Five Times Angel Told Cordelia ‘I Love You’

SUMMARY: Five times Angel told Cordelia ‘I Love You’.
POSTED: 20 Jun 2008
1) Not beta’ed at all. I haven’t FINISHED anything since April but this is for my girl, Nikkiwawa. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Angel held Cordelia against him, tears long since subsided, the only evidence left were the wet places against his shirt.

“He’s gone.” She croaked, voice hoarse from crying.

“We’ve still got each other.”

“Oh yeah, cuddly Mr. Vampire No Bone.” She snorted.

He paused, unsure of what to say to her in her grief. He didn’t realize what was coming until it was too late. “I love you.”

Her eyes shot upwards. Her face was puffy and pink from crying but still beautiful in her pain. “What?”

“Like a friend,” He added quickly at seeing her expression. “Like a friend.”


“You love me? I love you too, Cordy.” Angel momentarily forgetting he was in the middle of a fight, eyes on focused on Cordelia.

“I don’t…wait? What did you say?” Cordelia looked confused.

“I love you too.”

“How hard exactly did you hit your head during this fight?”

“I didn’t hit my head.” He closed the small distance between them, taking her into his arms. “I came through a portal to get you back, not knowing what was on the other side. I can’t ever lose you again.”

She smiled. “Are you going to kiss me or what, dumb ass?”


She picked a book up from his shelf, heaving it at him. “You slept with DARLA?”

He ducked. “Hey, that was a first edition of Great Expectations.”

“And we’ve got one hell of a great expectation downstairs.”

“I messed up. Please, I love you.”

“Damnit, why is it that you can say those three little words to me and I turn to girl goo? I am mad here, buster, real mad.”

“I can think of more creative ways you can take your anger out.” He gave her a little smile that only widened as she made her way to him.


“I love you.”

Cordelia looked up from her spot on their bed, their son between them. “How could you not? I’m seer by day, demon slayer by night, super mom type figure all the hours in between. The perfect girlfriend.”

He moved to lay with them both. He reached out to tickle Connor’s stomach. She merely smiled at father and son, that special smile that reserved just for them.

If there were any doubts in Angel about the state of his soul, they were blown away by the light of Cordy’s smile. Here, now, this moment, he was perfectly happy.


He moved in perfect time with her, a dance that he had done countless times before but one that he only knew true happiness in once. The only thoughts on his mind were of Cordelia, his Cordelia, face contorted in a masterpiece of pleasure. She was breathless, flushed with desire, her scent filling his every pore. He leaned down, never breaking that dance between them. He kissed the soft shell of her ear. He was ready to say the words he had said so many times to her before.

“I love you, Angel.” She said softly.

“I love you too.”


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