Mary’s Lamb

SUMMARY: Gunn has his own epiphany.
POSTED: 17 Jul 2008
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) Lysa said something about posting something at AO, even if it’s just “Mary had a little lamb”. Set early s3.

It’s nothing, just a whisper of air moving that makes Gunn look up.

Cordelia is walking across the hotel lobby, mail in her hand.

Angel is behind her.

Almost, Gunn suddenly realizes, on her heels.

It’s a common enough scene since Angel returned from Tibet. Cordelia brings the mail in, and Angel waits for her in the shadows of the patio, out of the sunlight. She says something about the color of the bills as she approaches, and Angel smiles, sometimes chuckles.

Then they come in talking quietly, and Angel inevitably follows her wherever she heads, sometimes to her desk and sometimes to the kitchen.

Hands in his pockets, almost bouncing on his heels.

Gunn pauses during his chore, thinking about an old nursery rhyme.

“What are you humming, Gunn?” Wesley asks from behind him.

Gunn turns and looks over his shoulder.

“Mary Had A Little Lamb,” he replies.

“Really?” Wes hitches up an eyebrow. “Didn’t think nursery rhymes were your speed, old boy.”

He flips the book closed and turns to go.

“Hey, Wes, you know the second half of that rhyme?” Gunn asks, twisting in his seat. Wesley pauses and considers the question, then shakes his head.

“The second half is a question – why does the lamb love Mary so,” he says, turning his head to watch as Angel trails Cordelia up the stairs, both of them still laughing, still talking. “The answer is because Mary loves the lamb, you know.”





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