn were stealing all the baddies, Wesley and Fred hogged all the books while Cordelia comandeered the training room.

At first, the thought of Cordelia Chase with a weapon and fighting had put the fear of God into her, but when she saw it for herself, Buffy was proud and honoured to have her as a right hand man.

Or woman.

Wondering if the brunette would mind if she joined her, the slayer headed for the basement and stood, quietly and smiling, watching as her one-time nemises went through a series of combinations.

There was something not quite right about it, though.

“No, no.” Buffy made her presence known and hopped down the small concrete staircase. Taking Cordelia’s wrists and repositioning them, “Now try”

A little perplexed but willing to give it a shot, the seer grinned her thanks and repeated her movements. It wasn’t so different to what Angel had taught her, only more feminine. “Thanks”

“No problem, now try this…” Buffy performed a small kick and, frowning, watched Cordelia copy. It still wasn’t entirely right.

Who the hell had taught her how to do that? She was kicking like a man which, if she was, wouldn’t be so bad but she wasn’t.

“No, watch. Like this…” the slayer did her kick again and stood back.

Cordelia, with arched brows, copied with enthusiasm. A free workout, courtesy of a slayer, was not to be turned down.

After a few more instructions and advice, Buffy sighed with satisfaction and left the brunette to it. “I’m gonna go, find something to do”

“Good luck” was the mumbled response.

On the way out of the basement, the blonde quite literally bumped into Angel and she smiled at him, mentally dissing his training techniques.

She had always classed him as an excellent martial artist but, upon seeing what he had taught Cordelia, a traitourous part of her couldn’t help be severely unimpressed.

“Been training with Cor?” Angel asked, his eyes snaking to the brunette and his forehead turned into a scowl.

What was his seer doing?

She was throwing punches like a sissy.

“Stop,” he ordered and briskly pushed past the slayer.

“What’s wrong?” Cordelia stopped and looked at Angel, confusion written all over her face.

“Not like that, like this…” Placing her hands into their original position and nodding, he gave the sign for her to continue.

Shaking her head, the ex-cheerleader resumed the repetitions with grace and ease. Her natural poise making Angel smile and Buffy scowl.

“Angel, what are you doing?” Buffy unceremoniously pushed him away from the other woman and shook her head. “Don’t listen to him Cor, do it the way I showed you”

Pausing for a breather and to rub her suddenly aching forhead, Cordelia offered them both a tight smile. “Fine, I’ll do it both ways, okay?”

“No okay.” The slayer scowled, disbelieving her sound advice was being ignored. She was a slayer and had helped avert five apocalpyses, her advice was tried and tested. “Not okay”

Angel chuckled, slightly insulted. “What, uh, what’s wrong with my technique? I know what Cordy’s capable of, I know what’s best”

“That’s great if you want her to hit like a man.” Buffy stated, rolling blue eyes at his macho attitude.

“It’s better than teaching her how to hit like a sissy.”

“Excuse me, I do not hit like a sissy!” Cordelia, reminding them she was still in the room, took on a defensive posture. “Who decapitated Silas, huh?”

“No, you don’t hit like a sissy.” Angel soothed her ruffled feathers. “But you will if you keep listening to her”

A very insulted Buffy snorted. “I kicked your ass, didn’t I? That was no sissy hitting.” Yeah, she’d taken on and whooped Angelus’ ass.

Remembering that still hurt, but damn was she not proud. How many others could say that?

“Like that’s something to brag about.” Cordelia interrupted, sending the vampire a smug grin.

“Hey!” Angel glared at first Buffy, then his seer.

Pffting him, the brunette crossed her arms and shared a look with the blonde. “Holy water”

“Bet he was pissed,” Buffy mused, wishing she’d been there.

Cordelia nodded, “I just wish I’d used my knee that one time”

“So do I” the blonde agreed.

“Excuse me, still in the room.” Holding up a finger and looking entirely offended, the vampire’s expression merely made the girls laugh at him. “You think you’re so tough, hit me”

“Huh?” Cordelia and Buffy chimed, their eyes going huge at his sudden change in attitude.

“You heard me,” Angel arrogantly snorted. He would prove his worth. “Hit me as hard as you can”

Hazel orbs slowly met blue, matching grins worked across identical expressions as two fists aimed directly at his face.


“Think we hit too hard?” Buffy mused, chewing her lip thoughtfully as she looked at the unconscious vampire sprawled on the floor.

“He’s not gonna be happy when he wakes up.” Cordelia replied. “But who cares when his car keys are upstairs?”




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