Encounter 2: Closet Discoveries

SUMMARY: Angelus ‘encounters’ Cordelia again, this time in a closet.
POSTED: 31 Jan 2004
CATEGORY: Sequel to Encounter 1: Discovered in a Graveyard
CONTENT/PAIRING: Cordelia/Angelus

Cordelia looked around the empty library, disgusted with her supposed boyfriend and his friends not to forget her own disgust with herself too at the moment.

Against her better judgement she had turned out at the Scooby meeting this evening, only to spend all her time fielding pointed comments and even more pointed looks being cast in her direction by the others.

It had been a relief when they finally announced it was time to patrol and had left her alone with Giles. He had in turn left her to attend a staff meeting, or so he said.

So now she sat alone at the long table, that until ten minutes ago, they had been sharing. Telling herself off for even coming to their stupid little meeting Cordelia flung down the book she had been given earlier and whipping her coat off the back of her chair, strided towards the swinging doors which marked the only doorway.

The school was completely silent with the exception of the clickety-click of her heels, paying no mind to anything but fishing her car keys out of the bottom of her purse where they seemed to have hidden themselves she couldn’t stop the startled ‘Eep’ as she felt herself being yanked sharply.

She found herself being surrounded by absolute darkness and realised she was inside the janitor’s closet, a place she was entirely too familiar with already.


Angelus had awoken totally confused at what had happened the night before with the cheerleader. She was definitely pretty, more than pretty, but it still did nothing to explain just why what occured had happened in the first place.

It was rather disturbing if truth be known, to have even felt the need to protect like he had. And he had the uncomfortable feeling that the protective instinct was still buried deep within him just waiting to rise out when he least expected.

Shaking off these distrubing images and feelings he quickly turned his attention to his campaign against the slayer. It had been way too long since he had made a single step towards his retribution.

Revenge was a much more comfortable emotion to feel flowing through him, latching onto it he stepped out into the night.

Checking the school first, knowing his enemy’s schedule well he knew this was the best place to start his search.

Entering the darkened school building he quickly made his way towards the library but stopped short at the sound of approaching voices. Ducking into the nearby closet he listened closely.

He frowned as he heard the familiar voice of Xander the Idiot complaining loudly.

“I just can’t believe her, I always knew Cordelia was selfish but I never thought she would ever suggest such a thing.”

“Come on Xan, let it go. We will just have to come up with another plan to capture that demon.” Buffy tried to placate him somehow.

“Buffy’s right, we will come up with another plan and the demon will be history.”

“Thanks Will, I’m sure your right. And I’m real sorry about what Cordelia said, she was totally out of line and I’ll make sure she apologizes to you.”

“Xander there’s no need for that.”

“There is Willow,” Xander re-iterated.

Angelus clenched his fists to stop himself from lunging out of the closet and strangling the boy. His eyes flashed in anger as the group of teens passed by the closet and he growled as he heard Xander’s final words.

“Cordelia was well outta line suggesting putting you in danger like that, if she hadn’t screwed up in the first place we wouldn’t need another plan.”

Irritated at the teens Angelus made to exit the closet when he realized that the watcher had now left the library and was heading in his direction. With a sigh of disgust he remained inside the dark closet until Giles had disappeared.

Finally able to leave his hideout he once again reached for the door handle. Slowly he opened the door but before he could pass through he heard someone exit the library and head directly towards him.

Peering down the hallway Angelus recognized the familiar form of Cordelia Chase heading towards him, ducking back into the closet he prepared to waylay her.

As her footsteps passed directly by the closet he jumped out and before she could object he enclosed them both inside the darkness.


Cordelia couldn’t believe this was happening to her, tonight of all nights.

After a moment of silence she let her temper loose.

“I can’t believe the sheer nerve of you Alexander Levalle Harris!!!” After slapping his chest with her hand she continued a tirade. “After all you said to me and the dirty looks you have shot at me, you have the nerve to expect me to actually welcome *any* closet time.”

She slapped him a second time before allowing her hand to rest on his chest.

“Contray to popular belief I do have feelings, and as much as I hate to admit it you have hurt them with those unfair accusations you have hurled at me.”

After a couple of minutes of complete silence she felt for the door and turned the handle slowly. Pushing open the door she turned to him, not raising her head.

“I really think it’s for the best we end this farce of a relationship. I am sick to death running a poor third place with you. If you *ever* took the time to actually put me second, if not first, in your affections you would realize how unfairly you have been treating me.”

With her emotional speech finally completed she lifted her head to meet his eyes, now sure she was steeled against any objections Xander might make against ending their relationship.

Cordelia gasped in shock as she found herself looking not into her boyfriend’s face *but* Angelus’.


Suddenly she without warning she shoved him back inside the darkened closet. Following him inside she quickly shut the door, leaning back into the wooden surface.

Curiously Angelus gazed into her upturned face with the help of his supernatural eyesight.

Faking in the darkness she placed her palms flat against his chest, whispering urgently.

“Angelus what on Earth are you doing here?”

She looked back at the door suspiciously before looking back into his face.

“Are you crazy or what? Buffy could have caught you and then you could have been dust.”

“I came to see her anyway,” he jumped in before she could continue. “But I seem to have missed her.”

Cordelia froze at his words pulling away to lean back into the wall. Disappointment flooded her as she realized that he hadn’t come to see her after all. He was here for Buffy not her, that seemed to be the story of her life. She couldn’t figure out why this affected her so much but it almost felt as if he was cutting into her with a knife.

Discomfort was thick in the air as Angelus watched the light that almost shone in her face dimmed as he had explained his presence.

“I should have guessed,” she whispered. Taking a deep breath she went on with a stronger voice. “Well I’m afraid the slayer is long gone, she’s off to dust some of your dumber cousins. So you’ll have to catch her later.”

Turning the handle for the second time in five minutes Cordelia opened the door and backed out.

Something to her left attracted her attention and she glanced over. Gasping she shot back into the closet pulling the door firmly shut.

Angelus was stupified by her actions, opening his mouth he began to ask her what she thought she was doing now when she cut him off.

“SShhh … keep quiet. It’s your lucky night Angelus. If you just wait a few seconds Buffy will be just outside this door. But do me one favour and keep me out of it. I’m not even here, got it?”

Shaking his head in surprise at her he smiled, she would never cease to amaze him. Between her actions and what came out of her mouth, he didn’t stand a chance.



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