Best Ideas

SUMMARY: Angel has no willpower.
POSTED:14 Oct 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) Inspired after the worst possible night’s sleep of my existance. It’s 5:40am and can I hell sleep.

It was so warm where she was, so incredibly warm and cosy her fingers and toes were tingling with relaxing sensations. A highly content, dreamy smile decorated her face and her expression peaceful. The duvet wrapped entirely around her as she snuggled into a feotal position, relishing the wonder that was the half-awake half-asleep state.

“Mmm bliss” Cordelia murmured happily as she snuggled down a little more and began to drift back into sleep when a knock on her door had one eye popping open. Figuring who it would be, she ignored him and continued to wallow in total relaxation.


Yes, it was him and he sounded wide awake, well tough she wasn’t and he could go to hell before she was getting up any time soon. Cordelia ignored the vampire and gave a silent thanks when Dennis wrapped the duvet around her shoulders.

Angel heard her too-fast-for-sleep heartbeat and nudged the door open, peering round timidly. “Cordy?” he asked quietly again and waited for an answer, “Time to get up”

Blatantly ignoring him, Cordelia scowled and flung the duvet over her head, muttering and cursing him under her breath. “Not getting up, you can go back to hell” or something to that effect.

Coming more into her room when it became clear she was not naked or anything like that Why not huh? Am I not worth walking around half naked for? Angel shook his insane thought away as he walked over to her bed, shaking her covered shoulders gently.

“Cordy, I know you’re awake so you can stop pretending. You have to get up, come on sleepy head”

“Piff off!”

“Language language” Angel chastised and sat on the edge of her bed, fidgeting with the duvet cover and liking the soft cotton material. “C’mon Cordy, seriously it’s time to get out of bed. You’ve got work today and I doubt the boss would be happy if you just slept the day away. He might even cut your salary!”

“Don’t care, boss mean. He’s a big, bad vampire who has no respect for sleeping beauties like me!”

“Compliments won’t get you anywhere, now get” Angel slung the duvet off of her and found himself with a death glare that could stop wars. “Up” he finished meekly, wilting under the intense pressure of her gaze. His eyes glanced at her pajamas with a raised eyebrow, white 3/4 length bottoms with pink and blue fairies with a matching camisole top.

“No!” Cordelia grabbed the cover back and yanked it back over her head, “Sleep now and work tomorrow!”

“No, work now and sleep later” he pulled the cover off, only she didn’t let it past her neck while she peeked over the top of it. Her hazel eyes blinked owlishly at him before a hint of mischief brought a spark to the spun gold irises. A sweet smile worked it’s way across her lips, puffing out the apples of her cheeks as she looked at the now wary vampire. “You look tired too Angel”

“I’m not tired” he replied not breaking away from her gaze, “And we have work to do so get your lazy ass outta bed” There. He was forceful and was not giving in to her demands to stay in bed.

“I am working” Cordelia pointed out, “I’m working on my beauty sleep, something you should think about a bit more often! As they always say, no time like the present so you should really get a start on the art of beauty sleep right now!”

“That’s not going to work with me, now UP!” Angel told her firmly and ignoring just how nice that big, warm bed looked. The spicey red duvet looked so comfortable when it was rumpled like that; those pillows looked like little fluffy clouds and it would be nice to take a day off… NO! She was not going to manipulate him into going back to bed.

“But Angel!” she whined openly, “I am really tired and I was gonna bring my TV in here and just veg out all day. In my nice, big and comfy bed. It’s just one day out of a whole year, can’t we just have one itty, bitty day? Besides, Wes works for us now so he can work for once instead of reading a musty book”

It was plain to see her wheedling was getting her everywhere and she just needed that little something extra…

“Please?” Cordelia asked, making her voice go sweet, innocent and light as she turned her battering eyelashes on him. “Please? I promise it’s just this one time and you could choose which side of the bed you have!”

“You were gonna bring the TV in?” Angel asked as he bit his lower lip, she made it sound as though they deserved a day off. But it was true, they did and she was right; it was only one day out of a whole year so what harm could it do?!

“Um-hmm and I promise not to get crumbs in the bed” she promised, poking her finger out of the duvet and making a crossing sign. “See? Cross my heart… So, are you getting in?”

A rare grin lit up his face as he took off his sweater, stalling before he took off his pants. “I have boxers” Angel explained, at her careless nod he dropped his pants to the floor and jumped into the bed.

Giggling, Cordelia shuffled around to make room for the vampire and she pulled the duvet over both their heads. “See? Isn’t this fun?”

Nodding enthusiastically, Angel whole-heartedly agreed and snuggled against her warm, lithe body. “Mmm” he purred happily as he nuzzled her hair, “You have the best ideas, I ever tell you that?”

“Nope, but don’t let that stop you!”

“Cordy Chase, you have the best ideas!”




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