One Year On

SUMMARY: One year on (after the New Year fic ‘Three, Two, One…)
POSTED: 4 Jan 2004
WARNINGS: None Listed

A lone figure stands on the warm soft sand and watches the waves as they crash upon meeting the shore. He glances down and bends to pick up a pretty shell

“Cordelia would love this”

Angel thinks to himself with a smile as he places the shell securely in his pants pocket. He observes the yachts as they glide gracefully across the ocean heading towards the horizon. Probably to some exotic location or a secret hideaway

.”I would love to take Cordy on a romantic sailing trip to a secret hideout, just the two of us, but that will never happen now” Angel thinks.

He yearned to have Cordelia with him, to hold her tight in his muscular arms and watch the ocean together, it would be heaven.

A year ago, Angel had nothing, his whole life was all work and no play. Often he would return back to his penthouse suite and just collapse on his lonely bed. Cordelia was in the coma and he missed her, even his friends were worried about his emotions. Yet one year on, it was amazing to think of how much things had changed.

Angel looks up into the deep blue sky, careful to avoid looking directly at the suns harmful rays. It had been almost a year since the Cryptol demon changed Angels life forever. Angel Investigations aided the demon in finding his abducted wife, in exchange the demon used a spell to wake Cordelia from the coma and to restore Angels humanity to him. January 16th was the day Angels world changed for the better.

The moment Cordelia woke from the coma, was one of the best of Angels long life. As she roused, the tall dark man was holding her hand tightly. She had looked up at him for a second, her warm eyes meeting his own and Angel knew then that he wanted to spend the rest of his human life with her. Together, they spent hours walking along the beach or swimming in the sea. Just doing normal couple activities. Everything was all new to Angel again, he had a brief encounter with humanity when his blood mixed with the Morah demons, but this was different, this time Angel was certain it was for real.

Valentines Day, Angel proposed. He prepared a picnic and led Cordelia to a secluded spot on the beach. As in his dream at New Year, Angel pulled out a small burgundy box with a diamond set Claddagh ring inside.

“Cordy,I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you be my wife?”

Cordelia screamed and threw her arms around her true love

“Yes ,Yes Angel,I love you”

Angel remembers the moment and smiles. That night they made gentle love under the stars, neither of them knew how much their lives were about to change.

Soon after, Cordelia started to feel sick, Angel pleaded with her to go see a doctor, he was worried in case it was a side effect of the coma, she refused.

“Its probably just a touch of food poisoning” She told him.

Angel was worried until Cordelia opened the bathroom door one morning, she held up a white tube, her eyes wide and teary

“Angel, this says that I’m pregnant”

Angels eyes widened in surprise as he walked to her. He stared at the pink dot in the middle of the tube

“We are going to have a baby, I’m going to be a daddy again” Angel said quietly in shock as he embraced his fiancee.

Life after that, got a little more busier. The happy couple had to arrange their wedding, decorate the nursery for the new arrival and still run the agency. Luckily the rest of the Angel Investigations helped. It had been hard work but Angel didn’t regret one moment of the past year.

Now it was New Years Day and a whole year had gone by since Angel had nothing. He scans the deserted beach behind him and there she was, the woman in his life, his wife. Angel walks over to her

“It looks like you need some help?”

Angel tells his wife as he takes the picnic hamper out of her hands. Cordelia smiles

“Yes I do honey”

She sits down on a blanket as Angel gazes lovingly down at her chest

“How long has he been asleep?”

He enquires, watching his beautiful newborn son sleep.

“Since I breastfed him about an hour ago, don’t wake him”

She asks as Angel reaches out to touch the babies tiny hand. Angel smiles and shakes his head, life couldn’t get any better than this, one year on and Angel had everything he ever wanted.



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