A Special Somebody

SUMMARY: It’s Christmas, and Angel wants to share his gift with a special somebody.
POSTED: 18 Sep 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) I just wanna share my fluffy feelin, cus hot damn I’m feeling good!!
STATUS: Complete

Shutting the door to the mansion, Angel walked to his couch without looking around the empty abode. The room wasn’t hot and it wasn’t cold, he had no need for temperature changes since he was alone in there. The cold stone of the staircase grey and dull, the sparse furniture half decorating the room he now sat in.

Head resting on the back of the old, worn couch, brown eyes shut in tiredness and arms lay weak at his sides. The last day or so had been a living hell for him, seeing all those he had killed come alive to torment him and drive him to the brink of suicide. If it hadn’t started snowing he would have surely turned to dust, a part of him grateful the Slayer had stopped him but a part of him wished for his suffering to end.

There was a bittersweet silence all around him, nothing to keep him company or just sit with him for a while. Angel smiled bitterly as the thought of the date, Christmas, it was just another day and nothing special, having lived through 240 odd Christmas days there was nothing new to him spending it alone.

He thought of Buffy, warm and safe with her mother at home surrounded by gifts and cards from her friends. He thought of Xander, probably watching some re-runs of old 80’s T.V shows, he thought of Willow not celebrating with her family because of her parents’ religion. The young red head would probably sneak over to Buffy’s house for some eggnog.

He thought of Giles and his heart snapped like a twig, just another reminder he had made it so the Watcher wouldn’t have anybody to spend Christmas with. Just like he didn’t have anybody to spend it with, which was no different to all those other Christmas days.

Only this time, he was able to see how having someone at this time year could make you feel, he could see how having family could make it special. It made him more aware he was alone, with no family or real friends. Nobody who truly needed hi…

His brooding was interrupted by a timid knock on the door, Angel opened his eyes and forced his tired, lathargic body to move off the couch. Almost dragging his feet, to the wooden frame and faintly admiring the carvings on the oak. Somebody had taken the time to hand-craft it, took the time to include little details for others to admire.

Pulling the door open, Angel found himself staring questioningly at the young brunette he instantly knew as Cordelia Chase. A red and white furry hat on her head, flashing Santa earrings hanging from her tiny ears and glitter sparkling against the moonlight.

The young woman was twisting her shoulders back and forth, smiling a teasing smile and holding what looked to be a bag behind her back. Hazel eyes blinking up at him, long dark eyelashes coated with what looked to be red mascara and her lips a deep, rich berry.

“What do you want, Cordelia?” Angel asked point blank, he was in no mood for anything and just wanted to be alone.

“I heard about your little clifftop rendezvous and just wanted to see if you’re okay now” came her little voice as she continued to look up at him, almost battering her eyes flirtingly. What was she up to?

“I’m fine, thanks for your concern” the vampire replied and went to shut his door so he could go get some rest. So he could go be alone.

“No wait Angel!” Cordelia yelped, holding her hands out to stop his door from closing she dropped the red, glittery bag she was holding to the ground. Her eyes now wide, her berry lips parted as she prepared to talk some more. Stopping from walking away, he turned back to look at her.

“What do you want?” he asked again, she had to want something because she never cared about anybody but herself. She was bitchy, treated other people like they weren’t good enough and she didn’t know the meaning of the word tact.

“What are you doing?” she asked bluntly, “I come all this way, in the freezing cold snow I might add, to see if you’re okay and you slam the door in my face. My heels are ruined, my hair is damp and my skin feels like a block of ice. My eyelashes have icicles and my lips are numb, the least you could do is invite me in. Not that I need an invitation because I’m not a vampire like you are but it would be nice if you said ‘Come in Cordy, lets get you warmed up'”

Angel’s eyes tracked her rapidly moving lips, not really catching anything of what she just said. All he caught was the fact she was cold and asked to come in to get warmed up a little. Moving to the side to allow her entry to where he was staying, he invited her in.

“Come in” the vampire told her right before turning his back on her and trudging back to the couch where he flopped back down.

Stepping into the foreboding mansion, Cordelia looked around in distaste of the decor but decided not to comment on it. She was here for a specific reason and judging by how he looked, she got here just in time. “What are you doing?” she asked again, walking so she stood in front of Angel and making him look at her.


“I asked what are you doing, simple question that requires a simple answer” she replied, still holding something in the red bag so secretly that it was getting on Angel’s nerves and okay he’ll admit it, driving his curiosity to annoying points.

“Nothing, what does it look like?” he shot back, to tired to bother with any pleasentries or the usual small talk.

“It looks like you’re sinking into the black pit of despair is what it looks like” Cordelia answered back as she shifted on her feet under the heavy weight of his intense gaze. Deep, brown orbs that held so much knowlege, so much hurt and so much emotion. She knew what it was like hurt and be alone at Christmas, when she heard about Angel’s suicidal trip her heart had broke for the vampire in front of her.

“You’re very observant” Angel told her, dry sarcasm filling his gruff tone as he tried to block her out, wishing she would just go away and let him go to bed or something.

“So I’ve been told. Anyway, again I ask what are you doing?” the repeated question was really starting to get on his nerves.

“You already said I’m sinking into the black pit…”

“I mean tonight you dork” Cordelia exasperated with a roll of her eyes, “What are you doing tonight?”

“Going to bed” Angel told her, hoping she’d get the hint. “I’m pretty tired, it’s been a long couple of days for me”

Looking around now, Cordelia took in the way the mansion was, though it was clean and tidy, it was cold and didn’t hold anything that could make it a home. Sure, her grandmother’s house wasn’t as impressive or large as her old house but it was a real home. One that had a real coal fire and cozy chairs, but this mansion didn’t have any of that.

Then something occured to her. Angel was alone, at Christmas in a place that was cold and empty with no friends or family. It was as though she just realised how lonely his life must be. Boy it was a good thing she came along when she did, he needed her.

Angel watched through tired eyes as the brunette began looking around for any signs of life, for any sign of something besides him. “What are you looking for?” he asked.

Ignoring his question, she made sure to keep pity out of her eyes and sadness from her voice. “Soooo all you’re doing tonight is going to bed?”

“Yes, so if you don’t min…”

“That’s just wrong, you can not, I repeat, can not go to bed on Christmas” Cordelia chastised him playfully, a smile worked it’s way across her face as an idea came to her. “What if Santa comes and you miss him?”

Was she for real? Angel just stared at her, not amused in the slightest bit.

“You don’t believe in Santa?” she gasped in horror “How can you not believe in Santa? Next thing you’ll be telling me is you don’t believe in the Easter Bunny either” off his glare she gasped again. “Oh my God! You are telling me you don’t believe in the Easter Bunny!”

“Cordelia…” Angel began to tell her he was too old to believe in childish whims like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny when she cut him off again.

“Call me Cordy” Cordelia beamed at him before sitting cross-legged on the floor and setting her red, sparkly bag at his feet. “Since we’re gonna be spending Christmas together, you can call me Cordy”

He didn’t want to spending Christmas with anybody, he just wanted to go to bed and get some sleep. Alone. He wanted to be alone and not sitting with an annoying girl who didn’t look like she was opening that damn bag any time soon!

“Wondering what’s in my little bag are ya?” she asked slyly when she caught his eyes drifting more than once to the bag at his feet. She tugged her tiny denim jacket tighter around her to stop the light chill from bringing goosebumps up on her skin. They were so unattractive.

Evading the question and ignoring the snort of disbelief, Angel looked at her; he really looked at her. While Buffy, Xander and Willow were off spending Christmas with their families, she was here at a cold mansion with a vampire, forcing him into whatever it was she was forcing him into.

“Why aren’t you with your family?” he asked in confusion.

“My parents are in jail for tax freud, my grandmother is in Tahoe seeing my aunt and I was on my way home when I saw Xander. He was the one who told me about your Kamikaze mission. Anyway, since I was already out and about, I figured I’d come see how you were. By the looks of things I got here just in time” Cordelia explained in one, long breath.

She didn’t have anybody either he realised, suddenly feeling a wave of crushing guilt he’d given the others a thought, but not the girl sitting on his cold floor trying to blink away tears of loneliness.

Regaining her composure, she looked up at him with that teasing little smile of hers as she prepared to launch into her cooked up idea. “Look, since we’re spending Christmas together, what say we go back to my place and you can help me decorate my tree while we wait for Santa? Cus I doubt he’d come here, I mean hello! It’s cold and you haven’t even offered me coffee to warm up!”

“I don’t have any coffee” Angel apologised softly, he couldn’t put her to any trouble by having him over for Christmas, he couldn’t bring his aorry state into her little bubble of warmth. It was better he stay here and be alone, with his thoughts.

“Are you human?” Cordelia yelped suddenly, “Of course you’re not human, no human would ever be without coffee! A sure sign you’re a vampire and since you’re a vampire that means you need to be invited to my house”

“You don’t hav…”

“Pfft! You invited me into your place, so you’re welcome to my house Angel and we better get there before this snow lets up and the sunny Sun turns you into a crispy critter!” she remarked as she jumped off the floor with revitalised energy.

“Thank but I really don’t think…”

“You don’t need to think about it Angel” Cordelia once again cut him off with her words and a wave of his hand. “You can either stay here with no coffee and be by yourself at Christmas or you can come to my place where I have coffee and a tree to decorate”


Late Christmas afternoon, the tree was decorated with bright little baubles and decorations made by Cordelia in kindergarten with one or two made by Willow and Xander. Red and green tinsel, though typically Christmas, gave the feel of the festive holiday and a little pile of gifts lay under the tree.

Angel held a tray with hot coffee held in novelty mugs in his hand, a hat pulled from a cracker on his head and a toy broach on his sweatshirt. Walking into the living room, he spied that damned red bag still unopened next to the tree, the milk and cookies for Santa had been eaten and drunk by a certain brunette when she tried to trick him!

A little half smile had been on his face all afternoon, well pretty much since he came to her house, he had enjoyed every second they had spent together.

“Coffee?” he asked when he carefully sat down next to Cordelia on the rug in front of the fire.

“You are an Angel!” she joked and took the steaming drink handed to her. “Merry Christmas”

“Merry Christmas Cordy” Angel replied, they clinked the mugs together before taking each took a sip. He was wrong, this wasn’t like all those other Christmas days, this year he had someone special to spend it with and he was determined to spend all his Christmas days with her.

The white bobble on the end of the Santa hat wiggled a little when Cordelia reached for the little, red bag and Angel felt anticipation rush through his body as he prepared to see what was inside of it at last.

“Here, I was gonna give you this last night if my plan failed” she told him and gave him the red bag.

“You got me something?” Angel asked in surprise and shock as he looked directly at her. The shy gleam in her bright eyes told him she most definitely had. “Y-you didn’t have to Cordy, I mean really this is too much”

“Shut up and open it” to him, Cordelia seemed more excited than he was for him to have his gift. She watched him eagerly as he opened the bag and took out first a card in a scented envelope and then he pulled out a what looked to be a bottle of something.

Angel opened the card first, reading the little message inside he turned to Cordelia with a smile that lit up his handsome face. “Thank you for this, you really didn’t have to”

“I know” she replied, “Now open your present”

He carefully opened the holographic paper, intent on keeping it when Cordelia yanked it out of his hands. “Wha…” Angel asked when he suddenly found his hands empty and shreds of paper now flying everywhere.

“You’ll get more paper next year!” she stated and handed his now unwrapped gift back to him.

“i was gonna keep that” he whined childishly to her as he looked at the tiny bits of paper all over his clothes and littering the floor around him. Angel gave her a kicked puppy look before looking down at his present. A bottle of vintage whiskey, wondering if she knew about Irish and their fond love of whiskey or if it was just a lucky guess on her part.

Biting her lip, “After you went all postal on us” Cordelia began the explanation “I did a little reading on you and your past, it said you were Irish and my Grandmother is Irish so I know about the whiskey thing. I thought…”

“It doesn’t matter what you thought Cordy” Angel told her firmly and surely “This is… I can’t thank you enough for this” his voice was thick with treasured emotion that wasn’t loneliness or bitterness. Looking down at the warming liquid in his hand, he then turned his eyes to Cordelia. “The Irish think whiskey should be drunk with a special somebody”

“Really?” she asked intrigued.

“Would you like a drink?”



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