A Catchy Tune

SUMMARY: Angel’s thoughts immediately after Cordelia takes over his apartment. Envision Angel standing there dripping wet in a towel.
POSTED: 9 Nov 2004
CATEGORY: Humor / Drabble
CONTENT/PAIRING: C/A friendship – AtS S1 – Rm w/a Vu

Shaking his head, Angel watched Cordelia take over his apartment, starting with the bathroom. Glancing over to the open door, he realized he was supposed to get her bags. Adjusting his towel that seemed to be hanging on by luck alone, he moved out to the hall and grabbed her bag, surprised at how heavy it was and examined it closely. The last thing he wanted was anything with “creepy antlers” staying long term.

“Wonder how long term Cordelia is planning on staying?” Angel thought to himself, closing the door and pushing the lock in place.

He looked at the couch and cringed that it looked pretty short, and went to put her bag next to it. She wasn’t all that tall, she’d fit fine on the couch. Setting the bag down, he looked towards the bathroom door.

“…oh I will Survive! la la la …oh I know I’m still alive…I’ve got all my life to live…”

Angel frowned, thinking that as pretty as Cordelia might be, she never could quit her day job to take up singing.

He leaned over to the record player, and placed the arm back on the turning record, starting the calming sounds of Beethoven’s ‘Ode to joy’ turning up the sound slightly louder than before.

“God I hope that song doesn’t get stuck in my head” Angel thought, as he headed back to his bedroom to put on something more than a towel.

Grr Argh




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