A Midsummer Night’s Dream…In Sunnydale

SUMMARY: Who does not love this play? Now it’s gonna be Jossverse style!
POSTED: 4 Apr 2004
CONTENT/PAIRING: C/A, C/S, B/A, B/S. Fun in love!
WARNINGS: Language Use
1) Some parts of play will be left out. Only some. Names will be altered.
Weseus, High Watcher of Sunnydale
Giles, Watcher to Buffia
Spiker, in love with Buffia
Angelus, in love with Buffia & unwittingly with Cordilena
Xander Bottom, loveless construction worker
Fredolyta, betrothed to Weseus
Buffia, Slayer to Giles, in love with Spiker
Cordilena, in love with Angelus
Oberon, King of the Fairies
Titania, Queen of the Fairies
Puck, or Robin Gunnfellow
STATUS: Incomplete

Act I:

The Mansion of Weseus

It was an afternoon of pre-marital bliss that was about to be shattered for Weseus, and his intended, Fredolyta. The two lovebirds had been quietly enjoying their afternoon tea in the library, a habit that had followed Weseus from his homeland in England. Happy to oblige her future husband, Fredolyta found it to be a soothing pleasure to enjoy the Watcher’s silent company. It was a comfort that she thought she would never have, just watching his thoughtful blue eyes while he sipped his tea.

Since her rescue from a demon dimension just a year before, Fredolyta- Fred for short, had grown from just trusting the brave man to friendship, and now love. She couldn’t be happier. Shy, quiet Fredolyta Burkus, was going to wed the head of the Watcher’s Council, the esteemed organization that maintained the training of Slayers.

This heaven was now shattered with announcement that Giles, the current active Watcher, with his Slayer, Buffia, and the vampires Spiker and Angelus, were now awaiting their presence in the drawing room. Phyllis, the housekeeper had just come in with news of the guests arrival.

Giving a flustered sigh, Weseus rose from his leather settee, reluctantly placing down his cup of tea. “Time to great our guests, darling.” Holding out his hand to the lovely brunette, they proceeded downstairs to the drawing room, where chaos was already in motion. The guests were fighting. Again.

Stopping in mid-argument with Spiker, Giles ran over, greeting the mansion’s owners as they came in.

“How are you, Weseus, our renowned Watcher?” Giles asked, pleased to out of Spiker’s way. The vampire was getting on his last nerve and he had had it! The only way to rid his life of the bleached vampire, was to finally seek outside aid. If Weseus could not persuade his Slayer’s attentions from Spiker, he would request the ancient privilege of the Watcher’s Council.

Smiling in genuine fondness to his former mentor, Wes enthusiastically shook Giles’ outreached hand, pulling him toward his embrace. “Very well, good Giles! What’s going on to bring all four of you to my home?”

Stepping away from Wes, Giles gathered his composure, fearing a blood vessel would burst from the aggravation he was feeling about the relationship between Buffia and Spiker.

“Full of vexation I come, with complaint against my child, my Slayer Buffia. Come forth, Angelus,” Giles began, motioning Angelus to stand by his side. “My noble friend, this vampire hath my consent to marry her. Get over here, Spike!” Giles was very near snarling as the blond vampire sauntered over with coy confidence, to stand by the taller, darker vampire. “This- fiend hath bewitched the heart of my Slayer. Spike hast given her rhymes and interchanged love tokens with my Slayer! With absolute cunning he has filched my child’s heart and made her even more disobedient.”
At this, Weseus turned his attention to the small, young Slayer, who at this moment, was seated on his love seat, wringing the ends of her blond curls in worry. She didn’t seem disobedient to him, but he had heard rumors of this Slayer’s willfulness. He just hoped she hadn’t taken her pride too far.

“I have consented her to marry Angelus,” Giles continued, his face turning even more red with each word. “If she does not obey my wishes, I beg the ancient privilege of the Watcher’s Council.”

“Pillock!” Spiker shouted, focusing his fury on the Watcher of his beloved. “You would have your own Slayer killed because she won’t marry whom you deem fit?”

Giles sneered at the vampire, brushing past Angelus, who was standing between them, to come face to face with Spiker. “As she is my Slayer, so I may dispose of her,” he hissed, meeting the vampire’s electric blue eyes. “Which shall be either to this vampire, or to her death, according to our laws. If the latter, then immediately!”
Weseus could not believe what he had just heard uttered from the lips of his dear friend. And by the sudden paleness of Buffia, neither could she. It was time to ask her of this, as she and the vampires had mostly remained silent during this exchange. Giving Fred a calming pat on the hand, indicating he was going to the Slayer, Wes took a seat next to Buffia.
“What have you to say, Buffy? I do want to warn you that this is a viable law with the Council and your Watcher has every right to issue it. Is not Angelus a worthy gentleman? I have heard it so?”

Trying to swallow the lump that had formed in her throat, Buffia tried to take a few calming breaths. “So is Spike.”

He could tell that the Slayer loved the blond vampire, as he saw her big green eyes well with tears. This was going to be hard. “Yes, that I’ve heard, too. But in this situation, wanting your Watcher’s approval must be held in the highest regards. For your life!”
This seemed to make the Slayer angry, as her face flushed with a surfacing rage. “My life!? What does it matter to the Council? My life. Should it end another Slayer is called to fight the forces of darkness.” Giving a sideways glance to Giles, she chuckled bitterly. “All Giles is concerned about is that I would be marrying someone that I have chosen over his will! I refuse to marry Angelus.”
Weseus shook his head in bewilderment. In many ways, she was right. Her life would continue on in another Slayer, but to have it end over this? It was absurd. Grasping her frail hand, “Either to die the death, or adhere to your Watcher’s wishes.”
“Then I die.” Buffy whispered, never taking her eyes from Giles.

“Relent, Buffy! And Spike, yield your crazy claim on my right!” Angelus had heard enough. He could not bear the thought of Buffia’s death, especially if it was tied with Spike!
Spike sniggered at Angelus, replied in kind, “You have Giles’ love, Angelus- let me have Buffia’s!” Spike reached out a comforting arm around the other vampire’s shoulders. “Do you marry him?”
Quick as lightening, Angelus tore Spiker’s arm away from him, flinging the younger vampire across the room. Landing on the side of the pool table, Spike just giggled and rose to straighten his duster.

“You little shit,” Giles shouted, fighting the temptation to drive a stake into Spike’s heart. He would die a happy man if he could. “True, he hath my love, and what is mine I shall render him. And she is mine!”

Violently pulling a cigarette from his pocket, Spike was at the end of his rope. Who did this man think he was? He was just as worthy for Buffy’s love as Angel! Turning Weseus, who was still seated by Buffy, Spike implored him of his rights. “I am, gov’ner, as well derived as he, as well possessed! My love for Buffy is more than his and my fortunes just as high! I am beloved of beauteous Buffia. Why should not I then prosecute my right?!”

Taking in a long drag of his cigarette, Spike gave a sidelong look over at Angel. Why not strike him where it hurts, like he did me, he mused. “Angelus, I’ll tell it from his heart, made love to Chase’s daughter, Cordilena, and won her soul.”

At this new light, Weseus brought his gaze to Angel, who, by the look on his face, if he could blush he would have done so at that moment. Wes had heard such from his dear Fred that Angelus had taken an interest in the girl.
Spike had to stop himself from grinning too much at the expressions on Giles’ and Angelus’ faces. “And she, the sweet Cordilena, dotes! Devoutly dotes upon this morally wretched and inconstant man!”

All the while, Fred had been seated at the chair next the drawing room doors. She was aghast to witness her beloved’s apparent acceptance of the Council’s law to end the Slayer’s life should she choose a mate unworthy of her Watcher’s approval. “How is it, Giles, that Angel has earned thy love and not Spike?” All eyes turned to her, as her sweet voice questioned. “Both vampires have permanent souls now. And they were both, at one time, vicious creatures who administered unspeakable torment to innocents. How is it that Spike has earned thy distain? Is not Angelus, when he was evil, the one who killed your lover, Jenny?”

At the mere mention of Jenny Calendar, Giles felt his eyes begin to mist. It was true, the one he had deemed worthy for his Slayer had murdered his love, but he had, over time forgiven the vampire. Angel had proved his quest for amends time and again.
“Sweet lady,” Giles began, giving a nervous wiping of his glasses on his shirt. “It is true of Angelus, but I forgave him long ago. And it was hard. Yet, in his two hundred years of existence, Angel has never once killed a Slayer. Whereas Spike- has killed two. For the pleasure. I cannot see Buffy wed to a creature that once hunted her and others before her as sport!”
So that was it. Dawning silence overcame the occupants of the room. The knowledge of what Spiker had done to the Slayers in China and New York. Nearly all vampires avoided their natural enemy at all costs, but Spike, hell-bent on the adventure, had sought them out. Winning every time, except with Buffia.

Time to come clean, then, Spike thought, giving a longing gaze to the woman who held his heart. “It was actually three.” He said is so quietly, everyone wasn’t sure if they had heard him.

“What did you say, Spike,” Angelus insisted.

“I said it was actually three, wanker.”

“Who- when, Spike!?” Buffy could not believe her ears. Had Spike just admitted to killing a third Slayer?

Giving a shameful glance to each person in the room, Spike finally told them about another dark entry from his past. “Copenhagen, 1940. Pretty lil’ girl called Sophie.”

Shaking his head in disbelief, Wes rose from his place by the Slayer, coming to stand before the vampire. “You were the one who killed Sophie Carstensen?” Wes nearly wanted to smack the vampire like how Angel had done moments ago. “How is it the records never indicated you with that? There were rumors of you and Drusilla in that part of the world during the time of Sophie’s demise.”

“That rose was special,” Spike murmured, bringing his gaze down in shame. “I wanted to keep her to myself.”

Giles had all the proof he needed. There was no way that with this new revelation and the ancient privilege of the Council that his rights could be denied! “There, you see, Wes! How can I allow my Buffy to be in love with this monster? A third Slayer, Spike? You are atrocious!”

“Buffia,” Wes impeached, coming back over to the Slayer. “Look you arm yourself to fit your fancies to your Watcher’s will. Or else, the law of Privilege yields you up- which by no means we may extenuate- to death or a life with Angelus. Come, my Fredolyta. What cheer, my love?” He feared this whole fiasco had worried upon his dear bride’s mind. They themselves would soon be married. “Angelus and Giles, please, come along now. I must employ you in some business.”
“With duty and desire, do we follow you.” Giles expressed. Both men were happy to be away from Spike in light of past and resent events. They knew that Buffy could handle Spike should anything arise, and followed Wes and Fred.

Once they were out of the room, Spike rushed to Buffy.

“How now, my love! Why is your cheek so pale?

Buffia gapped at Spike, incredulous that he could ask her such a question? Was he not in the room when her Watcher, a man she considered her real father, and made the promise to place her to death if she did not wed the man she no longer loved?

“Spike,” she shouted, smacking him in shoulder. “My life may end for loving only you, and you just admitted to killing another Slayer! And when were you going to tell me this? On our wedding night!” Giving him soft shove, she began to pace back and forth in worry. “Was she that special?”

“Only the strongest Slayer, until I met you. Buffia, the course of true love never did run smooth,” he whispered, coming over to gently pull her to him for a kiss. And such a sorrowful and sweet kiss it was.

Pulling away from him for air, Buffy replied, “If then true lovers have been ever crossed, then we are them.”

“Not so. Look upon Angelus and Cordilena. I know my sire better than anybody and he doth love that vixen! Why on earth would he want to be with you if he is in love with her?”

Buffy buried her face in her hands, frustrated at the turn of events. “It’s guilt, Spiker. Angel still feels guilty over Jenny and feels this a means to grant Giles favor. He knows of his hate for you, and would bend to Giles’ will. He doesn’t feel he is worthy of any true happiness if Giles is not comforted.”
“What a retard! I say we should both leave Sunnydale tonight! Tomorrow! There’s no reason to stay Buffy. The hellmouth is closed and Dawn doesn’t even live here anymore. She’s practically rooted herself at UC Berkeley.”

She gave a faint smiled at the thought of her little sister. Who would have thought that underneath all that bubble gum exterior was a brain to rival her old friend Willow’s? Dawn had graduated early as valedictorian with a full scholarship to Berkeley. It was fitting. Her sister deserved the chance to make her impression in the world. And what was even more interesting, was that Willow Rosenberg had also gone along, receiving a teaching position in the Liberal Arts department. Willow had always been a second mother to Dawn and Buffy did not have to worry knowing the powerful Wicca was protecting her sister.

“Come, my sweet Buffia,” Spike was saying, as he pulled Buffia towards the doors that led outside the drawing room. “Let us relocate to the solarium, so that I can suggest to thee my desire to leave Sunnydale with mine love!”

Both lovers strolled hand in hand to the lush solarium that Wes had at his home. Mindful of the vampire allies he had, he made sure that during certain parts of the day, the shutters were closed to sunlight. Coming into the green paradise, they found Cordilena, looking ever so beautiful in vibrant red sundress, her face marred with worry.

“God speed fair Cordilena! What vexes thee?” Buffy came to sit by Cordy on the marble bench next the roses that paled at her friend’s beauty.

“Call you me fair?” She scoffed in despair, scuffing the toe of her sandal on the floor. “That fair again unsay. Angelus loves your fair! You alone sway the motion of Angelus’ heart.”

“Oh, Cordy, I frown upon him, yet he loves me still.”

“I wish your frowns would teach my smiles such skill,” Cordilena huffed.

“I give him curses, too, yet he gives me love. The more I hate, the more he follows me.”

Her smile was bitter at this. “The more I love, the more he hateth me, Buffy.” Cordilena was trying hard to suppress the tears that had been threatening to break.

Spiker hated to see this lovely girl, whom he regarded as a sister, have such a look of utter agony on her face. Why she loved Peaches was beyond him, but she did, and he wanted to kick his sire to the ground for the pain he had caused Cordilena. “Take comfort, dear heart. He no more shall see my love’s face! Buffia and myself will fly from this place tomorrow night! We shall leave on the morrow to New Revenant to begin our lives free of Council law.”

Cordy was awash with astonishment. They were going to leave? By Spike’s tone, most likely sneak away from prying friends. “You would leave Sunnydale, Buffy?”

Nodding her agreement, Buffy continued informing her friend about Spike and her planed flight. “And through the wood, where often you and I upon faint primrose beds were wont to lie. We will leave forever, and good luck grant thee thy Angelus!”

“Come, Buffy, we should get back to your Watcher and Angelus before they suspect something amiss. Cordilena, adieu.”

With one last hug from Buffia, the Slayer and vampire left Cordilena to her thoughts in the solarium.

“Oh, happy can I be!” She rose from her marble bench, and began waltzing around the flora that greeted her with scents. “To the company of strangers, all throughout Sunnydale, I am thought as fair as she, even more so than she. But what of that? Angelus thinks not so! For months Angel doth bequeath love unto me, but for some reason he looked in Buffia’s eyes, it dissolved. Just by her leaving will not undo this fire of right that burns within him from Giles’s musing. I will go tell him of fair Buffy’s flight, then to the wood will he tomorrow night pursue her. So I will follow with the mind to win my love’s heart back, with the knowledge to have him see how in love Spike and Buffy are and will be forever. As he and I will be forever!”

End Act I




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