Three. Two. One. . .

SUMMARY: A Cordy/Angel New Year Fic
POSTED: 30 Dec 2003
STATUS: Complete


The countdown had already commenced to the start of a New Year. It had been a great year for the Angel Investigations team, Angel remembers. Connor was now living back with him in an adjoining penthouse suite. The father and son talked over everything that occurred with Holtz and Jasmine and there was now a mutual understanding between them. They were going to work hard at making their relationship better. Lorne was happy, Angel had assisted the demon in finding and purchasing a new Karaoke bar. The look on Lornes face when he found out, had been magic.


Wesley was also back with the team. Things had been tough initially but now everything was back to normal. All was forgiven on both sides. Fred was still…….well she was still sweet Fred Birkle. Angel smiles as he looks over to the once Pylean slave. She now run the science labs at Wolfram and Hart and it worked like a dream, that’s why Angel felt Fred deserved something special for Christmas. Angel gave her one of the expensive hi-tech cars from his collection, well he had enough of them.


Gunn was mingling over with the suited lawyers in the centre of the room. Angel watches him for a moment, he was a little uncertain of Gunn recently. Angel was keeping a close eye on him. Gunn may have all this new law knowledge but what else did the surgery implant?


Finally, there was Cordelia Chase, the woman in his life. Angel was feeling love and admiration for her, more than he had ever experienced in his long life. The months when she was in the coma, had been the longest and worst. Angel sat by her bed for hours willing her to wake up, just to tell the brunette that he loved her. Angel puts his strong arm tighter around her shoulder, glad that she was there with him to share this night.


Angel scans the large function room being used for the Wolfram and Hart / Angel Investigations New Years party. Angel had to admit, he was happy and so was everybody else in the room. His friends were dancing and having a good time, maybe he would ask Cordelia to dance but right now, he was just enjoying being alone with her.


Cordelia rests her hand on Angels chest, feeling the steady heartbeat. She still couldn’t believe that the once vampire with a soul was now human. Angels humanity was restored by a Cryptol demon while she was still in the coma, part of payment for services by the team. When Cordelia woke up from the coma, there was lots of talking and debating over their relationship but she had apologised to Angel for her actions although she couldn’t remember half of them. Cordelia told him she loved him and that’s when he did it….


On Christmas Day, Angel led her downstairs for an early morning breakfast. He cooked her eggs and waffles and freshly brewed coffee. Being a gentleman and holding out her chair for Cordelia to sit at the table. Angel then looked into her kind eyes as he sank down onto one knee

“Cordelia, I know this may be too soon, but I want you to know that I love you and desire you with all my beating heart, you are the only thing that fills my mind every minute of every day, please will you marry me?”

Angel took out a small burgundy velvet box and snapped it open to reveal a gorgeous Claddagh ring with a diamond set in the middle. Cordelia threw her arms around Angels neck

“Yes, oh God, yes Angel”

She exclaimed as she jumps on Angel,knocking them both to the floor. He smiles at his lover

“You like the ring?”

He asks unsure

“Love it Angel”

Cordelia replied with a grin on her face. They stayed on the floor till evening,making love entwined in each others bodies.


Loud bangs erupt from outside the building. Angel looks down to his fiancee

“It sounds like the fireworks are starting, Do you want to go and watch?”

Cordelia looks up into Angels warm brown eyes and smiles slightly

“That would be nice”

Angel takes her hand and gently leads her to the window, colours were filling up the night sky. He wraps his arms around her waist from behind and rests his head on her shoulder contently.


Angel watches the fireworks enjoying the moment. Cordelia turns her head to look up at him, her face serious

” Angel, I have something to tell you”

Angel looks down at her, his face suddenly full of concern

“We are going to have a baby” She tells him.

His eyes widen in shock and surprise.

Cordelia whispers into his ear “Happy New Year Angel”


The sound of fireworks and streamers fill the large room as the New Year begins. Angel wakes up in the same armchair he fell asleep in. He scans the room, looking for Cordelia then realises, she was still in the coma and he had been alone all the time. Gunn walks past him

“Damn man, you been sleeping all through the celebrations?”

Angel just nods

“I had my own celebration”

Angel thinks to himself with a smile.





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