The Office

SUMMARY: Cordelia has some thinking to do about the office.
POSTED: 29 Jan 2006
CATEGORY: Drabble / Cordelia POV
STATUS: Complete

Cordelia looked around the office and smiled. She had been working for Angel for three full days, now had money in her pocket, and her stomach was no longer growling. It wasn’t that hard to get Angel to advance her this week’s salary. Well the sad eyes and the slight amount of whining might have helped. Plus she had worked hard in the first three days. All of the dust bunnies had been eradicated, along with other creepy crawlies, thanks to Bug-B-Gone Extermination Service.

Glancing around the office she noted how the furniture matched in an oddly mismatched sort of way. It certainly wasn’t a flashy office like you would find in most other parts of Los Angeles. It fit her new boss, old yet nostalgic or cheap, she wasn’t sure which, but was worried it might be the latter. The office reminded her of one of those old black and white murder mysteries where the young ingénue enters the office and begs the ruggedly handsome private investigator with a mysterious past to save her.

Walking over to her desk and she moved the plant from one side of the desk to the other. Cordelia frowned. Not much hope for the little guy, given the lack of sunshine coming though the shaded front window. Would Angel burst into flames if she put up those honeycombed blinds that let in the light without all the UV badness? Is it just UV that makes a vampire burst into flames, or is it the vitamin K or D or whatever was in sunlight?

Cordelia looked at her watch; it was only 10:30, so no Angel for at least another 3 hours, probably more likely 4 hours. What to do, what to do? She had already organized the stakes and weapons that she had found scattered around Angel’s office and the front office. Glancing again at her watch, 10:33, blinked back, oh it was going to be a long morning. She thought for a moment …this was an office and there was no phone ringing. She picked up the phone…yep there was a dial tone. She hung the phone up and paced back and forth.

Then it hit her. The only way they would get business was if they advertised, or at the very least put a sign up outside the window. But what do you call this business? Vampire for Rent? Brood-n-Bash? The Dark Avenger? Cordelia continued pacing, looking around the office.

What was their purpose? Angel had certainly saved her from being a vampire snack. How lucky was she last week, she should have known better than to fall for Russell Winters. And Doyle, wonder what his back story is, visions that Angel needs to solve, helping the helpless.

Cordelia looked around the room, and the flash of the old fashion detective agency hit her again and she smiled and turned back to her desk. She paged through the phone book and picked up the phone and dialed.

“Yes, hello, I’d like to order a sign for our new offices.” Cordelia said into the phone moving around the desk to open a drawer, pulling out a petty cash box. “Something classic, but affordable…yes that sounds good…what do I want it to say?” Cordelia smiled into the phone, “Angel Investigations.” It just had a good ring to it.



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