Dance with the Devil

SUMMARY: Cordelia gest an invitation to dance.
POSTED: 6 Sep 2004
WARNINGS: None Specified
STATUS: Complete

“Dance with me, Cordelia”

Low and melodious his voice sang, drowning out the music. Breathless and teasing, his lips whispered sugary words designed to comfort.

Pounding hard, her heart thundered in her chest. Unsteady and laboured, breathing hurt her lungs. Hot and shaking, delicate hands weakly held onto broad shoulders, black leather cool under her sweet caress.

Around her slender spine, muscular arms curled in deceptive protection. Sliding down smooth, naked flesh, roughened hands rasped. Blunt and thick, fingers traced the shape of her body, mapping each gently curve.

Made of the finest silk, her dress was equal to her skin. The rich sherry shade dazzled him, excited the hunger, making him want to taste. Musky and exotic, the scent of fear and arousal increased, a natural response to her captor.

So very gently, hands slipped down over the perfect curve, sure fingers curled round the firm buttocks. Gripping hard, his solid form cushioned the softer one. Full and rounded breasts, pert with youth, pressed up against his chest. Long and slender, shapely legs entwined with powerful, muscular ones.

Raised high on his hip and held in place, a supple thigh was secured by a forceful touch. Indulging in sin, provocatively kissing her secrets, learning each one in turn. Under the heated embrace, leather melted and flesh sizzled.

Face tilted to one side, throat exposed, wanting and waiting. Cool and wet, his tongue licked a trail of liquid fire over the fragile casing. On his lips, a heavy pulse invited, dared him to taste.

Flawless surface marred, scarred with reddening welts, sharpened fangs scored his name. With a tenderness so sweet and rare, he pierced the honeyed flesh.

Thick and rich, hot and lush, crimson rain quenched his thirst. Coating his tongue with a lethal concoction of dreams and desires, life and death. Like the night, her blood was tainted with unseen sin. Like the day, she burned like the sun.

Leaving himself sate, he pulled back. Showing nothing, pools of black shimmered diamond hard. Curling up, red lips smirked as his pale tongue licked up tear drops of blood.

“Until next time, Cordelia”

Left standing, alone and shaking on the dance floor, Cordelia watched in silence as Angelus walked away.

Gingerly touching her throat with timid fingers, hissing at the soft sting.

“Until next time…”




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