SUMMARY: Angel is missing
POSTED: 11 Sep 2003
CATEGORY: None Listed
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) Big hugs to Christie, who named the fic.

Cordelia bolted upright in her bed as she heard the front door opening.

”Cordy?” Fred called from the living room. “Are you here?”

“I’m in my bedroom. Fred? What are you doing here?” Cordelia shouted back.

“Charles is with me, can we come in?” Fred asked.

“Okay, but I’m in bed, kinda wasn’t expecting visitors!” Cordelia said.

The bedroom door opened and Fred’s face appeared. “Hi.”

“Hi Fred, what are you doing here?” Cordelia repeated her previous question.

“It’s about Angel, he didn’t come home last night,” Fred replied.

“What?” Cordelia asked. Had Fred and Gunn just barged into her home because Angel failed to return home last night?

“Angel’s AWOL,” Gunn stated, appearing for the first time.

“And what, you just had to come over? Couldn’t you have called?” the seer asked.

“We tried but the phone’s continually engaged,” Fred told her.

Cordelia looked after at her phone, the receiver was off its cradle. “Oh.”

“It’s not like Angel not to come home, I think something’s happened to him,” Fred said.

“I’m sure Angel’s fine,” Cordelia replied, trying to reassure her friend. “Don’t you think Angel’s fine?” she asked Gunn.

“Not like Angel not to come home Cordy,” Gunn said.

“I guess, so where else have you looked?” the brunette asked.

“No where yet, we thought we’d check in with you first, we knocked but got no reply, Dennis let us in,” Fred said.

“Oh he did, did he?” Cordelia voice rose slightly in anger at her ghost for opening the door without warning her first. “Thanks Dennis,” she added, her voice no more than a whisper.

“Yeah, he’s so helpful, I wish I had my own ghost, Fred said.

“So, Angel .. is missing,” Cordy paused for a moment, still trying to figure out how all this happened.

“Yeah, his royal broodiness didn’t come home last night. Hey, maybe he got lucky?” Gunn offered.

“Angel gets lucky and it’s hello Angelus,” Cordelia said, rolling her eyes at Gunn.

“Oh yeah,” Gunn said. “Hey, are you naked under there?”

“Yes,” Cordelia replied, pulling the comforter further up her body. “Not that it’s any of your business.”

“Okay, just wondering.” Gunn said, holding his hand up in surrender.

“Charles,” Fred said.

“Sorry,” Gunn replied. “So what are we gonna do about our missing vampire?”

“I think you two should head back to the hotel and see if he’s turned up. I’ll get dressed and meet ya there, I’m sure you’re worrying about nothing.” Cordelia stated.

“I guess you’re right,” Fred replied. “Come on Charles,”

“Later Cordy,” Gunn said as he and Fred left Cordelia’s room.

As her front door closed, Cordelia let out a loud sigh. “I thought they’d never leave.”

The comforter moved slightly as Angel appeared from underneath it.

“Do you think they knew I was here?” he asked.


…The End…


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