Was He In A Towel?

SUMMARY: Cordelia’s brain suddenly catches up to her eyeballs in this sequel to ‘A Catchy Tune’.
POSTED: 10 Nov 2004
CATEGORY: Drabble / Humor / Cordelia POV
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: Part of a Drabble Series
STATUS: Complete

Cordelia grabbed her tolietries bag and headed down the hall to Angel’s shower. She was on a mission, and it involved non-brown, very hot water.

Cordelia walked down the dark hallway and opened the bathroom door, stepping into the warm bathroom, the steam still fogging the mirror. She turned and closed the door to the bathroom, keeping the residual heat in, she’d have to talk to Angel about being less cheap with the heat while she crashed at his place.

She looked around and saw that it was the cleanest guy’s bathroom she had ever been in. There were clean towels on the rack, and the white tiles on the floor, while worn, looked freshly scrubbed.

While not the ideal solution, she was certainly not going to stay at Doyle’s. Plus highly doubtful that his bathroom is this clean. It was so good of him to let her stay there, and even give up his bed. The couch looked long enough for him, and if not he could always just let his legs dangle over the edge.

“Hey was he in a towel?? hmm hope he didn’t use all the hot water?” Cordelia pondered, and then reached in and turned on the shower to get the hot water going.

She was so happy at the thought of being clean as she slipped out of her clothes and under the hot spray of the shower.

First it started as a hum, and then her brain gave up and happiness took over, and she started singing whole heartedly.

“…oh I will Survive! la la la …oh I know I’m still alive…I’ve got all my life to live…”

Before she could get to the next verse she heard the sounds of old fashioned music passing through the bathroom door from the living room.

Cordelia shook her head, now she would never get that old music out of her head. She’d have to discuss that with Angel if they were going to live together for any amount of time.





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