Sweet Like Her

SUMMARY: Angel encounters Cordelia in the school library one night, and has a little fun.
POSTED: 8 Mar 2007
CATEGORY: DARK / CHALLENGE FIC (PROMPTS: Library, Lollipop, Envious)
WARNINGS: Language
1) Picture this early s2, right after Some Assembly Required. Written for ca_atlast LJ comm.
STATUS: Complete

She strides into the library, confident in her every step.

She’s beautiful, and she knows it.

Angel is there to see Giles, but the librarian is gone so he waits in the stacks, deep in the shadows where he is most comfortable.

He watches from his corner, watches as she calls for Xander, watches the way her skirt sways against the backs of her thighs.

Muscles flex as she leans over the corner to peer behind it.

No Xander, no Giles, no one but them.

Not that she’d know.

She thinks she’s alone, safe, and he toys with the idea of making a noise, like the night they found the body parts. Just a scrape of a nail across the oak bookcase, and her heart would pick up again. Maybe she’d run and he could chase her.

Just for a while.

There is a rattle of cellophane as she straightens and when she turns, he sees the lollipop in her hand a second before it disappears into her mouth.

The cherry smell is artificial but there’s nothing fake about the slight moan of appreciation he hears.

He leans forward a little, watching as she slides the candy out of her mouth. It’s wet with her saliva, and when she slides it back in, his cock tightens painfully. Whatever he feels for Buffy, he can’t deny the way he reacts to Cordelia Chase when he’s around her.

He’s envious of the candy, aching to taste the stained flavor of her mouth, fingers gripping the wood and squeezing until he hears a crack.

She looks up at the noise, and he starts when her eyes zero in on his position.

“Who’s there? Xander?” She demands, backing up towards the double doors. Cautious girl, he thinks, she wouldn’t be an easy catch at all, and he relishes the idea of a chase.

He waits until the last possible second, savoring the sound of her erratic breathing, the sudden scent of fear that hangs between them, but when she turns towards the doors, he steps out, showing himself.

“Cordelia? Is that you?”

She stops and heaves a breath, turning back to face him as he comes down the stairs.

“Angel! You scared me! Why didn’t you answer me before?” She demands, relaxing now, fear turning to anger.

“I thought you were a student looking for library books.” The explanation is lame, but as before when he found her in the dumpster, she takes him at his word, never wondering why a vampire with heightened senses would be wrong twice about the same person.

He watches as she shrugs and turns away, her skirt swishing up again.

“Doesn’t look like Buffy’s here either and neither is Xander. Big surprise there.”

He quirks an eyebrow, though she can’t see it, and watches the tense line of her shoulders.

“Probably out patrolling. Does it bother you?” There’s a part of him that realizes this is the most he’s ever said to anyone not Buffy, and he’s mildly surprised by that, but not enough to stop.

She turns back around.

“Does what bother me?”

He shrugs, stepping closer, glancing downwards at the sucker in her hand.

“Xander patrolling with Buffy,” he elaborates. She stops and thinks about it, huffing a little.

“Doesn’t bother me at all but shouldn’t it bother you? The way he’s always around her, getting in the way?”

Cordelia has a crush, and he’d laugh if the surge of annoyance rising in his throat wasn’t choking it back.

He steps closer, into her space and she blinks, backing up slightly.

“I’m not worried about Buffy, but Xander, he’s-“

He breaks off, wondering how much to say. Cordelia’s a big girl, and he’s got bigger things on his mind. Maybe she needs to find out for herself.

But he finds that he can’t let it pass without saying something.

Her eyes are wide, waiting, and there’s a tang of sweat drifting from the curve where her neck meets her shoulder.

He takes the lollipop from her fingers.

“He’s not worth your trouble.”

He pops the sucker in his mouth, turns and walks out of the library.




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