Revenge Queen

SUMMARY: Cordelia wants to know if Angel is up for some fun.
POSTED: 21 Aug 2003
WARNINGS: Sexual Content
AUTHOR NOTES: None listed
STATUS: Complete

Two eyes appear from behind the wooden door of the office at the Hyperion hotel. Cordelia snakes her head around the door one last time, making sure that the coast is clear, before she proceeds in her plans. The pretty brunette had been lying in wait
all evening for her work colleagues to admit there was nothing else to do on the case and decide to go home. Wesley to his lonely apartment, Fred and Gunn were on their way to see a romance film at the local theatre. Cordelia smoothes down her skirt and smirks to herself

“ There’s no way Mr Tall, Dark and Annoying is going to get any romance tonight ”

She mutters under her breath. The vampire of her obsession was in his bedroom, reading a historic novel by nightlight.

Cordelia had plotted her revenge on Angel for weeks. How dare he mock her brownies and then decide they were good enough after sex to eat? She would show him a lesson or two, he would never forget. Nobody messes with Cordelia Chase.

Cordelia breezes into the bathroom and checks herself out in the full length mirror, it had taken her time, but she had finally coaxed Angel into investing in a mirror .He might not need it but his other team members did. She smiles at her reflection, the outfit was perfect, just what she wanted when she visited the sexy lingerie store.

She was wearing a leather corset; it exaggerated her breasts, pushing them up till they were straining to get out. A short leather skirt, black stockings and high heels .No panties, Cordelia wanted Angel to be tortured as much as possible. She tidies her hair up and applies more makeup. Even Cordelia had to admit; she looked great.

The preparation had all been done earlier in the week, while Angel was out skulking in the dark sewers of Los Angeles, Cordelia was visiting the lingerie store and buying what she needed. Then she had visited a sex shop, her first time ever, but the assistant was very helpful with Cordelias requests. Now, her purchases were hidden near the bed in Angels room, the vampire really had no idea what was about to happen.

Cordelia ascends the stairs, butterflies in her stomach; she was about to do something she had never thought about before. It was exciting but scary at the same time. She knocks on Angels door and waits for him to invite her in. Angel looks up from his book over to the clock on the bedside table, 1.30am, who would be knocking at this time? He thought to himself.

“Come in”

He invites. Cordelia walks into the room, a smile across her face. Angel’s eyes open wide as he eyes Cordelias body up and down. He couldn’t believe what she was wearing; the outfit was incredibly sexy. Angel gives her a confused look

“Cordelia, I thought you went home?”

She shakes her head quickly and walks over to the bed as Angel licks his lips at the sight. He could already feel his arousal, pushing at the bed cover, it felt strange but oddly comforting. Angel looks down towards his groin, but thankfully the bedcover was hiding it from Cordelia. She reaches out and trails her long painted fingernails down Angel’s chest slowly and tantalising. As she leans across him on the bed, her cleavage displayed in front of him.

“I wanted some fun Angel, are you up for fun?”

Angel stares at her for a moment but nods his head slowly. His thoughts racing.

“ Erm, yes, fun”

He mutters, his thoughts on how sexy Cordelia looked. Angel puts his book down on the bedside table and shuts his eyes momentarily as he relaxes. Cordelia smirks

“I want to try something different Angel, are you with me on this?”

Angel looks confused but nods. He didn’t understand. Was Cordelia talking about doing more sexual things?. She had hardly looked at him since the last time, when they had intercourse on the office desk. Angel really thought he did something to upset her but he wasn’t so sure now, it looked like she was still interested.

“I want you to stay quiet, only talk if I want you to, you do what I want, when I want, you got that?”

Angel stares at Cordelia, this really was different, he nods his approval


Cordelia smiles and leans over his body to kiss him on the lips hard.

Angel returns the kiss, pushing his tongue against her lips, waiting for permission to enter. She allows him to kiss her for a minute, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth and exploring then moves away reluctantly, Cordelia waggles her finger

“Oh no, that’s not what I want” She tells him sternly.

Cordelia reaches under the bed to her well- placed item

“ Shut your eyes Angel “ She asks forcefully. A firm hand on his chest, making sure he obeyed her request.

Angel’s dark chocolate eyes search Cordelias, hoping he would find the answer to what she wanted from him, and then closes them. Cordelia smiles, she had him just where she wanted him. She takes the black silk blindfold from beneath the bed and ties it around Angel’s head. He quickly tries to remove it but Cordelia grabs his hand

“Oh no, you leave it on, I thought you wanted fun”

“I do” The vampire replies

Cordelia tweaks his right nipple hard twisting it slightly.

“I didn’t say you could talk Mister”

Angel winces in pain but stays quiet, playing at Cordelias game. Next she takes out the handcuffs from her bag and clamps them to Angel’s wrists, locking them finally to the bedpost. She sits back observing her work

“ Now, just one more thing”

She smirks and pulls back the bedcovers leaving Angel naked and vulnerable on the bed, his manhood fully displayed. Cordelia looks down at Angel’s erection and smirks “Someone’s excited” she grins at Angel and raises her eyebrows.

The young woman looked into the icebox and smiled, her plan was going just how she wanted it. Cordelia reaches out and grabs a handful of ice and puts the block into a bowl. Angel was locked to the bed upstairs and he had no idea of all the things she had planned for him. Cordelia walks to the cupboard and pulls out the plate with her newly cooked chocolate brownies on it.

“Hmmm maybe we should have whipped cream with them”

She thinks to herself as she walks back to the fridge to get the aerosol of whipped cream. Cordelia licks her lips at the thought , this was going to be a very tasty dessert. As she turns to walk back upstairs, her eyes rest on the camera lying on the counter. Cordelia picks it up and checks the film inside

“Great, theres enough film “ She tells herself.

Angel lies on the bed upstairs, his hands were starting to ache from the handcuffs, Cordelia had been gone a while, maybe an hour or more. He tries to struggle free but Angel knew he had no chance of escape. His thoughts return to what Cordelia was wearing, he feels his arousal start to rise again, she had looked sexy in the corset and it made Angel want to do unspeakable things to her. His vampire hearing picks up the sound of a creaking stair, Angel smiles beneath the blindfold, it sounded like Cordelia was finally on her way back.

“No, what if its one of the others, Fred or Gunn ,or worse Wesley” Angel thinks to himself, starting to panic.

The brunette walks into the room and glances over at the naked man lying on the bed, she grins happily, this was exactly what she wanted. Angel felt relieved, he could smell Cordelias floral scent, she always smelt good around him. Cordelia carries the bowl of ice and whipped cream over to the bed and puts them on the bedside table. Angel listens, hoping to get an idea of what was planned for him. Cordelia trails her fingertips along his body, from his neck down to his navel. Angel arches his back in anticipation. She looks down at his erection again as she straddles his chest facing him.

“Hmmm it looks like someone needs a cool shower”

Cordelia grabs the block of ice out of the bowl and traces it along Angels inner thighs, he cries out with the shock of the ice on his body

”What the ……?”

Cordelia puts her finger to his wet lips

“Shhhhhh, or do I need to gag you?”

Angel shakes his head quickly.He could feel her body all over him and it filled him with happiness.

Her ice covered hand wraps around Angels cock and gently pulls, Angel yelps but doesn’t say a word, he knew if he did, Cordelia would gag him. She was a woman who would do what she wanted. She moves her hand up and down his shaft and circles her finger around the head of his manhood. Angel tries hard to resist a moan but it comes out anyway.

”MMMM yes Cordy, that’s good “ He tells her.

Cordelia gently squeezes his balls “Did I say you could talk?” Angel remains silent, he wanted the ecstasy to continue.

Cordelia reaches over for the aerosol of whipped cream and sprays it all over Angels cock until only the head is uncovered, his back arches out of discomfort and excitement. his senses were on overload. Cordelia bends down, her breasts resting against Angels legs as she takes his manhood into her mouth, lapping hungrily at the whipped cream. Angel gasps, the feeling was unbearable. Her tongue was all over him, no part of him left alone. As she licks and sucks on Angel, Cordelia scratches the inside of his thighs with her nails. She takes his balls into her mouth, first one and then the other, sucking on them roughly. Angel moans out, he was so close to exploding and he wanted to, but just as he was about to come, Cordelia moves away and looks down at him

“Oh no, its not that easy Angel, I’m making you pay, that was the easy part, now you are really going to feel it”
“Oh no, its not that easy Angel, I’m making you pay, that was the easy part, now you are really going to feel it”

Cordelias words resound inside Angel’s head. What else did she have planned? . He wasn’t sure how much more he could take. Angel was uncomfortable and so near to retaliating at Cordelia, but if he did, it would only make her react worse, so he kept his silence.
Cordelia smiles slightly at the naked vampire on the bed. She was plotting the next stage of her plan in her head. Finally she nods and walks towards the bed. Knowing now what she wanted to do with Angel.
She leans over Angel’s body and unties the silk blindfold from around his head. Angel blinks several times, trying to adjust his vision to the sudden light. His eyes land on Cordelias ample breasts and then rise to her face. Angel smiles nervously at her but notices she’s still got things to come for him.
The brunette was holding a small short riding crop close to her body running it up and down her body teasing. Cordelia licks her lips then talks

“I wonder what I could do with this Angel, Would you like to find out?” She asks him quietly in a sexy tone.

She laughs, “I forgot, you can’t talk unless I allow you to, Talk Angel” Cordelia adds in a stern voice.

Angel watches Cordelia curiously, his cock was painful and his balls felt like they would explode at any time

“I would like to find out” Angel speaks softly, his eyes cast down at the bed now.

Cordelia slashes the whip at him, hitting his firm chest hard. Angel screams


He looks up at the girl he loved, his face confused.

“Look at me when you talk Angel”

Cordelia smirks. Angel looks back up at her, his eyes now wide and alert

.”That’s better”

Cordelia tells him as she whips him again, this time on the inner thighs Angel cries out again

“This is fun” she tells him “But I can think of other fun things to do with you”

Standing opposite the bed, Cordelia smiles down at Angel as she begins to untie the corset from her body. It falls away onto the floor, releasing her breasts to Angels view. Angel lets out a small moan this was certainly the personality of Cordelia that he wanted to discover more. She reaches down and unzips her skirt, letting it drop to her feet, leaving her dressed in just the thigh high stockings and high heels. Cordelia kicks the shoes off her feet and climbs onto the bed beside Angel. She leans over till her breasts are inches away from his open mouth

“MMMMM this is making me so horny Angel”

Cordelia whispers in Angels ear as she straddles his body, rubbing her most private part against his chest. Angel could feel the soft hair between Cordelias legs rub against his chest and he wanted more, Angel was now more aroused than ever before.

Looking down, Cordelia realises that Angel’s cock is once more standing erect; she smirks and looks deep into his dark brown eyes

“This is going to be so much fun “

She tells him as she kneels above him, his cock just inches away from entering her body

“Well for me anyway” Cordelia lowers herself down and gasps out loud as Angel enters her body.

He moans as he struggles to release himself from the handcuffs, but Angel’s attempts to get loose were useless. His eyes meet Cordelias as she starts to rock herself gently on his cock. Her head rolls back; as her pleasure overwhelms her. It was a great feeling to have Angel under her total control. Cordelia rocks faster until Angel is moaning out in pleasure. She leans her head to one side and lowers herself once more, Cordelias climax hits and she screams out

“ARGGHHH yes Angel, yes”

Angel thrusts upwards to meet her; desperate to release his seed inside the woman he loved. Cordelia raises herself from his body and grabs the riding crop, whipping Angel across the chest

“You are forgetting something Angel, you don’t get the pleasure, I do”

He snarls at the brunette

“But don’t worry, I will let you go soon, I just have one more thing to do”

The final stage of Angel’s long torture was hidden beneath the bed. Cordelia moves down Angel’s body, bending her head so her soft hair trails along his firm chest. Her juices from the earlier love making session leaving their own distinct snaking trail. She reaches the vampires thighs and licks her lips, looking upwards into his dark chocolate eyes.

”Would you like me to suck you off until you come Angel?” She asks in her most teasing sexy voice.

Angel thinks for a moment and then nods his head slowly. His torturer smiles and lowers her head to take his manhood all the way into her mouth. The warmth of her mouth envelopes his cock and Angel moans out with the pleasure. His back arches into the air, as he tries desperately to satisfy his needs. Angel grips onto the bed frame tight as he writhes underneath Cordelias mouth. She holds his balls and rolls them around in the palm of her hand as she licks up and down the vampires cock. Her mouth sucks in the head as Angel cries out in both pleasure and agony. He needed to erupt and Cordelia was using it to her advantage.

Tantalisingly, Cordelia rakes her long nails down Angel’s thighs as she moves to the edge of the bed. She looks back at Angel and gives him a wide smile.

”I’m sorry Angel, there’s no fun for you tonight”

She smirks as she climbs off the bed and reaches beneath it. Pulling out the plate of newly baked chocolate brownies, Cordelia watches Angel’s face as he realises what she’s going to do. His eyes widen and then he casts them down at the bed.

”Yes Angel, you have been a bad boy and now you are going to get what’s coming to you”

The brunette places the dish of brownies on the bed and picks up the top brownie; she takes a small bite and winks at Angel, his face filled with horror.

”MMMMM these are good Angel, you should try some, Oh no, I forgot you have no choice”

Cordelia moves up the bed until she’s sitting beside Angel’s muscled form. She reaches out the hand holding the brownie until its near Angels mouth

“Open up wide Angel, these are yummy, even for your vampire taste buds”

Angel gives her a reluctant stare but opens his mouth wide. Cordelia has no hesitation; she puts the brownie into the vampires mouth until its full. He stares at the young woman, wondering what she was going to do next.

“Okay Angel, Do you like my brownies?” The vampire nods hesitantly

Cordelia grins widely “And you are never going to diss them again?” Angel nods again; he knew that it was the best thing to do, Cordelia would think of worse things to do to him.

She leans over the side of the bed and pulls out the camera. Cordelia stands up and walks to an appropriate distance.

“Say cheese Angel, or brownies, you are about to get your picture taken”

The camera flashes as she aims it at him, making sure she gets every detail into the picture and clicks

“These photos and the negatives are going to be hidden Angel and if you ever diss my brownies again, I’m going to show the whole Angel Investigations team and Wolfram and Hart, that you really love them, got it?”

Angel nods again, he was truly beaten.





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