Was it the Egg Nog?

SUMMARY: Cordy gives Eve her comeuppance.
POSTED: 19 Dec 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: This is my first fanfic.
STATUS: Compelte


The groan shattered the stillness of the night. It was cold in the mountains, and a brisk wind was blowing, making it seem even colder. Cordy rubbed her hands together and then blew on them, trying somehow to warm herself up. She stomped her feet, trying to get the blood flowing again, and started walking.

“Damn! You’d think the PTB could put me somewhere decent! But, nooo! They dump me in the middle of Arizona, with nobody for miles, anywhere. Now what? Hmm.. Wonder if they gave me a working cell phone, or, is that too much to ask?”

Cordy rummaged around, first going through her purse. “Wow!” When was that last time I saw that?!” When she didn’t find anything in the purse, she felt through the pockets of her coat that the Powers That Be “thoughtfully” provided. “Ah-ha!” Cordy was ecstatic. Then she thought.

“So, who can I call? I’m not ready to call Angel, that’s for sure! Ha! I can call Willow.” But, then she threw that thought out right away, realizing that the last time she and Willow met, they clashed–big time.

“Spike. I can call Spike.”


Fred rushed into Angel’s office with the news—Cordy’s body had disappeared. Nobody knew what happened. One minute it was hooked up to all sorts of machines, and the next, there was nothing. No machines, no bed, no Cordy. Just an empty room.

Spike as usual was hanging around Angel’s office, and he seemed to perk up when he heard the news. Angel, on the other hand, just seemed to almost ignore Fred. He kinda nodded and then went back to whatever he was doing. Fred, realizing that she wasn’t going to get a response out of Angel, walked out, with Spike close on her heals.

“Spike! What do you want? Why do you keep following me around? I thought now that you had your body back, you’d get out more? She scolded him.

Spike nodded, but continued to follow her. As they were walking down the hall, Harmony walked up to him and gave him a message.

“Huh! What’s the cheerleader want with me? And, didn’t I hear tell she was in a coma? He spoke to himself in a low tone. With that, he walked down the hall, searching for a quiet place to make a call. Finding it, he pulled out his cell phone and called Cordelia.


Cordy answered on the 2nd ring

“What took you so long?” she complained.

“Hey, I just got the message a couple of minutes ago. What’s up with you? Since when do people in comas in LA end up somewhere else? And, where are you, by the way? Spike came to a stop and gave Cordy a chance to respond

You’d never believe it, but I finally got through to the Powers that Be and they put me back where I belong. Well, sorta. Anyway, I’m somewhere in Arizona, coming near to Flagstaff, I think. Can you come get me?

“Sure. Just give me directions. It will be sometime late tomorrow I’m thinking, as I don’t want to get singed. See you then.” Spike turned off his cell phone and turned around to leave the dark corner and walked right into Fred.


At 3 am a day and a half later, Spike and Fred pulled up in Fred’s Jeep. When Fred heard Spike talking on the phone to Cordy the day before, she wouldn’t let him try to dissuade her from going to Arizona. So, they both wend. Spike just hoped Cordelia wouldn’t get mad at him It didn’t look like fun when she got mad at the ponce.

Spike had to admit though; it was nice having someone in the car with him. And Fred was really a surprise. After she got over her initial shyness, and when she stopped babbling, she turned out to be a great companion.

Cordy was surprised to see Fred. But hey, it beat the hell out of sticking around in that old diner outside Flagstaff.

On the way back to LA, Cordy asked a lot of question from both Fred and Spike. And, she didn’t like the picture painted by them. Eve had to go!


They arrived back in LA at around 11 pm. It was cold and rainy, and few people were out shopping in the bad weather, even for Christmas. When Spike, Fred, and Cordelia walked in, their was a big holiday party in progress. There was wine and egg nag being served, but it looked like the vast majority were drinking egg nag.

Cordy spotted Eve. It was like her gasket blew. Cordy yelled, “I’ve seen you making eyes at Angel. Well, you can just cut it out. He’s mine!”

Eve gave Cordy a look of disdain. Cordy had enough. With one look, she destroyed Eve, she just exploded from within. Cordy then threw herself on Angel, sobbing her relief. “ Wow, this just seemed too easy.” She muttered as she dragged Angel into the bedroom.


The phone rang. Angel rolled over and picked up the phone.

“Yes. She did. Oh. There’s nothing you can do? Are you sure? She just stopped breathing? Well, thank you.”

Angel had to shake himself and drag himself out of bed. “Must be that egg nog Spike made”.

Not that Christmas was ever the high point of his life, but did they have to call Christmas Eve and tell him that Cordy had died. Spike appeared in Angel’s room. Because he was part spirit, he was able to say that Cordy was okay. The pain of being neither alive or dead was over. And now, maybe, she could but the Powers That Be more in death that she’d done in life.

Angel bowed his head, but was determined some day that he and the Powers That be would have a confrontation.



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