The Art of Lurking

SUMMARY: Lurking is an art.
POSTED: 11 Mar 2006
CONTENT/PAIRING: Cordelia/Angel Friendship

Although someday I want to become human…Shanshu as Wesley is predicting…sometimes having vampire skills are a good thing.
My sense of smell has always been helpful in tracking down demons. Except for yesterday. We were tracking a slime demon, I forget the species and Cordy comes up to me and waves her wrist under my nose to show me how her sweater got caught and torn on the sleeve. After that the only thing I had in my head was her perfume. It was nice, but killed my ability to locate the demon. When I told them I lost the scent, she stood there, with her hands on her hips and said ‘Angel, you should be a better bloodhound. Hell your a vampire.’

I hated being compared to a dog, I think I actually growled at her. She didn’t talk to me the entire ride back to her apartment. Cordelia always smells nice, I like that I have sensitive sense of smell. I probably should have told her that I liked her perfume.

My hearing is especially helpful working with Cordelia. The girl has more non-verbal cues than I thought possible, especially given how vocal she is naturally.

I get the easy ones, the loud gasps, a sarcastic pfft, the little shrieks when I sneak up on her.

Yeah I do that on purpose.

Lurking is vampire skill I have mastered. Standing in the shadows, watching, waiting. Making yourself invisible, even in a crowded room. It was always helpful when hunting, back in the days when I hunted humans. Usually though, I took the forward, direct approach when I was evil. Confident, arrogant, bold that was the Angelus style.

Now I lurk in the shadows, and watch the world.

Well at least I use to lurk. Now that I have been living with Cordelia, since the office blew up, she drags me out from the shadows. She had started to drag me out in the old office, but there she went home and I could sit in the dark. Her apartment is rarely dark, even with all the lights out. There is something about it that is just bright.

Makes it harder to lurk, but I work on it. I like that shriek she makes.




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