Mating Instinct

SUMMARY: Angel must claim a mate. Let the Mating Game Begin.
RATING: NC17 eventually
POSTED: 31 Jan 2004
WARNINGS: Sexual Content
1) I read the start of a fic just like this at ST months ago. When the new first time author never again posted anything I couldn’t get this plot bunny out of my head. With a Lio slant of course. Vampires of a certain age need to claime a mate and Angel discovers this!! That is all I borrowed the rest of the ideas in this fic are mine!!.

Angel looked down at the woman lying fast asleep in his bed.

Last night Connor had been grizzly all night. Cordelia had finally managed to settle him to a sound sleep when all his own efforts had failed miserably.

Claim your mate!

Angel looked around but failed to see anyone nearby.

Your going completely around the twist Angel. There is no-one here but you and Cordelia … and she’s fast asleep.

Shaking himself he went back to his silent contemplation of his slumbering friend.

Claim your mate!

Pushing away from the way Angel walked around the suite, checking all the way with his supernatural senses.

There was definitely no-one here. He was hearing things now!!!


At the soft murmur Angel turned around and saw the most sensual, seductive sight. Cordelia was drowsily stretching out her provocative body.

“Angel? What’s wrong? You are staring as if I have suddenly grown a second head!”

Cordelia chuckled as her best friend dragged his warm chocolate eyes up to meet her own amused gaze.


“Y-Yes … I mean … what? ” Angel shook his head, hoping to clear it. “What’s wrong?”

“That’s what I was asking you!” Cordelia beamed. “You were looking at me as if … ”

“As if what?” Angel breathed as he sat down beside her never once allowing her eyes to leave his.

“As … as … iiiiffff … ” Cordelia sighed as his lips came closer and closer to hers.


“Angel! Oh Angel! You’ll never believe it … it’s too … too wonderful for words!”

Angel and Cordelia jumped apart as the door behind them slammed open and an excited female voice rang out.

Both of them sat in stunned silence as they watched the little blonde woman rush into the bedroom.

“BUFFY?!!” they both cried out as they finally found their voices.

Their unexpected visitor stopped mid-run as she noticed Cordelia’s presence for the first time.

Frowning she looked from one to the other. “Angel?” she asked unsure before turning her hostile blue glare on the brunette tucked under the covers. “Cordelia? What are you doing here?” she demanded as her outrage overrun her shock.

Tucking her hair behind her ear Cordelia frowned at loathing tone in the slayer’s voice. Opening her mouth to answer her Cordelia found herself beaten to the punch.

“Buffy? What are you doing here?” Angel asked calmly.

Cordelia raised an eyebrow at the cool and level tone of his voice. Unsure what exactly was going on here she decided to keep silent … just for the moment mind you!

As Angel continued to sit on the side of the bed as he inquisitively looked at his ex-girlfriend.

At his less than warm greeting Buffy’s frown deepened. “Angel,” she whined softly. “Aren’t you happy to see me?” she enquired shooting him a hurt look.

Cordelia rolled her eyes. Oh here it comes … Cry-Buffy has entered the building … now all we need is the watery eyed and the quivering lower lip … and there it is!!

“It’s not a matter of being happy … ” Angel responded shooting Cordelia a quick glance of exasperation.

“Then what is it?” Buffy huffed softly glaring at the brunette in resentfully.

Angel sighed deeply, knowing for sure that Buffy was in one of her moods and after three years he had no tolerance in pandering to her whims.

“Buffy … ” Cordelia began but stopped hastily as she was cut off rudely by the other woman.

“Angel I think it would be better if we talked in private,” she cajoled flashing him her most becoming smile. “I have some fantastic news!”

Cordelia felt her anger flare at the blonde’s rudeness, her intention to give her a taste of her own medicine was again forestalled by Angel.

“Buffy I don’t know what you have to tell me but … ” he looked at the woman beside him, “let me assure you that there is nothing you can’t tell me in front of Cordy.”

Buffy fumed as she saw the warm look the couple on the bed exchanged at his words. This was unbelievable! If she didn’t know better she would think there was something going on between Angel and her old high-school nemesis. But that was impossible, Angel had much better taste than that!! Anyway he loved her, so there could never be anything between him and Cordelia.

Cordelia felt her heart warm at Angel’s words. She had never felt anything like what she felt about this man … er … pire!!

“Angel!” Buffy sharp voice cut in. “This is really kinda personal and I can’t tell you in front of her!”

Frowning, Angel glared at her. His intended come-back was headed off by Cordelia herself.

“HER has a name!” Cordelia snapped.

Angel chuckled at this making Buffy start and forget what she was about to say.

Thinking for a moment she remembered and smiled brightly anticipating his reaction.

She really didn’t want to tell him in front of Cordelia but then once she did tell him he would get Cordelia to leave so they could be alone … of that she was sure.

“Angel? I really have something to tell you … something wonderful!”

“Repeat much!” Cordelia snorted rolling her eyes.

Angel just laughed at her words which made Buffy irate. Why is he telling her off? She’s definitely did something to him. But I can fix that out soon enough, this was more important at the moment.

“What is it Buffy? This wonderful news?” Angel enquired softly.

“We’ve found it!” Buffy crowed. “Well Giles and Willow found it,” she corrected herself. “But it’s real … Giles has double-checked, triple-checked, all the facts and it’s real!!”

“What’s real? What has Giles and Willow found?” Angel asked confused.

“A spell.” Buffy gasped out excitedly.

“A spell?” Cordelia and Angel repeated.

“Yes, a spell. Not just a spell … the spell!”

“What spell?” Angel asked.

“The spell to secure your soul!” Buffy gleefully answered. “It’s it great Angel? We can finally be together!”

Before Angel or Cordelia could take in what she had said Buffy threw herself into Angel’s arms, hugging him hard enough to bruise.

Cordelia initial pleasure at the news died an painful death as she watched the slayer practically climb into Angel’s lap.

Her heart breaking she watched in horror as Buffy pulled back slightly. Oh my God here it comes! She is going to kiss him, or rather devour him, and then it will be the Buffy and Angel Saga all over again. Only this time there was nothing to keep them apart. The curse was dust!!

Wondering idly if it was possible to die of a broken heart Cordelia pulled her legs up and wrapped her arms around her knees as she anticipated the pain of watching the man she loved kiss the woman he loved … his soulmate!!

Just as Buffy was about to initiate their reconciliation kiss Angel pulled away from her approaching mouth. Frowning she was about to ask him what was wrong when she noticed him slant a look towards the woman next to them.

Smiling in smug pleasure Buffy waited for Angel to ask Cordelia to leave them alone but instead of showing her the door Buffy was shocked when she found herself pushed unceremoniously off his lap.

Picking herself up off the floor Buffy gasped in outrage as she saw Angel hug Cordelia close, rocking slightly. About to pull him away and demand an answer for his treatment Buffy was disgusted to see him tenderly kiss the other woman.

“Angel?” she barked. “What the hell do you think your doing?”

Pulling back slightly he didn’t even look at her as he responded. “What does it look like Buffy?”

“It looks like your about to do something really stupid,” she snorted.

“Like what?” Cordelia pleasantly asked as she sat wrapped up tight in Angel’s embrace.

“OH! I don’t know! How about kissing you?”

“Thanks but no thanks Buffy! Your just not my type,” Cordelia rebuked amusingly.

Seeing the blonde about to loose her hot-fire temper Angel quickly stood up.

“Listen Buffy why don’t you head on back downstairs and explain this spell of Willow’s to Wesley. I would rather he check it out before we even consider attempting it.”

“But Angel,” Buffy whined. “Giles has already done that all!”

“Buffy I don’t want to show any disrespect towards Giles, but I’m not having any spell cast on me until Wesley checks it out.”

Seeing that Angel was bound and determined she moved towards the door. “All right. Willow is downstairs with Wesley and your other two employees so he probably already knows.”

Biting his tongue so not to snap at her referral towards Gunn and Fred as just ’employees’ Angel nodded.

“OK!” Buffy brightly agreed. “We’ll show the spell to Wesley and let him check it out,” she said before mumbling, “I just hope he doesn’t take too long!”

As she exited the room she brightly beamed. “With any luck we can cast the spell as soon as you come downstairs … then you can give your employees,” she cast Cordelia a haughty look, “the day off so we can have some alone celebratory time! So hurry up!!”

Once she was safely downstairs Angel let out a deep sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Don’t be such a scaredycat!” Cordelia teased. “You don’t get migraines … you can’t even get migraines!”

“I just can’t believe this is really happening!” he whispered.

“What is?” Cordelia snorted. “That they’ve found a spell to secure that flighty soul of yours OR that your one true love is here?”

“Stop that!”

“Stop what?” she asked innocently.

“You know what!” Angel stated.

“I guess I do,” Cordelia sighed. “So how do you feel about it? Really?”

“Which part? The Buffy part? Or the spell part?”

“Either! Both! Any!”

“I’m glad about the spell. IF it actually works,” he mumbled.

“And the Buffy part?” Cordelia prodded dreading the answer but craving it just the same.

“Don’t get me wrong, Buffy was once the only thing that mattered but now it’s all different.”

“You have a son,” Cordelia interjected. “Your a father. Talking of which, have you even told her about Connor? If not, then this could turn sticky. Buffy might not want to play ‘Mommy’. She already has the responsibility of raising Dawn as it is.”

“Connor doesn’t need a ‘Mommy’!” Angel snapped. Halting when he saw the hurt look flash on her face. “OH NO!! Sweetheart, I didn’t mean it like that!”

“How did you mean it?” Cordelia whispered her heart pounding at his unexpected endearment.

“I just meant that Connor already has a Mommy, that’s all.”

“Oh yeah! Darla! Now I get you.”

“No Sweetheart,” he whispered softly brushing his fingers to her lips. “I wasn’t referring to Darla. She isn’t his Mommy … well she was … but she isn’t … not really,” he rambled. “A Mommy is the person who loves you, takes care of you, teaches you, protects you, raises you, is always there for you … so NO she isn’t Connor’s Mommy, not really. That particular position is filled by one woman … and one woman alone!”

Cordelia’s heart raced as she frantically tried to make sense of his words. He can’t be saying what I think he’s saying. Right? He isn’t saying that … well that Connor’s Mommy is … well … that his Mommy is really … ME?!!

“Do you know who I am referring to yet?” he asked softly still tracing her lips with the broad tips of his fingers.

“I think I might … ” Cordelia murmured.

“Oh do you? Could it still be the same person I’m talking about, do you think?” Angel huskily asked.

“Yes I believe we are talking about the same person.”

“I know we are!” Angel sighed as he gently kissed her slightly parted mouth.


Their kiss was interrupted once again as the door slammed open and an excited Fred burst into the room.


At their shout the young texan halted her flight towards the bed.

“Oh I’m sorry … I mean I just heard an’ I wanted to congratulate y’all! Isn’t it great? Angel is gonna get a soul … well he has a soul … but this one’s gonna be for good … y’all can get happy again … but y’all aint gonna be happy with that Fluffy girl are ya?”

Catching up with her rambling Angel dazedly returned the quick hug she gave him. “Thank you Fred!”

Pulling away Fred gave Cordelia a hug as well. “Wesley is checking out that spell that Willow brought with her! Is she really a witch?” she asked them excitedly.

“Yes Fred,” Cordelia replied. “Willow really is a witch!”

“Hmm … I think I kinda like her … she’s nice!” Fred decided. “But I don’t think I like that other one … the one that came up here!”

Stopping she gave Angel an apologetic smile.

“That’s all right Fred.” Angel assured her.

“Are ya sure?”

“I’m positive!” Angel confirmed.

“That’s all right then … ” she looked at Cordelia asking, “I tried to stop her … honest … she barged right up here!” her disgust is obvious as she pulls a face. “We told her that y’all were asleep and shouldn’t be disturbed but she just told me ‘Angel will want to see me!’ I tried to get her to wait till I went and told ya she was here but she wouldn’t listen!” She stopped to draw breath, “I don’t like her Angel … I’m sorry but I don’t!”

“That’s all right Fred. Honest!”

“Angel’s right!” Cordelia agreed. “There is nothing to say you have to like anybody Fred. You have the right to like and dislike who you want.”

“Thanks Cordy!” she beamed. “It’s just that she was awfully rude to Wesley downstairs just now,” she confided.

“Whatever for?” Angel enquired.

“For nothing Angel!” Fred defended her friend. “She just came running down the stairs and ordered … just flat out demanded … that Wesley check that spell the witch had brought and to do it QUICK.”

“Sounds just like the slayer!” Cordelia agreed. “She is so used to ordering Giles and the rest around like they were her own personal slaves. I don’t think she even knows how to say please or thank you.”

“Sounds like someone else I know!” Angel quipped grinning in her direction.

“You watch it Mr Broody Pants!” Cordelia warned making Fred giggle. “I do so know how to say those three little words … ”

“Three little words?”

“Yes Angel three … ” she held up her thumb, “please,” she held up a fore-finger, “thank,” she held up her middle finger, “you! See? Three little words!”

As Cordelia preened Angel and Fred laughed.

“All right!” Angel held his hands up over his head in surrender, “you win!”

“Don’t she always?” Fred giggled.

“She certainly does!” Angel agreed wholeheartedly. “Just try and ignore Buffy the best you can Fred and if she gets too much out of line I’ll have a quiet word with her,” he promised patting her shoulder.

“Thanks Angel,” Fred returned. “I’ll just leave y’all to get dressed, I’ve given Connor his breakfast and he’s fast asleep in my room.”

“Thanks Fred,” Angel replied, “we’ll pop in and get him on our way downstairs. Are you going down now or going back to your room?”

Fred made a face, “I’m trying to make up some rooms,” she informed them, surprising them.

“For who?” Angel asked curiously.

“For the girl’s friends, she said I had to ‘go get them good rooms’,” Fred informed them.

“What friends?” Cordelia asked. “I thought it was just Buffy and Willow.”

“So did I!” Angel agreed. “I thought they would be heading back to Sunnydale as soon as the spell was cast, if it’s going to be cast – that’s up to Wesley. He’s our resident expert, though I might have Lorne check it out or see if any of his contacts can.”

“Good idea Angel,” Cordelia nodded. “Now Fred who else has she dragged down here on this field trip of hers? And more importantly why do they need rooms?”

“Well there’s that girl with a funny name who keeps giving out all the orders as if we work for her,” Fred replied in obvious disgust. “There is the red-headed witch and a dark-haired guy with them.”

“A dark-haired guy?” Cordelia mused.

“Did they say what his name was?” Angel asked suspiciously. It better not be who I think it is!!

“Nope,” Fred replied. “But he did call Angel a funny name!” she said unhappily.

At this Angel’s frown deepened and he growled, “I hope it’s not who I think it is!”

Shushing him slightly Cordelia looked at Fred, “I need you to think Fred.”

“All right,” Fred agreed amicably.

“What was that name? The one the guy called Angel?”

“It was … erm … I think it was something like Deadman or Dead guy or something similar.”

Angel’s growl grew louder making Fred jump and look at them both with concern. “Is something wrong?”

“It’s nothing you’ve done Fred, don’t worry,” Cordelia assured her. “I think the name your looking for is Deadboy!”

“That’s it!” Fred excitedly pointed out. “I thought it was an awfully rude name to call you Angel,” she confided. “But they all laughed as if it was funny or something,” Fred’s brow furrowed as she remembered. “But I didn’t think it was the least bit amusing!”

“Don’t worry Fred,” Cordelia comforted her. “Xander is under a lot of illusions … one of which is that he is actually funny!”

“That’s Xander?” Fred gasped. “Oh Boy! I hope he doesn’t tell Gunn that!”

“Why not?” Cordelia asked.

“‘Cause Gunn don’t like him any,” Fred replied.

“I didn’t know Gunn knew him?” Angel stated. “How can he?”

“It’s on accounts of what Wesley told us,” Fred replied.

“What did Wesley tell you?” Cordelia asked curiously.

“He told us all about what happened in Sunnydale with that Xander moron … ”

When they both laughed Fred stalled slightly, “what’s so funny?”

“Why did you call him that?” Cordelia asked.

“Why not?” Angel snorted forestalling Fred’s response. “It certainly fits.”

“I know,” Cordelia chuckled. “But I am still curious as to what Wesley told them and why Gunn calls him Xander moron?”

“Wesley told us about how you gave everything up for him and how he cheated on you and made you have that accident.”

At Fred’s words Cordelia rubbed a hand over the place where the rebar speared her. Seeing this Angel frowned as a fresh wave of hatred towards Xander swept through him.

“Also how badly he treated you and let his friends,” she spat the word out, “treat you as well!”

“That’s all old news Fred!” Cordelia softly admonished. “All water under the bridge.”

“Doesn’t matter to Gunn,” Fred responded. “He just don’t like Xander at all!! And I don’t think he likes that Buffy girl either, especially when he heard her speaking that way to Wesley!”

“All right, that tells us who exactly is here,” Angel inserted. “But why are you looking for good rooms?”

“‘Cause that Buffy girl told me to,” Fred answered.

“Fred honey, you don’t have to take orders from anyone let alone Buffy!” Cordelia gently inserted.

“I know … ” Fred agreed. “But I didn’t want to stay down there any longer with them.”

“Why not?” Angel asked.

“They were talking about the hotel.”

“What could be bad about that?” Angel asked softly. “I know we still can’t use half the place yet but we’re getting there.”

“No, they were actually making plans … ”

“What sort of plans?” Cordelia asked suspiciously.

“Plans for the hotel.”

“What plans for my hotel?” Angel frowned not liking anyone making plans for his hotel.

“Well that Buffy was saying it was gonna be strange living in a hotel … ”

Angel and Cordelia exchanged a look.

“And the guy said it could be rather good as they hotel looked sound and had definite possibilites … ”

Angel looked at Cordelia in confusion, seeing the look she explained. “Xander is a contractor, he works on all sorts of buildings, doing repairs, building things and so on.”

“How do you know that?” Angel frowned. “Have you been keeping track of him for some reason?”

“No personal reason Angel. You know I talk sometimes to Willow via email,” Cordelia saw his face relax and smiled. “Willow has talked about his job from time to time. I know he’s able to do all sorts of repairs, he’s always fixing stuff for Buffy and her. They all live at the Summers house now apparantly.”

Satisfied that Cordelia had no personal interest in her former flame Angel turned his attention back to Fred.

“So what were these plans? Did they say?”

“Well after Xander said that about the Hyperion, Willow said it would be cool.”

“How come?” Angel asked curiously.

“Well there would always be room for them to stay when they come to visit,” Fred replied making him groan again.

“Great … just great!” Cordelia moaned. “It’s bad enough that little miss slayhappy is moving herself into our hotel but she also making plans to make room for the rest of her personal entourage!!”

“Well she can plan all she wants Cordy,” Angel stated frustratedly. “But this is still MY hotel and I’ll decide who does or doesn’t stay here!”

“So do I get rooms ready for her friends or not?” Fred asked timidly.

“Just for tonight, it might be too late to have them travel back to Sunnydale after Wes checks out the spell and we cast it.”

“All right Angel,” Fred replied heading for the door.

“Hmm Fred?”

“What Cordy?”

“You said Buffy told you to prepare rooms for Willow and Xander?”


Angel’s eyes widened as he figured out what Cordelia was getting at.

“So where is she planning to stay exactly?” Angel asked.

“Don’t you know Angel?” Cordelia drawled. “She’s gonna be staying here with you in your room!”

“Like Hell she is!” Angel roared pleasing both women.

“So what are you going to do Angel? Tell Buffy she can’t stay here with you?”

“Fred,” Angel pointed to her. “You go get three rooms ready. If we don’t have three, Buffy will just have to share with Willow.”

“All right Angel!” Fred beamed heading out of the door.

“Oh Fred honey!” Cordelia called out. “Please try and put them as far from the family quarters as possible!”

Fred beamed at her in pride, fully agreeing with her best friend she skipped off to find a couple of rooms at least. Preferably on a completely different floor from them.





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