After Dinner Mint

SUMMARY: Angel uses special methods to convince Cordelia she should move in.
POSTED: 18 Aug 2004
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content
AUTHOR NOTES: Cali’s challenge number 1 and Allie’s challenge are made into a small serial. Hope you both enjoy it! I loved writing this. Thank you both. Much love and many kisses!! ETA: I got confused between Allie’s challenge and Toutoune’s *blushes coyley and twirls hair* Forgive me?!?
STATUS: Complete

The rich, masculine sound of the vampire’s voice accompanied the light clicking of heels and soft pearls of dulcet tones of a female giggle.

Approaching her apartment on the second floor of the building, Angel kept his hand firmly on the base of her slender spine and gently guided her along the dimly lit hallway. Measuring his pace, he rhythmically kept in time to her smaller gait so he didn’t lose contact.

It was the little things like that that made Cordelia sigh with a happiness she was sure she would never have. He held doors open for her, pulled chairs out and all those other Old World charming things that endlessly ceased to make her feel loved.

“I still don’t see why you won’t move in with me” Angel glanced at the brunette out the corner of his eye, smiling a little when she did.

“Because” Cordelia shrugged, her cheeks dimpling with the growing smile that was directed his way. “It took me a long time to gain my independence and I’m not ready to give it up quite yet”

The vampire sighed, rolled his eyes and slipped his arm further around her back to tug her closer to his side. “We spend nearly every night together, so there wouldn’t be much difference. You could still keep your independence, you know that”

“And it’s still too soon Angel. We’ve only been dating for a few months and it’s still new to me. Just give it a bit more time before we talk about moving in together.” What she said made sense and though she wanted to move in with him, she couldn’t dislodge the feeling that if they moved to quickly, it’d blow up in their faces.

“You could have your own space at the hotel, you could have an entire floor to yourself if that’s what would make you happy” Angel argued lightly. He wanted her to be there with him and not just during works hours and nights out. He wanted to wake up with her everyday, wanted to go too sleep with her every night and wanted the hours in between.

He hated leaving her apartment before sunrise, before he had a chance to see her with bed head and morning breath. He hated watching her leave the hotel to go home.

The apartment wasn’t her home anymore; that was obvious to everyone but Cordelia Chase who refused to see past common sense. Didn’t she realise how amazingly wonderful it would be if they lived together?

He could take her breakfast in bed, she could bring him blood in bed. He could do the laundry, she could do the ironing. He could fluff her pillows, she could fluff his…

Angel grinned widely at the double entendre in his thoughts on pillow fluffing. At it happens, he had two nice pillows she could fluff right now if she wanted.

“I don’t a place in your hotel” Cordelia stated evenly and clearly to make sure he understood what she was trying to say. “It’s not because I’m not happy there or anything, it’s yours and I didn’t do anything to help you get it. Apart from swipe away Son of Dust but that’s beside the point. It’s your hotel just like my apartment is mine”

“No” he frowned in frustration and shook his head from side-to-side. “It’s not just mine. It’s your home too. Just think about it. Dennis could have his own part of it to haunt, you could have your own space and I wouldn’t have to leave every morning”

He was wearing her down, he could feel it.

Coming to a slow stop just outside of her apartment, the brunette extracted her arm from around the vampire’s waist and sighed. Warm hazel orbs twinkled up at him as a half smile lilted the corners of her mouth up. “Alright” she held up her hands in submission, “I’ll think about it”

A strange laugh escaped his throat as Angel easily picked her up, swung her round and deposited her back on her feet before she had a chance to squeal in surprise. “I promise you won’t regret it”

“I’m only thinking about it, I haven’t said yes yet” Cordelia held up a telling finger as she tried not to let those puppy dog eyes get to her. The dark brown irises were lighting up with flecks of gold and burnished bronze as he stared down at her with a goofy expression on his handsome face.

That boyish grin never left his mouth. Not even the warning she gave could diminish the fact he was wearing her down. He knew a few more pleading glances, begging kisses and puppy dog looks would get her to agree to move in with him. “You know you’ll say yes” Angel countered easily, “You love me so there’s no reason for you not to move in”

Hazel eyes rolled in amusement, “That’s one way to look at it I guess.”

She came to a halt, pausing just outside her apartment and a very heavy, very dramatic sigh left her mouth. Shyness always occurred when he walked her back, she always felt like a teenager coming home from her first date with her first love.

Cordelia looked up at the vampire and smiled indulgently at the hopeful expression that covered the whole of his sculptured face. “As usual, I’ve had a good time. Even if you did complain about how tight breeches were back in the day…” Her brow scrunched up in deep thought as she imagined Angel in breeches.

She didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or ask if he had pictures.

Angel gave the brunette a pained look, knowing exactly what was going through that head of hers. “Do not wanna talk about it, thank you.” End of story.

In fact, there was no story to end.

“Wasn’t gonna ask!” Came the quick retort which was accompanied by a quirky grin. “Ok, I’d better…” she nudged her head towards her door.

The vampire frowned, “Don’t you mean we’d better?”

“No, I mean I’d better”

Angel’s mouth curved up into a sensual smile as he eased both arms around her waist. “No, you mean we.” Cool lips descended, brushing over the plump warm ones that tasted like cherries. “As in you and me”

His tongue darted out, flicked over the cherry tasting lip gloss and he purred. “In your bed” he tugged her tight body further into his, circling his hips into the hot cradle of her thighs, letting her know just why there’d be two of them in her place tonight.

“Where we can do bad, bad things” strong hands cupped her ass and squeezed before a playful swat stung. “All. Night. Long.”

Cordelia’s smart-ass retort was cut off by a bruising kiss from a hard male mouth. Her cry of surprise was lost into the delectable cavern of his mouth as Angel tilted her head so he could have complete control. Slicing past her pliant lips, his tongue dipped in and out of her hot, wet mouth to taste the rainbow.

On her tongue, he could taste the champagne she’d drank, the lingering mint of the desert he’d fed her and could feel the sweetness as she responded with fervour.

Under his fingers, the silky softness of her dress felt like heaven against the roughness of his skin. Against his hardened, muscular body the delightful warmth emanating from hers seeped under his clothes to burn him through and through. Generous cleavage was cushioned upon his chest, the perky buds scraped deliciously off his velvet shirt.

All sensations sent all the blood in his body direct to the right place, making him hot and hard between her long legs.

Just as feminine arousal began to taint the air, Cordelia gradually decreased the pressure on her lips and slowly pulled back to gulp in oxygen. On opening, Angel was more than a little pleased to see the hazel irises melted and hazy with lust. Her mouth was sufficiently red, swollen and bruised while her breasts heaved with deep breathing.

Taking in a deep breath of his own, the vampire savoured the aroma of pure Cordy and rolled his tongue around his mouth, tasting it all the more. The scent filled his lungs as his nostrils flared and hypnotic orbs to flash.

“Open the door before I kick it in” Angel growled and used his hands to pull her harshly against his hardening cock, eliciting a squeak from the brunette.

A light giggle escaped from her throat as she saw the passion heating up those blackened orbs. “Angel, if I’m gonna think about moving in then you gotta give me a little time to myself”

“Take time tomorrow, I wanna play”

“Maybe I wanna move in tomorrow” she placed a small hand on his chest, her slim fingers smoothed over the dark red velvet and shivered at the sensation that graced her fingertips. “Just tonight. That’s all I’m asking for”


Absolutely not.

No way. No how. Not ever. Not when.

Hell could open up and kiss his ass before he’d let her go tonight.

Besides, Angel thought with a calculating smirk, her refusal could be fun.

Cordelia grew wary at the sight of his smirk. He was thinking and it never went well for her when Angel thought. Bad things happened when he thought. Then again, bad things happened he didn’t think.

Just look what happened when Gunn clicked on to what went on in his truck.

The vampire’s demeanour changed entirely, he went from being openly aroused and up for anything to appearing calm, rational and completely peaceful.

Dazzling black orbs were now a stunning shade of russet, his hard mouth turned sexually up at one corner and his cheeks dimpled innocently.

Now, she was beyond worry.

Angel cleverly backed the brunette against the stone wall next to her door, using his hands to pin her in place. “You know what I’m thinkin’ baby?”

Cordelia dumbly shook her head. Did she want to know?

“Since I bought you dinner, champagne and desert, I’m thinkin’ you owe me a little somethin.” The more he thought about it, the more he knew he was right.

He’d been teased by lip licks, winks, smiles, breasts and the one flash of her blood red panties. He’d paid over a hundred dollars for the Dom Perignon, paid for her dinner, paid for the theatre tickets and paid extra for the private alcove in the stupid restaurant.

Oh yeah, she owed a lot more than ‘a little somethin’.

“You’ve been asking for it all night baby, time to pay up” Angel gave her a very manly expression and ignored the raising of her eyebrow. He was determined to make her see things his way.

Removing one hand from the wall, he traced her pouting lower lip with a calloused fingertip, relishing in the soft swell that kissed his caress. “You’re gonna give me what I want.”

A pool of liquid sex heated up between her thighs, causing a flush to stain her cheeks as he went from dork to stud in 2.5 seconds.

Normally an arrogant, over-confident male attempting to get his own way with her would have ended up with his balls as earrings, but because it was Angel she let him get away with it. Besides, he was a lot bigger than her and could probably pull out her tongue before she had a chance to utter a single retort.

He chuckled wickedly as her arousal increased; this is what made her refusing him fun. He could get what exactly he wanted without touching her.

“Yeah, I don’t think so honey” the gleaming in Cordelia’s hazel orbs took the sting out of her words as she feebly pushed at his chest. “Just ‘cus you paid does not mean I owe you anything”

The look in his eyes went dark and her knees went weak.

“Oh I think ya do” Angel whispered back, leaning down so his breath breezed erotically across her hot mouth. His tongue dipped out and licked her lips slowly, a groaned bubbled up in his throat as he imagined that mouth wrapped around his growing erection. “I know you want it, I can smell it all over you Cordelia”

The way her name rolled from his lips, the low husky tone of his voice, the way his body was solid against hers was just yum. Cordelia peered up through long, dark eyelashes, her own orbs melting under the heat pouring from the vampire and her legs involuntarily parted, allowing him to slide between them.

His large hand went from her mouth, trailed down the slender column of her neck down through the valley of her cleavage until he came to rest on her toned stomach. The silk of her dress felt so good under his touch, the female warmth got under his skin and he held off going further until he heard the excited hitching of her breath.

Going lower, Angel skirted past the feminine muscle of her thigh, his fingers toyed with the short hem of her dress and he eased it up. Bare flesh, golden and smooth, graced his caress and he moved higher, a full grin replaced the conniving smirk.

“The only thing you can smell all over me is…” Cordelia went to speak but he interrupted.

“Me” Angel breathed deeply. His face fell to the crook of her neck, nuzzling the delicate flesh protecting her jugular. His bite held his scent, making her smell of him. He was all over her.

On her lips, on her body, under her skin.

In her blood.

“God, you smell so good. So wet. So ready for me baby.” Blunt teeth bit down hard on the sensitive spot where his bite lay; his teeth fit perfectly over the puncture wounds that signalled ‘Angel’.

Muscular fingers moved high enough for him to feel the creamy arousal. The panties clung to the softness of her sex he was tracing. A strong, confident touch stroked her folds through the silk, loving the way she grew hotter under his attention. The heel of his palm flirted with the hidden pearl, brushing lightly and moving away when her hips pushed harder.

In his hand, she felt the little shocks make her body throb with pleasure as the vampire circled his fingertips all over her sex. Cordelia bit her lip when the pressure intensified, expelling another burst of hot liquid from her body as Angel moved.

Her hips rocked, pushing more of herself against him as the waves of pleasure increased. Her smaller, feminine hands dropped from his chest to his stomach where a leather belt secured leather pants around his taut waist.

The contrast of leather and velvet was startling, one felt cool while the other felt warm. Much like him. His entire body was cool to touch but his touch always burned, making her skin sizzle.

Just below his belt, the brunette brushed the back of her hand over his erect cock, earning a response of her own. Angel bucked up in a demand for more than a teasing little caress. He wanted her hand to curl around his shaft, to make him come like that before he came hard and fast inside.

Answering his silent demand, Cordelia wrapped her slim fingers around his shaft, enjoying the way the leather seemed to melt under her human heat. Her wrist moved as she rubbed up and down in a such a way that had the vampire moaning quietly against her neck.

He loved a tease.

Angel snatched his hand away from her over-heated core reluctantly and fumbled with first his belt then the buttons to his pants. “You’re not getting away with teasin’ me. I’m gonna fuck you, right here, right now”

“No, we’d better…” Cordelia mumbled through numb lips. They couldn’t do anything like that outside of her apartment. Love may be blind but neighbours certainly weren’t.

“Shut up” Angel hissed impatiently as he opened his pants and took his erection in a firm grip. Her eyes were instantly drawn to the sigh of her lover pleasuring himself.

Pale, smooth marble covered steel. Her body immediately responded and she felt herself get just that little bit wetter and hotter. Her walls clutched emptiness as the ghostly feel of his cock pushed up into her, his shaft taunted the G-spot while he slammed off the edge of her.

Cordelia glanced all around the landing to make sure no-one was spying as she hitched up her dress and spread her legs apart invitingly. Her eyes roamed everywhere at once, the apartments next door, the stairs leading to the floor above and the one leading downstairs.

No-one was watching.


Angel searched for the ties at either side of her panties and tugged each bow loose in turn. Watching in fascination as the red silk dropped to her feet, he bent down and picked them up. Gripping them in his free hand, he shot her a filthy grin as he placed them carefully in his pocket.

She knew he was a pervert so what was the point in denying it? Not like she was any better, she was the woman who used his boxers as pyjamas and kept certain pictures of him in her journal.

If anyone, Cordelia Chase was the pervert. He was a vampire and therefore had the excuse he was tending to his baser needs.

Curling a heavily muscles arm around the base of her spine, the vampire easily lifted her up so she could securely wrap her legs around him. A slight shift in movement and Angel groaned when the sensitised tip of his sex collided with her clit.

She hissed in pleasure when he slid down her slick folds, gathering creamy arousal that made it oh so easy for him to slip into her body.

Warm, wet tightness slowly enveloped his aching cock as he pushed in deep. Smooth satin walls stretched perfectly around his size as he pressed her back against the wall.

Giving her no time to adjust, Angel moved fast and hard, groaning loudly every time she gloved his intrusion.

His furious pace left Cordelia breathless and able to ignore the cold stone as her back repeatedly connected with it. “Oh God Angel!” She moaned out when his shaft slammed heavily against her cervix.

Remembering they were outside, the brunette’s face blushed deeply red and she cried out “Stop!” The giggle that followed completely contradicted the demand and the vampire merely grinned wickedly.

“Nuh-uh” Angel shook his head, unable to keep the grin off his face or the groaned laugh from bubbling over. His hips slowly rotated forward, entering her to the hilt. The base of his shaft rasped over the pearly clit while the tip of his erection intensely hit off the place inside that left her weak.

At the mewling coming from her, he whispered “Now I know you don’t want me to stop.” His mouth trailed moist kisses down her throat to pause at the juncture where the scent of her was strongest. Against his lips, he felt the blood racing around her body, making her pulse throb.

Blunt teeth disappeared into sharp, deadly fangs that scored the surface of the golden flesh, leaving little pink welts marring the flawless expanse. Small teardrops of blood was sucked to stain her neck with a deep purple as his lips, tongue and fangs worked to add to the sensations filling her.

Tilting her head, Cordelia’s eyes squeezed shut as the he unchained his vampire. His body changed along with his face. He was harder, taut, his muscles stretched tight and rippled under the marble landscape. Inside, he was confident, dominant and deliciously male as he laid into her, giving her all he had.

One feminine hand grasped the nape of his neck, the other clawed his back through the leather jacket, nails creating shapes in the smooth black material. Her long legs were crushing his waist as she used her own strength to lift her body up off his cock before sliding down, encasing him in liquid silk.

Angel groaned dangerously as his balls pulled close to his body as pressure built up, forcing him to fist the globes of her ass in order to keep her still while he fucked her. Powerful fingers left light bruises on her flesh, the leather of his pants made her thighs red with friction and she ached with the effort it took to let him have control.

Leaning his head down, the vampire snared one pert nipple between his lips and sucked on the sensitive spot with force enough to send spears of pleasure to her core. He bit down none too gently, eliciting a loud mewl from the brunette falling apart in his arms and did it again when her response was satisfactory.

Her walls throbbed viciously around his shaft, fisting him over and over as waves of climax hit. A hot shower of sweet rain poured over him as she came hard. Lacing her fingers through his gelled spikes, Cordelia gripped a fistful of hair as she rode out her orgasm, moaning loudly.

Angel resisted the urge to slam his mouth on hers as he felt the pressure build. The soft, slick friction on his length made him swell inside and he went deeper, a male groan spilled out of his lips as ejacluate left his body in short, sharp bursts. His fangs nipped at her throat as he panted against her skin, teasing himself until he bit down in a desperate need to quench his thirst.

Thick, luscious blood enriched with potent femininity coated his tongue and trickled down his throat as he swallowed. His eyes rolled back in his head as he spilled his very soul into her welcoming depths. Deep growls replaced his pants as the intensity gradually decreased, leaving him in a state of bliss and relaxation.

Carefully retracting his fangs from her flesh, the vampire soothed the fresh bite with licks and kisses until they closed and every stray teardrop of blood was devoured. Nuzzling the juncture of her shoulder and neck, Angel relished in the way his scent completely covered Cordelia from the inside out. His mouth formed into a large, self-satisfied grin as he pulled back and looked her in the eye.

“That little somethin is one of the reasons you should move in with me”

Don’t give up, do you?” Cordelia beamed back at him, blowing damp hair out of her face as he eased out of her. Unlocking her legs, she found her footing and began to straighten herself up. “I’ll think about it!” She’d already decided what she’d do, but part of the reason why he loved was she kept him guessing and so she wouldn’t tell him until he tortured it out of her.

If the expression on his face was anything to go by, he was ready to do.

“Cordy” Angel groaned as he fastened his pants, “I love you. You love me… Uh, you do, right?”

Ahh, her dork was back.

“Of course I don’t love you” the brunette replied indifferently with accompanying shrug. “I only sleep with you cus it’s cheaper than buying batteries every day”

“I can live with that!” The vampire grinned down at her and cupped both her cheeks in his palms. “Cus I don’t love you neither”

“Oh however will I cope?” Cordelia beamed. She always felt warm when they had this argument. Naturally, she always won because she didn’t love him as much as he didn’t love her. “Ass!”


“911, what’s the emergency?”

“My next door neighbour’s being attacked” the woman hissed quietly and trained her narrowed gaze on her front door. “I heard screaming. The man is still there but I don’t hear anything now… What if he’s killed her?”

“What’s your address?”

“Silverlake. 1328”

“Thank you madam and please try to stay calm. We have an officer on the way.”
Despite all that he had done soulless, Angel could honestly say that sitting in the back of Kate Lockley’s police car, hands cuffed behind his back was the most humiliating thing he’d ever experienced.

Circling his thick wrists to the point of discomfort, the metal cuffs had his arms so his jacket was stretched across tense shoulders. Laying his head back on the seat, he closed his eyes and slow, even breaths filled his lungs.

Completely thankful Cordelia was so stubborn, Angel knew if it hadn’t been for her, he would have been on his way to a sunny cell quicker than he could blink.

Swiftly shooting his gaze to the brunette beside him, he took in the hiding face and the bright red blush staining the visible portions of her cheeks. She had a much better reason to be humiliated than he did.

As she checked the rear view mirror, Kate’s disgust was apparent when she saw no reflection of Angel. What was a young woman like Cordelia Chase doing with a vampire? Particularly a brutal bastard like him.

It did more than unnerve her, it made her blood turn to ice, made her skin crawl to imagine how cold and dead hands would feel.

A vendetta against the Los Angeles vampire population had been launched after the death of her old man and Kate killed what she could. Every one she encoutered, she swore she could see the face of her father’s murderer and each vampire was made to pay.

Knowing Angel was a vampire only enhanced the distrust she already felt for him and she had been waiting for an opportunity to take him down. The detective wasn’t stupid enough to believe a cell would hold him without reinforcements so she’d pulled rank and ordered a nice cell for him, sunny side up.

After sticking her gun in the vampire’s face, she’d insisted on arresting him and had more or less dragged him, handcuffed, away from his girlfriend.

Naturally, Cordelia had followed suit and had demanded to be in the same car as Angel. Her constant whining left Kate no choice but to allow her to sit in the back with the vampire.

The scene had been like a few thousand buckets of cold water, destroying everything faster than an apocalypse could ever do.

The whole evening had been perfect, it’d been better than perfect in fact. Tonight had been one of the best nights of his existence, he’d taken his girlfriend out for an early show at the theatre, then for a late dinner at a French restaurant and topped the night off with a bottle of Dom on ice.

Now, they were on their way to Los Angeles Police Department where he was gonna be charged with indecent assault and rape.

His couldn’t have done better if he had been soulless.

“Cordy?” Angel quietly spoke up, his voice thick with remnants of arousal. When she didn’t look at him, the dark haired vampire rolled his eyes and sighed unnecessarily. “I’m sorry for getting carried away”

In the drivers’ seat, the detective glared disdainfully at the non-reflective vampire, clacked her tongue and interrupted. “I wouldn’t call that getting carried away” her naturally thick voice snapped. “I call that making a victim out of your own girlfriend”

A loud, muffled groan came from the brunette and Cordelia slowly lifted her reddened face from the safety of her hands. “He wasn’t attacking, assaulting or raping me, detective. How many times do I have to tell you?” This record was getting old and fast. She wondered how much longer Angel would go before he cracked the handcuffs in half and killed Kate.

If she’d been him, she’d have done it within three seconds of her showing up.

“Until I believe you” Kate replied simply, declaring that would be never.

The brunette tutted heavily and shot the vampire a look full of exasperation and annoyance. If the others found out, they would never live this down. “Look, we’re really sorry for the situation but I swear Angel wasn’t raping me!” Another shot was worth a try.

“You don’t have to protect him, you know?” Kate’s voice turned sympathetic as she felt sorry for the young brunette who’d been taken in by the vampire’s innocence.

Growling in annoyance, Cordelia flung her hands up in frustration. “I don’t need protecting from my boyfriend!” She yelled out, trying to get the older woman to see sense. “Angel loves me, he wouldn’t hurt me”

Flickering a glance towards the annoyed brunette, the detective shook her head. Did Cordelia think she didn’t notice the bruising on her thighs? Did Cordelia think she missed the angry red bite? Kate pursed her lips before speaking. “I saw the bruises on your thighs, the bite on your neck. I bet those aren’t the only places you’ve got bruises and bites. Am I right?”

The deepening blush on the younger woman’s face told the detective she was.

Crashing down on Angel, a lead wave of shame curled tight around his heart as ghostly tears stung behind his eyes. He should be able to control himself better, it wasn’t right for that part of him to touch her as much as it did. He knew his fingers left marks on her skin, knew a vampire bite could hurt but did he ever take those consequences seriously?

No and he felt sick to his stomach.

Even as the self-hate engulfed the vampire, a part of him rejoiced that someone had acknowledged his ownership of Cordelia. Unlike his kind, humans didn’t have the ability to scent another’s claim and humans often got themselves into fatal situations because of that inability.

As though the older woman had slapped her, the seer felt the words strike a chord within her and it hurt to know someone could what she had with Angel into something sordid, dirty and disgusting. Emanating from the brunette, a deceptively calm aura clouded her anger.

Straightening her posture, squaring her shoulders and looking as dignified as she could, Cordelia gave her reply. “I have bruises, yes. I also have bite marks but ya know what? I know exactly what a man looks like when he can’t get enough. I doubt you can say that”

Appearing unmoved by the confident statement, the detective merely responded. “He’s not a man though, is he?”

Slowly, a knowing smirk flirted at the seer’s mouth as she leaned forward, her eyes glancing towards the vampire in question. “He’s man enough.” Settling back against the seat, Cordelia crossed her arms and legs, her subtle innuendo not missed by Kate or Angel.

Kate’s expression showed nothing while Angel had a proud grin he kept trying to hide.

A sudden U-turn had the tyres screeching and the seer went barrelling into the vampire, hitting his side with a thud. Slightly dazed, Cordelia made a move to blast the detective for careless driving when she noticed the distraction on her face.

“Attention all units” Kate spoke quickly and clearly into the little radio. “Armed robbery in progress on 33rd street opposite the Mexican restaurant. Assistance required”

As all petty differences went out the window, Cordelia held out her hand expectantly. “Gimme the keys to the cuffs”

Her voice was distant and full of determination. “This doesn’t concern you or your vampire.” The tyres once again screeched as the car came to an abrupt halt in a perfect braking park. Engine killed, keys out of reach and gun at the ready. “If you two aren’t here when I get back, I’ll send a warrant out for her arrest”

Personal threats did nothing but amuse but throwing them to his girlfriend just wasn’t the done thing. A deceptively light chuckle sounded as Angel set a calm stare on the blonde. “Then you’d really have problems” his voice was low enough to cause the atmosphere in the car to instantly drop.

Turning a glare on the cop, Cordelia couldn’t stop from snapping. “Angel stop, she’s just looking for excuses.” If only Kate knew how tempted she was to hire Lilah Morgan.

“With your boyfriend, I got all the excuses I need” Kate sent back before she shot out of the driver’s side, gun held up and ready for action.

Shooting a withering glare, Cordelia watched disdainfully as the detective was out of sight. “Can you believe her? I thought she was creepy before but now…”

Deep brown eyes focused on the irate brunette and the vampire sighed unnecessarily. “She was just doing her job Cor, you can’t blame her for that”

“She isn‘t doing her job!” The volume of the screech had Angel wincing. “She should be out there, catching bad people not spoiling our fun!”

“She couldn’t know we were playing” at the erotic memory, an appreciating grin formed. Reasoning, he continued “She couldn’t know how badly I wanted to feel your tight cunny around my cock”

Her jaw dropped a little, he rarely used crude words like that but when he did, he used them well. “Angel!” Cordelia blushed a little, amazed she still had some innocence intact. Her hazel eyes warmed up a little as she looked at him.

His grin increased in size as he shrugged off her coyness. “Must be these cuffs bringing out the bad boy in me.”

She mentally put handcuffs on next week’s shopping list. Maybe ones with a pink furry lining.

Or maybe she should just go for gold and get proper leather ones.

Angel, naked, leather restraints. I could go for that. Bringing her finger to her lips, Cordelia nibbled thoughtfully on the soft tip and continued to stare at the vampire, seeing nothing but a bad boy who would be at her mercy.

Wasn’t he at her mercy right this very second? And with a pair of real handcuffs? “Bad boys like you need to be punished”

Did she just say that?

From the expression on his face, she certainly did.

“Really?” Angel purred, shifting his body round so he could face her. Her words had set a chain reaction through his body, starting in his brain and ending at the excited place between solid thighs. “How do you plan to punish a bad boy like me?”

Good question.

Considering they were in a police car, Cordelia resigned herself to the fact she may well have to spank him by hand. “Well, a slap on the wrist won’t do so I guess punishment of a sexual nature will have to suffice”

“You call that punishment? Baby, I’m impressed”

Twinkling with mischief, the sparkling hazel eyes threatened to be his undoing. “You should be, I thought it up all by myself!”

Flirting at the vampire’s talented mouth had straight, white teeth flashing momentarily before he replied. “And what an upraising thought it is.” Shifting on the seat, Angel moved his body so his powerful legs were positioned to give Cordelia a pleasing view. “Don’t you have something to do?”

He already had a one-way ticket to hell, so what did it matter if he was encouraging his girlfriend to go for it in a police car? Although, if her expression was anything to by, she didn’t need all that much encouragement.

Snaking her eyes around the car, Cordelia desperately searched for inspiration and when she found it, the devilish smirk could not be held back. Under the vampire’s amused attention, she leaned forward and snatched up a truncheon.

Swirling in her eyes, the wicked gleam had Angel suddenly wary, Cordelia Chase and heavy objects really didn’t mix all that well. What if she decided to see just how much pain vampires could endure? Losing some of his slowly building excitement, he nervously cleared his throat and closed his legs.

Giggling silently, the seer took her time solely to increase his anticipation. Swiping her palm with the solid truncheon, Cordelia flickered her gaze from it to Angel, keeping a deeply thoughtful expression on her not-so-innocent face. “You have been a very bad boy, Angel. Very bad.”

She hoped Angel would save her a seat in hell.

Croaking, “Uh-huh”

“You need to be punished.” Her voice was low and husky, her purr vibrated right through his nerves, causing circuits to short. Under his increasingly nervous gaze, Cordelia placed the rounded tip against his thigh and moved slowly up. “I think you should be spanked”

Involuntarily, his black eyes lit up at the thought and a smile turned his mouth upwards. So, his lady wanted to play that way did she? He had absolutely no problem with that at all. “You gonna put me over your knee?”

Shooting the eager vampire an impish grin that showed her dimples, Cordelia winked but didn’t reply to his question. Removing the truncheon from his thigh, she brought it up to tease her mouth, Angel watching with stormy black orbs. Oh, she had a punishment in mind and certainly wasn’t spanking.

Tracing the blunt tip down the hollow of her slender throat, she purposely licked her lips slow enough to make his unneeded breath hitch. Inching lower, Cordelia held his melting gaze, delighting in the steam building up.

When it concerned sexual advances, Angel had an amazing imagination and it worked to her advantage. Especially in situations such as these.

Under his heavy stare, the truncheon was discarded as Cordelia decided a more hands-on approach would be better.

Manicured fingers sensuously tickled the tanned skin on her decollete, scratching lightly. Pink and warm, her tongue swept out to moisten her drying lips, drawing his attention back to her mouth. Under the soft sensations, her nipples became tight and pert, showing through her clothes.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Angel allowed his gaze to freely roam the hidden body. Right from her glistening, plush mouth to the visible reaction of her breasts. Instead of her hands, he saw his.

Thick and long, his fingertips would trail over the hot surface of her skin, feeling the way she responded to his touch. His mouth would taste then devour each droplet of creamy arousal that fell. His ears would pick up those soft, little noises she made when he kissed her with more than his tongue.

Smaller than his, more delicate and cared for, her hands cupped her throat. Creamy and soft, eyelids fluttered closed as a tiny sigh escaped her lips. “Angel, I love it when you touch me like this”

Slowly and evenly, the vampire exhaled as he found himself unable to either tear his gaze away or stop his response. “Touch you like what?” Low and gruff, his voice was a sensual song on an erotic breeze.

Reacting to his voice, her body arched into the haunting memory of roughened skin sliding over her thighs. “Like you want me”

Rolling over blunt teeth, his tongue tasted and dined on the sweet honey filling the air. Glowing with burnished bronze, wild orbs took in the sight as she turned it on for him. Increasing in speed, his blood coarsed through his veins, leaving a deep throb burning between his legs. “I do want you” affectionate tone changed into something feral and almost wild.

Tugging hard on the handcuffs, the movement of strong arms gave away his escape attempt. Snapping open, glassy irises swirled with deliciously wicked intent. “Uh-uh!” Cordelia shook her head, stating that was not what she wanted. “You haven’t been punished yet”

Taking in the facts he hadn’t once been kissed or touched, Angel had to object. “Oh, I think I have baby. You’ve had your fun, now I get mine…” Making another attempt at escape, the vampire found his attentions diverted.

Knowing full well he could escape if he really wanted too, Cordelia took the control firmly into both hands and quit toying with him. Wasting no more time on games, the seer leaned back into the corner of the car and shamelessly spread her legs. “Let my fun begin”

Seeing her like that, all pink and soft and wet, Angel realised he still had her panties from earlier. Glazing over, black irises became violent whirlpools of gold and amber. Licking her all over, fire burned, leaving no inch of flesh untouched.

Thickening the air, the scent of sex and spice shrouded his senses. Shining like jewels, hazel eyes beckoned and dared him to against her wishes. Buried beneath demon and soul, a siren’s sigh called to the man long forgotten.

Cupped in those delicate hands, firm and full breasts pulled her top tight, keeping nothing secret. From her plump mouth, a light little moan pierced the sound of his deepening breaths. Watching intensely, Angel relished in the way she moved harder, working to relieve the tension he knew was cording her muscles.

“I want out” she had barely started and he’d already as about as much of her teasing as he could take.

Focusing on Angel for a brief moment, Cordelia was able to belay his request with that single glance. Down her covered body, she followed the centre of her toned stomach until the hem of her skirt could be felt. Gathering the material up, no hesitation was taken and it was bunched up around her trim waist. “Like what ya see Angel?”

“I’d like it better if you were on my face.” Nothing could be powerful enough to take his eyes off the sweetness between supple thighs. Glistening with a fine sheen of perspiration, the tanned skin shone wet and he wanted to run his hands up them. Wanted to spread her legs wide and set his mouth firmly on her. Wanted to taste and lick, suck and kiss every precious inch of her soft petals.

Growing dry, his tongue captured the hot honey drenching the air and drank it down. “Cordelia” silky smooth and calm, his voice ran like a gentle stream, the little ripples in the tone did nothing to hide the warning. “Don’t tease me baby”

“Tease you? Oh no.” Looking down, Cordelia didn’t make any effort to look at him as she spoke. Gently, a singler fingertip brushed over her clit, garnering a heavy groan from the vampire. Sensation called for her to repeat the move, much to the irritated desire of Angel. Increasing the soft pressure, blunt tips rasped across the sensitised pearl, liquid sex made her pink flesh long to be devoured.

Plush and velvety, the folds were tenderly parted, allowing him the carnal pleasure of seeing her open and ready for him. “Fuckin cock tease” Angel snarled, coming to being past caring about what she wanted.

Quietly, a moan slipped out pf her mouth as she ignored him. Moving in slow, deliberate circles, a finger dipped inside. Suppine and splayed, her position allowed him to see it all. Sharply bucking against her own touch, curved hips drew her digit deeper, causing Cordelia to moan his name.

Firmly fixated on the sight of her fingers slipping in and out, skin shining with honeyed sex, Angel clenched his fists tight. Sparkling black and diamond hard, all traces of gold and amber had vanished from hellish orbs. Raw and feral, the man stared out through a demon’s eyes and ate her up.

Around those pretty fingers, he could see just how tight, how wet and wanting she was. Those soft, dewy muscles clenching firmly, slowly filling her up with pleasure. Forming into a tense knot, his gut grew taut with solid muscle. Seeing her open and daring like that had naughty memories tormenting him.

Curling into white-knuckled fists, Angel’s hands relaxed for a single second before a quick, easy tug broke the handcuffs. “Let my fun begin”

Strong and heavy, roughened hands held supple thighs in an unbreakable hold. Cool flesh sizzled under the intoxicating, scented human heat. Scoring lines of fire, his calloused fingers scraped harshly up until those digits were able to wrap around her upper legs.

Eyes snapped shut as the full taste of her bathed his lips, making his mouth wet with lust and love. Hips arched high as a wild cry of surprise and greed escaped from her. Through the short strands of dark hair, Cordelia laced her fingers and pulled him tighter, closer and harder into her.

All over her, from the inside out, he could scent and taste himself as he ravenously ate up the sweet desert. Savouring the flavour wasn’t on his list of wants right now, sliding into the softness of her entrance, Angel lapped her up.

Long and thick, two fingers were pushed high inside, her walls instantly reacted to the welcomed intrusion. No time to play more games, Angel moved with sinful intent. She had to learn she couldn’t tease and not give, she had to learn he had limits.

This was his.

Between his legs, his cock was hard and aching, wanting to be where his fingers were. Wanted to feel her soft cunt opening up, wanted her to feel just what her little playtime had done to him.

Make her pay, tease her, give a little and give nothing. Let her know just who she was in love with.

Cordelia fell victim to loss of control as Angel pushed that little bit more. Rasping off her G-spot, blunt fingertips picked up the pace and pressure as the tip of his tongue flicked her clit with short, torturous caresses. Hungrily drinking up all that honeyed arousal, Angel ran his tongue all over the lucious, pink folds and relished in the taste.

Richer and hotter than blood, Cordelia was like a drug. Heady, intoxicating and addictive, the sweet juice told him what heaven would be like.

Slipping a hand down, shaking fingers fumbled with his belt and zipper, groaning when he tightly gripped his cock.

Heavy and cool, harsh breaths blew across her overheated core, soothing and gentle. The tip of his tongue traced the petals until the wanton entrance to her body opened up for him. Teasing her like she did him, Angel roughly slid up her and pulled away.

Hazy and glazed, hazel irises snapped wide as disbelief coloured the fog of lust. “Whuh… Angel, no! You can’t just leave me like this”

“I know.” Moving swiftly up, Angel all but manhandled her under him. Powerful and solid, well-built thighs kept hers spread. Against her pearly clit, the round tip of his erection rasped and teased. Sensitive and hungry, her body bucked up in a plea for more.

Hard and fast, he made her take him. Soft and sweet, hot and supple, walls curled around his shaft. Looking down at her face, Angel saw the pain of his sudden penetration turn into pleasure when his cock hit her cervix.

Hands moved down his body to fist his ass, Cordelia violently pulled him further into the burning cradle of her thighs. Rocking up to meet every snap of his hips, she took him deep enough to cause him to groan out loud. Spreading across her mouth, a self-satisfied smirk garnered a moaned laugh from the vampire before he stole a moist, hot kiss.

Tightening up to his body, his balls became heavy with come as his erection hardened inside. Reacting to him, her core grew wetter and softer, urging the vampire to give everything he had and more.

Watching his handsome face contort under the pressure of holding back, Cordelia felt the dam crack and brack. Arching high, her fingers clutched him as her hips turned erratic. Mouth dry, she captured his and sought to quench her thirst. Firmer and thinner, his lips covered hers, allowing him to swallow her moaned little cries.

Through the crazy haze of her orgasm, she noted his face hadn’t changed and a sense of fulfilment rose up. It wasn’t just the demon who wanted and made love to her, it was all of him. The man, the demon. Every inch of the man that adored her was completely Angel.

Through a smile, she panted out “Love you”

Coming from her, those tiny words had the power to make his body stiffen as orgasm raced through him. In his balls, the pressure built until the vampire groaned out. “Duh!”

Once, twice more and he felt his very soul pour into her, leaving ecstasy where bitterness was now rare. Warmth flowed throughout, chasing away years of loneliness that had left him cold for so long. Unable to hold his weight, shaking arms gave way and Angel crashed on top of Cordelia, feeling the vibrations of her giggles.

Snaking between them, Angel slipped his hand down and wickedly snared her clit. Rivaling Satan’s, an evil grin curved his mouth up. Giving the tiny pearl a sharp tug, he smothered her lips to stifle her yell of surprise. “This is a new one for me” was the statement when he pulled back.

Following his actions, Cordelia sat upright and blew strands of damp hair away from her flushed face. Shooting a quizzical glance towards her lover, she silently asked what he was on about.

Since his hands were busy fastening his pants, Angel nudged his head at the car in general. “Back seat…” at the reminiscing expression on her face, he clarified. “Of a cop car Cordy, I remember only to well the back seat of the Plymouth”

“Funnily enough, so do I. Actually, it was your complaining on ruined interior I remember.” Straightening her skirt, the brunette shot a sly glance over his shoulder and peered out the window. Treating her lower lip to some nervous nibbling, Cordelia wondered whether or not Kate would be able to tell what had gone on in her car.

“Doesn’t matter if she does” sometimes, it appeared as though he had a direct link to her mind. “Come on baby, let’s get out and see what’s going on.” Despite the way the blonde detective had behaved towards him, Angel couldn’t help the sudden uneasiness at the fact Kate had been gone longer than she should.

At his show of nobility, hazel eyes rolled heavenward and an exaggerated sigh left her mouth. “If we must…” Climbing over into the front seats, Cordelia popped the driver’s side door lock and hopped out of the car. What happened to the days when men did this?

As he got out of the back, Angel dropped a kiss on her forehead and stood, predatory eyes glancing all round the street. Seeing the three police cars lining up, he figured his help would probably be unneeded and unwanted. With a simple shrug, he leaned his weight against the car and relaxed, indicating with an expression for Cordelia to stand next to him.

“Not going to help?” His signiture scent of leather was comforting and she snuggled closer, threading her arms under his jacket. Resting her defiant chin on his lower chest, she peered up through darkened lashes, watching as he returned her look.

“Like Kate said, it has nothing to do with you or your vampire.” Yeah, he was pretty angry about that remark but never mind. If he had a choice to be anybody’s vampire, Angel was quite happy to be Cordelia’s. At that thought, he frowned as he realised he’d just made himself out to be her pet.

He shrugged, nothing he could do about it now, not that he would do anything about it of course but that wasn’t the point.

Pressing against his body, her sigh lifted her breasts to cushion him. “Blondes, who needs em” it wasn’t a question.

Being quite content to stand in comfortable silence, neither heard the sound of heavily heeled boots until Kate was stood in front of them, looking entirely unimpressed at the fact Angel was out of the car. “Look” her voice brooked no comment from either of them. “I don’t have time to deal with your domestic issues.”

Full of undisguised bitterness and hate, her icy blue eyes refused to back down from Angel’s. In her right hand was her gun and in her left were the keys to the handcuffs. “I hear anything like this happening again, I won’t hesitate to turn you to dust. Am I clear on that?”

Leaving Angel bereft of her body heat, Cordelia wrapped her arms over her chest and met the detective head-on. “That thought crosses your mind and I swear to you, they won’t find your body.” There was enough coldness in her eyes for both vampire and woman to know she wasn’t kidding.

Instead of continuing to argue, Kate simply chose to ignore the brunette. Holding up her left as she flipped her gaze from her to him. “Turn around”

Doing as he was told, the vampire turned around and slung a heavy but relaxed arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders. “Thanks for everything detective. And those handcuffs? Get some new ones”

Keys held uselessly in her hand, Kate found herself unable to do much apart from stare as Angel guided Cordelia away. Inhaling a deep and much needed breath, realisation dawned that there was far more to vampires, more to Angel, than the ability to kill.

…The End…


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