Let the Games Begin

SUMMARY: Angel is no longer Angel, he is not Angelus either, he is something of a mix between the two and therefore far more dangerous and unpredictable.
POSTED: 10 Nov 2003
CONTENT/PAIRING: C/A eventually, Includes Angel/Eve
WARNINGS: Graphic Sexual Content including anal sex, non-con, and Language Use
1) My aim is to resolve the mess that Season 4 saw Angel and the Fang Gang placed in. I do not want Cordelia to be forgiving to Angel (not to start with) and I want Spike to be reunited with Buffy. I don’t watch Buffy so I am only going on what I have read in various forums etc for their storylines. Connor is the only person to have his memory altered. The real Cordelia is not back in this plane and the thing in a coma, is just that, the thing that looks like Cordelia but is not her.
2) I have not seen Season 5 so excuse me if some of this is incorrect!!!
3) This is my first attempt at writing fiction and I would appreciate some feedback, good or bad, don’t worry I won’t bite!!!
STATUS: Complete


The hyperion hotel was outlined against the dark night sky. The courtyard that had once been tended so lovingly was now overgrown with weeds. Cracks had appeared in the ground and slimy cold green moss had attached to these cracks.

All of a sudden a flash of lightning lit up the night sky and a bright white light appeared. As suddenly as the light came it was gone. Stillness was once again all around.

Across the other side of town a tall stern looking dark figure was staring out of a large glass window momentarily registering the flash of white light across the night sky. He then subconsciously put this to the back of his mind.

Angel are you in there? Fuck what does that annoying little bitch want now he wondered. Plastering a fake smile on his face, he turned as his door opened and Eve entered with a diary in her hand. He gave her a cursory glance and waited for her to speak. Angel, you know you have a 8.30 breakfast meeting with the Senior Partners tomorrow. Yes Eve, I am well aware of that, the vampire stated staring blankly at her. Yes well it is my job to ensure that you have everything you need to succeed in the Corporate World Angel … and Angel when I say everything I mean everything she said suggestively.

If I need to avail myself of your services further Eve, I will let you know, thus effectively dismissing her. Jesus, doesn’t she have a home to go to he thought in frustration.

Once the door had closed behind her, the vampire let out a loud growl and sank down in his chair. His thoughts immediately turned to the events of the last year. He should of known that he would never have been given a chance to have a ‘normal’ life, that everything was just another mind fuck courtesy of the one person he thought of as his best friend, Ha! what a fucking joke, she was another little bitch who had wormed her way into his affections, did he never learn, fucking Darla, fucking Buffy and now fucking Cordelia fucking Chase. Well at least with Darla, it was the most honest and lets fact it longest relationship he had ever had. It was what it was, purely sexual, brutal and all encompassing. Hell no wonder he fucked her when he was at his lowest ebb, during when as Lorne so eloquently put it my ‘beige’ period. He almost wished he had lost his soul. He had no-one to blame but himself for the position he was
in now. He had become too complacent, living and working with humans. They and especially his seer had led him to believe that that was his true path in life, that his redemption was based on helping the helpless. Yeah what a joke, how they must have enjoyed playing with his brain and manipulating his mind.

The vampires thoughts turned to Wesley, another fucking traitor, that bastard had stolen his son, and in that respect he was right up there with his seer on his death wish list. He should have killed the prick when he had the chance. Hell he still might just for the fun of it. Don’t get me started on Gunn, who does that guy think he is ‘a lawyer’ give me a break. When I found him he was nothing more than a homeless street fighter, maybe I’ll put him back on the streets. Then there is Fred, the skinny babbling stick insect fawning all over Spike. She makes my skin crawl. Spike that bleached blonde asshole. I can’t believe he is back here. Hey maybe he is waiting for the cookie dough to rise never mind fucking bake. Buffy, jeez, I want to vomit, can’t believe I kissed her in Sunnyhell when the world was ending again. Fuck, if it wasn’t for the W& H offer, I wouldn’t have gone to Sunnyhell in the first place. What did I ever see in her. That Angel is well and truly buried, must have been because my soul was feeling all shiny and new after living in sewers and feeding off rats for years.

He would take what W& H had offered.

His son was the only thing that mattered to him. He was the reason he had taken up their offer, that whore Cordelia Chase had corrupted and fucked his son. Connor was the innocent party in all of this. His childhood stolen, growing up in a hell dimension, he could well imagine what horrors he had to witness on a daily basis, no wonder he had succumbed to the warm inviting thighs of his seer. Cordelia Chase was dam lucky W& H had offered to ‘look after her’ whilst she was in her coma, yeah fucking lucky, if he had had his way she would have never have lived another day. He had dismissed his seer from his thoughts and not visited her once and it had been close on to 4 months.

No-one would ever get close enough to him again. The only living thing with his blood flowing through his veins was Connor, the only living thing with his genetic DNA was Connor and strictly speaking ……… Connor was not entirely human …… Yeah he had done the right thing in wiping Connor’s memory and placing him with a ‘normal’ family.

The side of Angel that the soul tempered was well and truly gone, yet Angelus was neither present. What remained was a deeply dangerous vampire intent on revenge as his ultimate goal and if he could get that under the cover of W& H so much the better.

The vampire poured himself a large scotch and settled down to plot and scheme.

W& H had no idea that the vampire held such hatred in his heart for his seer and thought that they were controlling him by looking after her. They did not know what was to come, they did not know that Angel had his own plans for disposing of her right under their noses.

And so the scene is set, let the games begin.



Cordelia Chase woke up to find herself on the floor inside the lobby of the Hyperion Hotel. “Thanks Guys, that’s just great” Cordelia muttered to herself. “Kidnap me to a higher plane and then return me on a frigging ray of light to Earth flat on my ass …… Jeez, what a bunch of assholes those higher powers are”.

The disgruntled seer drew in her breath and took a good look at her surroundings. The place was deserted and had an air of sadness and desolation which seemed to permeate the very air she was breathing. Where is everyone, what is going on she thought to herself.

The seer’s last memories were of Skip stopping her on the freeway informing her of her destiny and then BAM she was whisked upwards in a beam of light (a lot more gentler than the way she was unceremoniously dumped back to Earth she grouched) Where was everyone; where was Angel; where was Connor and the rest of the Fang Gang? Cordelia proceeded to go upstairs; what she found made her feel decidedly uneasy. Angel’s room was perfect, almost as if it had been transformed into a shrine to someone or something.

The most unsettling thing was the vase upon vase of dead flowers, Jasmine, Cordelia’s favourite flower. In fact the more she thought about it, the more unsettled she became. On further investigation she found the rest of the Hyperion to be relatively undamaged, but severely neglected and in need of some of her “cheap but cheerful faux designer touches”

“What the hell”, exclaimed Cordelia on finding one of the rooms in the Hyperion packed with box upon box of her belongings. “This is so not right” she exclaimed to no-one in particular.

The seer decided to go back to her apartment, only to find it locked and deserted. The practical side of Cordelia then took over, “okay it figures, I don’t know how long I have been missing, his stinginess decided not to keep my apartment for me” “yeah suck it up Chase you can deal with this”. With that the seer made her way back to the Hyperion and decided that she would make further enquiries tomorrow after a good nights sleep.

The following morning the first thing Cordelia did was contact the Letting Agency. She found out that her apartment was still available they had been unable to let it to anyone due to “paranormal” activity and no-body had lasted more than the one night. Dennis, Cordelia thought triumphantly, Good old Dennis.

Cordelia turned the key in her door, only to find it slammed in her face. “Dennis it’s me Cordelia I’m back she shouted through the keyhole”. The door opened furtively at first, then slammed back on its hinges, the next instant Cordelia found herself enveloped in what she could only describe as a cold blast of wind. “Jeez Dennis, knock me out why dontcha” she said. She then returned the icy hug and watched as Dennis turned the lights on and off several times in honour of her return.

Cordelia was pleased to find out that the apartment was still fully furnished. She booked a cab and collected as much of her belongings as she could from the Hyperion.

Answers were needed and needed fast, because there was still no sign of Angel or anyone from the Fang Gang. Wesley’s phone was no longer in service, Gunn and Fred had disappeared from the face of the earth, Connor was nowhere to be found. Cordelia, decided to pay a visit to Lorne, she decided that the Green Lounge Singer would be able to provide answers. On arriving at Caritas, the seer found out that it was under New Management and Lorne was nowhere to be seen. Something was very wrong with this picture.

On her way out of Caritas, Cordelia found herself face to face with Merle (for the purposes of this story he is still alive) “Whoa, he exclaimed, when did you wake up, last I heard you were still in a coma at W & H”. “Where’s that big mosquito you work for? “Yeah all help the helpless, not so noble now is he, he sure was quick to beat me every time he saw me, now he’s working for – hell no – running the evil company he fought so hard against”. “Guess everyone has their price”. “Say hi for me to the big leech”. With that he sauntered off.

Angel had endured another meeting with the Senior Partners. They wanted him to protect a couple of their best clients, best demon clients. The dark vampire appeared to be listening, but his mind was going over the plan he had devised last night to rid the world of his lying traitorous seer once and for all and no-one would stop him.

Yeah he would protect the demons, was he not one himself, at least you knew where you stood in dealing with demons, not like humans, not like his seer, who had bit by bit broken down the walls he had so carefully constructed around himself and crept unwittingly at first into his life and damm it if he was honest his heart. She used to come into work day after day looking so damm good, smelling so fine, the number of times he would get a hard on just looking at her.

Memories of his seer, playing with baby Connor, feeding him and lying down with him until he fell asleep unfolded in his mind. He had thought at the time, that if he had a beating heart it would leap in joy at the sight of seeing the only two humans in his life that mattered to him, his seer and his baby son curled up asleep together in his bed.

He snarled when images of Cordelia fucking Connor came into his mind, legs wide open, head thrown back in abandonment screaming Connor’s name. He should have known when the fucking bitch went off with Groo, what she was really like. He should have fucked the bitch himself, that night at the ballet, then she would have known what she was missing when she spread them for Groo. No like the stupid asshole he was back then, what did he do, he paid for her vacation.

Oh Cordelia, you fooled me, you fooled all of us, but me in particular, roping me in with your visions, your promises that you would be with me forever, all the planning that went into bringing Connor into the world, just so you could mate with him and bring forth Jasmine. Yeah your priceless.

Angel realised that the meeting room had gone deathly quiet and all eyes were on him. He realised the Senior Partners had heard his vicious snarl and were looking at his now vampiric features and drawn back lips. He covered up by saying he was just in the mood for a good kill and protecting the demons would hopefully involve some vicious kills. At this the Senior Partners all laughed and silently praised their judgement in bringing the dark and dangerous vampire over to their side.

Angel decided that he would put his plan into action to kill Cordelia Chase this evening. He knew when there was a shift changeover that that Cordelia would be left unattended, whilst the new team were updated on her condition.

Angel slowly slipped into Cordelia’s room and looked at her lying there. She looked so peaceful, almost as if she was asleep. He walked over to her bed and sat down in the chair next to her bed. “Who’s the clever one now Cordelia, was it worth it he said? “How you must have laughed at me, pulling me in with your feminine wiles, when I first bumped into you at that party”. “How long had you planned this Cordelia, you fucking bitch, you made me fall in love with you slowly day by day”. You were the reason, you made everything worthwhile, you made me believe in myself, and my redemption and then you trampled all over me you fucking whore”. “Now you get yours Chase you are going to die”. “I only wish you were awake so the last thing you would see, would be my face as you die, knowing that I am the one who is sending you into hell”. With that the Vampire placed a pillow over her face, until she stopped breathing. Without a further glance the vampire let himself out of the room and returned to his office.

ve tenatively knocked on Angel’s door and waited for his response before entering. She would normally just walk in, without waiting for a reply but the unfortunate job of telling Angel and the rest of the Fang Gang that his Seer had died had fallen on her shoulders.

When Eve entered the room, Angel was sitting in his chair perusing a file. Without looking up he spoke. “Yes Eve, what can I do for you” he said brightly, “I am sorry to be the bearer of such bad news Angel, but Cordelia has passed away” she said nervously. Angel abruptly raised his head from the file he had been looking at and said “Eve would you care to repeat that please, I don’t think I heard you correctly the first time”. Eve now stuttering repeated to Angel that Cordelia had passed away.

The vampire had to control his facial features from forming into a smirk. “No, this is not happening, I won’t allow Cordelia to die” he shouted. He rose swiftly from his chair and said “This must be a mistake; I refuse to believe that my Cordy has died”. He charged out of his office and took the elevator to Cordy’s room. Inwardly he was smirking at his acting skills.

On entering Cordy’s room, he saw Wesley, Fred, Gunn and Lorne standing around the bed. Fred was inconsolable and crying loudly. The others were silent. God how Angel wished Fred would stop making that awful wailing sound, he had to stop himself from walking over to her and slapping her senseless just to get her to shut the hell up.

Angel walked over to Cordelia’s beside and as he looked at her still form, he silently gloated at her death. He then changed his facial features into what he hoped was a look of total devastation and utter loss. His eyes however remained cold.

Angel insisted on arranging the funeral himself with no expense spared for his beloved Cordelia. He made all the appropriate noises and behaved in a suitably distressed manner for a few days after Cordelia’s death.

Everyone walked on eggshells around him. “Oh yeah I’m good baby” he said out loud. “I fooled all the fuckers”.


Cordelia entered her apartment in a state of complete shock and denial. “This can so not he happening”, she said out loud. Someone has to know what has been going on in my absence. “Crap, come on Cordelia think” she muttered to herself. As if by magic, a pen and paper floated onto her lap, with one word written ORACLES. “The golden twins, aren’t they like dead” she said. Another piece of paper floated towards her the same as before it said ORACLES. “Okay” Cordelia said, “I can take a hint Dennis, just for you I’ll go visit the Golden Twins”.

Cordelia found herself thrown violently to her knees upon entry to the Oracles chamber. She huffed stood up and dusted herself down.

“It has visited”. “What do you want lower being”. “Hey less of the lower being dorko, I am a HIGHER POWER” Cordy stated loudly. “What language does it speak?” said the male oracle. “It sounds angry” said the female oracle.

Cordy huffed and said “What do I want, what do I want?” “Oh I don’t know could it be answers to what the hell happened here while I was bodyknapped”

“All will be revealed, when one door closes, another opens” Cordy vaguely remembered Angel saying the same thing to her after Doyle had died and sealed her fate with his dying kiss.

The female oracle then spoke “Come here child” Cordy bit back her retort of “hey who are you calling a child” when she saw the sad look in the female oracles eyes.

Cordy warily approached the female oracle. The Female Oracle told Cordy to close her eyes. When her eyes were closed the Female Oracle placed her hand on Cordy’s forehead and immediately Cordy was assaulted with images of everything that happened while she was missing in action.

She saw everything, starting with the thing that was supposed to be Cordy arriving back in the Hyperion. From there, she saw how her ‘demon self’ had in turn manipulated and fooled all the Fang Gang.

She saw and felt how much Angel had loved her, and wanted her to remember everything they had done together over the last 3 years. She saw his anguish when she told him she did remember everything, including everything he did as Angelus. She heard him say clearly that he never kept the truth from her about Angelus. She heard “herself” say how it was different to not only know about Angelus, but to feel everything he had ever done.

Her greatest horror was when she witnessed how she had manipulated Connor into sleeping with her. God she wanted the images to stop, but they were shown to her like some bad horror movie. She saw how badly Angel had been injured, during the Rain of Fire and how he had come to see her in bed with Connor. She felt his distress and anger.

She balked when she heard ‘herself’ talking to Angel in the Garden of the Hyperion telling him that Angelus was smarter than him. “No Angel” she cried out “you are playing into her hands”. Of course it was too late, this had all taken place in her absence.

The rest of the nightmare unfolded before her distressed eyes. Everything all of it, including Jasmines birth and the subsequent coma which resulted from the demon birth.

The Oracles spoke in unison “Leave us now and think carefully on what has been shown to you”. “Your actions will have the power to change the course of the future for you and your Champion”.

“There is one more thing to show you”. “You will return here tomorrow for this information”.

Cordelia found herself outside the chamber on her knees. She made her way home in a daze and collapsed on her sofa where she sat for several hours, not moving, not speaking simply staring into space as the images she had been shown ingrained themselves indelibly on her memory.

Dennis knew something was wrong, but could not help.

Suddenly Cordelia rose from the sofa opened the lid of the toilet and threw up until her stomach ached from retching and her throat was raw.

She drew a warm bath and as she slid under the bubbles, she closed her eyes and started to assimilate and digest all the information she had been given.

Rising from the bath, she wrapped herself in a large fleecy robe and made some coffee. She knew she would be unable to sleep tonight.

As the night wore on, Cordelia’s initial distress at what she had been shown, turned into something more tangible, anger was starting to bubble up in her mind.

Anger at everyone but Connor.

Anger at Angel for believing she could be capable of acting in such a manner. Anger at Angel for thinking for one minute that she would ever sleep with Connor. God she was the closet thing that Connor ever had to a mother. She always knew that the Vampire could be dense at times, but this was frickin unbelievable.

“Connor, Oh my god, where is he” she shouted to the room. He had his innocence taken away from him by that demon whore parading as her. She would pay and pay dearly for that.

Cordelia’s anger at Angel changed again into something else, disgust and contempt with the undead asshole.

Fred, dizzy Fred, Streetwise Gunn, Dependable Wesley, where were her friends, no not friends, family. Where were they? Where was Lorne? Cordelia began to get a feeling of dread deep in the pit of her stomach.

What else did the Oracles have to show her? Surely nothing could be as bad as what she had already been shown.


Angel was as usual in his office. Eve knocked on his door. Angel had summoned Eve this time. She entered his office and found him lounging in his chair. The Vampire looked dispassionately at her.

“Eve glad to see you, come on in” he said. It’s time to take you up on your offer of assistance he said suggestively. A smile formed on the Vampires lips which never reached his eyes.

Angel stood up and told Eve to strip.

The Vampire walked around to the front of his desk and leaned back slightly with his arms crossed and his long legs stretched out and crossed at the ankles. He slowly let his eyes wander over Eve leaving her in no doubt as to his intentions.

Angel noticed how her breath hitched in her throat at his request. He heard the quickening of her heartbeat and rejoiced in the aroma of anticipation and fear that was starting to emanate from the women standing in front of him.

Eve stood completely still not moving a muscle.

“Come on Eve, now is not the time to play coy with me” said the vampire. “You made me an offer; in fact you have made me several offers to avail myself of your services”.

The vampire then leaned into Eve and whispered softly in her ear “Make no mistake I intend to avail myself fully of your services”.

Eve looked up at him from under her eyelashes and in what she hoped was a sultry manner.

Angel watched as Eve started to slowly unbutton her blouse all the time holding the dark vampire’s gaze. When she had opened the last button, she let the blouse slide to the floor. She then unzipped her black trousers and let them slide slowly down her hips to the floor.

Eve was now standing before the vampire in a blood red bra and matching thong.

Eve silently gloated to herself. Truth to tell it had been her ambition to get Angel in the sack ever since she had first laid eyes on him

News had travelled fast in the W& H building about the devastatingly handsome vampire who was now in charge of one of the most powerful law firms in LA and this was a powerful aphoristic to the female population.

Eve was aware as was everyone how much the brunette had meant to Angel and as Angel did not have a reputation for “sleeping around” and in her naivety Eve believed, somewhat foolishly, that she now had a chance at replacing Cordy in the Vampires affections, as he had chosen her over any other number of females who spent their time fawning over Angel.

Was she not now Angel’s link to the powers at Wolfram and Hart. She worked closely with Angel on a daily basis and in fact spent more time with him than his seer ever did she reasoned to herself. “Why would he not want me, I’m smart, sexy and I know how to please a man”, she surmised to herself.

“I will make Angel forget Cordelia Chase ever existed” she muttered under her breath.

Angel had never removed his eyes from Eves the whole time and it was impossible to tell what he was thinking. His face remained a blank emotionless mask. She never knew that his superior hearing had picked up her last remark about his seer.

“Turn around slowly Eve and keep you back to me” the vampire stated. Eve did as he requested. She then felt a draught as the vampire whispered in her ear, “Have you ever slept with a vampire Eve?” What he wanted to say was “Have you ever fucked a Demon Eve?” but he didn’t want to scare her not straight away, he wanted to soften her up first.

Angel then ordered Eve to open her legs and he reached between her legs to cup her fully. Eve gasped as she felt his cool fingers start to rub in slow circular motions against her centre. All the time the vampire kept rotating his pelvis into her ass, rubbing his erection rhythmically into her backside.

“Do you like that Eve” the vampire asked, “yes” she gasped. The vampire then pushed aside her thong plunging his fingers deep inside of her. Eve bucked back inadvertently grinding her ass deeper into his throbbing erection Angel hissed as he felt her inner muscles clamp down on his fingers. He felt his fingers become flooded with her juices and he quickly withdrew his fingers and removed his hand from her centre.

“Turn back around Eve and face me” Eve somewhat confused and disorientated at the sudden loss of pleasure she was feeling moaned “Angel why have we stopped”. Oh I haven’t stopped baby, I’m just getting started”. She failed to notice in her highly aroused state that when the vampire replied to her question, he replied in the singular.

“Remove the rest of your clothes Eve and Eve, lose the shoes, there’s a good girl”.

When Eve was standing nude before him the full force of her arousal assaulted his senses. Without any warning the Vampire dropped to his knees whipped Eve back around and spread her cheeks. As his tongue entered the puckered hole, he plunged his fingers back into her centre to finish off what he had started.

Eve’s legs buckled under her at the sensation of feeling Angel’s tongue and fingers stretching and filling her. Angel felt her orgasm building and quickly turned her back to face him, removing his fingers and replacing them with his tongue. Eve screamed as she felt his tongue plunge deep into her depths as his thumb and forefinger massaged her clit. Angel drank down every drop of fluid he could milk from her willing body.

The vampire did not give Eve a chance to recover from her orgasm. He stood up and commanded Eve to undress him.

Eve pulled his tee-shirt over his head and flung it over her shoulders. She then reached for his zipper, but his hand stilled her journey.

“Tut tut Eve, going for the present before all the wrapping is off. Eve looked at him blankly. “Bend down and remove my shoes and socks”
Eve complied and then stood up to face the vampire again.

“You can now remove the rest of my clothes Eve” As Eve unzipped Angel’s trousers and then removed his boxers, her breath hitched in her throat at the sight of him standing proud and erect before her. She was in no doubt that this would be the ride of her life.

The vampire smirked to himself as he correctly gauged Eve’s reaction to his length and breadth.

Eve felt moisture pool between her thighs in anticipation of just how good he would feel buried deep inside of her. She grasped his hard cold member in her hand and began to pump him. She heard Angel moan and then she bent down and pushed back his foreskin. Her mouth watered as she anticipated tasting him.

Eve was in 7th Heaven she had never tasted anything as good as this and the earthy masculine smell and taste of him almost had her coming again.

She placed the tip of him in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head. Angel looked at her on her knees in front of him taking his cock deeper in her mouth with every downward thrust of her head.

The Vampire continued to look down at Eve. He felt nothing for her, his body was merely acting instinctively to her ministrations.

Angel grabbed Eve around the waist and lifted her legs to straddle his hips. She groaned in frustration, she wanted him to come in her mouth. “Why’d you stop me Angel?” she griped angrily

The Vampire did not answer her instead he silenced here by plunging deep inside of her in one swift thrust, “like that baby, does that feel good?” Oh god yes” Eve moaned breathily, he then threw her down onto the floor, still inside of her and began to thrust harshly inside of her. Eve noted in the recesses of her mind that the Vampire had not kissed her even once.

As he felt her nearing her climax, he once again removed himself from her heated centre, leaving her angry and frustrated.

“What the fuck are you playing at” Eve said angrily.

Angel chuckled evilly in her ear “What the fuck Eve, What the fuck am I playing at?”

“Baby it’s more a question of what the fuck are you playing at and in this particular scenario that I am playing; it’s that classic scene known as …… Duh, let me think; Oh yeah it’s that old favourite of mine known as Let the Demon do the fucking” and not “Eves fucking a demon”.

He then purred “I’m in charge here Eve, not you” I take and do what I want, with whomever I want, got that Evie?”

Eve went to protest her indignation at his remarks but before she could utter a word he had pulled her up onto her knees and turned her back against him.

He then bent her forward and placed his fingers inside her centre again, she immediately responded to his thrusting clever fingers. He immediately felt her orgasm building and pinched down hard on her clit as he had already decided to let her come this time in preparation for what was to come next.

Before Eve had a chance to come down from her orgasm, Angel removed his fingers and coated his penis with her juices, he smeared the fluid on his fingers over her back passage plunged himself to the hilt in her pink puckered hole. Eve screamed in agony.

“Oh come on Evie, you can take me, just relax baby, after all this is what you wanted. When Eve didn’t respond he reminded her by gently whispering in her ear “Demon fucking in case you forgot”. “I only have to look at you Eve, to make you wet” “You’ve been buzzing around me like a cat in heat since day one Evie”.

With that Angel began to thrust more forcefully inside Eve and once the initial pain had eased, Eve found her body responding to his brutal thrusts.

Angel fucked Eve so hard, he knew he had torn her, but he didn’t care. He was a demon after all. This act could not even be called sex it was fucking, in all its brutal glory, cold and calculating, designed purely to humiliate and debase. What he didn’t expect was that Eve after the initial discomfort had passed would respond and meet him thrust for thrust.

“Fucking whore” his mind silently screamed at her enjoyment, that was not the plan, he only wanted to soften her up, give her a few orgasms before he taught her what it really felt like to be fucked hard by a demon.

He did not expect her to enjoy ass fucking. None of his other conquests did, oh wait a minute he smirked to himself, could that have been because he had tortured them nearly to death beforehand and entered them dry.

He continued to thrust harder and deeper into her; he felt his orgasm approaching and when he came, he came hard, he emptied his seed deep inside of her and the name he cried out when he came was not Eve, it was Cordy.

Eve immediately stiffened; the bastard had not only called out Cordy’s name in his climax he had withdrawn before she had finished.

Eve turned to look at the Vampire anger and rage flashing in her eyes.

“You son of a bitch” she spat at the Vampire and before he could react she gave him a resounding slap to the side of his face, which jolted his head to the side.

The vampire merely smiled at her. “I like pain Evie, Do you like pain?” “Want to play rough with me now” and with that he backhanded her and sent her sprawling across the room.

Before she had a chance to recover the vampire had her pinned under his considerable body weight. He bent his dark head and brutally bit into her right nipple drawing blood, he then repeated the same action on its twin.

“Do you like that Eve, Does that feel good? Eve was unable to answer, she could only moan in pain. “I asked you a question Eve, does that feel good? He looked up at her and slapped her harshly across her face. “Answer me bitch” “Yes Eve managed to gasp”
The vampire then lowered himself and bit deeply into the inside of her thigh letting the rich human blood coat the back of his throat. He shifted into his vampiric features as he greedily swallowed her blood.

His erection was hard and painful, and he plunged once again into her centre, thrusting over and over with no regard for the body lying under him. Any pretence at pleasuring Eve was now long gone from his mind and with each thrust he said loudly, “Why did you do it you fucking bitch?” “Why did you desert me?”

Eve heard what he was saying and wondered vaguely if it was some kind of vampire thing, the equivalent of vampire smut talk.

Despite the pain Angel had inflicted on her, Eve was enjoying this way too much and her body met each of the vampires’ thrusts with equal fervour. “Who wouldn’t” she said out loud. “What” the vampire said gruffly “who wouldn’t what?”

“Who wouldn’t enjoy this”?

He couldn’t believe it; the little bitch was enjoying this. That kind of appealed to Angel and he thrust even harder and he came just as he felt Eve’s climax approaching.

He then looked down at her and said “I recall that you wanted me to come in your mouth earlier Evie, well now the pleasure is all yours”.

With that he stood up dragging Eve with him. He looked coldly at her and pushed her to her knees “Finish what you started and you had better make sure I come hard and fast”.

When Eve had finished Angel off, he threw her clothes at her and told her to get dressed and get out.

As she went to open the door to leave, she heard Angel say “You’re my new Fucktoy Eve, how does that grab you”. He quietly added in an amused tone “not quite the same thing as making me forgot my seer, is it Evie”.

He knew by the stiffening of her shoulders that she had heard him.


Cordelia once again entered the Oracles Chamber for the second instalment of their damning saga. “Oh yeah, cos lets fact it, its not like I have enough drama in my life” she muttered angrily.

The Oracles approached her “You have returned Lower Being”

“Okay about the Lower Being stuff, find a different name” she shouted

“It is angry again” the Male Oracle said, “Why is it always angry”
Lower Beings are inferior, they do not know how to control their emotions” the Female Oracle replied. “This one in particular is a fitting match for the Champion”.

The Female Oracle then turned back to Cordy. She beckoned for Cordy to come closer and then graced Cordy with a smile.

“What you will now see is that which has befallen”. “You alone have the power to put right that which has been done”.

Once again the Female Oracle placed her hand on Cordy’s forehead and Cordy was assaulted with images of Angel. Angel slipping in to her room and killing her, Angel with Eve. If she did not know better, she would have thought these were visions of Angelus and not Angel.

The Female Oracle removed her hand and spoke:

“Your path will be long and dangerous child, but we have faith in you”. “You are the only one capable of bringing our champion back to the fold”.

“Not so fast” Cordelia stated. “I have some questions I want answered and conditions that I want you to honour before I go any further or agree to anything”.

In the back of her mind a plan was starting to formulate, but her immediate concern lay with Conner, she just knew that somehow he was the key to resolving this mess. What she did not know was how yet.


Wesley had been feeling decidedly uncomfortable for some time now with the turn of events which had led to Angel accepting the deal that W&H had offered.

He was aware that this was not the first time the Vampire had struck a deal to alter past events. Wesley knew that Cordelia’s memory had been unaffected by Angel’s deal with the powers to take back the day that he had become human. Wesley also knew that it was only because of Cordelia’s utter devotion and faith in the Vampire that she had refrained from throwing this fact back in has face, and most particularly after he had fired them during his now infamous ‘beige’ period.

He was surprised and then honoured that Cordelia had trusted him with this piece of information not long after he joined Angel Investigations.

Wesley knew that she had been concerned for Angel after his alter-ego had briefly reared his head during the Rebecca Lowell incident and perhaps it was all a bit too much for her to cope with on top of the visions she was receiving on a frequent basis.

She had discussed with Wesley the possibility of perhaps contacting the Powers, to see if they could not strike up a similar deal if Angelus showed no signs of leaving. Thankfully this proved too not be the case.

Wesley only realised how deep the seer’s affections went for the Vampire after he had sacked them. Cordelia was devastated at his actions. She had vowed to stay with him and never leave him, she suffered mind numbingly painful visions for him and he had tossed her aside like a piece of garbage. Wesley and Gunn were also upset but to a lesser extent. Cordelia had been with Angel since the beginning and had helped set up Angel Investigations, and her pain cut the deepest.

Wesley thoughts then drifted to Gunn and Fred.

Gunn seemed to lack his old vibrancy, and the handsome ex street kid seemed lost, almost as if he was trapped inside some form of mind control. He was exhibiting some deeply disturbing character traits and behavioural patterns. Wesley always thought Gunn had been to a certain extent pre-judged by the rest of the A1 team. Fred had been the first to label him the ‘muscle’ and everyone else went along with this description of him.

Wesley knew differently. Gunn had an excellent mind and more often than not his comments sometimes said in jest; sometimes in sarcasm; turned out to be relevant and to be the turning point in solving many of their weird and wonderful cases.

This was often overlooked by the rest of the gang, because Gunn was seen merely as the ‘muscle’ and to some extent he perpetuated this by exhibiting his “street kid” persona, as Wesley put it.

Wesley’s thoughts then switched to Fred. “Ah yes, lovely Fred” he said out loud. How Fred had grown and developed from the babbling frightened little girl they had first brought back from Pylea never ceased to amaze him. Fred was certainly not a little girl any more. She had grown into a confident, mature and beautiful women.

Still Wesley surmised, for all the wall to wall high tech gadgets in the laboratory that Fred was now in charge of, she had also lost the sparkle and vibrancy that used to shine from her eyes.

Their family had been torn asunder and with Cordelia’s death there seemed to be little hope of it ever being put back together again.

Wesley decided he would pay the Vampire a visit and on his way to Angel’s office Wesley’s thoughts then fell on Connor.

Wesley knew that Angel had thought he was acting in Connor’s best interests by altering his son’s memory. Wesley wasn’t so sure this was the case. Connor had been through more than most people could ever imagine. His upbringing had been based on lies and deceit perpetuated by Holtz and then compounded by the events surrounding Jasmine’s arrival in the world.

Connor still possessed supernatural abilities in terms of his strength and superior olfactory abilities. It would only be a matter of time before Connor would realize he was not quite like other people.

“For God’s sake” Wesley exclaimed, nobody knew how fool proof this “memory” wipe was. He had the strangest feeling that they had not heard the last from Connor and that this whole business would backfire and kick them all in the proverbial ass with a resounding thud. Wesley had no idea how close to the truth he was.

As Wesley approached Angel’s door he heard voices from inside. He raised his hand and knocked. “Come on in Wes” Angel said. Angel had tracked Wesley’s scent from the moment Wesley had stepped out of the lift onto his floor.

As Wesley entered Angel’s office he saw that Angel was sitting behind his desk and that Eve was standing in front of the desk.

When Eve did not acknowledge Wesley’s presence, he took it upon himself to speak first. “Good Morning Eve”. Eve turned to face Wes and replied “for some of us maybe”.

Wesley gasped in shock as he took in her features. Eve has a black eye, a bust lip, and her face was puffy and swollen. He also noticed that the only visible parts of her body were her face, neck and arms.

His eyes drifted to her neck. Her neck was black and blue and she had a livid red ring around the circle of her neck, which looked almost as if someone had tried to strangle her. He then noticed her hands. Her nails were short and ragged. Her hands were covered in scratches and bruises.

Before Wesley could speak Angel said “Eve had an accident Wes on her way home last night. “She was in her car at a Red Light when she was “rammed” from behind”. “It must of hit her hard to inflict that sort of damage” Wesley said.

“Yea Wes, it must have been a big hard bang” the Vampire responded.

The Vampire then stood up, stepped out from behind his desk and placed his arm around Eve’s shoulder. “Eve I appreciate you coming into work for me today” he said. “It takes a special kind of women to come, after she has been injured”, Eve looked into his eyes and saw the full meaning of his words locked in his cold uncaring eyes. “Yep she is all about the coming” his inner voice said triumphantly.

“If there is anything and I mean anything I can do for you Eve, please let me know” the Vampire said silkily, throwing Eve’s words back in her face.

Eve glared at him and replied in a sweetly false voice; “If that’s all Angel, I would like to take the rest of the afternoon off, I still haven’t recovered from the events of last night”.

“Of course Eve, I’ll see you in the morning, get some rest”.

Wesley was starting to feel uncomfortable a bit like a third cog in the exchange between Angel and Eve.

The vampire then turned his attention to Wesley. “Hey Wes, what can I do for you” he questioned.

“Angel I know that things have been difficult for you lately and how distressed you are about Connor”. I also know that Cordelia’s death has affected you very deeply, more so than you probably realise”. “You have not allowed yourself time to grieve properly”.

“What I’m trying to say is that I’m here, Angel if you feel the need to talk about things”.

Angel clenched his hands into fists fixed Wesley with a cold stare and replied “Thanks Wes, I appreciate the offer, but really I’m fine”. His inner voice again screamed “You useless pathetic baby stealing wanker, I want to rip your fucking throat out”.

A resounding vibration was heard in the corridor outside Angel’s office.

“It does not realise that it can not make demands of us” The Male Oracle stated.

“Okay buddy, first I’m a Lower Being, now I’m an It; have you looked in the mirror lately?” “cos from where I’m standing, you look more of an It than I do” Cordelia retorted angrily.

“Its babbling angrily again” the Male Oracle stated.

The Female Oracle felt a certain kind of sympathy for Cordelia.

She decided to let Cordelia know everything in detail that had transpired since the day Darla had been brought back from death.

“All will become clear child, come forward”. Once again the Female Oracle instructed Cordelia to close her eyes and she then placed her hand on Cordy’s forehead.

Cordelia found out that she had been kidnapped by Jasmine’s minions and kept comatose in a hell dimension. In fact the same dimension Holtz had taken Connor to when he was a baby. A Dimension the Oracles were helpless to penetrate, the evil within was too encompassing and powerful for even the Oracles to penetrate.

Cordelia learned that this was a dimension the Powers had constructed eons ago to contain creatures such as Jasmine. The dimension known as Quor torth. Once evil had been locked in that Hell Dimension it was supposed to be impossible to escape. The Powers did not care that the place was full of the evilest, vilest creatures ever known to man, as far as they were concerned, the evil was contained.

It was true Connor had been given life solely for the purpose of mating and bringing forth Jasmine. Wolfram & Hart utterly pissed off with the Vampires actions in thwarting their every move were the only earth bound entities who knew about Quor torth and had the resources available to set about this whole chain of events.

W& H had brought Darla back from the bowels of hell for one reason only, and that was to seduce and mate with Angel.

They knew that the offspring of two of the most vilest and evil vampires too ever walk the face of the earth, would be the only creature able to mate with and impregnate the entity responsible for bringing forth Jasmine.

Cordelia learned of the false prophecy of Wolfram & Hart claiming the Father would kill the Son. They didn’t know a time travelling demon by the name of Sajhan would get to hear of this false prophecy. They didn’t bank on Holtz either, but as it happened it all turned out rather nicely for them in the end.

Cordelia also learned that Wesley played straight into their hands as they knew he would.

The ex-watcher relied far too much on his musty old books proclaiming various types of prophecies. They knew he wouldn’t let anything happen to baby Connor and they weren’t disappointed.

Cordelia learned about Justine. Justine had turned out to be a double-crossing bitch and sided with Holtz, but the end result was much as they had wanted.

It worked to the benefit of W&H when Holtz kidnapped baby Connor, he did the one thing they wanted. Taking Connor into the hell dimension known as Quor Torth. They gave strict instructions that Holtz was not too be harmed, he was now responsible for looking after Connor and if they were totally honest, they trusted Holtz more with Connor’s safety than any demon. They were not concerned that baby Connor had a soul, he was a creature of evil, born of evil, his soul had been tainted with evil since conception.

Cordelia learned that Wolfram & Hart planned to take Connor to Quor Torth as they knew time ran differently there. They wanted Connor back as soon as possible to carry out his destiny, which was too bring forth Jasmine. In Quor torth Connor would be an adult in a matter of weeks. They would then return him.

The one thing W & H did not foresee was that Connor would come back to this dimension too soon. They did not foresee that Cordelia would cleanse his soul. This had the unwanted side effect of making Connor ‘more human’

W & Hart also knew that the one person Connor had had any type of connection with was Cordelia.

They had placed a type of physic radar inside Connor’s brain shortly after his birth and at the same time they had laced Angel’s blood with Connors.

They knew that Cordelia had tried to cleanse Connor’s soul of the darkness it had become infected with during his stay in Quor Torth.

This link had become impotent after Cordelia’s little cleansing gig.

Cordelia learned that shortly after she had cleansed Connor’s soul, Wolfram & Hart decided to bring into play to the next stage of their plan for world domination.

They were not pleased with Cordelia’s cleansing ritual, but once again Angel Investigations had unwittingly played into their hands.

This cleansing ritual meant that Cordelia and Connor had already formed a bond. It was relatively easy for W& H to replace Cordelia with the evil entity who took on her appearance.

Cordelia also learned about Angel being sunk to the bottom of the sea by Connor a little detail the Oracles had failed to tell her previously.

Cordelia shuddered to think of what Connor would be capable of if she hadn’t performed her soul cleanse on him. He wasn’t a barrel of laughs at the best of times and could give Angel a run for his money with the broody menacing undercurrents to his character.

Cordelia knew what was coming next, she had already been shown it during her earlier visit to the powers.

“Please stop, no more” Cordelia screamed and then collapsed.

When she came around, she found she was in a different room and that she was sitting on a chair. The Oracles were still present.

The Female Oracle spoke first.

“What is it you request of us child”.

“Okay, first of all, I want to know where Connor is”. “He is the link to all of this”.

The Male and Female Oracles conferred with each other.

“Secondly, I want Angels soul to be made permanent”

“We are not in the business of granting wishes Lower being” the Male Oracle said.

“You need my help dontcha? “Your warrior at the moment is in serious trouble, what with his trip to the dark side and all that” (“dense stupid stubborn vampire”) she muttered to herself – “I don’t think you would be granting a wish as much as getting what you want”

“We will do as you request child, for your journey will be dark and dangerous”. “Connor may be the only protection you have from the Vampire”.

“Great” Cory again muttered “Stupid psycho vamp, he is so going to get his ass kicked”.
“One more thing” “How did I return?”

The Male Oracle Spoke;

“Once Jasmine died and the entity which brought her into this world was contained in a coma, becoming weaker by the day, the hold Quor Torth held over become more fractured. “It allowed us to channel our energy enough to create a tear in Quor Torth to open up a portal for you to slip through.”


The resounding vibration which was coming from the corridor outside the Vampire’s office started to intensify – “What the Fuck” Angel exclaimed.

Wesley had already reached the door of Angel’s office, and as his hand was poised on the door handle ready to open the door, everything went deathly quiet.

Wesley stalled his hand movement and turned to look at Angel who was now standing directly behind him.

Angel nodded his head at Wesley indicating that the former watcher should open the door.

Wesley inched the door open slowly, suddenly Angel pushed Wesley to one side and barged past him into the corridor.

His eyes widened in surprise and anger when he saw Spike lying on the floor, in game face and snarling.

The smaller blond vampire suddenly found himself swinging in the air by his throat.

He tried to ward of his attacker, but the vice like grip was impossible to break.

Still disorientated Spike focused on his captor and looked straight into the eyes of the devil himself.

“What are you doing here Spike” his captor spoke. Spike could only make unintelligible sounds. “Answer me asshole” the voice boomed again.

Through his haze of pain and inability to speak, Spike inwardly cursed to himself, “The big poofter is still as dense as ever, how the fuck can I speak when he is all but crushing my windpipe”

Spike swiftly raised his right leg which was dangling of the ground at just the right position and with all his force he kicked out and connected directly with Angel’s groin area.

The bigger vampire immediately released Spike and dropped to his knees, his eyes watering from the impact of the blow he had just received.

As he recovered his composure and prepared to counter-attack he noticed that Spike was nowhere to be seen.

“Show yourself” Angel roared.

“The big poofter really has lost it this time” Spike mused to himself. “I’m standing right in front of the fuckwit”.

Meanwhile Wesley had been watching the events as they unfolded from a safe distance. He was somewhat surprised to see Spike disappear from right under his nose. “interesting” he murmured.

It was then that Wesley’s attention was drawn to a glowing amulet lying on the floor in the same sport where Spike had appeared.

Wesley walked over to the amulet and held it up. “Angel isn’t this the amulet you brought to Sunnydale?” he questioned.

Angel looked at the amulet and nodded. “That’s right, I received it in the mail several days ago”. “I asked Eve to dispose of it, you know put it in storage or something”.

“This amulet could be linked to Spike” Wesley stated.

“I think I’ll go and do some research on it” Wesley slipped the amulet into his pocket. As he turned to leave Angel said “Just a minute Wes, where do you think you are going with the amulet?”

“Um Angel”, the ex watcher said slowly as if he was speaking to a child
“I just told you that this amulet could be linked to Spike, so I am going to try and find out what it means”.

The vampire just looked blankly at him. “Angel this amulet was lying in the exact spot where Spike just appeared”. “Don’t you want to find out if it is linked to Spike and more to the point where has Spike gone to?” “There could be dark magic at play here Angel”.

Angel knew what Wesley was saying made sense , but he couldn’t stop the vicious snarl that was forming in the back of his throat, from rising to the surface.

“Patronising prick” Angel thought.

“It’s not like I didn’t hear you the first time Wes” he replied.

“It’s just that, well when you didn’t respond, I assumed you wouldn’t mind”. Wesley countered.

“Jeez Wes, I needed a moment to adjust to seeing Spike, like you said earlier in my office , I have been through a lot just lately, what with Cordelia dying and everything”.

Angel admitted he wanted answers as well so he said;

“Okay Wes, just take the amulet and report back to me with your findings as soon as possible”.

Once again his inner voice come to the fore:

“Assuming, fucking assuming, why does everyone always fucking assume?
“They haven’t got a clue”.

“If only they knew what I assumed was best for them” Angel smirked to himself, “their toes would curl”.

Spike had been listening to the exchange between Angel and Wesley with great interest. The last thing Spike remembered was placing the amulet around his neck and then going to meet his death. “Bloody painful it was too” Spike mused.

“Okay If I’m back here but I can’t been seen, does that mean I’m a frigging ghost?” Spike surmised.

“Save the world and what do I get in thanks, another undead life, only this time an invisible one” “Bollocks to that” Spike said. I need to check this out.

Spike walked down the corridor, turned the corner, down three steps and stopped in front of a reception desk. He looked at the receptionist and spoke, “Excuse me Miss, I’m here for my meeting with Angel”. No response. He repeated the words, still no response. “Bloody Hell” Spike said, I am a ghost.

“This could be fun” Spike said out loud. “Not like anyone can see me or even hear me right” he said even louder. “Lets start with Peaches”.


Cordelia made her way home to her apartment in a daze. She was unaware of time passing by or how she even managed to make her way home in one piece. Her very soul felt as if it had been ripped apart and torn into little pieces. She had never felt pain on this scale in her entire life. Not even the pain she had endured during her two manipulated physic episodes courtesy of Wolfram & Hart, could in any way come close to the complete mental and physical anguish she was now suffering.

It was all too much for Cordelia to take in, and she collapsed in a heap inside her front door and let her emotions take over. She cried for what had once been, she cried for what was now lost and she cried for what she knew was to come.

Dennis was hovering anxiously around Cordelia and he wished with all his heart that he could gather the brunette up in his arms and offer her some form of comfort.

Much later, Cordelia dragged herself up off the floor. She ran a hot bath, poured herself a glass of red wine and lay back in the warm soothing water to decide how she was going to deal with the situation she now found herself in and in particular how she was going to deal with Angel.

Cordelia knew that it would be extremely dangerous and foolhardy for her to make any physical contact with the Vampire just yet. “How can I let him know that I am back without placing myself in danger” she mused out loud.

On that note, Cordelia rose from the bath, and dried herself off.

Cordelia had been grateful for having Dennis around on many occasions and tonight was no exception. The ever faithful ghost had laid out what Cordelia called “her snugly pyjamas”. They were well worn, but very soft and comfortable. “Thanks Dennis; you’re the best” Cordy said “and boy do I feel the need to be comforted Dennis” she added as an afterthought.

The air around Cordy shifted as Dennis acknowledged her comments.

Once she was dressed, the seer carried the bottle of wine and her glass through into the lounge and settled down on the sofa to formulate her plan.

The words to one of Cordy’s favourite songs came into her mind

D’you think I’d leave your side baby, You know me better than that;
D’you think I’d leave you when your down on your knees, I wouldn’t do that; …………… If only you could see into me ……………

Cordelia quickly dispelled the song from her mind. Now was not the time for her to be getting sentimental, she had just witnessed the Vampire killing her.

Cordelia thought back to the very first time she had met the dark vampire after leaving Sunnydale. He was the last person she had ever expected to meet again and at a party thrown by Russell Winters no less.

Cordelia was still a little wary of Angel way back then, but those feelings soon disappeared once she started working for him. Of course, Doyle had to take some of the credit for that, his playful banter with the vampire had rubbed off on her to some extent and had influenced the way she interacted with Angel in those early days.

Cordelia then began to think back to how Angel had behaved when Buffy had come to visit him not long after they had set up Angel Investigations.

She knew Angel had taken back the day when he had been made human. At the time Cordelia had thought the Vampire had done so for Buffy’s benefit and at great personal sadness to himself. He had declared that he was of no help to Buffy as a human.

She knew Angel was unaware that she knew about this. She had admired the vampire for his heroism in sacrificing his chance at being human. She had inwardly berated Buffy for once again causing great distress to Angel. Now she wasn’t so sure about Angel’s reason for taking back the day.

Buffy and Angel were living in different cities, to all extents and purposes they weren’t even an item anymore. If Angel truly loved Buffy as much as he professed to, would he not jump at the chance to be with her? Hell, Buffy faced danger every day; she was a slayer and not exactly Little Miss Helpless when it came to kicking demon ass. She did not need for Angel to be a vampire to be with her.

Wasn’t theirs supposed to be the greatest love story ever, star crossed lovers on a par with Romeo and Juliet. “Yeah right” Cordelia snorted; maybe in Buffy’s eyes, but obviously not in Angels.

Then there was the Gem of Amara. Angel had destroyed the gem. Again this was something that could have benefited Angel greatly. Why destroy it? Angel had once again portrayed himself as the long suffering tormented vampire with a soul – a hero for destroying the gem, the one thing the love of his life had given him, and even then he couldn’t keep it; he didn’t deserve it, he had to destroy it. “Another sob story”. “What a load of crap” Cordy muttered angrily.

What vampire wouldn’t give his eye teeth for such a gem. To be able to venture out in the sunlight. This would have been a god send for Angel in helping the “good fight”.

“Oh no it couldn’t it be that Angel likes the power and immortality that comes with being a Vampire cos they must be hard babies to give up”, Cordelia shouted to the room.

The seer then ran down a list

Sacking them; Setting Darla and Dru on Fire; Killing the Lawyers: Sex with Darla; The veiled threat she had seen in his eyes the time he came looking for a book at their new offices; Trying to kill Wesley;

One thing stood out as glaringly obvious to Cordelia, when all these events took place Angel still had his soul. He wasn’t Angelus he was Angel.

Angel was a lying, manipulative, son of a bitch who thought he could play God with people’s lives. The irony of her use of the word God wasn’t lost on the by now slowly seething brunette.

Cordelia then realised that when something came along that Angel didn’t like or when he was confronted with facing his feelings, he simply made them go away.

It was far easier for Angel not to have to deal with the emotional fall out from Buffy’s visit so what did he do, he wiped the day from her memory. He didn’t have the guts to tell Buffy it was over, that he had purely used her for sex. He didn’t have to deal with her reaction. Angel was a coward and an asshole.

She thought back to the day the Vampire had fired them. Again it was far easier to sack them, than it was to let them in; let them try and help him.

As much and Cordy hated the evil bitches Darla and Dru, setting them on fire was a cruel act. He could have tried to kill them in a more humane manner. “Like staking them for instance” she yelled.

The Lawyers at W & H, again, easier to have them disposed of. Weren’t they a thorn in his side. That way he didn’t have to deal with them. If he was the champion, wasn’t he supposed to save souls.

“The bastard put that argument into play, when he saved Faith, and that was after she had already tried and nearly succeeded in killing him in Sunnydale”.

“Oh yeah; stupid much” Cordelia said aloud “How about Faith lying in wait for me at my apartment and knocking me out so she could kidnap and torture Wesley”. “Didn’t see that getting in the way of Angel’s soul either”. “Yeah Angel obviously sees a kindred spirit in Faith”. “Lets face it they are both good with the death and torture” she shouted.

“Oh and don’t even let me get started on Connor’s memory wipe” she shouted angrily. The jerk couldn’t even face up to his responsibility as a Father. No cos that would involve way too much effort and hard work.

Cordelia then realised that the Angel she would now have to face, was the same Angel who came out to play whenever the going got tough. The same Angel who so coldly and without the slightest hesitation entered her room and killed her.

“Why is that” Cordy mused. Because “he is an egotistical cruel, evil bastard” she shouted and added as an afterthought and “He is the real Angel”.

The seer realised that once again the Vampire with a Soul had fooled everyone.

“Well you sure had me fooled, you asswipe” she said.
“But no more buster, not any longer” Cordy again shouted even louder this time.

“Come on Cordy” think she said out loud. A light bulb went on in the seer’s mind. “Of course, that’s it”. “It has to be” she exclaimed.

Cordelia was going to tell Angel exactly what she thought of him. That she knew he wasn’t the Champion he liked everyone to believe he was. That she knew who the real Angel really was, and that he was far more dangerous than Angelus was; because the real Angel had carried out some of his worst acts with a soul.

Angelus didn’t have that little added extra.

She was going to let the bastard know he hid behind a façade and that the façade was slowly and surely slipping to reveal the true Angel.

God she had never felt such hatred for anyone ever before.

She was going to send Angel the perfect gift, a videotape of herself, Cordelia Chase, telling the Vampire exactly what she thought of him.
Then she was going to visit Connor.


Spike was shocked to say the least when he found himself awake and lying on the floor of Wolfram & Hart. When he found himself in Angel’s death grip, he surely believed he was truly dead and in Hell.

Spike didn’t know why he had been brought back and more to the point why he had been brought back as a ghost, but he was astute enough to realise that you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, “yeah even if the mouth I was looking into was bloody peaches” he griped out loud.

Once the initial shock had worn off and Spike realised he was invisible, he decided he was going to have a little fun and Angel was the first on his list.

The dark Vampire had just returned to his office and was sitting behind his desk. He didn’t know what to make of Spike’s appearance, the last he had heard, Captain Peroxide had perished saving Sunnyhell.

Spike quickly realised he could pass through walls and doors, when he had placed his hand on the door handle to Angels office; only to find that his hand and part of his arm had started to pass through and emerge on the other side of the door. “Bloody hell” he said “That was unexpected”.

A wicked gleam appeared in Spike’s eyes as he spied Angel sitting in his chair. “The pathetic wanker’s brooding again” he said.

Spike stood in the middle of the room directly facing Angel and shouted out;

“Oy Peaches, you know that Slayer of yours, the blond bit, the great love of your undead life, let’s just say I’ve been there, done that”.

“That chit gives flexibility a whole new meaning”.

“She has a pet name for you peaches ……… 5 five-minute man, you big poofter”.

Spike stood perfectly still, fear gripping him, when he thought for one second that maybe Angel could hear him, even if he couldn’t see him.

No reaction. This was great, all the things he wanted to say to Angel, but would never dare to when he was alive, (well undead anyway) sprang to his mind. Hell this was better than therapy and way cheaper.

Spike then walked over to Angel’s desk, he crouched down in front of Angel and tied his shoelaces together. (Yes I know; but for the purpose of this story, he can touch things — humour me guys!!)

Spike then made his way over to the kitchen and opened the Fridge. He spied Angel’s blood.

“Lets spice up peaches liquid diet”. Spike knew what he wanted to put in Angel’s blood; he just wasn’t sure where to get it.

Spike then left Angel’s office and made his way back to the reception desk. Okay Spike, think, humans working for a vampire, not just any old run of the mill vampire, but a vampire whose cruelty knew no bounds and was well documented.

What would a human use for protection, oh yeah silly me, he grinned wickedly, humans are so predictable, could there be some …… let me think …… H O L Y W A T E R amongst all the other paraphernalia.

Sniggering wickedly, Spike then returned to Angel’s office, and spiked (no pun intended) Angel’s blood with Holy Water.

“That should do for starters” Spike said.


Cordelia decided that she wanted to create maximum visual impact on the Vampire. She wanted that undead assholes eyes to stand out on stalks, when he saw how good she looked.

She wanted him to know just exactly what he was missing by not having Cordelia Chase in his life anymore.

“No reason to let standards slip” Cordelia mused.

While Cordelia had been kept captive in Quor torth, her hair had started to grow and it was now just past her shoulders. In preparation for the video, she had dyed her hair to get rid of the remaining blonde highlights and she was now once again a stunning brunette.

Cordelia applied the finishing touches to her make-up. Her eye make up had been applied to give her a sultry appearance. Her hair had been softly curled and scooped up loosely with just a few stray strands framing her beautiful face.

Cordy had decided to wear ruby red ear-rings and a matching choker. The delicate ear-rings shimmered against her soft skin and dark hair and drew attention to her beautiful facial features. Her full lips were painted a muted shade of red and added the finishing touch to her appearance.

“Yeah Chase you’ve still got it” she said out loud and to the mirror.
The air around her fluttered with Dennis’ silent agreement.

Cordy was wearing a pair of slim fitting black trousers with a black silk shirt. The top 4 buttons of the shirt were left open to reveal just a hint of the swell of her breasts and designed to tease and draw eyes downwards. She finished off her outfit with a pair of black strappy open toed sandals.

Just before she pressed record on the VCR. Cordy muttered

“You’re not the only one who looks good in black”.

She then began to speak:

“Angel think of this videotape as a little present from me to you”. “A present which is going bring with it the promise of something which you and only you deserve”. “Did I say promise, what I meant to say was guarantee”, she purred silkily.

“Did you seriously think for one minute, that I was going to let you get away with killing me”?

“I know everything you do Angel, I am your seer after all”.

“By the way, how is Eve? The powers filled me in on that little liaison”.

“Jeez Angel, it would have been kinder to just club her over the head and knock her out”. “At least that way she wouldn’t have had to endure your pathetic performance”.

“Your sexual skills leave a lot be desired”. “For someone who’s been around as long as you, I would have thought by now that you would have outgrown your cave man routine”. “Obviously not”.

“Am I supposed to be flattered that you called my name out, while you were with Eve?” “Got to say not seeing that ever working”. “You know me, you, together”.

“I like my men to have a heartbeat and to know what they’re doing”.

“You may as well as have been banging a hole in the wall”. “Need to brush up on your technique dontcha Angel”.

“You know what they say you can take the vampire out of the man, but you can’t take the man out of the vampire”. “Must be a residual effect of Angelus”. “I mean he did like to slap his victims around before he could get off”.

“Oh and Angel, Eve was the victim in that particular scenario” and she was slapped around and you did get off”. Cordelia said sweetly.

“Got to say your consistent Angel”.

“What is it with you and whinny little blondes Angel?”. “Do they make you feel more of a man?”

“Even the Slayer was reduced to a whinging, clinging mess whenever she was around you”.

“Do you like your women to look sound and act like pubescent schoolgirls?

“Easier to impress with the whole dark avenger gig”

Softens them up for you”. “Easier to tempt into bed” “Easier to slap around”.
“If I recall Angelus had a penchant for young girls; young virgins”.
“Ring any bells asshole”

“When was the last time you were with a Woman Angel?” “A real woman”.

Cordelias voice then lowered and she spoke calmly and evenly:

“Let me tell you this Angel, it was harrowing enough seeing you kill me. It was even more stomach churning however, knowing you banged Eve, after killing me ……… yet it was my name you called out not Eves”.

“What does that mean Angel?”

Cordy then stood up and slowly removed every item of clothing, until she was standing naked in front of the camera.

She then said:

“Just so you know what a real woman looks like Angel”

“You can look, but you can’t touch”

“This is what you will never have Angel”

“This is what you are not man enough to have Angel”.

“You haven’t heard the last from me Angel”.

“Be seeing you around”

She then switched off the camera.


“Delivery for Mr Angel Sign here please”

“Come In” the gruff voice of the Vampire said.

“This parcel has just arrived for you sir” the nervous receptionist said.

She then handed the parcel to Angel.

“Thanks” he said.

The receptionist then left the Vampires office, glad she did not have cause to enter it often. She felt decidedly uneasy around him.

Angel looked at the package and opened it. A videotape was revealed to him. There was no accompanying note or business card to see who had sent the video tape.

His curiosity aroused, the tall vampire stood up to place the tape in the VCR. A resounding crash was heard and the vampire found himself lying face down on the ground.

“What the fuck” he growled.


Was going to make this part longer, but next installment up on Wednesday

“What the fuck” he growled.

Angel had found himself unceremoniously sprawled on his front and to the side of his desk. The videotape was still clutched in his hand.

“That Scotch I had earlier must have been stronger than I thought” he muttered. With that he attempted to stand up. He put the videotape to one side and he leaned on the palm of his hands and started to lever himself into an upright position. He got about halfway up when he went back down again. He quickly tried to get up again, the same thing happened.

“Huh! He mumbled, it almost feels as if my feet are joined at the ankles”. He tried once last time to get up and this time he succeeded.

He looked down at his feet and was dismayed to find that he had snapped his shoe laces. “Must have been the impact from when I fell” the dense vampire thought to himself.

Spike meanwhile, had observed the whole debacle and was shaking with laughter.

Angel’s attention then snapped back to the video lying on the floor.

His curiosity piqued once again, Angel wondered who would send him a videotape.

He decided another stiff drink was in order and poured himself another large glass of Scotch which he downed in one. He then refilled his empty glass.

The vampire then placed the videotape in the VCR, sat back in his chair and pressed play.

The screen crackled for a few seconds and then an image appeared on the large screen in front of him.

“Angel think of this videotape as a little present from me to you”. “A present which is going bring with it the promise of something which you and only you deserve”. “Did I say promise, what I meant to say was guarantee”, she purred silkily.

“Did you seriously think for one minute, that I was going to let you get away with killing me”?

“I know everything you do Angel, I am your seer after all”.

Angel went stock still. He looked down at the glass of scotch in his hand and back to the screen. He shook his head rose from his seat pressed rewind and stood in front of the screen with his eyes glued to the tv.

Once again the screen crackled and there it was again.

If anything the Vampires stare became even colder, he did not sit down again, he stood like a marble statue in front of the screen listening to the message Cordelia had prepared for him.

Angel watched the entire tape in a trance-like state. He did not move a muscle, or react in any way to the image on the screen, not even when Cordelia was on screen completely naked.

When the image disappeared from the screen, Angel rewound the tape, and calmly and collectively sat down in his chair to watch Cordelia again.

The silent rage which was building up in the vampire only intensified as the full meaning of Cordelias words registered in his overloaded brain.

“Your sexual skills leave a lot to be desired”

“Jeez Angel it would have been a lot kinder to just club her over the head and knock her out. “At least that way she wouldn’t have had to endure your pathetic performance”.

“You may as well as have been banging a hole in the wall”

Angel couldn’t believe what he was seeing and listening too.

When the tape again reached the part where Cordelia was naked, Angel’s eyes darkened and the muscle in his jaw started twitching, his hands gripped the arms of the chair so tightly that the wood underneath cracked under the pressure.

“When was the last time you had a real woman Angel”. She taunted him.
“You can look but you can’t touch” ……………

When the tape finished, Angel stood up removed the tape from the VCR, picked up his glass of Scotch and flung it at the TV screen.

Angel then turned picked up the tape and abruptly left his office. He made his way to his penthouse apartment. Once there he watched the tape again.

He couldn’t fucking believe it, the filthy whore was playing mind games with him. Doesn’t anything stay dead anymore.

When he reached the part where Cordelia said

“Let me tell you this much Angel, it was harrowing enough seeing you kill me”. “It was even more stomach churning however, knowing you banged Eve after killing me, yet it was my name you called out not Eve’s” “What does that mean Angel”

he stopped the tape.

The vampire calmed himself.

Two can play at this game he thought.

The vampire decided he would send Cordy her own private video and show her just what an asshole he was. “Her words, not mine” he snarled “Then he would pay his seer a visit”.


Cordy surmised that the Vampire would have already received and watched her video by now. She was starting to feel more than a little frightened. “You’re a Chase goddammit, and Chases do not back down in fear” her inner voice reasoned.

Cordy was startled by a knock at her door. She looked through the spyglass and saw a courier.

“Delivery for Miss Chase” he shouted through the door.

Cordelia opened the door and signed for the delivery. She knew before she had opened the parcel what it could contain.

“Angel you are such a predictable jerk” she said.

Cordy placed the tape in the VCR and pressed play.

She immediately noticed the rage that was coming off the vampire in waves.

“What does it mean Cordy” he said “What does it mean that I called out your name while I was fucking Eve”.

“It means that I wanted you to be the one who was screaming in agony as I gave you a good ass fucking; “I wanted you to be the one torn and bleeding”.

“I wanted you to be the one to feel that pain and know that it is nothing compared to the pain I felt when I saw you fucking my son”. “I was deprived of that pleasure Cordelia, because you had the luxury of being in a fucking coma”.

“Because you couldn’t keep your fucking legs closed, the world nearly came to an end”.

The Vampires voice then became silkily smooth as he added;

“Do I like my women to be look sound and act like pubescent schoolgirls sweetheart”

“I don’t know Cordy, you tell me, you’re the one that likes fucking impressionable young boys”.

Kinda negates this peachy line of yours:

“I like my men to have a heartbeat and to know what they’re doing”.

“When was the last time I was with a woman Cordy”.

“That’ll be when I’ve finished with you”.

“I may not have a heartbeat, but I do know what I’m doing and you will be left in no doubt, that is if you’re still alive baby”.

Cordelia watched as the vampire rose from his seat, stood in front of the screen and said:

Let me reply to this Cordy

“Did you seriously think for one minute that I was going to let you get away with killing me”

with this:

“Did you seriously think for one minute that I was going to let you get away with fucking my son”

Cordelia froze as she heard his next words:

“What I am going to do to you when I get my hands on you will surpass anything I have ever done before”. “I am going to make you beg for a quick death”

“You will pay for making me believe in you”. “You will pay for all the lies you told me; You will pay for telling me that you would never leave me”

“You are a lying whoring traitorous bitch and I’m coming to get you”.

With that the screen went blank.


A young man slept fitfully in his small apartment.

All of a sudden he sat up with a jolt, he was breathing heavily. A light sheen of sweat covered his entire body and he began to tremble uncontrollably.

Slowly as his sleep fuddled brain registered his consciousness, he stumbled out of bed.

Making his way downstairs, he opened the fridge and gulped down a carton of orange juice.

Somewhat more in control now, he crossed through to the living room and sank heavily into the sofa.

As the trembling of his body slowly subsided, he tried to make sense of the nightmares that had started to invade his sleep over the last two weeks.

He was receiving images in his sleep of the most un-god-like creatures possible. He saw a huge cloven footed monster that appeared to be made out of stone. He saw winged serpents and all manner of flying demons.

He saw people with distorted facial features. They seemed to have ridged foreheads and strangely glowing eyes.

He let his mind recall tonight’s nightmare.

A group of people were standing around what looked like a reception area in some big old building. It was too large to be an office. It looked more like the front area of a Hotel or something along those lines.

The young man, slowly began to piece together more of the pieces of his dream.

He remembered seeing one of the group, a dark haired young woman, suddenly grip her head as if she was in severe pain. She then began to falter. Immediately and before she hit the ground, a tall dark figure was by her side and had swooped her up in his arms.

What did he say to her …… the young man racked his brains trying to remember? He was sure he heard What did you?? Are you ………

The young man knew there was more to this nightmare, but he couldn’t seem to remember. Everything was a blank until he remembered the same group of people returning to the strange building.

However, the tall man, now appeared to be in some type of discomfort. He watched as the young women he had earlier prevented from crashing to the ground, walked over and helped relieve him of his overcoat. She then unbuttoned his shirt and started cleaning a deep wound which started at his ribs and ended just under his navel.

Once she had finished she disappeared and returned holding a cup.

“Here, drink this, it will help you heal faster” he heard her say. The strange man looked at her warily and said

“Please tell me you haven’t been spicing my food again”

“Oh come on A ? don’t be such a baby” she softly chided.

“Dammit, what did she call him”. “It began with an A I’m sure”, the young man said in frustration, come on think Connor, think, was it Aaron, no, Argyll, no …… Algernon no.

Connor growled in frustration. Why could he only remember certain parts of this. He felt as if something was controlling his mind, and only allowing him access to certain bits of information.

Connor decided that a shower would help clear his fuddled brain of the disturbing images.

Connor finished his shower, dressed and made his way to college. Connor was a popular young man and had plenty of friends male and female.

Connor knew he had to attend college today. The team were relying on him, he was their star player. This was the last game of the season winning would place them in the top 5 teams in the league.

Connor knew he was gifted athletically. He excelled at any type of physical activity. He could run faster, and jump higher than anyone he knew. He had excelled in his martial arts classes and where it would normally take years of training to become skilled, Connor had mastered the art in a matter of months.

His tutors were speechless and decided that Connor was one of those rare people who occasionally came along … Kinda like child geniuses; you know the type of kid who could take a degree in physics and get a 1st at 11 years of age.

His eyesight and hearing abilities were unprecedented.

“Hey Connor, you ready for today’s game”, a fresh faced, blonde haired young man said. “You know we’re relying on you man”

Connor smiled and replied “When have I ever let you down Steve, you betcha I’m ready”.

Connor’s team won the game effortlessly and were guaranteed a place in the top of the league.

Jovial banter and much cheering and whooping went on in the men’s changing rooms after the match.

As much as Connor was well liked and popular amongst the students, he couldn’t help feeling that something was missing. He sometimes experienced the weirdest sensation almost as if he had lived another life, before this one.

“Come on Connor pull yourself” together he admonished. “You don’t believe in all that reincarnation crap, those frigging nightmares are affecting you”.

And with that Connor finished dressing and joined the rest of the team. He pushed the events of last night’s nightmare to the back of his mind.

The team had arranged to meet up with a bunch of friends at the hippest nightclub in town.

Once they were inside the club, Connor felt a prickling sensation start to worm its way up the back of his neck. It made him feel very uneasy and was not something he had experienced before. He shrugged it off as being a residual effect of the nightmare he had experienced last night.

Connor’s attention was drawn to a man who was circling the edge of the dance floor as if he was looking for someone. As he drew near to Connor, the tingling sensation Connor had experienced earlier, started to come back.

Connor immediately stiffened his body and prepared for an attack. “Whoa, what is wrong with me, where did that come from” Connor gasped out loud. “Jesus the events of last night must have affected me more than I realised”.

Connor decided he had enough and was going to call it a night. Nightclubs weren’t really his scene anyway. He found his group of friends, made his apologies for leaving so early and exited the club.

Connor started to walk down the street and away from the club. As he passed an alleyway, the tingling sensation from before returned again.

For some inexplicable reason Connor’s attention was drawn to the alleyway. His advanced hearing enabled him to pick up a female voice.

“Please don’t hurt me” “Shut up bitch I don’t like talking food” a voice was heard snarling.

A high pitched scream then emanated from the alleyway before all went quiet.

Connor rushed into the alleyway and stood in shock at the sight before him. The man, who had been circling the edge of the dance floor in the club, had a young woman in his grasp. She was shoved up against the wall in the alley way with the man’s face buried in her neck.

Connor grabbed the man by the shoulders and pulled him away from the girl. The man growled at the sudden invasion and swung around to face Connor.

Connor took a step back in shock and released the man.

The man now snarling angrily at Connor had the same horrific facial features as the creatures present in his nightmare.

The man lunged at Connor but Connor was too quick for him. “What are you” he gasped. “The man threw back his head and laughed, revealing a set of deadly looking fangs”.

“Blood sucking fiend, creature of the night, he scoffed, whatever the term is nowadays”. “All the same to me and you my friend are about to become meal number two this evening”. “Must be my lucky night”.

With that the creature pounced and knocked Connor, sending him flying further into the alleyway.

Connor sprang up quickly and went for the creature. He placed his hands around its neck and squeezed with all his might. Nothing happened. The creature raised his elbow and smacked Connor straight in the face.

Connor reeled from the impact of the blow and stumbled to the ground. He saw the creature prepare to attack again. Connor sprang up, jumped over the creatures back and gripped it an another headlock. He twisted the creature’s neck sharply and watched in amazement, as it exploded into a pile of dust.

Connor then went to check on the girl, knowing he would be too late.

Connor wearily made his way home. Once he was inside the safety of his apartment, he tried to make sense of what had just happened. As he sat in the dark mulling over the events, sleep began to take over his tired body.

Connor again dreamed. The same group of people appeared to him again. Then everything became fragmented. He saw himself fighting a creature similar to the one in the alleyway. He saw himself produce a wooden stake and plunge it in the creature’s heart. He saw the creature dissolve in a flash of dust.

He heard a tall black man say, “Hey Connor, you sure made short work of that vamp” and pat him on the back.

He saw the dark haired young woman and tall man from last nights dream, talking softly to each other, heads bowed intimately towards each other.

He watched as the tall man then picked up a cup and drink heavily from it. He watched as the man’s facial features changed into that of the monster from the alleyway as he finished his drink.

He watched as the creature then turned to Connor and said Hello Son; Gunn here told me you just killed your first vamp tonight.

Connor awoke with a start.

“What the hell”.


There wasn’t much that had the ability to shock Spike. In his very long life, he had witnessed and instigated some of the very worst atrocities ever known to man.

The one thing however, that set him apart from Angelus, was that whereas Spike was up for a good brutal kill along with the best of them, that was it; that was what he enjoyed; a good brutal kill.

Angelus on the other hand was all about the torture. Angelus enjoyed nothing more than inflicting the worst kind of pain imaginable on his victims before leaving them for dead. This was after he had also plagued his victims with obscene mental cruelty. Dru was a shining testimony to that.

Spike was an unknown witness to the videotape Cordelia had sent Angel.

He had also borne witness to Angel’s response.

Spike was under no illusion that Angel was more then capable of carrying out the threats he had made to Cordelia.

If Spike hadn’t known better, he would have sworn Angelus was back.

“Well, well, well, the big poofter had a son” “Looks like he had some lead in his pencil after all”.

Spikes thoughts then turned to the former cheerleader.

Spike didn’t know Cordelia very well. From what Spike knew of the cheerleader since her arrival in LA, she had stuck steadfastly by peaches side; even enduring painful visions for the bloody wanker.

Spike mused some more:

The cheerleader was known as Queen C and ran with the Cordettes back in the day. He also knew that she had a cutting tongue and was not afraid to speak her mind.

“Yeah the little chit didn’t pull any punches and called a spade a spade” he chuckled to himself. He had always secretly admired her for that. It showed a strength of character.

Spike also knew that she had dated that spineless wonder Xander for a while. He knew that she was left penniless after her father’s tax evasion had come to light.

He also knew that the brunette had handled the situation with great dignity. She had not asked for sympathy and had merely picked herself up and carried on with her life as best as she could.

That brought his thoughts back to the present.

Spike knew that something did not quite add up in this little scenario.

All Cordelias actions since she had hooked up with Angel in LA, illustrated one thing to Spike. Cordelia was trustworthy and loyal. She had not abandoned Angel when others might have; she accepted the visions she received for Angel without second thought. Spike knew without doubt, that Cordelia was above all honest.

He also realised that Cordelia’s affections for the Vampire went far deeper than she probably realised.

“Blimey, the silly cow’s in love with the bleedin wanker” Spike said prophetically!!

“I don’t know what went on with the poofter’s son and the cheerleader, but I seriously doubt she slept with him. Spike said to himself.

Theres more to this than meets the eye.

Wesley’s desk was covered in books of every size and description.

“Eureka” The ex-watcher said. “Got it” Wesley had spent the best part of the morning, trying to decipher the ancient text relating to the amulet.

From what he could ascertain, the amulet held great mystical powers.

His translation of the text revealed that;

The last person to be in possession of the amulet, and to die a heroic death would be brought back to walk the earth again.

Wesley then had another Eureka moment;

Wesley remembered Fred had just installed the very latest translation package on her PC and that it was designed specifically for the purpose he had in mind.

Wesley rang Fred. “Hello Fred, it’s Wesley, I was wondering if you could run some ancient text through your translation programme for me”.

I want to be sure that I understand the exact meaning of the text and don’t make a mistake”.

Memories of everyone sitting around the reception area in the Hyperion came back to Wesley. Cordelia teasing him about his earlier mistake regarding Angel’s shansu.

Wesley felt an ache deep in his heart as he realised he would never be able to share anything with Cordelia ever again.

Fred was overjoyed that Wesley had asked for her help.

She was missing the Hyperion. Working in the sterile stark laboratory had long lost its thrill for Fred. She was missing Gunn, Lorne, Angel and Wesley. She was missing her family of misfits greatly

Most of all Fred missed Cordelia. She had grown to greatly admire and love the young woman who had suffered such pain as Angel’s seer. Cordelia had accepted her fate without question and had even become part demon to be able to continue to receive the visions, and all for Angel’s benefit.

Everyone said that time would make it better, make the pain less, to Fred the pain was intensifying.

Fred scanned the text into her PC and ran it through the programme. It confirmed Wesley’s earlier translation.

Wesley knew that Angel had taken the amulet to Sunnydale with him, when he last visited Buffy. He did not want to ask Angel what he had done with the amulet once he had arrived in Sunnydale.

There was definitely something amiss with the vampire and Wesley did not want to be on the receiving end of his wrath.

Wesley decided he would contact Buffy for some answers instead.

Buffy was shocked to hear from Wesley, the two had never really bonded during the watchers brief stay in Sunnydale.

She told the watcher that she had given the amulet to Spike and that he had been wearing it at the time of his death. Buffy’s curiosity was piqued.

“Whats with the twenty questions Wesley”.

“Oh, it’s nothing of importance Buffy”.

“I came across a picture of the amulet in a dusty old tome and remembered Angel brought it to Sunnydale”.

As Buffy replaced the receiver her mind was already made up. A little trip to LA was in order. Wesley never could fool her.


Angel had showered and put on some clean clothes. He had has mind set on one thing only. His seer. Images of her naked body came into his mind. Oh the things he would do to her.
The vampire was not stupid. He knew that Cordelia would have performed an uninvite spell.

What the stupid bitch did not take into account he chuckled, was that he had the resources of the best shamans and soothsayers at his fingertips. It had been a relatively easy matter to have that little barrier to his invitation removed.

The vampire knew that he would want to keep his strength up to carry out the little party he had in plan for his seer.

He intended to make the most of his time with Cordelia Chase.

He picked up several packets of blood and left his office whistling happily.

Once Cordelia had recovered from the initial fear that had gripped her after watching Angels tape she realised she needed to visit Connor without delay.

The Oracles had provided her with his address. She knew he was living in New York.

The earliest flight available was at 7.30 am the following morning.

Cordelia was uneasy about staying overnight alone in her apartment.

“Come on Chase get a grip” “What’s the worst he can do?” “Stand out side my door and growl”. That image brought forth a small laugh from the seer.

To relax herself, Cordelia had run a hot bath and luxuriated under the scented bubbles for the best part of an hour. She had washed and dried her hair.

Once she was dry she had changed into a comfortable pair of low slung sweats and a spaghetti strapped cotton top.

She then poured herself a large glass of wine and proceeded to settle down for a night in front of the telly.

The wine was giving the seer a warm fuzzy glow in her stomach and she was starting to unwind nicely. She finished the glass and poured herself another.

Just as she had settled back into the sofa, she heard a knock at her door. “Who can that be she wondered”

She looked through the spy hole and saw the tall broad frame of Angel. Lulled into a false sense of security by the wine she had consumed, Cordelia yelled”

Go away Angel” “You are so not invited”

No sooner had she sat back down on the sofa, when her door burst wide open. Cordelia stared at her now broken door hanging by its hinges and then at the vampire standing outside her door.

Further befuddled by the alcohol Cordelia smirked to herself and said bravely

“What you gonna do Angel stand outside my door all night and talk me to death”

“Oh no Cordelia, what a waste, why would I do that when I could do this instead”

Before she could blink the seer found herself yanked up from the sofa and held in a vice like grip.

“It took her several seconds before she realised what had happened.

“Oh crap” she muttered.

Queen C mode kicked in.

“Angel put me down you asshole” “What do you think your doing”.

The vampire stared deep into her eyes without moving a muscle.

“This” he replied.

She found her lips crushed in a bruising, punishing kiss.

“This” he replied.

He broke the kiss and ripped her top off revealing her breasts to him.

“This” he replied.

He then lowered his head and flicked his tongue lazily around her nipple. He repeated his actions on her other nipple.

Despite herself, Cordelia found herself moaning at she felt his cool tongue work its magic on her heated flesh.

“This he replied”

He then ripped her pants off and dropped to his knees in front of her.

“This he replied”

He plunged his tongue deep into her depths. Her legs buckled and she moaned. The Vampire then replaced his tongue with his fingers and began to pump his fingers in and out of her slowly.

The Vampire smirked to himself. As he felt her climax approaching he removed his fingers and sunk his teeth into her clit.

Cordelia screamed in agony.

“What’s the matter baby, was that not as good for you as it was for me?”

The vampire then rose to his feet and pulled Cordelia up by her hair.

He slapped her across the face several times and threw across the room.

Before she could recover, he picked her up threw her over his shoulder and entered her bedroom.

He threw her face down onto the bed.

She heard the rustle of clothes being removed, she heard the zipper of his trousers being opened.

The next thing she felt was when his fangs tore into her shoulder and he began to drink heavily from her.

The vampire then retracted his fangs from her neck, threw back his head and roared as he entered her forcibly from behind.

Cordelia had never experienced pain on this scale before. As he repeatedly plunged into the virgin flesh she stifled down her screams. She was dammed if she was going to give him the satisfaction of hearing her scream and beg for mercy.

He brutally put his arm under her body to raise her behind more fully and used his other hand to reach between her legs and pinch her clit so hard she thought she would pass out from the pain.

It was too much pain for Cordelia to take and she screamed in agony.

“Yeah scream for me baby” “its music to my ears” he replied.

Cordelia was aware she had been torn and she could feel the blood as it began to leak from her back passage.

Angel knew the seer was bleeding and this spurred him on even more. He increased the pressure of his thrusts and came so hard he thought his cock would never recover.

He withdrew roughly from Cordelia and her body collapsed limply onto the bed.

“He pulled her up turned her around and spoke”

“God Cordelia, is that the best you could do”. “I haven’t’ been missing much”.

“Get yourself cleaned up I like my women clean”

With that he shoved her into the bathroom.

Cordelia locked the door and sunk to her knees.

“What are you doing in there, hurry up Chase or I’ll come in and clean you up myself” the vampire roared through the door.

Desperate not to make him any angrier Cordelia stepped into the shower, and screamed quietly when the water splashed between her legs and over those swollen and abused areas.

The seer dried herself as quickly as she could and tried not to inflict further damage on her body when she reached between her legs to dry that area.

She came out of the bathroom with the still damp towel wrapped around her.

“Did I say you were allowed to cover yourself?”

“Lose the towel”

Cordelia dropped the towel.

Angel leaned back to admire his handiwork thus far.

“Turn around slowly”. “Turn back”

“Come here”

Let’s see if that mouth of yours can suck as well as it yaps”

“Suck me off”

Cordelia wanted to tell him to go fuck himself, but she knew better.

Obediently she complied and took him in her mouth. She began to run her tongue over his length gently pumping him with her hand.

“Come on Cordy, show some enthusiasm, suck me harder” he growled. He then pushed his cock so far into her mouth she gagged”

Before she could prevent it she vomited, the vampire recoiled in disgust removed his cock from her mouth and pushed her harshly away from him.

“You’ll pay for that you bitch” he snarled.

“He picked her up carried her into the bathroom and forced her head into the toilet. He leaned forward and pulled the lever keeping her head inside the toilet.

Cordelia choked as the force of the flush meant the cold water hit the back of her throat.

He again pulled her up and carried her back into the bedroom. He threw her down onto the bed again, this time on her back. He lowered his body over hers and entered her without any warning.

The seer felt a sharp searing pain as he entered her dry, and she knew that she had been damaged internally by his actions.

No sooner had he begun to pump harshly into her, than she realised that she was bleeding again as she felt the sticky substance of her blood begin to run down her legs.

Cordelia’s tears were running freely down her face now.

“Angel, please stop” she cried. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Angel please I can’t take any more”

“You fucking whore” “Fuck the Son, Fuck the Father”. “Yeah you’re priceless Chase.

“Stop, you want me to stop” “I’ve only just begun”.

The vampire pumped into her a few more times and came.

He withdrew from her and got up from the bed.

He looked down at her battered, bleeding body and turning on his heel left the bedroom.


Spike went back to Angel’s office. Angel was not there. He went to his penthouse apartment, he was not there either.

For the first time in his undead life Spike was beginning to genuinely panic. His knew without doubt that Angel is his present state of mind was more than capable of hurting the seer.

Spike went into Wesley’s office. He saw the amulet lying on Wesley’s desk. Wesley was deep in thought staring into space. Spike had a plan. He picked up the amulet and as he did so, he felt a jolt of electricity pass through him.

Wesley sprang to his feet in shock as Spike materialised in front of him. Wesley quickly snatched the amulet from Spike, Spike disappeared. He put the amulet down. He watched as the amulet appeared to float into space and Spike again materialised in front of him clutching onto the amulet.

“Hold on a minute watcher” Spike growled.

“It’s alright Spike, I know about the amulet” the watcher said.

“I take it from your expression that you don’t”.

Wesley then proceeded to fill Spike in about the amulet’s powers.

He finished off by telling Spike that as long as he kept the amulet in his possession he was visible to others.

Spike let the full meaning of what he had been told sink in. He pushed it to the back of his mind to deal with on a later occasion; he had more pressing matters to attend to.

“Watcher” Spike said, “I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I want to tell you something and I want you to keep an open mind”.

Spike decided to be blunt as the situation was critical and Cordelia was in real danger.

“Angel killed Cordelia”. “Don’t be stupid” Wesley said. “Angel was in love with Cordelia” he would never harm her.

“When will you humans realise what you are dealing with in Angel” “He was the most vicious vampire to ever walk the face of the earth”.

“When you become a vampire the demon takes over, but the underlying traits that are inherent in you as a human are still present”.

“Angel may have a soul, but those traits that made Angelus as vicious as he was are still present in Angel”.

“Do you remember when Willow became a Vampire in Sunnydale”. “Maybe not, I can’t really remember if you were around then”.

At the look of amazement on Wesley’s face, Spike said “long story mate” I’ll fill you in on it some other time”. “Well as I was saying Willow was kind of I dunno a gay vampire”. “A few months later and she’s shacking up with some witchy bird” Spike pronounced.

“Then there’s me, Watcher, I loved Dru with all my heart and I would have done anything for her. “I didn’t have a soul, but I was still capable of love”. “Before I was turned, I was a soppy git, spent most of my time writing bloody poetry”. “I was deeply in love with a woman who spurned me and shortly after that I was turned”.

“I then fell in love with the bloody slayer watcher” “I didn’t have a soul then either, alright I may have had a bloody chip in my head that meant I could only hurt other demons ………… but I found out by mistake that I could hurt the slayer”. “I didn’t though” “You know why watcher, because it’s not in my nature, soul or not to hurt those I love.

“Making any sense to you yet watcher”

“That is the difference between me and Angel”.

Wesley had to admit that Spikes logic made sense.

“Okay what if I believe you, do you have any proof to back this up”.

“Follow me” Spike said.

Wesley followed Spike into Angel’s penthouse apartment. He watched as Spike held up two videos. He placed the first video in the VCR and pressed play.

Wesley watched in stunned amazement as Cordelia appeared on screen. Spike stopped the tape before Cordelia reached the part where she stripped. He wanted to preserve her dignity.

Before Wesley could react, he placed the second tape in the machine. Wesley watched horrified as the full meaning behind Angel’s words to Cordelia sank in.

Wesley knew that stranger things had happened than that which he was witnessing now.

Without further ado, he decided Gunn and Fred had a right to know about this turn of events and quickly summoned them to Angel’s apartment.

Spike again showed the tapes to the street kid and the physicist. He again stopped Cordy’s tape before she undressed.


Cordelia was in so much pain her mind barely registered the fact that Angel had left the room. She could not believe that Angel had acted so viciously towards her. She had no doubt that he would be back.

She tried to stand up, but the pain was excruciating and she collapsed onto the floor, where she lost consciousness.



The senior partners were sat around a large conference table. It had been brought to their attention that Angel had to put it loosely; “lost it”

They had only just received the information that the real Cordelia Chase was back from Quor torth where they had sent her. They had only just seen the footage from the security cameras that were located everywhere in the building.

To say that they were stunned when they saw Angel slip into Miss Chase’s room and suffocate her would be an understatement.

Secretly, though the Senior Partners were silently clapping themselves on the back. Their latest attempt to play with the vampires mind seemed to have been successful.

They had arranged for a Shaman to taint Angel’s soul with a powerful from of black magic that could be increased or decreased at their beck and call. At the same time, they were sending sublimely powerful messages to the vampire when he was asleep.

The end result had turned out to be far more powerful than even they had expected.

Eve had been employed to test out the Vampires reaction to their latest experiment with overt displays of sexual attraction to the vampire.

The Senior Partners were aware of the Vampires seemingly endless sexual attraction to the female population. They didn’t want Angelus back; no they wanted a version of Angel they could control.

They knew in return for Angel engaging in sexual activity with some of their most powerful female client’s that business would boom even more for the Demon Law Firm. Word of mouth and all that.

What they failed to grasp, was just how violently Angel would react to their latest mind fuck.


The vampire was in the bathroom when Spike and the rest of Angel Investigations arrived at Cordelias apartment. The smell of blood assaulted Spikes senses before he had even crossed the threshold.

He knew it would be bad.

“Call an ambulance now” he barked at Gunn.

Spike followed the smell of blood to Cordelias bedroom. He saw the seer lying unconscious on the floor by her bed. A large pool of blood was slowly forming around her.

As he bent down to pick the injured seer up off the floor he noted her many injuries.

“What did he do to you pet” he growled.

He wrapped her in a sheet and carried her through to the living room where he gently placed her on the sofa. He made a silencing motion with his hands and walked over to the bathroom door. He knew Angel was in there.

“Why hasn’t he reacted to our presence” Spike wondered.

He tentatively edged the door open to find the vampire sprawled on the floor apparently out for the count. Spike noted with relief the empty bags of blood that Angel had consumed. Spike had emptied most of the contents of Angel’s liquor cabinet into Angel’s blood.

Combined with the Holy Water it was a powerful combination. It was all Spike could think of doing after witnessing Angel’s reaction to the tape the seer had sent him.

He had hoped the fucking bastard would have consumed some before he decided to pay his seer a visit. Apparently not, the fucking wanker.

Spike knew they had to act fast. He didn’t know how long Angel would be out for.

Gun had brought his tranq gun with him. Spike motioned him into the bathroom. Before Gunn could pull the trigger Angel lunged. He knocked the gun out of Gunn’s hand (sorry no pun intended!!) and sent Gunn flying through the air to land on the other side of the living room.

Spike tore the amulet from around his neck and threw it in the bath for safe keeping.

“Come on Dennis, help me out here” he said.

Dennis was only too happy to oblige. He had witnessed helplessly all that Angel had done to Cordelia and he had raged silently.

Angel still groggy from the spiked blood had no chance up against invisible assailants.

Spike picked up the heaviest iron skillet he could find from Cordelia’s kitchen and brought it down with a resounding crack across the Vampires head.

Dennis didn’t know if he could do it, but he had on more than one occasion been able to make objects float if he concentrated hard enough.

Dennis knew that Cordelia kept a supply of Holy Water and some wooden stakes under her bed.

Using all his powers of concentration, Dennis watched as the holy water smashed with force into Angels face. The vampire roared in pain.

Before Angel could recover a stake came flying through the air aimed straight for his groin. Angel saw it coming and twisted slightly, he wasn’t fast enough, and the stake embedded itself deeply just below his groin and in his right thigh. Another stake in his left knee cap swiftly followed.

Angel went down and he roared in agony as holy water was poured directly onto his groin. His trousers began to sizzle and Angel ripped them off further embedding the stakes into his thigh and kneecap.

His cock and balls felt as if they were on fire. The pain was unbearable.

“Yeah me” Dennis silently cheered. “Ain’t payback a bitch”

Gunn came back into the bathroom and without hesitation fired several darts into the Vampires body. He noticed that one dart had seemed to land directly in Angels balls sideways having the effect of skewering them together. “Ouch” Gunn thought to himself, “I’m feeling the pain from that” The ex street kid didn’t give a flying fuck though”.

The ambulance had arrived in the meantime and Cordelia was hooked up to an IV wrapped up in some warm blankets and whisked off to hospital.


While Gunn, Spike and Dennis had been busy trying to restrain Angel, Fred and Wesley could only look in horror at the comatose figure of Cordelia lying on the couch.

They were both at a loss for words. It was almost as if they had stepped back in time and in their minds pictured the seer lying comatose in her room at Wolfram & Hart.

Almost, but not quite the same. Wesley and Fred both silently concurred that they had thought the violation Cordy had suffered at the hands of Jasmine, was the ultimate horror. They were wrong.

Fred, in particular, knew that she would never be able to fully come to terms with the abject fear that Cordy must have been feeling. The pain that she must have being going through whilst Angel was branding Cordelia with his unique form of revenge.

His revenge on the woman they now knew he considered responsible for all the wrong in his life since his arrival in LA. Fred shuddered involuntarily at that thought.

Wesley, felt a deep hatred and anger rise up as he looked at the still form of the woman whom he had grown so fond of over the years. There was a time when Wesley had had the ‘hots’ for the beautiful seer. He now considered her to be the sister he never had.

They were both jolted from their thoughts by the paramedic’s arrival. Once Cordelia had been made comfortable for her transfer to the ambulance, it was only a matter of minutes before the ambulance with sirens blasting pulled up at the ER Entrance of the local hospital.

Fred had refused to leave Cordelia side. She knew the seer would need to see a familiar face when she eventually came around.


Once the Vampire had been restrained, it had been a relatively easy task for Gunn and Spike to deposit him back in his suite at W&H. They made sure that he was safely secured and bound with chains to his bed.

Gunn could scarcely take in everything that had happened since he had been shown the videotapes. He was running on pure adrenaline and the one and only thing only that kept him from dusting the Vampire chained to the bed was Cordelia.

He knew that Cordelia was in love with Angel and he also knew that Angel was in love with the seer, even if they were both too dense to take things further.

He also knew that something was very wrong with all of this. He had always been 100% sure that the one person Angel would never hurt was Cordelia.

Hell, the Vampire couldn’t do enough for Cordelia when he returned to the fold after his ‘beige’ period. In fact Angel was reduced to a stammering clumsy idiot whenever he was around his beautiful seer.

He also knew that Angel was the reason Cordelia found it so hard to get a damm date.

Anyone who showed the slightest interest in Cordelia, was warned off in no uncertain terms by the angry and jealous vampire.

Gunn chuckled to himself

“Damm, he would hate to be on the receiving end of Cordelias wrath if that little fact ever came to light”.

Gun had initially found it almost impossible to relax around Angel, in Gunn’s mind it didn’t matter that Angel had a soul; he was still a vamp.

Gradually though, he had learned to accept Angel for what he was and begrudgingly admitted to himself that he could have been wrong about Angel.

Angel had backed Gunn up on many occasions and vice versa. Okay they may have had their differences in the past, but that was all water under the bridge; that was until tonight when Gunn had seen Cordy.

Gunn was getting more and more agitated by the minute. If Angel had killed Cordelia, then how come she was on that videotape and why did Angel react so violently to that tape.

Spike had retrieved the amulet before he left Cordelia’s apartment and was sitting in a chair watching Gunn pace restlessly back and forth.

Spike wanted to ask Gunn what had happened with the Connor and Jasmine gig, but decided against it at this moment in time. He would ask Wesley instead when he returned from Cordelia’s apartment.


Wesley’s watcher mode had kicked in and he had opted to stay at Cordelia’s apartment to see if he could come up with any clues.

He tried to avert his eyes from the bloodstained carpet in Cordy’s bedroom and the trail of blood that was present in the living room and bathroom.

From all the reading Wesley had done on the Vampire both as Angelus and Angel, one thing came to light. If nothing else, both Angelus and Angel were consistent in their behavioural patterns.

Angel’s behaviour however, had not been consistent for some time. The watcher had put it down to the trauma Angel was suffering at losing Connor and then Cordy.

“Maybe I’ve been wrong” Wesley mused. “Maybe something else is at play here; something more sinister”.

As Wesley searched Cordelia’s apartment, his frustration was growing,

“There’s nothing here” he sighed wearily.

Suddenly a large manilla envelope floated in front of Wesley. In his musings Wesley had all but forgotten about Cordelia’s resident ghost.

He took the envelope from Dennis and looked inside. He was surprised to find it contained an air ticket to New York for tomorrow morning and an address.

“Dennis, you’re a genius” Wesley shouted. “This is more like it; a clue at last”. “Thank you Dennis”. Wesley immediately returned to Wolfram & Hart to do a little investigation of his known.

Wesley was speechless when he found out that address Cordelia had was registered in the name of Connor Smith.

“Connor” he repeated out loud. Wesley knew he would be on that flight in the morning, well actually in a couple of hours he corrected.


The Vampire chained to the bed had slowly started to come round and as he did so he snarled at the excruciating pain he found himself in.

As his eyes focused; they rested on Spike sitting across the room. He then saw Gunn standing to one side.

He tried to get up but found himself restrained by the chains.

Slowly the events of the night before came back to him. He remembered giving that Chase bitch hers. He then remembered how his enjoyment had been interrupted by the arrival of Captain Peroxide and the street kid.

He growled loudly at this.

“What’s up Peaches, in some discomfort are we” Spike said. “Don’t worry mate you’ll live” he sneered sarcastically.

“Go and get fucked Spike ” Angel growled.

“Love to mate” ………… but the only bit I want to fuck again is that blond slayer gal pal of yours” or “Miss flexibility as I like to call her”.

Angel looked directly at Spike and said

“You’re welcome to my sloppy seconds Spike” “Any time”.

Angel then turned his attention to Gunn.

“When was the last time you got some Gunn?” “Don’t tell me you’re still banging that skinny fuckwit Fred”

“Gotta say you surprised me there, thought you would like your women with more meat on; you being so big and all that” The Vampire said. He then added as an afterthought

“Well I suppose a hole’s a hole, as long as it serves it’s purpose”.

“Oh and Gunn talking of holes, I’m not very happy with you …… you interrupted my fun with the lovely Cordelia last night”.

“Don’t think you won’t pay for that” The vampire stated as he stared coldly at Gunn.

Gunn felt a shiver run down his spine as he heard the threat pour from the Vampires mouth. The evil bastard was relentless even though Gunn knew he was in severe pain.

Gunn smirked as he replied to Angel.

“You’re pretty talkative for a guy who’s all chained up”.

“Yeah, I’ll keep in mind your threat, cos, you know that really scared me ”

Gunn then fired some more darts into the Vampire and he lapsed into unconsciousness again.


When Cordelia arrived at hospital, the medical team quickly and efficiently assessed her injuries. They soon discovered that she had been raped and savagely beaten up.

She had a large tear in her vagina, and the rest of the surrounding area was swollen and bloody. They also noted that she had suffered anal rape.

Her entire body was covered in bruises and she had what appeared to be some sort of tear wound on her shoulder. Her face was swollen, she had a fractured cheekbone and both her eyes were puffy and bloody.

They knew from the amount of blood she was losing, she had probably suffered some internal damage.

She was taken to theatre.

The Surgeon found out that a major blood vessel in Cordy’s abdomen had been ruptured by the viciousness of her attack. Once this was repaired the bleeding would stop.

He marvelled at the fact that she was still alive. This was a life-threatening injury.

He could only wonder in horror at what kind of inhuman animal could possibly inflict such injuries.

Once the operating team had repaired the tear in Cordelia’s abdomen she was placed in a private side room.

Cordelia was starting to slowly come round from the effects of the anaesthetic. She marvelled at the fact that she was no longer in pain.

The morphine she had been given had started to kick in.

She tried to open her eyes, but the effort was too much for her tired and battered body.

All of a sudden she felt her hand clasped in a soft warm grip.

“Cordelia it’s Fred”. “Can you hear me?” “Don’t try to move; you’re in hospital”. “You’re safe now Cordelia” “Go back to sleep, I’ll be still be here when you wake up”.

With that Cordelia drifted back into a deep and healing sleep.


Wesley had told Gunn and Spike about the air-tickets he had found in Cordy’s apartment with Connor’s address.

Spike then seized the opportunity to question Wesley about all the events surrounding Connor, Cordelia and Jasmine.

Wesley decided to tell Spike everything. There had not been enough communication between the Fang Gang for some time now and maybe that was why things had gotten so out of hand. Spike had helped them; there was no reason for him not to know.

Once Spike had been filled in, Wesley announced that he was going to New York to visit Connor. He said he would be back with Connor on the next available return flight.

Wesley had already made his mind up that he was going to tell Connor every thing. What could be worse than that which had already happened he reasoned?

Spike decided after listening to Wesley’s story that things were decidedly ‘fishy’ and he was almost glad that he had been brought back with the luxury of being incorporeal. He was going to put that little baby to full use and do some invisible snooping of his own.

“Blimey” Spike said.

“They didn’t even know what was right under their bloomin noses all the time”.

“They didn’t know that the Cordelia who returned from the higher plane was not the real thing”.

“How could they not know” Spike questioned. “Especially Peaches, he had the closest tie to the cheerleader, what with being her champion”. “Some champion he turned out to be”.

Spike knew that Gunn would be able to handle Angel. He told Gunn what he was going to do and then removed the amulet.
Spike’s snooping revealed that the Senior Partners were due to have a Code Red Meeting in relation to Angel in 1 hour’s time. Spike was going to be in on that meeting.

“Let the Games begin” Spike said.



Spike entered the room just before the Senior Partners entered.

“Hell I may be undead again” …… Spike said, but it doesn’t mean I can’t bags best seat in the house”.

Spike then sat down cross legged in the centre of the Conference table!!

One by one the Senior Partners filed in. Twelve in all. Spike had never witnessed such a powerful collection of evil all prettied up in business suits.

He definitely knew that this meeting would be extremely revealing. He wasn’t wrong.

The Head Honcho seated at the top of the Table spoke first.

“I have called this emergency meeting in relation to Angel”.

“It appears that the Shaman we employed to taint Angels soul has lost control of the situation”.

“Apparently, the Vampire with a Soul is once again proving to be more than a match for even our considerable resources”.

“The Shaman gave me his personal assurance that we would be able to control the extent to which we wanted Angel to – how shall I put this

“embrace the darker side of his character”

“It seems that our Vampire has some very deeply rooted issues and this has led to the unfortunate and unexpected behaviour by the Vampire”.

“I am here to tell you that the Shaman has been disposed of”. “I have recruited another Shaman who has assured me that he can rectify this situation”.

“As you are all aware by now, Angel’s seer, the real Cordelia Chase has escaped from Quor torth”.

“This is not acceptable; the seer is the only person with the ability to thwart our plans”.

“I had a meeting with the new Shaman which proved to be very enlightening”.

“Let me outline how we shall proceed”.

“Angel paid his seer a little visit last night which ended up with her being hospitalised”.

“The new Shaman is going to intensify the hold on Angel’s soul; just a little bit more to enable him to finish off what he started”.

“Once Angel has disposed of his seer permanently; the new Shaman will then reduce the hold on Angel’s soul to a suitable level for us
to then carry out our original plan, which as you know will bring us more business.

Spike had heard enough. He left the meeting and returned to Angel’s apartment.

He noticed with considerable relief that Angel was still out cold. Spike knew he had to act quickly, before the Shaman could get to work on Angel. Spike didn’t know if he would be able to contain the Vampire otherwise.

He told Gunn what he had found out so far. Spike then left to find the Shaman.


Wesley had arrived in New York and the taxi he had flagged down at the airport, had just pulled up outside Connor’s apartment.

Wesley got out of the cab and made his way to the front door. He rang the bell. There was no reply. He tried again. There was still no reply. Wesley sat down on the doorstep for what he hoped wouldn’t be a long wait. He was wrong.

It had just started to get dark when Wesley saw Connor approach.

Connor footsteps started to falter, when he saw Wesley sitting outside his door.

Wesley immediately stood up and said “Hello Connor, my name is Wesley, you don’t remember me, but we do know each other very well”.

Connor looked at the man standing in front of him. He did not sense any threat coming from him. Connor had to admit that his face did seem familiar and he did know his name.

“May I please come in Connor; I have to tell you something you need to know”.

“Sure” Connor replied. “Come on in”.

Once they were inside Connor’s apartment, Wesley said.

“Before I begin Connor, all I ask is that you keep an open mind”.

“I can assure you that I am not some escaped mental patient, no matter how much you will want to believe that after you have listened to what I have to tell you”.

Connor immediately cut Wesley off. “Is this about those weird dreams I’ve been having” Connor said.

“Weird dreams” Wesley questioned.

“Yeah the weird dreams; they started a couple of weeks ago; dreams of monsters, demons, blood drinking fiends”.

“An old building keeps appearing as well. There is a tall man, and a young woman, they seem to be close; she seems to get visions”.

“In one particular dream, the tall man’s face changed into that of a monster and then he called me son”.

Wesley was astounded. His earlier concerns about Angel’s agreement to altering Connor’s mind appeared to be justified. The watcher surmised that this might well make his job easier.

He decided to be blunt: A trait of Cordelia’s which had rubbed off on him.

“Connor those dreams you have been experiencing are not merely dreams; they are based on fact”.

The man you refer to you is your Father, his name is Angel. The young woman is called Cordelia Chase; she is a seer.

“Connor let me ask you this” Wesley continued; “Have you noticed anything about yourself that sets you apart from other people?”

Connor immediately knew what Wesley was referring to.

“I excel at any type of physical activity” Connor stated. I have exceptional hearing and eyesight”.

“I was told that’s because I’m kinda like those child prodigies you sometimes hear of …… only I’m all grown up” Connor stated.

“You are more than that Connor” “You are unique” “You possess those skills of which you speak, because you are the offspring of two vampires; that which in theory shouldn’t exist; but here you are in the flesh”.

“I think it’s time for you to meet your Father”

“Wesley then explained Angel had arranged for Connor to have all memories of his past life erased in the mistaken belief that it would be in Connor’s best interests.

He also explained that even though Angel was a vampire, he had a soul and that set him apart from other vampires. He told Connor that his father was a good man and he worked relentlessly to fight against evil.

Normally Connor would have definitely believed that the man standing in front of him was a looney tune, but the dreams he had been experiencing told him otherwise. It would also explain his supernatural abilities.

Connor agreed to go with Wesley to LA.


Spike had eventually located the Shaman. He easily overpowered the Shaman before he could react to Spike’s presence.

He brought the Shaman back to Angel’s apartment and threw him down on the floor.

He fixed the Shaman with an ice-cold glare and told him in no uncertain terms, what he would do to him (which included wrapping his intestines around his neck) if he did not remove the spell he had used to taint Angel’s soul with immediately.

Gunn who was standing guard over Angel said,

“You’d better do as the man said or I’ll find an even more innovative use for your intestines”.

The Shaman may have been an evil bastard, but he wasn’t stupid. He immediately removed the spell.

Spike watched Angel. There was no reaction. “Bloody hell Peaches” Gunn did a number on you with those darts” Spike chuckled.

He then waited for the vampire to wake up.

Thirty minutes later, Angel began to wake up.

The first thing he felt was the searing pain.

The second thing he registered was the fact that he had been chained to the bed.

The third thing to assault his senses was Spike sitting in a chair looking at him; with a very frightened looking Shaman sprawled on the floor; with Spikes foot on his back holding him down.

“Alright Peaches woken up have we”. “Don’t speak, just listen” Spike said before the Vampire could utter a word.

Spike then prodded the Shaman.

The Shaman began to speak. Angel heard in full detail Wolfram & Harts plans for him and how they had manipulated his soul.

He found out that the Cordelia they he had been caring for all this time was an imposter.

He learned that his Cordy, had been transported to a hell dimension and had only just returned.

Spike watched the varying emotions that flickered across the Vampires face ranging from disbelief to horror to a barely contained rage.

Spike knew that Angel was in no state to deal with the Shaman himself.
He looked across to Angel and a silent message passed from one to the other. Without hesitation Spike snapped the Shamans neck.

Spike then took pity on Angel. He knew that for Angel the worst was yet to come. Angel did not know yet what he had done to Cordelia.

Spike walked over to Angel and removed the chains that bound him.

With Gunns help, they managed to clean up the vampire and tend to his injuries as best they could; but even those two fine specimens of manhood balked when it came to removing the dart embedded in Angel’s balls.

“Peaches, I can’t remove the dart in your balls mate” Spike said blanching visibly.

“Hey don’t you be looking at me dude, I’m with Spike on this” Gunn said.

Angel could only wonder in amazement at why he would be injured in such a personal place and who would do such a thing.

All thoughts of modesty fled his brain as he began to panic.

“Guys is Fred around?” “No” they both shouted in unison.

Just that instant Wesley and Connor walked through the door.

Connor was greeted to the sight of his father, lying naked on the bed with a dart in his balls.

“I was wrong Connor thought, they are insane; the whole lot of them I’m leaving”.

“Connor” Angel gasped.

“What’s going on here” Wesley asked.

“What does it bloody well look like” Spike answered.

“Well from where I’m standing there could be a number of possibilities” Wesley said smirking.

“Bloody Hell” Wesley said “You two are a pair of wankers”.

“Will someone please remove this bloody dart otherwise you’ll never be able to call me a wanker again” the vampire said.

Wesley walked over to Angel “I suppose this can’t be any worse than letting you feed of me”.

Wesley then yanked the dart unceremoniously out of Angel’s balls.
“Vampires heal quickly” he reasoned to himself as he heard Angel shout out in agony and fix Wesley with a glare that Angelus would have been proud of.

Spike then heated up some fresh blood for the Vampire and Angel drank several packets. He immediately felt his strength start to return as the blood speeded up the healing process.

Everyone was so busy with Angel that they had momentarily forgotten about Connor.

When Wesley turned around to speak to Connor he found the young man lying in a heap on the floor.

“Young people no stomach for anything” he concluded.

When Connor had recovered from the spectacle of Wesley yanking a dart from Angel’s privates he listened transfixed as Spike and Gunn told Wesley everything that had transpired while Wesley was in New York.

Angel on the other hand couldn’t believe that Connor was here in LA with Wesley and that Connor hadn’t yet tried to kill him. He didn’t know just yet how he felt about Wesley’s return with Connor.

He couldn’t believe that Cordy was back in LA. “My Cordy” he mused “God how I’ve missed her”.

“Oh shit” he further thought. “We are going to have to face one seriously angry seer”. “How could we not know, how could I not know that she was still missing in action”

Somehow the pain of having the dart removed paled in comparison to facing Cordy’s wrath.

Wesley asked Gunn and Spike to take Connor out for something to eat.

He needed to be alone with Angel when he told him what had happened to Cordelia.

Spike and Gunn were only too happy to oblige. This was one party they did not want to be a witness too.

Wesley entered the Vampires bedroom pulled up a chair and told Angel not to react until he had finished speaking.

He then proceeded to tell the vampire how he had killed Cordelia or the thing that was masquerading as Cordelia.

He then told Angel about Cordelia’s attack. Angel felt sick to his stomach. He looked at Wesley. “Where is she Wesley”.

“Angel I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to be anywhere near Cordelia now”.

“I need to see her Wesley, I won’t make my presence known, please Wesley you have to tell me”.

Wesley knew the vampire would only find out eventually. He told Angel which hospital Cordelia was in.

A terrible anger was starting to build up in Angel. Anger that not one person had questioned the way he was acting. Didn’t they know that he would never hurt Cordelia? That he would never act in such a manner towards her. What the fuck was wrong with everyone.

Who am I to talk, he said to himself. We all knew that Cordelia would never hurt us, yet we did nothing. We didn’t question her actions.

Angel entered the hospital and made his way to the room he knew Cordelia was in. God he could sense where she was before he even entered the hospital.

Why was it he could not sense that the real Cordelia was not with them before?

We’re all dammed he muttered.

As Angel came nearer to Cordelia’s room he was filled with a deep sense of trepidation.

He noticed that the door to her room had been left slightly open. He opened the door just a little bit more and saw Fred asleep in a chair at the side of Cordy’s bed.

Fred awoke with a start. She froze in terror when she saw the tall imposing figure of the vampire standing just inside the door. Angel noticed her reaction to his presence.

“It’s alright Fred, it’s me Angel” he said softly “I’m back Fred. I’m the real Angel he repeated”.

Fred looked up into the Vampires eyes and noticed that there was something different about them. The cold hard distant look that had been present for what seemed like ever to Fred had gone. Instead she saw the softness in Angel’s brown eyes marred with an incredible sadness.

“It’s okay Angel I believe you” Fred replied softly.

Fred didn’t know what had happened while she had been keeping vigil over Cordy, but she guessed it had too be of the good.

Fred however, had no intention of leaving Angel alone with Cordy and wisely Angel did not ask her to leave the room.

Instead Fred got up from her seat at the side of Cordy’s bed and motioned for Angel to sit down. The physicist then located herself to the other side of the room and sat back down.

Angel’s legs buckled underneath him when he saw the injuries that were visible on Cordelia. If the chair had not been behind him he would have fallen to the floor. As it was he collapsed onto the chair.

Angel took a moment to recover his composure and then looked at Cordelia. He noticed her swollen and cut face. He noticed the damage to her cheekbone, he noticed that the skin around her eyes was stained black and blue.

He noticed that her eyelids were swollen and puffy.

He looked down at her hands lying lifeless on top of the covers and he noticed that her hands were also damaged. He noticed that her nails were torn and ragged. – the thought then entered his mind that she had always been so proud of her perfectly manicured nails.

The vampire then bowed his head and started to cry uncontrollably.

Fred watched and said nothing.

Somewhere in the recesses of her mind Cordelia imagined that she heard someone crying. She struggled to open her eyes but was unable to do so.

There it was again. Cordelia tried to open her eyes for a second time. As she slowly managed to open her eyes, her vision was hazy and slightly unfocused.

She saw the outline of a dark shape bent over her bed. She heard the word “God Cordy, I’m so sorry being repeated over and over again. She then gave in to the overwhelming urge to close her eyes and as sleep again overtook her the word Angel formed in her brain.

Fred was starting to get worried, it would be soon be daylight and Angel hadn’t moved from Cordy’s side all through the night.

She didn’t want to leave him alone with Cordy, but she also wanted to telephone Gunn and Wesley.

While she was still debating whether to go the payphone, Wesley and Gunn walked into the room. Fred stood up and threw herself first into Gunn’s arms and then into Wesley’s.

“I’m so glad you’re here”. “I don’t know what to do about Angel”. “He’s been like this all night” she said. “It’s okay Fred, I’ll see to Angel, Gunn will stay here with you and Cordy”.

Wesley approached Angel. “Angel it’s me Wesley, come on Angel we need to get you home” Wesley said.

Thankfully Angel responded. “Okay Wes you’re right”

Angel allowed himself to be escorted out of the hospital. Wesley had brought the car around to the back entrance to protect the Vampire from the sun.

They drove in silence back to Wolfram & Hart.

Wesley knew that the Vampire needed to eat. As soon as he had Angel ensconced back in his apartment, Wesley heated some fresh blood for the Vampire and brought it out to him.

“Angel, here drink this” Wesley said. The Vampire didn’t respond.
“Angel you need to keep your strength up”.

“You’ll be no good to Cordelia otherwise”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Wesley immediately regretted saying them. Even to his ears, they didn’t sound quite right, but Wesley was at a loss; he didn’t know how to deal with the Vampire in his present condition. “Nice One Wesley” he chided himself.

Cordelia had been the only person who was capable of dealing with Angel’s sometimes extreme mood swings and Wesley was out on a limb here.

“No good to Cordelia Wesley”. The vampire shouted. “What good have I been to her so far – she’s lying in a hospital bed battered and broken because of me Wesley”.

“That wasn’t you Angel”.

“Yes Wesley it was me” Angel replied.

“Cordelia saw me; she saw my face; she felt my hands on her”.

“It was all me Wesley”. “She’ll carry that memory with her permanently”.

“How could I do that to her Wesley?” “How” Angel cried. “I still had my soul Wesley, I didn’t lose it”.

“How could I do that Wesley? Angel repeated and to the one person that means more to me than life itself”. “Answer me that Wesley”.

For once Wesley was at a loss for words.

“Please leave now Wesley, I need to be alone”.

Wesley knew it would be pointless to try and reason with Angel. It was too soon. He was too raw – so he did what Angel wanted. He left him alone.

Angel had an overwhelming urge to shower and try to clean away the filth that he felt clung to his very being; he wanted to scrub away the awful smell that surrounded him; the smell of fear, Cordelia’s fear.

He realised that he had not cleaned himself since the events of last night. The others had patched him up; but he was hardly clean.

Angel stripped and stood under the shower head. As he was standing naked in the shower, his senses were assaulted by a myriad of smells.

That was when the sinking realisation that he had done a lot worse to Cordelia than beat her to within an inch of her life finally hit home.

Angel began punching the shower wall, sending pieces of broken tiling everywhere; he didn’t stop not even when his hands were bloodied and his fingers broken.

He finally sank to his knees and howled like a wounded animal.

That was how Wesley found the Vampire when he returned to check on him some time later.

“Bloody Hell” Wesley exclaimed. He managed to drag Angel to his feet and placed a towel around him for modesty.

Once again Wesley despaired; he had no idea how to deal with Angel.
Once again he realised that the only person able to cope with Angel was lying in a hospital bed. The irony of the situation did not escape Wesley.

Wesley tried again.

“Angel you need to focus”

“Cordelia is going to need us Angel, all of us and that includes you”.

Again there was no response from the Vampire.

Wesley was starting to feel irritated by Angel.

“For Christ’s sake Angel, snap out of it, stop internalising this and feeling so fucking sorry for yourself”.

“Cordelia is all that matters Angel, she is going to need us to be strong for her”.

“If you think you are suffering now Angel, spare a thought for Cordelia, the woman that you say means more to you than life itself” “Her suffering is only just beginning”.

Wesley continued;

“I don’t pretend have all the answers Angel, but I do know that you are going to have to work very hard in trying to rebuild any sort of friendship with Cordelia.

“Suppose I can’t Wesley” the Vampire said brokenly; “what if she doesn’t want me to”

“Cordelia is still your seer Angel and as we both know, she is not one to shirk her responsibility, not when there are still people out there who need our help”.

“Prove how much she means to you Angel, don’t just give up on her now, don’t try and run away from this”.

“Cordelia is going to need your help in trying to come to terms with what happened to her”. Perhaps more than you know” the watcher thought to himself.

Angel knew if he was being totally honest with himself that Wesley was right. It was just so dam hard to deal with though.

Angel knew that no matter what he was feeling now, it would be nothing to the emotional trauma that would hit Cordy like a ton of bricks and still be there long after her physical injuries had healed.

He was acting like a pitiful wanker, and only adding to the frustration and anger that Wesley was going through over Cordelia.

“Okay Wesley, you’re right” Angel said. “I’ll take you up on that offer of blood now”. “Just give me a minute to get dressed”.

The Vampire returned moments later, dressed in black sweats and t-shirt. He took the blood from Wesley and drank it down in one go.

Wesley then spoke.

“Angel, I’m going back to the hospital to check on Cordelia and collect Fred”. “She hasn’t left Cordy’s side since she was admitted and I expect she will be tired and in dire need of a shower and change of clothes”.

“Will you be okay?”

“It’s okay Wesley, I’ll be fine you go” Angel replied.

“I’ll try not to be too long” and with that the watcher turned and exited Angel’s apartment.

Angel had just sat down to try and make sense of it all, when something attracted his attention. He noticed two videotapes lying on the floor next the TV.

“That’s strange” he thought to himself. “I don’t remember seeing those before”.

His curiosity piqued, he placed one of the tapes in the machine and pressed play.

Cordelia’s image came into view. He watched and listened intently as Cordelia began to speak. He didn’t flinch from her harsh words.

He watched mesmerized at Cordelia then began to slowly remove her clothing. His breath hitched in his throat when she was fully revealed to him.

“God she was even more beautiful than he had ever imagined”. A ghost of a smile flickered across his features, “yep that was his Cordy alright, never afraid to say what was on her mind and in this case show him”.

That was one of the reasons why he loved her so much.

The tape came to an end.

Angel stood up and removed the tape from the VCR and placed the second tape in the machine. He pressed play and waited.

Angel froze when he saw himself on the tape. He watched horrified at the threats that were coming from his mouth and directed at Cordy.

Angelus sprang into mind. “No not Angelus I still have my soul” he said out loud.

In his initial distress over Cordelia; Angel had overlooked the one thing he now knew, the one thing they all knew.

“The Shaman” he said with clarity; “Wolfram & Hart” “Those bastards – they played me from the inside, while I was right under their noses”. “This is the last time those evil fucks will ever get to harm me, or anyone connected to me” Angel growled out loud.


Wesley entered Cordelia’s room. She was still asleep.

“Hello Fred” he said. “How is she?”

“She woke up briefly this morning and murmured Angel’s name”. “You don’t suppose she knew he was here do you Wesley”.

“I don’t know Fred, anything’s possible, Cordelia is part demon now”.

“Oh” was all Fred could say.

“Fred. I’ve come to take you home”. “I’m sure you could do with freshening up and a clean set of clothes”.

Fred was reluctant to leave Cordelia. Wesley realised that she didn’t know what had happened to Angel yet.

“Come on Fred, Cordy’s safe now, Angel is not a threat to her anymore”. “You do believe that don’t you Fred”. “I mean you saw Angel yourself”.

“Yeah I now Wesley, I can’t help feeling apprehensive that’s all”.

“Perfectly understandable given the circumstances” “I’ll bring you back later Fred”.

They both left the hospital.


Angel began to feel a little bit more focused. He now knew what he was going to do; well at least in relation to Wolfram & Hart.

Angel was also beginning to feel something else; he wasn’t quite sure what it was, but he was starting to feel different inside of himself. Whereas he had felt cold inside before, he was starting to feel a warmth that was alien to him, but not unwelcome.

He also noticed that his demon was unusually quiet; normally Angelus would have been baying for revenge and bugging the hell out of Angel.

His demon knew that Angel was in love with Cordy and he should have been coming to the fore screaming out for the bloodiest revenge on Wolfram & Hart.

Angel knew that his demon in his own perverse way secretly admired the seer and had on many occasions taunted Angel for not acting on his instincts in claiming Cordelia as his mate.

Angel knew that his demon had not been present when Cordelia had been attacked. “Those bastards did a number on both of us” Angel said.

Fred and Wesley had arrived back at Wolfram & Hart after stopping off at Fred’s apartment to allow her to freshen up. They were joined shortly after by Gunn who had left the hospital moments before Wesley had arrived to also grab a quick shower and change of clothes.

Connor and Spike in the meantime seemed to have hit it off. Connor found the bleached blonde vampire to be very witty and amusing.

Connor didn’t try to analyze why he found it so easy to accept all the weirdness that now surrounded him – because that thought in itself was deeply disturbing – he just knew that he was starting to feel more comfortable around these people; almost as if he had come home.

Last night to his amazement was the first night in ages that he had a good nights sleep and not suffered a nightmare. As a result he was feeling relaxed and fresh today.

Wesley decided to check on Angel. He told everyone that he needed to see Angel and that he would meet them in the first floor cafeteria when he was finished with Angel.

Wesley entered the Vampires suite and was visibly relieved to notice that Angel appeared to be okay.

Before Wesley could speak Angel spoke.

“Oh hey Wesley, I didn’t expect you back so soon”.

“How was Cordelia”?

“There’s no change Angel” Which is good news” he quickly added as he noticed the crestfallen look that appeared on the Vampires features.
“Yes good news Angel, it means that her condition hasn’t gotten any worse”. “Cordelia’s a fighter, she’s going to come through this” he said.

Angel looked at Wesley and realised he was making the watcher feel uncomfortable again. How come he had never noticed that before now he wondered?

“Well like you say, that good new Wes”. “I’m going to see Cordy myself later today, but first of all there’s the little matter of Connor to discuss”.

Wesley had been dreading this moment, but he knew it had to be addressed and he had prepared a mental speech.

Wesley began pacing up and down the room.

“Angel, you and I have known each other for some time now, we have stood side by side in our battle against the forces of evil” he paused to take a quick look at Angel and noticed with some chagrin that the Vampire was looking amused.

He continued “We have fought the good fight, we have …… “Ahem” …. Wesley was cut off in mid-flow. “I get the message Wes, what does this have to do with Connor?” the vampire questioned.

“Yes well as I was saying ……… nothing ……… everything ……… what I’m trying to say is this:

“As a team and as a family we have been slowly falling apart for some time now”. “Long before Cordelia was abducted”.

“In actual fact I believe the rot set in with Darla’s return Angel”.

“We were too blind to see that your sacking of us was a cry for help”. We should have picked up on what was going on, isn’t that we are supposed to do Angel, help the helpless.

“We should have known that your actions and behaviour was out of character, but we didn’t”. “Instead of trying to find out what was making you behave that way Angel, we blamed you for what befell us next”.

“We were too wrapped up with our own feelings of injustice at being sacked”. “We should have fought harder, we should have not listened to you when you told us we were fired”. “We should have stayed with you Angel and tried to help you”.

“Even when we finally reunited, things were not the same”. “You know the rest Angel” Connor; Holtz etc. “My point is this Angel, “We allowed the same thing to happen with Cordelia”

“My god Angel, think about it, who was the one person who always supported you; the one person who loved you unconditionally; the one person who never backed down from telling you what she thought; the one person who became part demon to help you”.

“We were so fractured as a family by this stage, that we failed to realise that the person we thought was Cordelia was an imposter”.

“Then there is this latest tragedy”.

“We thought that by moving with you to Wolfram & Hart, we were doing the right thing. We had lost Cordelia to all intents and purposes, but we still had you”. “The champion”. “Cordelia’s champion” “We were so wrong Angel”.

“We did nothing to help you again Angel”. “We all knew that something was a bit off with you, but we chose to ignore it, assuming it was because of Connor and Cordelia”.

“We should have known Angel” but we didn’t and why didn’t we know; because we had lost our way, somewhere along the path, we got lost”.

“We are as much to blame for your actions Angel, as Wolfram & Hart”.

“How did we get so lost Angel?”

“We can help others, but apparently not ourselves”.

Angel let the full significance of Wesley’s words sink in. Angel had always secretly been more than a little hurt by the Fang Gangs response to his sacking of them.

He knew that Cordelia had hurt him the most by her rejection of him when he came to visit Wesley in hospital after he had been shot.

Angel realised that every word Wesley had spoken was the truth. They had been lost.

His thoughts were cut off as Wesley continued;

“Cordelia once told you to never lie to your son Angel”.

Do you remember that Angel, it was shortly before she disappeared”.

“Well I am honouring her request Angel”. “Cordelia was right”.

“Connor needs you Angel, no matter what has gone on in the past, he needs you”.

“Do you know that Connor’s memory was starting to return Angel”. “When I found him, he told me he had been experiencing nightmares, visions of past events Angel”. “What do you think would have happened to him if I hadn’t found him”.

“Cordelia apparently felt the same way, she had his address with an air ticket to New York. “I found them in her apartment”.

“You don’t have the right to play God with people’s lives Angel”.

“Hasn’t enough damage been done”.

“That’s all I have to say. “I’m now going to join the others for some coffee”.

The ex-watcher couldn’t ever remember saying so much in one go to the Vampire.

Before he reached the door he heard Angel say:

“You’re right Wes, mind if I join you. “I think it’s time I got reacquainted with my son”.


Cordy was slowly starting to come round. She had been asleep for the best part of 48 hours. As she opened her eyes her surroundings slowly came into focus.

She was still feeling a little fuzzy and she felt incredibly thirsty.
She looked down at her hands lying on top of the covers and noticed with some surprise that she was hooked up to an IV.

She struggled to push herself into an upright position but found she didn’t have the strength to do so.

Just then a nurse appeared in the doorway. She entered the room and spoke to Cordelia.

“It’s nice to find you awake Miss Chase” “How do you feel?”

Cordelia ignored the question and instead replied:

“Why am I here” “Did I have an accident or something?”

The nurse sat down in the chair at the side of Cordelia’s bed. She looked at the young woman and could see the confusion etched on her face.

“Can’t you remember?”.

“Not really” Cordelia said. “Should I remember?”

I’ll tell you what, I’ll ask the doctor responsible for your care to speak to you”.

“I expect you must be feeling thirsty”. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Yes please” Cordelia replied softly.

The nurse returned with the drink which Cordelia managed to sip slowly with the aid of a straw.

Shortly after Dr Jarvis, the physician who had been looking after Cordelia arrived.

She was a pleasant young woman who explained to Cordelia that her memory would return gradually. It was just nature’s way of dealing with things. When the body suffers a severe a trauma as Cordelia’s had, the brain shuts down to a certain extent to allow the body to heal before dealing with the mental aspect of the assault.

“Okay ” Cordelia said none the wiser.

Just then Fred arrived carrying a large bouquet of flowers.

The doctor told Cordelia not to worry too much and that she would be back to check on her later and with that she left the room.

Fred beamed at Cordelia overjoyed to see that she was finally awake.
She wanted to envelope the seer in a big fat hug, but refrained for fear of hurting her.

Fred placed the bouquet of flowers on the bedside table and sat down.

“I’m so glad you’re awake Cordy, I mean I always knew you would and all but …… Fred, Cordy said gently. “Do you know what happened to me?”

Fred’s eyes widened in surprise, “Oh, you don’t remember? not anything?”

“No Fred I don’t” she whispered. “I will in time according to the doctor though”.

“Will you tell me? please Fred” Please be honest with me Fred, I need to know” the seer pleaded.

Fred’s heart went out to the brave young woman lying so broken in the hospital bed and she decided that she would tell her. Cordelia deserved to know the truth.

As Fred started to tell Cordelia what had happened to her, Cordelia just stared blankly at her. When Fred had told her everything, Cordelia still continued to stare at her.

“I don’t believe it Fred” the seer eventually said. “No way”. “Fred; there is no way that Angel would ever hurt me like that”

“Please go Fred” she cried. “I’m sorry I want to be left alone for a while”. “You can come back later Fred if you want to”.

“Its okay Cordy, I understand, and of course I want to come back later”.

Cordy was uncomfortable lying down and rang the buzzer for the nurse. When she arrived, Cordelia asked for help in sitting up.

When she was made comfortable with pillows placed behind her for support she went over in her mind what Fred had told her.

“She still couldn’t and wouldn’t believe that Angel was capable of doing such a thing to her.

Eventually she succumbed to the tiredness that once again overtook her and she drifted of to sleep.

Cordelia awoke with a start some time later and her eyes rolled upwards. She was filled with images of fear and pain and anger. She screamed silently as the full horror of her attack was shown to her with savage clarity. The face of her assailant was Angel.

Cordelia’s vision ended as abruptly as it had begun. The seer recovered her composure.

Cordelia had to go to the bathroom; she wanted to be sick. She struggled slowly and painfully to push her legs over the edge of the bed and using her arms for support she levered herself up of the bed.

As her legs hit the floor and the seer stood up, she immediately doubled over from the pain that racked through her body. She held onto the IV stand for support and used it to manoeuvre her way to the bathroom.

When she reached the bathroom, she became violently sick into the sink. Cordelia thought she would die from the pain, the vomiting was racking her body with.

She didn’t hear Angel enter her room.

Angel entered Cordelia’s room and noticed with panic that she was not in the bed.

He was just about to go and find a nurse, when he heard a noise coming from the bathroom. Without hesitation, he barged into the bathroom and found Cordelia slumped over the sink covered in sick.

“Cordelia” he said.

He picked her up and gently carried her back to the bed. She was staring at him blankly without any emotion registering on her face.

Without speaking the Vampire went back into the bathroom and returned with a damp cloth. He began to carefully wipe away the traces of sick that were evident on her face.

He noticed that some strands of her hair were stuck to her face and also covered in sick. He pushed them off her face and wiped them clean with the damp cloth.

The whole time Cordelia had not registered his presence; she simply stared at him through sightless eyes.

Angel returned the cloth to the bathroom and rang for a nurse. He explained to her what had just happened. He asked if she would put a clean nightgown on Cordelia and check that she hadn’t hurt herself.

The nurse asked Angel to wait outside.

“You can come back in now; sorry I didn’t catch your name, who did you say you were” the nurse asked. “Angel he replied my name’s Angel”.

“Okay, Angel your girlfriend hasn’t injured herself further”.
“We’re all glad she’s finally woken up”. With that the nurse smiled at Angel and left the room.

Angel went back into the room. Cordelia was sitting up again supported by pillows. The IV had been removed from her hand and her hair had been brushed and placed in a loose ponytail.

As he sat down in the chair by her bed; he noticed that the seer’s eyes never left him. She remained silent.

The vampire didn’t know what to make of this. He could deal with an angry Cordelia; he could deal with an upset Cordelia; he could deal with a happy Cordelia.

He didn’t know how to deal with a silent Cordelia. Wesley’s earlier words came back to him: “Prove it to her Angel, “Don’t run away from this”. “Cordelia needs you”.

So Angel did what he does best. He sat in silence sometimes looking at Cordelia; sometimes looking around the room; sometimes looking down at his feet. Every time he looked at Cordelia he found her gaze locked on him.

“Leave Angel” Cordelia finally spoke.

“What” he said


“I’m not leaving Cordelia”

“I’ll have you thrown out”

“I’m not leaving Cordelia”

“Why are you here?”

“I was worried about you” “I had to see you”

“You’ve seen me” “Get out”

“I’m not leaving Cordelia”

“Fine” “If you don’t leave I will”


“You heard me”

“Cordelia I don’t think that you’re in any condition to be going anywhere” the Vampire responded.

“Whose fault is that Angel” she replied.


“Oh this is ridiculous Angel” she said.

“Please leave or do I have to beg; because from what I can recall you like it when I beg”

Cordelia refused to be moved by the hurt that flared up in the Vampires eyes by this remark.

Angel looked at Cordelia; he picked her hand up and held it between his own larger hands.

He spoke softly;

“You have every right to be hate me Cordelia; you have every right to say whatever you want to me; I can never apologise enough for what I did to you”.

“I want you to know how sorry I am”.

“I know that nothing I say or do can ever take away the hurt I have caused to you.

“I want you to know that I love you; I want you to know that I will never leave you again Cordelia never”.

“If you want me to leave the room I will; but I will be waiting outside the door”. “I’m not leaving this hospital Cordelia until you’re ready to come home with me”.

Cordelia fought back the tears that were starting to form in her eyes and said;

“I think it will be better if you leave the room Angel”

“The vampire stood up and left the room”.

Cordelia sighed with relief when the stubborn vampire left the room.

Cordelia had known without doubt from the moment that Fred had told her what had happened, that Angel was not responsible for her injuries.

The vision that Cordelia had received had confirmed this knowledge.
When Cordelia had seen the face of Angel in her vision she realised that he was “not in the driving seat”. The eyes she had seen in her vision had been cold dispassionate ugly and full of hate.

Because Cordelia had been so brutally attacked and violated; she wanted to lash out. Her attacker had used Angel to hurt her and his face was the one she associated with her suffering.

Cordelia knew she wasn’t being very logical, but at this moment in time she didn’t care.

Angel had sat down in the waiting area outside Cordelia’s room for what he knew would be a very long night.

Wesley wanted to see Cordelia. He knew that Angel was with her, because Fred had telephoned him.

Wesley asked Gunn, if he wanted to come with him to the hospital.

“Just try and keep me away English” was his reply.

Gunn and Wesley found the vampire sitting outside Cordy’s room. Fred was nowhere to be seen.

“Angel what’s up man, what are you doing sitting out here?” Gunn questioned.

“Cordy just needed some time on her own”. “She was feeling tired”.

Well it wasn’t too far from the truth the vampire reasoned.

“Go in guys, I’m sure she’ll be pleased to see you” Angel said.

“Well if you’re sure; I mean if she’s not feeling up to it, we can come back”.

“No, I’m sure” Angel replied.

Gunn and Wesley entered the room.

Cordelia smiled weakly at the two men.

“Hi guys” she said.

“Hey Barbie, it’s good to see you sitting up and awake to the world” Gunn said.

“Yes Cordelia, I must say this is a vast improvement” Wesley concurred.

“Can I hug you” Gunn asked. “I don’t want to hurt you though”.

“I’d love a hug Gunn; a gentle hug” she added as an afterthought.

Gun walked over to the seer and enveloped her in a gentle hug. “We all missed you Cordy, it’s good to have you back finally”.

He released Cordy and saw she was trying not to cry.

“My turn” Wesley piped up.

Once all the hugging was over, Gunn excused himself and went off in search of Fred. He knew that Wesley wanted some alone time with the seer.

“Cordelia” he began “I don’t know how much you know about what has been happening”.

“Its okay Wes, if you mean the attack, I know it wasn’t Angel”. “You do but how”. “Cordelia threw him a “duh” look and simply said “Because Angel never would”.

Wesley went to speak but Cordelia silenced him. “Wesley some things don’t make sense, I get the feeling I don’t know everything”.

Wesley then proceeded to tell Cordelia about Wolfram & Hart and the Shaman and how they had manipulated Angel’s soul.

He then told her about Connor and how he had found the air ticket with Connor’s address in her apartment.

He noticed that Cordelia had remained silent throughout. When he had finished she said “Thanks Wes for being honest with me and for bringing Connor home” With that the seers eyes closed and she fell asleep.

Wesley quietly left the room.

He walked over to Angel and sat down next to him.

Remembering his earlier speech to Angel and that from now on “honesty was the best policy” Wesley said

“Angel; Cordelia knows that it wasn’t you who attacked her”.

“What” Angel said not sure if he was hearing things.

Wesley again repeated “Cordelia knows it wasn’t you who attacked her.

“She does how?” the vampire questioned.

“Duh because Angel never would”. Wesley replied in answer to the Vampires question. Those were her exact words Angel.

“If it’s okay with you Angel, I think I’ll track Fred and Gun down and then catch up with Connor and Spike”.

“You don’t need to tell me what you’re doing Wesley”.

“Oh but I do Angel, Wessley replied. “From now on we are going to start communicating with each other”. “We are a Family first Angel” “A family who happen to work together as a team”

“Wesley patted Angel on the back and said “It’s going to be okay Angel, you have to believe that”. “Yeah Wes I do, I do now”.

I’m going to stay here; and Wesley” “Yes” Wesley replied. “Thank you for all your help”. “I don’t think I could have gotten through this without you”.

Wesley smiled at the Vampire and left to go in search of Fred and Gunn.

The vampire entered Cordy’s room and his eyes softened in amusement at the sight of her fast asleep sitting upright.

Angel walked over to Cordelia and gently removed the pillows from her back. He then laid the seer down and covered her with the blankets.

Angel sat down by the side of her bed and resumed his vigil.

Despite his best intentions the vampire fell asleep.

Cordelia awoke the next morning to find her hand resting on something surprisingly soft. She looked down to where her hand was resting and saw that Angel had slumped forward during the night and his head was resting on the bed.

She took a moment to register the fact that Angel had been in her room all night. A soft smile played across her features and she gently scratched his scalp almost absentmindely.

She removed her hand from Angel’s head and just stared off into space for a while.

Cordelia needed the bathroom as a matter of urgency and shoved Angels’ shoulders. He responded with a start. “Cordy, what’s wrong, are you in pain”. “No Angel, I need to use the bathroom” she said.

“Angel was on his feet in seconds”. “He watched as Cordy struggled to swing her legs onto the floor”. “Let me help Cordy”. “I can manage” she snapped”.

She finally swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. She tried to take a step but it hurt like hell and realised with some annoyance that it was going to take her ages and she couldn’t wait that long.

“Okay Angel, you can help me” “Let me lean on you”. She went to grab onto the Vampires arm for support. He gently picked her up and carried her into the bathroom.

“Thanks Angel, you can put me down now” she said.

The vampire reluctantly put her down. She grabbed onto the sink for support.

“Um can you please wait outside a little privacy please”.

“Oh sure” the embarrassed vampire stammered.

Cordelia managed to do what was necessary.

As she opened the bathroom door to make her exit, she found herself once again picked up by the worried looking vampire.

Angel carried her back to the bed and placed her down on it.

Once she was comfortably settled she said:

“Okay Angel. I think we need to talk.

Angel once again sat down in the chair next to Cordelia’s bed and took in a long unnecessary breath; which he then let out slowly, in preparation for what was to come.

Cordelia had been trying to mentally prepare herself for “the talk”.

“I’m so sick and tired of being the one who always has to put on a brave face” she thought mournfully to herself.

“First things first Angel” she spoke; “I am not going home with you”.

The Vampire went to protest, but Cordelia fixed him with an icy stare that made him think twice.

“You feel guilty about what happened to me” “I say good; you should”.

The Vampire lowered his head and carried on listening.

Cordelia continued;

“I’m not going to help you ease your conscience by allowing you to look after me”

“You want to try and put things right”.

“You can’t”

“Life’s not like that”.

“My life’s not like that – not anymore”.

“My life is not a game”.

“How could you not know that it wasn’t me Angel”. “How could you have ever believed, even for one second, that I would have been capable of doing such things”.

“I have worked alongside you for the best part of three years Angel”.

“I thought you knew me” “I was wrong”. “If you really knew me, you would have known that an imposter had returned in my place.

“Why didn’t you know Angel?

The vampire had been sitting with his head lowered and his eyes averted from the seer’s penetrating stare.

Look at me Angel.

Angel raised his head and looked directly into Cordelia’s eyes. He saw pain, sorrow and confusion mirrored within.

Cordelia continued. “When I woke up Angel and realised I was in hospital, I was confused”. “I knew I had been injured obviously, but I didn’t know how or why”.

“I asked Fred to tell me and she did; she told me that you had been the one to do this to me. “I told her that it wasn’t you”. “I told her that there was no way you would ever hurt me” and I was right”.

“I knew it wasn’t you Angel”. “I believed in you”. “Why couldn’t you have believed in me”. “Did I mean so little to you?.

Cordelia stopped talking and lowered her eyes.

Angel then spoke softly:

“I never wanted this too happen, you have to believe that”. “You’re right; I should have known that it wasn’t you; we all should have known; but especially me Cordelia; I should have known, he said dejectedly”.

“Cordelia, please look at me” he pleaded.

Cordelia raised her eyes and met Angel’s soulful gaze.

It may not be the right time to tell you this, but when is it ever the right time; I should have told you a long time ago”.

“I’m in love with you Cordelia”. “If I’m being honest with myself, I realised I was in love with you way back in the early days of Angel Investigations, when you were hospitalized with the never ending visions”.

“I didn’t tell you because I knew I had nothing to offer you”. “You were warm, vibrant, beautiful and so full of life”. “I knew that underneath the indifferent attitude you sometimes liked to display; I knew that underneath that lay a heart of pure gold”.

“Pity you didn’t know that when the imposter was here” She couldn’t help herself from saying.

“Angel I’m tired and sore, I can’t continue with this right now”

“There are still some things I need to say, some things you need to know”. “Can you come back later tonight?”.

Angel looked at Cordelia and saw just how pale and drawn she was.

“Okay” he replied, but I’m not going anywhere, as I said earlier I’ll be waiting outside your room for you”.

The seer sighed in frustration. “Don’t you have a son you need to see?” “”Go Angel, go see your son”. “It’s not like I’m going anywhere”.

Angel grudgingly admitted to himself that she was right. He fished in his pocket and placed a phone on Cordelia’s bed.

“Here’s my cell phone; if you need me just press 1, it’s a direct line to my apartment”.

Angel hesitated for a moment and then he leaned forward and placed a feather soft chaste kiss to Cordy’s bruised lips. “I love you” he whispered and then he turned and left the room.

Cordelia knew that she wasn’t making sense. She knew that she had told Angel she didn’t hold him responsible; yet in the same breath accused him.

The tears that Cordelia had been fighting so bravely to hold back, flowed freely.


Angel arrived back at W& H to find everyone in his living room; he could hear the playful banter and jovial laughter before he had even reached his door. It warmed his heart just a little.

Connor was sitting cross legged on the floor, deep in conversation with Wesley and S P I K E?. Angel rubbed his eyes and looked again. No, he wasn’t hallucinating.

Somewhat bemused Angel walked over to where Connor was sitting. He held out his hand and said “Hello Connor; let me introduce myself”. “I’m your Father”

“Yeah I know” Connor replied. “Nice to meet you under slightly more normal circumstances; have you recovered from the effects of that dart yet?” He asked as innocently as he could.

Angel stammered a bit “What? You knew about that”. Oh crap; he thought as he remembered Wesley arriving with Connor. Putting on a brave face and with as much dignity he could muster Angel replied. “Yeah all healed now thanks for asking”.

Okay here goes; come on Angel you can do this; his inner voice said.

“Connor I’d like to speak to you in private”. “Okay” he replied.

Angel showed Connor into his bedroom. Father and Son stood facing each other in awkward silence until Connor stepped forward and enveloped his father in a hug.

Momentarily taken aback, Angel froze. When his brain registered that Connor was not trying to kill him, he relaxed and returned the hug.

“It’s good to be home dad” Connor said. Angel was speechless. He looked at Connor carefully; Nope he’s definitely the real deal; no imposter here Angel thought to himself.

Angel’s face lit up with a brilliant smile and he replied “It’s good to have you back son”.

Connor and Angel spent the best part of the afternoon talking. Connor told Angel about the weird dreams he had been experiencing and that was one of the reasons he had agreed to come to LA with Wesley.

Angel filled in all the missing parts of the puzzle for Connor including the details of Jasmine and the fake Cordelia.

Connor took it all remarkably well.

In turn, Connor told Angel about his life in New York. The college he attended; the friends he had made. About his life in general. Angel listened with pride when Connor told him he was the team captain of the football team and how they were at the top of their league.

Angel then realised with some sadness that he would only have Connor for a short time. Connor had a new life now, with new friends, normal friends. He had the opportunity to do anything with his life.

Connor as if sensing Angel’s thoughts continued speaking.

“Something was missing, in spite of everything I always felt as if I didn’t really belong”. “It’s kinda like having an itch that you can’t scratch”.

“As soon as I arrived here in LA and met everyone that feeling disappeared and for the first time in ages I knew I was home; that this was where I really belonged.

“What I’m trying to say is “If you’ll have me dad, I’d like to stay here in LA with you”.

Angel was rendered speechless a second time.

Cordelia. Angel thought. Cordelia was right; Connor does need me. How could I have been so blind?

“Nothing would make me happier Connor, than to have you in my life” Angel replied.

Father and Son hugged each other again and then joined the others in the living room.

“Blimey Peaches, you look positively ecstatic” Spike said.

“Quick get the stake and dust buster” Fred shouted merrily.

“I do believe Angel has just had a moment” Wesley chimed in.

Gunn walked over to Angel and slapped him on the back “Hope that moment of yours didn’t include any darts” he sniggered

“Okay you win” Angel said. “How much?”

“Start counting English” Gunn said.

“Oh I don’t know let me see” said Wesley

“How about a few hundred dollars”. Angel gasped. “Small price I would say to be left in peace”.

“You never did get around to buying us that slap-up meal you promised” Fred said.

Angel handed Wesley the money and told them to have a good time.

“You’re not joining us?” Wesley asked.

“No I have more important things to do”. “I’m going to see Cordelia.

Cordelia opened her eyes and as her waking body slowly unwound from the tentacles of sleep she was aware of a warm contented feeling enveloping her entire body.

The seer’s then looked up and found herself staring into the deep brown eyes of Angel. His gaze was all consuming and Cordelia found herself mesmerized; she could stare into his eyes for ever.

“Hey” he whispered so softly she just about managed to hear him.

“Angel” she began to say but was cut off by the gentle press of his lips to hers. He then pulled back to look at her.

She felt herself tremble, “Come on Cor, pull yourself together” she chided herself internally.

“Angel” we need to talk”

“I know baby” he said and then he pulled her further into his embrace and whispered in her ear “I love you Cordelia, I’m not going anywhere”

“Stupid vampire why is he telling me this now?” her internal voice said.

Angel then looked deeply into Cordelia’s eyes. “God, how I love this woman” he thought. “There’s no way I’m letting her go; there’s no way I would ever be able to live without her”.

“I know we need to talk Cordelia, and I’m ready to listen to whatever it is that you need me to hear”. I may not like everything I hear, but I’m willing to listen”.

“The only thing I will not accept hearing is that you are going to leave me”. “That’s never going to happen Cordelia, never again”. “I’m not running away this time Cordelia”. “I’m here for ever with you baby, just you and me for ever”.

Cordelia felt her eyes starting to well up with tears again. Angel noticed and held her tighter; “It’s going to be alright Cordy, I promise you I’m going to make this better”.

Cordelia looked at Angel. “Angel I need to get up and use the bathroom”.

Angel released her from his embrace and while she was in the bathroom he busied himself in the kitchen making some coffee.

Cordelia looked at herself in the mirror and had an internal chat with herself.

“Okay Cor, pull yourself together, you know what you want to say so just get it over with”. She washed her face, brushed her teeth and pulled her hair back into a loose ponytail.

She found Angel in the kitchen brewing some coffee.

She sat down at the kitchen table and waited for Angel to finish.

He placed a mug of coffee in front of Cordelia and sat down opposite her.

“Angel” Cordelia began

“We have known each other for some time now and over that time I have watched you change from a morose; brooding; solitary; slayer whipped; anal retentive asshole into the person you are today”.

Angel despite his earlier declarations that he would listen, was sorely tempted to interrupt; that was before his brain caught up with itself and he heard his seer continue:

“The person you are today Angel does not resemble the Angel of old”.

“You opened yourself up and allowed us in”. “It started with Doyle, and then expanded to include me, Wesley, Gunn, Fred, need I go on.

“You’ve been through a lot Angel, I know that and you’ve come out the other side I believe a better and more caring person”.

“I know that it wasn’t you hurting me Angel”.

“I have a theory for why you reacted so savagely Angel, even though theoretically speaking it wasn’t you”.

“I remember you telling me some details about your life when you were human”.

“You said that your Father was a strict harsh man prone to outbursts of violence”. “During your formative years you witnessed these violent outbursts”. “You knew that your Father loved you; but he also hurt you”.

“Then Darla came along”. “In her own way she loved you: but she also hurt you; well as much as you can hurt an evil soulless blood drinking demon anyway”

“Hey” Angel responded.

“It was Darla who brought you the Gypsy girl to feed from”. “If it hadn’t been for Darla’s actions you wouldn’t have been cursed with a soul in the first place”. “Howdy that involved a whole lot of hurt” the seer exclaimed.

Cordelia ploughed on;

“Then along came another whiney blonde, by the name of Buffy”. “Sent to hell Angel”. “The woman whom you held above all others sent you to hell and you had your soul then.

“You then suffered the greatest hurt of all, she whispered softly. “You saw me Cordelia your best friend and seer, sleeping with your son”.

“Only we now know that wasn’t the case” and “don’t even get me started on that little baby again” she said starting to sound angry.

“What I’m trying to say Angel is that ………

“Come on cor spit it out you can say this” she remonstrated to herself.

“What I’m trying to say Angel is that you need therapy”

Angel looked across the table at his seer and nearly fell off his chair in amazement.

“What he exclaimed”

“Think about it Angel”. “It all makes sense”. “You equate love with pain”. “The only love you have ever experienced in your life; the only love you have ever been shown has been marred with terrible hurt and pain.

“God Angel, even your son, who I know you truly do love, hurt you beyond belief Angel”.

“I believe that you do have an innate darkness Angel a darkness that began in childhood and has been honed to perfection over the years”.

“I also believe that is why you reacted so savagely to the shamans spell”. “I believe that is why you were known as the most evil vicious vampire ever to walk the land”

Before Angel could speak Cordelia continued

“I also know that you have a tremendous capacity to do good”. “I know that somewhere in there struggling to get out and underneath all that baggage is the real Angel”.

“Baggage, what do you mean baggage, I don’t have any baggage Cordelia” he retorted”.

“Come on Angel, everyone has baggage the seer continued, you more than most”. “Of course add to that the fact that you’re a vampire”.

The seer chose to ignore the indignant look that was now plastered on the Vampire’s face.

“I’m not going to let them do it Angel, I’m not going to let the Wolfram and Harts of this world ruin what we worked so hard to achieve”.

“I’m not going to stand idly by and watch them try to destroy you further Angel”.

“Despite all I’ve just said to you; I believe in you Angel”. “I know underneath it all you are a good man and that is why I asked the Oracles to make your soul permanent”.

She again chose to ignore the look on Angel’ face, only this time it was one of disbelief.

“If you love me as much as you say you do; I want your word that you will agree to have therapy Angel even though your soul is now permanent”. “You will have nothing to lose and in return, you never know; you may gain something”.

“I also want you to move back into the Hyperion; I want our Family back together again Angel; the way it used to be”.

“I understand if you need time to think about everything”.

Angel had to admit to himself that Cordelia had outdone even herself this time; but he would do anything to keep her in his life; even if it meant baring his soul to some namby pamby jackass in a suit.

Baring my soul; I like the sound of that he chuckled to himself.

“I agree to everything Cordy” he replied.

“You do” the seer eyed him suspiciously “You don’t want to take some time to think about it first”

“Nope” came his swift response.

“Okay then” she said.

“Now how about introducing me to Connor”.


The Fang Gang had moved back into the Hyperion. The Senior Partners at Wolfram and Hart had been disposed of.

Angel had undergone a course of therapy and Cordelia could see the difference in him; even if he denied it was helping”.

Cordelia’s physical injuries were long healed; the mental ones still plagued her from time to time, but on the whole, she was almost back to her old self.

Connor and Angel had a close loving relationship which pleased the seer no end.

Spike had returned to Sunnydale with the Slayer.

Wesley, Gunn and Fred; well they were just Wesley, Gunn and Fred, no change there.

All in all Cordelia hadn’t felt so contented for a long time.
Angel had been incredibly patient and understanding with Cordelia once they had moved back into the Hyperion Hotel.

They had not made love yet; because Cordelia just didn’t feel ready. She loved Angel with all her heart and soul but the memory of the pain she had felt all those months before made her unable to relax and Angel didn’t want to hurt her.

Tonight though was different. She wanted to be with Angel more than anything and she had decided that tonight was the night; she relaxed in a long hot bath full of her favourite scented oils and had consumed two large glasses of red wine. By the time she returned to the bedroom she was feeling decidedly horny and sexy.

Cordelia lay down next to Angel who was lying on his back. She turned to face him and spoke. Angel, can we please just lock out the rest of the world tonight. I want to forget everything Angel, I want it to be just you and me tonight. “I need you so much; I love you so much; I need to feel you inside me tonight”.

All that could be heard in the stillness of the night was the sound of Cordelia’s soft sighs as Angel worked his magic on her body.

Angel was slowly working his way down her body placing soft gentle kisses on every piece of her exposed flesh.

When he reached her centre, he placed his hands on her hips and gently raised her as his mouth devoured her.

Cordelia’s body was shivering in anticipation of her approaching climax and when it hit her she thought she would pass out from the overwhelming sensations that overcame her.

Angel slowly released her and positioned his body over hers

“Are you sure baby”, “Oh God Yes, she moaned; “I won’t hurt you Cordy, I’ll be gentle” with that the vampire entered her in one fluid movement.

Cordelia gasped as she felt herself being filled by Angel. Quickly Angel pulled Cordelia up so they were sitting facing each other. Cordelia’s legs were bent at the knees whilst his were stretched out.

Angel was still encased inside Cordelia’s warmth and her natural instinct was to start moving her body up and down. Angel stilled her. “Don’t move baby; not just yet; look at me Cordy, I want to see you”.

Cordelia looked at Angel and saw the love that was shining from his desire darkened eyes.

He kept her still and just continued to stare deeply into her eyes. “I love you so much and I had to wait so long to have you baby” “I want to remember this night for ever”.

He just wanted to feel himself embedded deeply inside her without either of them moving. He simply wanted to feel and gaze into her beautiful hazel eyes for ever.

Cordelia had never felt as loved in her entire life as she did at this moment in time.

She leaned her head forward and kissed Angel passionately on the lips and began to rhythmically move her hips against Angel.

Angel moaned deep in his throat as he returned the kiss and felt her grinding actions further swelling his already engorged shaft.

Angel began to pump gently upward into her heated centre. Cordelia threw her head back, “Harder Angel Harder” she gasped. Angel began to thrust more forcefully and bent his head forward to suckle first one nipple and then the other.

He then claimed her mouth in a deep drugging kiss and flipped her over on her back never breaking the kiss or stilling his actions.

He continued to pump into his seer and she returned each movement with equal fervour. Cordelia wrapped her long legs around the vampire’s back in an attempt to bring him even closer into her body.

Angel felt Cordelia’s orgasm approaching; “Open your eyes Cordy” “I want to see you come”.

“He held her gaze and thrust forcefully into her and on each thrust she heard him say “I love you” “I love you so fucking much” over and over again.

He then reached between their joined bodies and gently pinched her clit never once breaking eye contact. Cordelia screamed her release and Angel followed her into oblivion.

The Vampire and his Seer lay entwined together in post-coital bliss simply content to be.




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