It’s Cold Outside

SUMMARY: Fluffy snowy fic
POSTED: 22 Dec 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: Something fluffy for Xmas
STATUS: Complete

The figure rolls back into position, lying on his back in the warm king sized bed, Angel licks his lips to dampen them, he was deeply asleep involved in a dream. A dream of being with Cordelia unwrapping presents to each other in front of a roaring open fire.She was laughing excitedly and as she looked over to Angel, there was something in her eyes that let him know she was deeply in love with him.

In Angels dream, Cordelia opened his gift, it was wrapped in shiny silver paper with a large purple bow placed on top. She opened the small box to reveal a gold necklace set with one diamond.

Cordelias eyes open wide and she throws her arms around Angels neck “Thank you, I love it…” She pauses and looks into Angels dark brown eyes “But I love you more”

The vampire begins to stir from his sleep as his peace is shattered by someone opening the bedroom door and rushing into the room. Cordelia moves over towards the windows

“Angel, wake up, you have to see this”

He opens his weary eyes and rubs them as he gets into a sitting position resting against the headboard.

“What’s so important Cordelia?” Angel enquires.

She turns back to face him, a big grin etched upon her face “You will see,Mr Sleepy Head” Cordelia teases.

The brunette walks to the curtains and starts to pull them open, Angel watches Cordelia, his face full of concern

“Cordy, you can’t do that, there’s too much sun”

As the curtains slide to the sides of the windows, Angel prepares to hide under the blanket from the suns rays

“Cord, don’t, I will burn” Then his features change as he realises it’s not sunny outside “It’s snowing?” Angel says in surprise.

Cordelia looks out the window in wonder “Isn’t it beautiful Angel? Who thought it would snow in LA?”

Angel smiles as he climbs out of bed and moves up behind Cordelia. He gently rests his head on her shoulder as he looks out at the white scene, snow was covering everything.

“I would never guess” Angel tells the love of his life.

He wraps his strong arms around Cordelias waist into a tight embrace. A short glance over his shoulder at the bedside table lets him know that he made the right decision about Cordelias present. A small silver wrapped box lay on the table. “She will adore it” Angel thinks to himself.

He moves closer into Cordelia

“Why don’t you come back to bed? It’s cold outside and we can keep each other warm” He whispers in her ear.





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