What If

SUMMARY: What if…Cordelia didn’t spam out on Angel when he nuzzled her hair?
POSTED: 4 Jan 2008
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) A ficlet based on Lysa’s What If banners in the art section. Go. Look. Let them inspire you.
STATUS: Complete


It took her a few seconds to realize that not only was Angel not listening to her, he was in fact nuzzling her hair.

Several thoughts crossed her mind at the same time.

What was he doing?

Why was he doing it?

And the most important –

How could something so creepy feel so good?

Turning her head, she reared back and gazed up at him.

His eyes were half closed, a slight smile playing at his mouth.


He ignored her questioning whisper and leaned in to sniff along her cheek, causing her to shiver harder.


She tried for a firmer tone of voice, determined to stop this insanity before he took it too far. Wesley had wandered into the back office, and if she stopped it now, she could avoid the awkwardness of explaining to their partner why Angel was evidently losing his mind even more than she’d previously assumed.

Any minute.

She’d put her hands on his shoulders, shove him back, ask him what the hell he thought he was doing.

Any minute.

When his mouth danced above her lips, not quite touching, she brought her hands up to shove at him.

Only they grabbed his shoulders instead, and Angel, making an odd noise in the back of his throat, covered her mouth with his and wrapped his big, vampire hands around her waist, lifting her out of the chair, his mouth devouring her so heatedly her head bent back until she dangled from his hold.

Her hands held onto him to keep from falling, or to keep him from breaking the kiss, she wasn’t sure.

She was lost in the liquid heat of his mouth, the way his tongue tangled with hers and rubbed. It did obscene things to her equilibrium, made her want to spread herself open for him, let him take whatever he wanted as long as he didn’t stop touching her, kissing her.

The hard surface of the desk under her back brought her to her senses a little, and she suddenly realized that Angel was nearly fully on top of her, fitting his hips snugly between her thighs.

“Angel,” she whispered against his lips, her hand running up from his shoulder to his neck, lightly scratching at the skin exposed by his shirt collar. “Angel.”

He licked at her mouth and lifted his head, his half lidded expression making it hard for her to remember what she needed to say.

Something about Wesley?

Oh, right.

“Wesley,” she whispered earnestly, trying to break through the haze enveloping both of them. “Might – he might……”

He smirked and bent his head, nuzzling her neck, and while she literally melted all over his grinding knee, he pulled them both up into a standing position.

The world spun and if it weren’t for Angel’s hands on her hips, steadying her while the oxygen again flowed in the direction of her brain, she’d have slid right to the floor at his feet.

Which, she thought, she might anyway.

He bent his head and pressed his lips in a gentle kiss at the spot between her cheek and her ear, chuckling softly.

“Okay, you’re right, not the place.” He slid his lips down to her swollen mouth, licking delicately at the blush of her lip. “How about we talk later, at your apartment?”

She nodded dumbly, lost again.

“And Cordy?” He whispered.

She lifted her gaze slightly and tried to focus on his face.

“You can wear whatever makes you comfortable, but.” He paused, looking down, and when he looked up again, there was a blazing hunger in his eyes that was like a flame about to consume her.

“Don’t wear any underwear.”




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