Full House

SUMMARY: A night out for Cordy & Angel.
POSTED: 23 Feb 2004
STATUS: Complete

The vampire buttons up his black shirt as he strolls across the vast lobby of the Hyperion hotel. The shirt was fresh from the laundry, rinsed thoroughly of Connors earlier sick. Angel sniffs the shirt, making sure that the odour was completely removed. He hoped that his black shirt and pants attire was smart enough for the evening Cordelia had planned for them. She had invited him out the week earlier, keeping the destination a secret, Cordelia claimed that the vampire needed to get out off the hotel for some fun. Lorne offered to babysit Connor which Angel was slightly concerned about, What if the babys fever escalated? It’s not like Lorne could take Connor to the emergency room, they would ask him a lot of questions and wonder why he’s green.

The door swings open and Cordelia breezes into the lobby, she grins widely as she sees Angel, his hands in his pant pockets fidgeting nervously as he waits for her

“Sorry I’m late, it took longer than I thought to get the demon goo from earlier out of my hair”

Angel smiles at the brunette

“I have to admit, it was messy”

Referring to the demons nest they cleared earlier in the evening. Cordelia walks over to Angel and runs her hand down his chest in a gentle stroke

“Wow, you scrub up well, it’s nice to see you all dressed up Angel, but there really was no need, it’s pretty informal where we are going, Are you ready to go? We need to be there for 8”

Angel nods

“I will be, I just need to check on Connor again, he hasn’t been settling today, I think he has a fever”

Cordelia rolls her eyes at the vampire

“Angel!! We are going out for a couple of hours, I’m sure Lorne will call your cell phone if he’s unsure about anything”

“The Princess is right Angelcakes, the little honey bun will be okay with me”

Lorne says as he finishes descending the stairs holding baby Connor in his arms. He walks over carefully to Angel and the vampire looks down at the sleeping baby, a smile instantly creasing his face

“Fast asleep and dreaming, thats my little guy”

The sentence causes Cordelia and Lorne to smile, it was amazing watching Angel interact with the child

“Daddy will be home before you know it and he will sing you a lullaby”

Cordelia rolls her eyes

“Poor kid” She whispers over to Lorne.

Angel turns and glares at Cordelia

“Hey, vampire hearing ”

Cordelia sticks her tongue out at him

“His formulas in the fridge, he’s due to be fed at around nine, the diapers are in the office on the counter, if he gets more of a fever, there’s medicine in the bathroom”

Angel pauses, thinking

“And there’s a list by the phone, my cell phone number, my pager, Cordys cell phone, the paediatrician and the hospitals emergency room, I think thats everything covered”

Lorne sighs “I think we will manage for the whole two hours apple strudel”

Angel gazes down at his sleeping son, taking the tiny baby hand in his own. He loved being a parent and was looking forward to watching Connor grow up. Angel gently releases the hand and turns to Cordelia

“I’m ready”

The journey in the car to the venue for the night out is brief. Five minutes after leaving the hotel, Cordelia parks the car outside a well lit building. Angel glances up at the flashing pink and yellow neon sign as he climbs out of the car

“Rileys Bingo Hall” Angel says out loud unhappily.

Cordelia grins widely, clearly excited

“Isn’t this going to be fun Angel? I used to come here with my grandparents whenever I was in LA, even won a few times”

Angel raises his eyebrow

“You are right Cord, this is going to be great fun” The vampire utters sarcastically.

They walk towards the old building

“So…this is your idea of a good night out?” Angel enquires.

Cordelia frowns

“You don’t like it, do you? I thought it would be something different, and if it stops you from brooding in your room for five minutes, then I’m all for it”

“It’s certainly different” Angel replies as they walk into the building. He stands close to Cordelia as she pays for the session.

The large hall is already filled close to capacity, a man walks past Angel, hitting him hard on the shin with his walking cane

“Hey, watch where you are going”

The vampire says angrily, he turns to Cordelia as they search among the crowds for a empty table

“This place is full of old people”

Angel states with a hint of shock in his voice

“You can’t talk Mr Bicenteniall, you are older than any of them”

Angel scowls at the pretty brunette

“I guess you are right”

They finally find a vacant table and sit down, Angel looks down at the boards on the table

“So…How do you play?”

Cordelia glances at the vampire in surprise

“You don’t know how to play bingo?”

Angel shakes his head

“Well evil and bingo don’t exactly mix”

Cordelia laughs at Angels reaction

“The idea of the game is to mark off all the numbers on your board, if you get them all, you need to call out House, you got that?”

Angel nods

“Sounds easy, erm Cordelia, everyone seems to be looking at me”

She looks around and Angel was right, most of the womens eyes were on the handsome vampire, if they were young or old

“They probably haven’t had anything as gorgeous as you in here for decades”

Angel smiles shyly

“I’m nothing to look at Cord” Cordelia reaches out for Angels hand, grasping it gently

“Have you looked in the mirror recently, erm….I guess not, but believe me Angel, you are the definition of hot”

His eyes widen “Thanks Cord”

The lights in the hall dim and all eyes in the hall move away from Angel and down to their boards

“What’s happening?” Angel asks.

Cordelia raises her head

“Shhhh, the game is starting, if your numbers are called, mark them off on the board”

“Eyes down for your first number 82…………63……….12……….7”

The caller rolls out the numbers in quick succession, Angel attempts to keep up but even his vampire reflexes wasn’t up to the speed of the caller

“I can’t keep up”

He whispers in Cordelias ear


She replies, concentrating on the game.


The vampire crosses off the number and his brown eyes widen, all the numbers on his board were marked, Angel waves his hand in the air

“House” He yells out loud.

Cordelia glances at the vampire surprised

“Wow, well done Angel”

The assistant walks over to them and starts checking the numbers, he frowns at Angel

“Sir, only one of the numbers you have marked has been called”

Cordelia stares at the vampire

“What are you doing doofus?” The vampire shrugs

“I guess I was doing it wrong”

She laughs and looks back down at her board as Angel reclines back in his chair.

“False claim”

The caller continues


Cordelia gasps and waves her hands frantically in the air


She screams as Angel covers his ears

“Did you really have to yell that loud?” Angel asks

“I won Angel, I won, I have cash, La de dah”

She leans over and kisses Angel on the lips, he returns the kiss, making it more passionate, Angel moves away and looks into Cordelias eyes

“It looks like you have staked your claim in more ways than one tonight”

The assistant checks Cordelias board carefully and hands her the prize money. Cordelia glows with excitement as she runs her hand over the wad of cash

“Where’s my share?” Angel enquires

“Pfft, there’s more cash in my hand than you pay me in a month, just think of the shoes I can buy in the Jimmy Choo sale”

Angel laughs then frowns

“Maybe I should call Lorne and see how Connor is doing”

Cordelia rests her hand against the vampires

“Leave it Angel, Lorne will have everything under control”

Angel nods

“You are right, I’m just worrying, and it’s not long now till this is finished and we can go home”

She smiled, Cordelia was happy that Angel seemed to be having a good time, the time away from the hotel was making him less broody and more happy, she loved it when Angel smiled. Cordelia couldn’t wait until Connor could smile, she hoped the little one had the same grin as his dad.

As the numbers were called, the games seemed to go on for eternity until finally Cordelia raised her head and stood up to put her jacket on

“It’s time to go home Angel”

The vampire grinned and stood up

“Great, I have been to hell but believe me, that was so much worse”

The couple walk into the Hyperion, finding Lorne rocking Connor to sleep. Angel immediately takes the baby and gazes down at Connor, happiness in his brown eyes

“How was he?”

He enquires from Lorne

“No problemo cinnamon buns, he was asleep most of the time, How was your wild evening out?”

Angel stares at his son in awe

“Cordy took me to bingo and it was like hell and I should know”

Cordelia steps up behind Angel and Lorne

“I won a wad of cash Lorne, I get to buy new shoes ”

The green demon smiles

“Good for you honeysickle, now I’m tired from tending to little muffin so I’m off to my chamber, Toodles”

Angel nods

“Night Lorne and thanks”

He watches Lorne ascend the stairs and smiles as Connor moves slightly in his sleep

“I should get him to bed”

Cordelia rests her hand on Angels broad shoulder

“Angel, I hope you had a nice evening, I’m sorry you didn’t win”

“Cordelia, I had a great time because I was spending time with you and I think I hit my own jackpot tonight”

His eyes meet hers.




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