SUMMARY: The Fang Gang heads down to Sunnydale to help with the battle against the first. Faith has been released from prison and travels with the FG instead of Willow to SD. New relationships are formed and old ones are either strengthened of dissolved.
POSTED: 16 Aug 2005
CATEGORY: Script-style/Action/Drama
CONTENT/PAIRING: A/C, B/A implied – Angel Season 4 / BTVS Season 7
WARNINGS: Buffy Bashing
1) This is my first series, so it’s a whole new level for me.

Buffy: (looking shocked) But I—

Angel: SHUT UP!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! And then, after giving you guys the info on how to stop that thing, you still dismissed it as trivial nonsense and preferred to go at it with your usual stubborn routine, getting the crap, deservingly I should say, kicked out of you. You treated her like an idiot who couldn’t do anything useful and have done nothing but put her down at every opportunity you could since we got here.

Buffy: Bu-

Angel: And why? Because she use to insult your FUCKING shoes back in high school? She has done nothing but try to help you in every way she could and hasn’t even remotely brought up any stupid rivalries or even anything to do with high school since she got here, so why are you still trying to restart something that happened over five goddamned years ago, I’ll tell you why, it’s because you are a mean girl, Buffy Summers, you’re a BITCH!!! When in the hell are you going to get it through that thick cranium of yours that THIS. ISN’T. HIGH SCHOOL. ANYMORE!!!

(Buffy was stunned, her mouth hanging open as the guy she thought worshipped her was tearing her down faster than a construction crew on a 500 year old house. Those last few words seemed to be directed towards her rivalry with Cordelia, but there was something else behind those 5 emphasized compositions of vowels and consonants, something much deeper)

Angel: Just forget it! I-I-I don’t (lets out a frustrated huff) I don’t even care anymore what the hell you think.

(He looks down at his hand at the ring he had given to her over seven years ago, he had actually forgot that he still wore it. At one time, it symbolized a great joy, but now…now it didn’t even remotely install the same feelings it once did, they were gone)

Angel: You know what, here! (Aggressively rips the ring from his hand and hurls it at her feet) Take this while you’re at it; it’s no worth to me anymore! As far as I’m concerned, you can take that ring and your bullshit Cookie Dough speech and you can shove it up your ass! (He storms off, back to the house, but then stops to turn around and face her again).

Angel: You know, a long time ago, I left you because I thought it was for ‘your’ own good; but now…I see that it was really for mine. I think I finally see just how flawed you really are. I guess I just had to grow up to see it, but it looks like you couldn’t do the same (He turns and continues back).

(Buffy somberly looks down at the ring for a long time; she kneels to pick it up, the force of impact as it hit the marble tombstone left a noticeable dent, right over the symbol that he once told her meant ‘love’, making a diagonal indentation right through it. She sniffs, tears silently run down her face as she watched him angrily trot away.)

(Those words did have a hidden meaning…

…Angel didn’t love her anymore).




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