SUMMARY: Sexual pleasure may not bring true happiness for Angel anymore, but something else may…
POSTED: 22 Sep 2003
WARNINGS: Sexual Content
AUTHOR NOTES: Based on a challenge by dragonlover_4ever at the ACangst yahoo group. See criteria at the bottom of the page.
STATUS: Incomplete

Part One
A New Set of Rules
Angel walked down the empty street looking anything to pummel. The borrowed blood in his veins boiled with frustration: frustration with his existence, frustration with his mission and frustration with his Seer. His hands clenched at the thought of her beautiful eyes looking at him with uncertainty and those soft, sensual lips denying him pleasure.


“Angel, we can’t. The curse, remember?”

“Cor, it’s not a problem. I could never forget what hangs in the balance. I won’t lose my soul because I’ll always remember that Angelus is right there, waiting for me to let go, just for a second.” He smoothed his hands down her silky shoulders, taking the thin straps of her dress with them.

Cordelia pulled away and shook her head. “No Angel. It’s too risky. I don’t want to be responsible for unleashing ‘Mr. Psycho-Serial-Killer Vamp’.”

He tried to pull her back to him but she took a step away. “Cordy, I’d never do anything to put you at risk. I wouldn’t even think about it if I wasn’t sure.” He looked at her intently. “Don’t you trust me?”

She sighed and lowered her head. “I trust you with my life.” She raised a hand and stepped back again when he grinned and reached for her. “But that doesn’t change my answer. We have no proof—“

Angel growled in frustration and his eyes grew dark. “How am I supposed to prove it Cordelia? You won’t give me a fucking chance.”

Cordelia’s body suddenly tensed and she looked at him warily. “Angel, this isn’t something like finding out whether a new antacid works or not, because Angelus? Not the kind of heartburn that a Pepcid is gonna take care of. And did you just growl at me?”

“Dammit Cordelia. Why can’t you just let it go?” Angel walked toward her and soon had her pressed against the wall. “Angelus isn’t a problem anymore. He’s not a threat to you. Or is that what you want? Do you want Angelus to be a threat?”

Cordelia looked around, trying to find a way out of the increasingly uncomfortable situation. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“You want Angelus to be a threat so that you don’t have to face facts. You don’t want to have to admit your feelings, and as long as Angelus is a danger, you’re safe. The closer you are to danger, the further you are from harm, right?” His lips brushed against her ear as he purred.

She planted her hands firmly on his chest and pushed. He laughed slightly as he gave her what she wanted and backed away. Angel shook his head and sat on the bed, looking at her with an expression that was mixed with anger and pain. “Why Cordy?”

Cordelia edged toward the door, keeping an eye on him nervously. “This is why Angel. Angelus is always a threat, whether you think he is or not.”

Angel jumped up and blocked the door before she could realize what he was doing. “Move Angel,” she ordered him, her voice shaking slightly.

“Tell me you don’t love me and I’ll move,” he answered, his own voice low.

“I don’t love you,” she spoke quietly. “Now let me leave.”


Angel slammed his fist into a nearby wall at the memory and felt a small satisfaction as the stone crumbled at his touch. He had never wanted to make Cordelia crumble under his touch like he did now. How could she say that? How could she say that she didn’t love him, and so easily?

Because she’s a little bitch.

“Shut up. I don’t need input from you,” Angel told his alter ego angrily.

I think that’s exactly what you need. You let the spoiled brat walk all over you. You let her spend all of your money and make those snide eunuch remarks, and why? Because you have feeee-lings for her. Oh who gives a shit?! Obviously she doesn’t!

“I told you to shut up! You have no right to talk about Cordelia, much less even think about her.”

Hey, you’re right. I’m only the one that gives you all of those delicious fantasies about that luscious body. I’ll just stop thinking about her and leave you to jerking yourself off in the shower with nothing to visualize. Have fun!

“You’re the reason for all of this! You’re the reason that she wouldn’t let me touch her tonight!”

I may have been the reason for tonight, but you blew it for the rest of your rotten unlife. Good job by the way. You made me proud with that show of force and mind fucking. Maybe I’m rubbing off on you.

Angel let out a growl and punched the wall again, causing the weakened stone wall to give way and fall to the ground. As the dust settled, he was shocked to see the sight before him. A young girl was tied to a chair, a group of robed figures circled around her, chanting. “Finally! Something constructive to do with this rage,” he smirked and jumped over the rubble.

One of the figures turned to him and snarled. “You dare to disturb our ceremony? You shall pay.”

“You know, I’m a little on the destitute side. I’ve got this problem you see. I have a girl back home that likes to spend all of my money,” Angel explained before punching the demon. “But I’m sure you’re not really interested in that, now are you?”

The circle of demons broke and advanced on Angel and the girl began screaming for his help. Angel pulled his sword out from under his coat and swung it sharply, cutting down three demons easily. He dodged the attack of one and was tackled by another before driving the tip of the sword through its throat.

His smirk grew with each kill and the putrid smell of demon blood fueled him on. He couldn’t get enough and began wielding the sword blindly, hacking away at the doomed demon cult. He soon stood in the middle of a bloody pile of body parts, maniacal laughter spilling from his lips, blood smeared across his face. He turned to the young girl and raised his eyebrows.

“Lookie what I see. I get a treat for killing the big bad demons. I wonder what it tastes like,” he grinned and stalked toward her, laughing at her new screams. “I never get tired of that sound. Fear makes it taste better you know.”

The girl struggled against her chains but froze when the crazed man that had saved her from the demons straddled her legs. She flinched as his blood-covered hands brushed her hair out of her face.

“What’s your name?” he asked flatly.

“Amy…” she answered, not sure of how.

“Well Amy, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Angelus.” He smiled once again and then slid into his game face before sinking his teeth into her soft flesh. His eyes rolled back as the sticky, sweet liquid filled his mouth and coated his throat. He had her drained in a matter of seconds and left her empty corpse where he had found it.

“Now, tell me that isn’t better than pig’s blood!” he yelled in elation as he jumped back out onto the street and looked up and down the street. “Hmm…I think I need to pay a girl a visit,” he grinned and made his way to Cordelia’s apartment.





Angel can lose his soul if he experiences true happiness. What if now
that he knows the consequences, he can’t be truly happy? In the back
of his mind is always the knowledge that he would hurt those he loves
if he lost his soul. But if he is enraged and wants to really hurt
someone it could be considered true happiness because hurting them
would bring him pleasure.
I think this could make a great story. It could be a romantic fic
with Angel, or Angelus could be set loose.



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