In The End

SUMMARY: Angel needs to save Cordelia before it’s too late.
POSTED: 10 Mar 2004
STATUS: Incomplete

Heavy footsteps echoed out loud along the deserted corridor as the vampire walked along. The nurse manning the reception desk of the private hospital had informed Angel that there was no change in Cordelias current condition. It concerned him, Angel and the other team members of Angel Investigations were trying their best to bring their young friend back to them. The doctors told the team that they needed to talk to her, even chat about the silliest things in life. Angel found it hard initially but now he was conversing to Cordelia about anything, even shoes and which fashions were the ‘in’ thing.It probably looked strange to anyone who saw Angel looking through the latest issue of Vogue or Cosmo.

Cordelia had been like a rock to Angel ever since he departed Sunnydale and the vampire was determined that Cordelia would recover from her coma.

Angel opens the door to Cordelias room and peeks his head inside

“You can go now”

Angel solemnly tells the brunette sitting beside the bed. Fred raises her head from the book she’s reading to the comatose Cordelia, a smile spreading across Freds face as she sees Angel

“Angel, you are back…so soon” A frown reaches her features as she realises Angel was only gone for two hours.

“I thought you was going to rest?”

Angel strides into the room, his eyes completely resting on the pale Cordelia

“I can rest here” He snaps

“How has she been?” Angel adds quickly.

He sits down on the bed and takes Cordelias warm hand in his own. Fred looks worried at Angels reaction.

“Angel…..we sent you back home to rest, we are all worried about you, you haven’t slept or eaten in days……”

Angel fixes a glare at the ex Pylean slave

“T..There has been no new developments, I..I’m sorry”

The vampire forces out a smile

“Thank you Fred, I..I just want her to wake up, for things to be normal again”

Fred rests a gentle hand on his broad shoulder, an attempt to be comforting to the broody vampire

“I understand totally”

Angel squeezes Cordelias hand

“You need to come back to me Cord, there’s sales all over the mall and I want to take you shopping, to buy you new clothes and shoes, you deserve it Cordelia, you are my champion”

His voice starts to break as tears prick at the back of his eyes. Fred looks concerned at Angel


The vampire turns around to face her

“I would like to be alone with her…..Is that okay?”

She nods

“I..I will be outside getting a coffee if you need me at all…for anything, remember Angel, you don’t have to deal with this by yourself, you are not alone”

Angel just nods

“I know”

He often felt like he was repeating himself to his friends where Cordelias recovery was concerned. Angel knew they were all concerned for him, but he would worry about his needs later, all that mattered at this moment was Cordelia.

Fred walks to the door “Well, I will be just outside”

She leaves the room and puts her head around the door, her face full of sadness for the vampire at the bedside. Angel was a shadow of his old self, he had lost his best friend. Her heart felt like it was going to break as she observed Angel break down into tears. He quickly wiped the tears away

“I can’t be strong anymore Cord, not without you, I always thought that Buffy was the one for me, now I know that all the time it was you, I love you so much”

Fred closes the door and goes in search of coffee. Her mind racing with theories on how she could help the stricken champion. Angel rests his head on Cordelias chest, listening in silence to the sound of her heartbeat

“How can your heart be beating, but you are so far away?” Angel asks to the almost empty room, his voice barely a whisper.

“Why did I wait so long to tell you how I really feel, I guess I thought you already knew, I promise if you come back to me,I will never take you for granted again”

A light begins to emerge from the corner of the hospital room, Angel raises his head from Cordelias chest as he notices it

“What the…….?”

Angel says out loud, his eyes widening in surprise. Before him, Cordelia walks through the light, her face a picture of happiness and love. The vampire smiled, the room was suddenly filled with warmth. Cordelia was wearing the same clothes she had worn on the day Connor sent him to the bottom of the ocean.


Angel asks, uncertain if it was the real Cordelia. He looks down at the bed, the comatose Cordelia was still laying there.

“Angel…… have to save me”

Cordelia tells him.

“I will remain in this coma unless you walk through this light into another dimension and rescue me”

Angels eyes narrow

“How do I know it’s really you and not some trick?”

Angel didn’t want to believe that it was all a trick but with his life, he never knew.

“It’s really me Angel, and before you say anything else, I’m no longer evil”

She smiles

“I have been listening to everything, thank you for talking to me about interesting things instead of the boring day to day stuff what Fred’s been telling me”

Cordelia moves closer to Angel

“I need you, please save me, I love you”

Angel nods his head slowly

“All I have to do is step through that light thingy and it will all become clear, right?”

The glowing Cordelia smiles

“Yes, it will all be clear and we will be together again Angel”

She slowly begins to fade

“I’m fading, please Angel……..”

Her voice trails away as she completely vanishes from the room, but the light remains. Angel raises to his feet and walks to the light, his eyes dart quickly over his shoulder to the comatose Cordelia

“Okay, here I go”

Angel steps through the light.




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