10 Cordy & Angel Short Fics

SUMMARY: Short Fics (Drabbles) focusing on the characters Cordelia and Angel.
RATING: Each fic has an individual rating. Highest overall listed is PG.
POSTED: 10 May 2007, Originally posted on Livvie’s LJ.
CATEGORY: Drabbles. Each drabble may have its own content category such as angst, humor, pov, etc.
CONTENT/PAIRING: See individual listings below
WARNINGS: None listed
1) I apologize to anyone that is on my LJ f-list who has seen these a thousand times. LOL

Short Fic #1: Aftermath
Rating: PG
Character: Cordelia
Word Count: 100

Slowly dying. Pounding. Throbbing. Pain in every bone. Their pain. Filling her head. Bursting forth like Athena. Every nerve tingling. On burning fire. Light hurts. Sound hurts. Touch hurts. Life hurts. She knows this. She sees this. She lives this. Can’t even lay still. Room spins around. Sick. Rising up in her throat. Spilling out like guts. Like the vision. Tastes like pizza and OJ. Always. Mostly acid. It burns. Adds to the burning behind her eyes. Tears. Trying to wet her eyes. What she says, if caught. Crying against the torment. Hers. Theirs. His. Sleep comes. Darkness. Like d

Short Fic #2: Weight Watchers
Rating PG
Word Count 100
Characters: Angel, Spike in Angel Season 5
Angel entered the dingy looking office. He was here to take care of a potential demon problem in the basement.

“Are you my before?” The receptionist asked in between pops of her gum.

“What?” Angel asked, looking confused.

“UltraSlim. My before. Now when you put on the red speedo, make sure your pudgy tummy and that flabby ass hangs out and over.” She tossed a tiny red speedo at him.

“Wait a second, I don’t have a…” Angel started but she cut him off by addressing Spike, who was coming up behind him.

“Hey, you, blondie. Are you my after?”

Short Fic #3: Don’t Trust the Internet
Rating G
Word Count 100
Characters/Pairing (if any) Cordelia, Angel
A/N: As a die hard Fanilow (Yes, I saw Barry before The Powers thought it would be cool for Angel to like him!), I had to write a drabble about the most famous urban legend surrounding “Mandy”.

“I don’t believe you.” Angel said, his brow creased with several wrinkles.

“When have I ever lied to you? I am totally serious about this.” Cordelia replied.

“Who told you this?” He was already brooding.

“Not from The Powers. Duh. If they sent me a skull splitting vision for this bit of trivia…it still might be worth it to see the look on your face. I found it online.” Cordelia sat down at her desk, opened a browser window, and scrolled through her favorites.

“See, I told you.” She pointed at the screen. “Mandy was written about a dog.”

Short Fic #4: Getting Lucky
Timeline: ATS Season 1

“What is that?” Angel asked.

“It is a fame and fortune candle. I saw it on Telemundo, you know, the guy with the sparkly robe who does the horoscopes in Spanish. I think it is Saint Santana-Ana-Pico-De-Gallo or something.” Cordelia said as she lit the candle.

“I believe, Cordelia, that is the Virgin Mary.” Wesley replied.

“Virgin? She must be the patron saint of not getting laid.” She looked from the vampire who was cursed to be on the no-bone list and then to the dorky worst kisser in the world. “Perfect for this office.”

Short Fic #5: Kodak Moments
Prompt Absence
Timeline Angel Season 5

He found the camera while getting her things together to give Anne. A whole lifetime fit into a few boxes. Was one of those disposable ones that she used to keep in her desk. He developed the pictures, forced himself to look.

Pictures of her apartment, her Jeep, her clothes, showing off her material possessions from the great beyond. But after the first twenty were four that stood out. Wes, him, her. Wes, Gunn, him, her. Wes, Gunn, Fred, him, her. Wes, Gunn, Fred, baby Connor, him, her. He put the first three on his desk and destroyed the last.

Short Fic #6: Reparations
Rating PG

Cordelia hated April 15th. She faced demons, vampires, all sorts of uglies but the IRS scared her the most. Starting when she got her W-2, a ball formed in the pit of her stomach. Memories swirled in her head of having everything taken from her, the trauma of going from the top of the world to the rock bottom. There was that irrational fear that they would take it all again. Sure, she would deal, survive. She always did. But…

And when she got that refund check, picturing the new Jimmy Choos she would buy, it felt like justice.

Short Fic #7: Not Your Standard Deduction
Rating: PG

Cordelia knew numbers. She knew money. Her filing skills left something to be desired (along with her ability to make coffee) but for the first two years of Angel Investigations, she gladly did the taxes for the business.

“Angel, what is this?” She held a bundle of receipts in her hand. She had on that patented “I am exasperated with Angel” expression.

The vampire only gave her a puzzled look. “What? I gave you all my paperwork.”

“I told you last year. You can’t count hair gel as a business expense, no matter how many pounds of it you buy!”

Short Fic #8: Don’t Make Waves
Timeline: Between Angel Season 3 and 4.

He wanted to feel the ground again. Scoop up big clumps of soil from the garden of the Hyperion. Let grains from Venice Beach slip through his fingers. Crush the landscaping rocks of the houses in Bel Air to dust in his powerful hands.

He would even take the hard, impersonal feel of concrete pounding back against his feet as he chased demons. Or asphalt, that turned to a BBQ grill in the L.A. heat, sliding under the tires of the GTX.

He wanted solid. He wanted his city. He wanted sky overhead, earth undernearth, angels in the middle.

Short Fic #9: Most Unlikely
Pairing or Main Characters: Angel/Cordelia
Rating: T
Word count: 294 (per RoughDraft)

It was a gradual process, he realized, when he looked back at it. It wasn’t the love at first sight that he had with Buffy. No, this grew slowly, like a bed of embers, until he found it had been fanned into full blown fires of passion.

It shouldn’t have worked. She was tactless, told him exactly what she thought, with no fear at all. She never saw him as a vampire. He was always just Angel. Going from boss, to best friend, and now to lover. She gave him all those titles but never once did she say “This is Angel, he is a vampire.” No, that wasn’t her way. He appreciated her all the more for that.

The warming of his blood, adding dashes of cinnamon, as if she was adding a sprinkling of cocoa to a latte, it didn’t phase her in the slightest. She never flinched at his cold touch. He never saw the revulsion in her eyes when he slipped into his game face. It was a welcomed change. It made it easy to fall in love with her. She accepted him as he was. The man, the vampire, the sinner, the saint, the Scourge, the Champion.

He knew all along. He just didn’t know that he knew. He should have asked himself why it hurt so much when she hurt. Why her forgiveness meant more to him than anything else. Why he fought so hard to bring her back from Pylea. Why he felt the sting of jealousy when he saw Groo. Why he formed a family with her and Connor instead of calling Buffy the moment the boy was born. Why he was scared of her dying.

He knew now. He was in love with Cordelia Chase.

Short Fic #10: The Greatest Love of All
Pairing or Main Characters: Angel, Connor (NO pairing)
Rating: T
Word count: 288 (per RoughDraft)

Angel had never felt this way. He had lived for centuries and he knew that he would never feel this way again. His heart swelled and he almost thought that it would beat when he held his infant son. This miracle was something he thought he would never experience. Maybe it was something that he had convinced himself he never wanted since it was an impossibility.

When he was Liam, children were what happened if you weren’t careful with the whores. You figured the girls could take care of themselves and if they came calling, there was no guarantee it was yours. Most of them knew better than to try to hunt down the one man of many that got them in trouble.

As Angelus, his only concern for children was as food. He could, even now, still hear the wails of their cries right before he snapped their tiny little necks or as he drained them dry. They were hardly a meal to be honest. More like an aperitif before the main course of their parents. Their innocence was sweet though.

Now though, as Angel, he had told himself to give up any thoughts of a family. It was more a defensive mechanism so that he would be able to spare himself the hurt. Here he was though, with a yowling child in his arms. His child. And his family downstairs in the hotel lobby.

Whenever he looked into the eyes of his newborn son, he felt a kind of love he never thought possible. It was unconditional, it was innocent, it was the love a father has for his son. It was something that Liam was denied growing up and something Connor would never be denied.


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