Unlike to Live

SUMMARY: Written for the Awakening Challenge at Whedonverse and Beyond. The Angel crew are struck with a spell that makes them act as though they are on a daytime soap opera. Each character takes on exaggerated character traits and unbelievable storylines as the only immune member of Angel’s gang tries to set things back to the way they were.
POSTED: 17 Jul 2006
CONTENT/PAIRING: Scenes include: Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn. Real fast Spike, Illyria
1) Specifics: – set before or after Not fade away, but definitely after Hole in the world, so Illyria is included, but remember, in soaps, people can come back to life: character angst right there if they have to undo the spell *wink nudge* – if before Not Fade away, obviously Wolfram and Hart is a factor, if after, it could be anywhere and have anyone in it, but must include Angel, Spike and Illyria (as the most obvious survivors) – no dancing demon who wants to take someone as a wife; I used a demon that didn’t know it was causing the spell (it’s boyfriend dumped it and it was moping in front of the tv watching soaps) – something like that could work, or go completely nuts and come up with something else – Illyria is immune, so the question becomes – does she care enough to fix things? why is she immune?
2) This could work as either prose or script, but my gut feel is script format. I hope that’s enough of a synopsis for someone to work off of.
3) This is just a scene because of time/word count constraints. If people like it, who knows, we might pick it back up.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The link to this story is not working. Kelly or Mike – Do you have a copy you want to post?


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