Baby’s First Words

SUMMARY: Baby Connor gets Cordy in trouble!
POSTED: 17 Aug 2003
1) After the horrid “Give momma some sugar” thingy with E!Cordy and the Beast (I lost my lunch). I needed something light and sweet before I go to therapy!
STATUS: Complete

“Cordy, how is it possible to break your arm doing nothing?” Angel asked when Cordelia sat at her desk.

Cordelia blushed, she hadn’t been doing nothing exactly, well she had been doing nothing. Only seven or eight feet off the ground and hadn’t been able to get down. “Honestly Angel, it’s nothing” she told him again.

“Cordy, you have a full arm cast and no use of your fingers, how can you call that nothing?”

“Pfft, Angel stop overreacting” Cordelia told him as she looked at her bruised and swollen fingers peeking out of the cast.

“I am not overreacting!” Angel’s raised voice woke up Connor who had been peacefully asleep until Cordelia and her injury had walked in. Immediately, Angel went to pick up his son, “Ssh, ssh” he cooed as Connor looked like he was about to start crying.

Cordelia pouted, a broken arm meant no Connor hugs for six weeks. And no Connor hugs meant no accidentally-on-purpose brushing Angel’s arm when handing him over. “Aww, he’s just the best baby in the whole world” she beamed at Angel, time to change the subject.

“It’s not working Cordy” Angel sang as he bounced Connor on his legs over to Cordelia, “So stop trying to change the subject” his far from musical voice sang.

“I’m not changing the subject, I’m merely stating a fa-act” Cordelia sang right back. It was amazing how they had learned to bicker while singing to Connor, a great idea by Fred and it saved the crying fits.

“Yes you ar-re” Angel said right back as he picked Connor up off the floor, frowning as he looked at Cordelia and her arm. “Come over here, sit next to me” he motioned to the lobby couch and Cordelia followed, arm in sling.

The vampire positioned himself so that Connor was sitting on Cordelia’s knee but he was holding him. “Now tell me what you were do-ing”

“I was doing noth-ing” Cordelia replied in the same sing song manner as Angel as she toyed with Connor’s fingers.

“Cor-delia, I’m not kid-ding. If you don’t tell me then I’ll just have to tor-ture you” Angelvamped out for his son and a warning to Cordelia.

“Pfft, Angel you are so wha-acked if you think that’s scar-ree” Cordelia nuzzled Connor’s soft, downy hair and he gurgled as he hit Angel’s ridges.

“It will be if you don’t tell me what you were do-ing” Angel kissed his son’s chubby fingers, carefully minding his sharp fangs.

“Aga-ain, I say Pf-ft, so not scar-ree” Cordelia tickled the baby’s nose, causing him to laugh and grab her tickling finger.

“I know yo-ou, and you were doing some-thing, now tell me” Angel’s hand sat on Cordelia’s thigh and he started brushing his thumb in slow circles.

“I swear it, I was doing noth-ing” Cordelia eased herself, with Angel’s help, closer to his side and Connor was sat on one of her thighs and one of Angel’s.

“So your ar-rm just broke itse-elf? I find that haard to bele-ive” Angel moved his arm round Cordelia’s shoulders, hand stroking the left side of her neck.

“Pf-ft, your sarcas-sm needs wo-ork” Cordelia leaned a little more on Angel and her hand tickled Connor’s legs, making him giggle and gurgle happily.


“An-gel did you just pf-ft me?” Cordelia sneaked a glance at Angel’s face.

“No, uh, that wasn’t you?” all sing song bickering disappeared quickly as Angel and Cordelia looked at Connor.

As if on cue, Connor spoke again, “Pfft”

“He spoke, Angel!” Cordelia squeaked as she hugged the young baby as much as she could, “Did you hear that?” her face absolutely shining. “Say it again, baby, please! Say it again” she begged Connor, the largest grin on her face and eyes tearing up.

Angel looked between his son and the soon-to-be-ex-love of his life, “Cordelia, he just pfft”

“I know, isn’t that wondeful?”

“Pfft, Cordelia, he said pfft. Not daddy or mommy, hell not even tacos” Angel replied as he continued to look from Connor to Cordelia. “That’s what you say. You say pfft”

“Pfft, that’s nonsense Angel” a totally distracted answer coming from the now baby-absobed woman in his arms.

“There!” Angel slightly yelled, “You said it again”

“I think it was Connor, come on honey!” Cordelia urged Connor, “Say pfft again”

“Pfft, pfft, pfft” Connor said as he lapped up the attention given to him by the nice smelling woman with the two soft sleeping pillows.

“Yay” Cordelia laughed happily, “Can you believe he’s talking, Angel? We so have to celebrate. Can you say dada?”

“Pfft” Connor replied happily as he looked to the man with the funny standy-up hair, pointed and said, “PFFT!” very loudly.

Cordelia snorted with held back laughter as Angel frowned even more, “No Connor, dada. Come on watch me” she pointed to her mouth. “Da da” she said slowly.

“Cordy, if he’s not ready…” a pouting Angel said to her.

“Pfft Angel, of course he’s ready. Did you not just hear him speak?” Cordelia asked pointedly.

“Pfft Gel” Connor exclaimed as he watched the nice smelling woman’s mouth closely.

Cordelia paused as she looked at Angel’s now smiling face, “He just said your name. Your son just spoke your name”

“I know” how could Angel pout over his son learning from the amazing woman he loved the most? He leaned down to his son, “Hey Connor” he tried to take the infant’s eyes away from Cordelia, “Watch me” he pointed to his mouth. “Mommy” Angel then pointed to Cordelia, “Mom-mee” he repeated.

Connor blinked from the nice smelling woman to the man with the funny standy-up hair, “Mama dada” it dawned on him who these people were. Mama and dada. Dada and mama. He was so proud of himself, now if he could just figure out which was which, he’d be one happy baby!

“Angel?” Cordelia looked at the vampire sitting next to her.

“Cordy” Angel replied, keeping everything in check, it felt as if everything was happening to slow.

“Do” Cordelia coughed and looked down for a moment before returning her tear filled eyes to his. “Do you mean it? Me? Mama?”

Angel nodded as he bit his lip, “Do you want?”

“I want. I really, really want and I can really, really have?”

“You can have on two conditions”

“Anything, name them and consider them done”

“Marry me”

“Ok and the next?”

“Tell me what the hell you were doing”




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