A Hidden Past

SUMMARY: Time Travel, Romance, Humor, what’s not to love?
POSTED: 13 Dec 2003, Originally Posted at TIO with later Parts also posted at AO
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) I’m making Kathy older then she was perceived in The Prodigal. I’m gonna make her around 15/16
EDITOR’S NOTE: Parts 1-5, which were originally posted at TIO, are missing. The link does not work as TIO is now defunct, and the fic does not appear to be archived at Cali’s GoTeamC/A Fic Archive. Phoebe, do you still have Parts 1-5?

Part 6

Wesley followed Theresa into the bookshop and gasped in awe as he took in the number of books that stared down at him from the various shelves that circled the room.

Theresa’s voice worked its way into his head “Amazing isn’t it?” She whispered.

“Quite extraordinary”

“And this isn’t even the main library” she said, walking over to the counter and picking up a book from the pile that had been left rather untidily about the surface.

“Not the main library?” Wesley asked, surprised.

“No, you should see Chris’s personal one he has at home its….” Before she could continue a woman in her forties walked through a door that was at the back of the shop.

“Ah Tessa, it’s good to see you” the lady smiled.

“Hello Elizabeth, is Chris about?”

“He’s in the back”

“Good” Theresa began to stroll towards the door when Elizabeth’s voice stopped her.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend Tessa?”

“Oh Yeah. Sorry” she looked sheepishly at Wesley, then turned back to face Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth, this is Wesley; he’s a watcher like Chris, only he doesn’t seem as mean as Chris – also he’s from the year 2002. Wesley this is Elizabeth,
Chris’s wife. So you guys should have lots to talk about. Now I’m off to find my watcher.” and with that she walked purposely towards the back of the shop.

Wesley looked at Elizabeth curiously. Neither of them spoke until finally Elizabeth cleared her throat and asked Wesley “Did she just say you were from 2002?”
“And that’s where I broke my arm when I was 13”

“You broke it – by falling off that wall?” Cordelia asked sceptically as the wall in question was only three foot high.

“Yeah, How does Tom say it? … I went arse over tip; I don’t know what he means I just smile and nod” Liam answered, shaking his head at his friends antics. Cordelia giggled at him. Liam however turned to look at her and asked, “ So were you really robbed? Or did Tessa just make up that whole thing?”

“What…No …Yes… I mean” Liam raised an eyebrow at her answer.

Cordelia was confused, she could never lie to Angel but then she realised Liam wasn’t Angel just yet.

“Yes we were robbed,” she said regaining her composure. “But why do you want to know?” she said raising her own eyebrow and her tone clearly indicated that she was annoyed.

“Me?” Liam asked. Cordelia nodded.

“Well I’m collecting information so I can blackmail Tessa” he told her seriously. Yet off of Cordelia’s shocked look he quickly amended himself.

“I’m interested that’s all. I mean its not as though beautiful women walk into Galloway every evening, but don’t tell Marie I said that, she’d hurt me. That and well no ones been robbed along the road to Dublin for well over 2 months so y’know I’m naturally inquisitive”

“I’ll keep that in mind” Cordelia said “So” she continued. “When are we going to meet the famous Marie?”

“Well she lives up here and Tom’s most likely already there so I’d say in about five minutes, however if her mother’s there then I am running far, far away” Liam visibly shuddered.

“Her mum? Doesn’t she like you?”

“No she likes me, maybe she just likes me too much.” Cordelia looked puzzled for a moment, then realisation dawned.


“Oh” Liam echoed “ Hence why I never go in that house on my own” he pointed to the large house at the edge of the pathway.

“Well were here” he continued “Lets just hope they’ve made up because if they haven’t I suggest that you and me run far, far away together” Liam
grinned at the possibility.

“You’re cheeky Liam O’ Brian” Cordelia told him. Liam merely nodded at her remark.

“I mean how bad can Marie be?” However before she could knock on the door it crashed open and a young man who looked suspiciously familiar was thrown out of it, followed by a girl who strolled casually towards him.

“You fell asleep Thomas Greendale. Don’t you ever, ever come sniffing around me again.”

“Marie” Tom tried to explain.

“Don’t even think about apologising. Now, Get the hell off of my property!!!” Liam smiled at the shocked brunette standing next to him.

“You were saying?”

Winifred Burkle was hungry and she refused to believe that taco’s did not exist in the 18th Century.

I mean how do people live without them? It’s like living without chocolate. You do think they’ll have chocolate right???………Stop laughing Charles”

“Girl you are the coolest person I have ever met” Gunn said shaking his head.

“What??” Fred asked, confused.

“I mean we’ve gone back in time some two hundred plus years and all you can think about is how your stomach is being affected by the lack of taco’s”

Fred pouted as she said, “They’re my favourite Charles”

Gunn sighed; whenever Fred pulled that face he was putty in her hands. “Fine lets go and see whether they have anything remotely resembling taco’s, ok?”

“Yay!” Fred replied, as she casually linked her arm through Gunn’s.

As the pair walked through the market trying to find an 18th Century taco stall, a lady dressed all in black discreetly followed.

Once Fred had finally accepted that there were no tacos in Galway herself and Gunn moved on to the fruit stall just ahead of the exit of the market.

“How much will they be?” Gunn asked the stallholder.

“Nothing at all”

“Nothing?” Gunn asked sceptically.

“No you’re both to thin have them for free,” replied the stallholder who was an ageing lady but who had a kind smile.

“Thank you very much” Fred smiled at the stallholder.

As they walked away from the lady a gnarled hand gripped Gunn’s shoulder.

“Ah so you do want paying after all” asked Gunn, reaching into his pocket expecting to see the stall lady.

“You won’t be able to save him, and neither will she. He is destined to die,” responded the lady all dressed in black.




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