Big Dog

SUMMARY: Cordy & Angel borrow Wesley’s motorcycle.
POSTED: 6 Dec 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) Dedicated to whoever it was that made this challenge!! Also, this isn’t my usual style as my muses seem to be still on post-convention vacation so I’ll apologise now for the extreme suckiness and boringness that is this.

Soft, supple and wet was how his leather jacket felt against her feminine fingers; hard, male and perfect was how he felt against her chest. Warm was the rain that fell down in small, tickling droplets from the cloudy night sky and cool was the fast breeze that wildly tussled the long strands of chestnut hair.

The wind-swept skin of her cheek brushed across the wet leather, full lips parting slightly to taste the salt in the rain and slender, gentle hands smoothing up the solid back to wisp across the corded muscles in his neck. Thick, strong and intensely contoured, Cordelia traced the nape of his neck right from the hairline to the jacket collar, marvelling at how proportioned he was. Pale skin a startling contrast to the black leather and dark brown, ruffled hair; marble and unmarked.

Above the roar of the powerful engine, above the noise of the rushing traffic and above the wind, Angel was deafened by the human heart rapidly pounding through her chest, into his soul and rattling the demon. Hot breath rasped against his neck, delicate fingers trailed teasingly down the lifeless pulse point in his throat across his shirt covered chest and solid abdomen. Perfectly manicured nails scraped along his stomach making the muscles there taut with sensation and causing his grip on the handle bars to tighten into a white-knuckled hold.

Riding through the congested roads with ease, the motorcycle exuded power and speed, two of the best aphrodisiacs known the world over. The orange streetlights were blurred, the traffic around them nothing more than toys and the purring of passing engines nothing more than a dull, heady drone. Shapeless clouds hung in the grey sky that was fading slowly to a blackness matched only by the colour of his eyes.

The gently showering rain tinkled down in full droplets, landing with small splashes on the front of the motorcycle and washing away the sin of stealing a friend’s possession.

Already, Cordelia was aroused; her legs pushing into the backs of his powerfully set thighs, sharing her warmth and receiving strength in return. The short skirt riding up with her position, allowing the naked bronzed skin to slide across the wet leather of his pants. Her fingers dug into his stomach as she scored his thigh with the nails on her other hand, making those heavy muscles tight.

Angel clenched his jaw shut, his body tense with anticipation and deep arousal; the grip on the handle bars turned deathly and the demon purred. Through the leather, he felt the scalding heat of her naked skin, on his neck he felt her lips tasting the rain and between his legs he felt a timid touch. Curling her hand around the erect response to her touch, Cordelia whispered a breathless moan which made his skin prickle with heat just as he became steel in her hold.

“Angel” hot, needy breath tormented him.

“I want this” wicked, wanton words teased him.

“I want you” open admission taunted the demon.

Turning off into a little, dusty and barely known side road, Angel easily steered the powerful bike to where he wanted to go. Tiny, gravely particles rustled with the movement of the tyres, splashing into the air like a puddle before landing back down to Earth in a small dusty cloud. The sound of distant passing vehicles were the only things to disturb the roaring silence since the engine got turned off.

Ignoring the way the rain fall got stronger, ignoring the rustling trees that made the enclosure private and she ignored the slight parting in the cloudy sky. Cordelia manoeuvred her body from behind the vampire, swinging her leg over to straddle the bike and turned molten caramel eyes to the expressionless onyx whirlpools now looking back at her. Now that she faced him, Angel brought his hands up to trace the naturally artistic shape of her features. Gently skimming across the rosy pink apples of her cheeks down to her defiant jaw and finally brushed across her lower pouting lip.

Wet, pliant and soft; harder, paler and masculine; lips crashed together and eyes snapped shut. Her tongue swept over the cool, male one as she gave over control to him. Strong and expertly, Angel roused the nerves in her smoother tongue, sliding his over, under and all through the cave of her hot mouth.

Large, roughened hands slid fast down the length of the female body to cup the full, pert breasts through the useless top. The raindrops that now fell in abundance made the dark blue silk cling to the feminine chest, enhancing the hardened pebbles of her nipples. Pushing up firmly, Angel pulled his mouth away from hers, looking down to see the cleavage created by his grasp. Bronzed, like the rest of her, soft like her mouth and hot like she would be inside, the vampire deftly moved the silk away, revealing her to his gaze.

Turning her eyes from his face, Cordelia looked down to watch as Angel grazed the sensitive buds with his thumbs, becoming entranced at the way he made the smallest part of her respond. She hissed when he tightened his agile fingers around them sending a shot of heat straight to her core, making the heat increase to a steady burn. The light, rosy pink flesh turned a lush crimson with the stimulation he was applying; squeezing, releasing then circling and teasing.

Her hands fell from their place on his chest down to the co-ordinated leather belt where the cold metal provided a respite from the increasing temperature in her body. Telling contours just below told her the reaction wasn’t just one-sided, but she needed more from him. More than just a physical response and more than just a hardened glance. She wanted it all; his voice, his eyes, his touch, his taste and everything else he could give.

Wet fingers unfastened the metal buckle, opened the buttons and glazed caramel eyes watched as the material rolled away, leaving him naked. All gentility came to a sudden stop as large hands landed in a stinging slap on her thighs as Angel pushed up the material of her skirt placing it around her waist. Cordelia leaned back, ignoring the way the metal clashed against her back.

The demon wanted, it needed, it had craved for so long and now it purred as the obsession lay wanton and spread for it to take.

“No stopping Cordelia” Angel rasped out the warning, snapping the simple cotton thong and tossing the pieces carelessly to the Earth. His body encompassed all of her, his shirt grazed hard nipples, his erection teased the entrance to her body and his knuckles brushed against her clitoris, making her throb with stimulation. Feeling the feminine warmth on the sensitised tip of his erection, the vampire slid up her labia to circle the pearly bud with sharp intimate touches making her jolt up against him.

“No stopping” Cordelia confirmed, her vocalised words a throaty hue of her normally soft voice “But what about your soul?” if he didn’t lose it, then she’d live with the knowledge of not being able to make him happy and if he did, well she’d be stranded in the middle of nowhere with his demon. “Angel…” she didn’t need to say anymore, the knowing smirk curling his lips up told her he understood.

“Don’t worry, trust me” he couldn’t tell her the demon was in control fearing she’d run from him, he couldn’t tell her the demon was always in control whenever she was around for fear that she’d leave.

He couldn’t tell her the demon loved for fear she wouldn’t believe.

The rain came down harder as thunder hit somewhere in the distance making her jump, small hands came up to grip strong shoulders as a reassuring touch held her down. Peering up at his face, Cordelia saw the determination to have etched in every defined shape of his features. Midnight eyes, endlessly whirling with craving emanating from the deepest part of him; pale lips drawn in a tight line, nostrils flaring as the demon within scented its prey and the jaw flexing as he kept hold on the gossamer thread of control.

Angel saw the acceptance he needed colour the irises he was looking into, sliding the apex of his erection down until penetration promised, her body instinctively opened up to him. Thrilling arousal showered from her body as he eased inside, the pressure was delicious as he made her muscles vibrate with the caress. Hot and tight, he looked down watching in fascination as her body began to swallow his cock; pink with an intimate blush and glistening with satiny dew, she covered him inch by slow inch.

Cordelia felt an ache spear through her hips as he penetrated deeper, her body trying to accommodate him. A moan rang out in the silence when Angel moved smoothly, guiding her physical reactions to his sex, his shaft gliding almost fully inside and grazing the blood-filled bud of her clitoris.

Breath hitched in her throat, blood rushed through her veins, heart pounded in her chest and eyes fluttered wide when she felt him push up a little more. Angel focused his eyes solely on her face, watching the expressions cross through her gaze as he increased the pressure of his cock inside her. The arousal made it oh so easy for him to enter the private alcove, gliding without restriction straight in, the vampire’s hands held the sides of her body desperately.

Hot fluid showered down, coating his shaft in female arousal while her vaginal muscles gloved him in velveteen heat. Silky, soft and wet, she surrounded him perfectly; underneath his frame Cordelia tried to get breath past the lump in her throat as she felt the very edge of his erection crash off her cervix. Pulling her up to take her back off the cold metal, Angel coaxed her into straddling him and making the penetration just that little bit deeper. “That’s it baby” he murmured when she began pushing her body down on his with a slight bounce.

The movement caused the tip of his cock to hit off her cervix once more, sending shocking pleasuring waves of pained pleasure through her. Placing her hands behind her back, Cordelia used the metal to balance as she experimentally raised her body off his before slamming back down. Angel clamped his hands around her thighs in a bruising grip, using his thighs to lift his hips to fuck her back.

Her flushed face turned up to the sky allowing raindrops to trickle down her bared neck to glide into the valley of her exposed breasts, the darkened pink areolas glistened with the water and looked like little, pink sapphire jewels. Angel crushed his hips roughly into the cradle of her thighs, each time he felt her muscles fisting his shaft harshly when he hit her inside.

Feminine moans were accompanied by male groans as she took him back inside, skin swept across wet leather and hands grasped the sides of the motorcycle as she rode him hard. Angel pulled her up straight, crushing her breasts against his shirt and slammed his dry mouth down on hers in a hungry kiss. Tongues battled for dominance, lips frantically sought the other and breathy sighs were swallowed.

“Angel” Cordelia bit her lip, her eyes squeezed tight shut as she felt the orgasm start with small, lapping throbbing waves. Her thighs began to ache, her core began to overheat and her body began to shake against him. Moving harder and faster on him, she grabbed his shoulders and dug her nails into the leather as her moans became quiet screams.

Angel increased the pressure inside her, pushing up harder and faster to match her climatic pace; her vaginal muscles were contracting viciously around his cock. His hands smoothed round to cup her ass, bringing her completely on top of him where he held her hips to his. “You want deeper?” his voice hoarse and broken, his eyes blacker than the night and his cold body boiling hot. Forcing her to take him fully, a demonic purr rose up from his chest and spilled past his lips as his face changed.

His internal strokes became furious as he pushed up hard against her cervix, his shaft continuously hitting off her G-spot and the tip of his cock slamming at her edge. Cordelia’s head rolled back as she surrendered total control to the vampire. “Mine Cordelia” Angel’s voice, now steady and rich, “Mine”

The he felt the damn crack and shatter, a shower of climatic rain burned him, she gripped him tightly both inside and out as her orgasm ran through her body. Cordelia went still as those throbs deepened, her breathing halted and her heart rate rocketed with heightened blood pressure with his name a silent mantra on her lips.

“Say you’re mine” he demanded as he held off his own release, moving slower as her orgasm decreased in intensity. “Say you’re mine and I’ll love you forever” this was it for him, he wanted all of her before he would give any of himself.

“Will you be mine?” hazel eyes opened lazily, locking onto swirling tigers’ eyes, her body still rocking with decreased climatic shocks. Cordelia swept her cheek across his, placing her throat to his mouth and gasping when she felt him bite gently with sharp, deadly fangs but not withdrawing blood. “Will you?” she wouldn’t give her blood unless he said that he would.

With the smallest amount of pain to her, Angel bit into her offered throat permeating her with his scent and making her a part of him, making him a part of her. The blood flowed easily into his mouth, the taste hitting him hard and causing the catalyst he waited for to set off his orgasm. Ejaculating into her almost painfully, he held her completely still as he withdrew and entered rapidly as his hands moved to thread in her hair.

Wide eyed with wonder as she felt him bite deeply, Cordelia experienced something different to climax, it was as though her body was on fire and melting from the inside. He was feeding off her, drinking her in and making his blood boil with hers. Feeling him release and drink was exhilarating and thrilling as it was fearful, instilling in her a slight tremor of mortality as a vampire, something she was taught was bad, openly fed off her.

Retracting his fangs, Angel licked lovingly at the new puncture wounds on his new mate’s throat until they ceased bleeding. “Mmm” he purred, now licking his lips clean of her blood, “All mine now” he didn’t care if he sounded possessive, there wasn’t a damn thing she could say to take it back now.

“Mine too” Cordelia eyed him suspiciously as their new love-making became an erotic memory never to be forgotten. He raised an eyebrow at her equally possessive tone and hugged her lithe body to him, eliciting a small scream when the pressure on her clitoris became too much. Nestling into his wet shirt, the brunette slid her arms inside of his leather jacket and continued to ignore the warm, tropical rain that had showered down all night. “We should be getting back now before Wes notices his motorcycle’s gone…”

“We should” Angel agreed carelessly, he didn’t care about the motorcycle all he cared about was his prized possession. Slipping his softening erection out of her stretched body, he moved Cordelia so she was sitting in front of him while he fastened himself up. “Do you wanna go back yet?” he looked at her soaking clothes as she adjusted her top, covering her breasts.

“I’m wet and getting cold so it’s a good idea, besides Wes will go nuts when he realises we took Big Dog!” she replied with a grin. Just then, her cell phone rang making both vampire and girl jump a bit. “Hello?… Oh Hi Wes!” Cordelia sent a sheepish smile towards Angel who watched in fascination as her smile turned into a grimace. “Your bike’s been stolen and you’re filing a report with the police now?… Yeah sure Angel and I will pick you up!”



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