Dancing in the Dark

SUMMARY: Angel goes to The Bronze to find Buffy but finds Cordelia instead!
POSTED: 31 Jan 2004
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) Y’all asked me to post these dribs and drabs, so I’m just followin’ orders!! 😉 No ‘plaining about short parts, it’s all I seem able to do just now!!

Cordelia grimanced as she felt her stitches pull uncomfortably, shoving away from her stool she kept to the shadows around the dancefloor to avoid bumping into any of her so-called friends. The same friends who never once bothered to check on how she was doing after her brush with death, let alone put themselves out by visiting her.

Edging towards the front door she decided to head home to her parent’s empty mansion, cursing her own stupidity in even coming out tonight let alone assuming it was just the pick-me-up she needed.

Not watching where she was going she gasped painfully as she was brought to an abrupt stop as she collided with something, or rather someone, solid.

Not in the mood for pleasantries she looked up preparing a suitable insult but her words caught in her throat as she locked gazes with none other than Buffy Summer’s on-again off-again boyfriend Angel.

His hands caught her arms steadying the off-balance girl, “Cordelia! I’m sorry I didn’t see you there.”

He dropped his hands in discomfort when she didn’t answer.

After a few moments of strained silence he started when he heard her curse lowly, following her gaze he saw a trio of girls heading towards them with single minded determination.

Unsure why he felt the need to help the young woman before him, “What’s wrong Cordelia?”

Sighing in disgust she replied lowly, “It’s some of my former friends coming straight towards me, I was trying to get away before they turned up!”

Frowning he looked as the girls grew closer, “Why not just leave and not speak to them?”

“Good idea Angel but they aren’t exactly the type to take no for an answer.”

Aura screeched out her name causing Angel to flinch as the tone hurt his ears, glancing down he saw the pained expression on Cordelia’s face as ‘her friends’ began to probe into all the gossip about her accident.

Angry at the other girls obvious disregard for the feelings of the girl standing silent beside him he acted instinctively curling an arm around her tense body.

“Cordelia you said you wanted one last dance before I escorted you home.” he interrupted the loud mouthed blonde causing Cordelia to look up at him in shock.

Turning towards the trio of now quiet teens he put on his most charming smile, “You ladies will excuse us? But I did promise Cordelia a dance before we had to go home, after all we can’t have her over exerting herself just at the moment by staying out much later!” He smiled at the stunned girls as he guided Cordelia onto the bustling dancefloor and away from their ‘concern’.

Luckily enough for Angel they were playing one of the older slow songs for the ‘lovers’ in the club and he was able to pretend to be able to dance like a normal person.

Enclosing the silent brunette in his arms he held her loosely so not to frighten her.

Eventually Cordelia gathered her scattered senses. “Why did you just do that?” she asked in obvious confusion.

She hardly knew Angel but she did know he wasn’t all the fond of her, like the rest of the Scooby Gang.

Surprised with himself he took a minute before attempting to answer her.

“I’m not really sure but I just couldn’t stand there while they interrogated you like that. I’m sorry if this is making you uncomfortable.”

Cordelia smiled at his discomfort trying to assure him without words that she wasn’t in the least bit upset with him.

“Thank you,” she whispered at him shyly.

“Your welcome.” Angel returned her smile, grateful she wasn’t upset with him for taking control like that and rail roading her into dancing with him.

“It means a lot you’d do this Angel, I might not know you well but I do know you hate to dance.”

“I’m alright with slow numbers,” he defended, “and your welcome.”

After a few moments of swaying slowly he looked down at the silent girl in his arms. “How are you doing now anyway? I know they took you to hospital, I’m surprised your out yet let alone at The Bronze.”

“I convinced the doctors to let me out, I was sick and fed up with looking at those same four walls of my room. I would rather be at home, then I can stare at my own four walls, there much better decorated.”

Angel laughed at her attempt at humour, “Bet your parents are glad your home and on the mend.”

“I doubt they know to be honest, I did get the obligatory bunch of flowers but they saw no reason to cut their vacation short as I wasn’t going to die anytime soon. But then this is Sunnydale and I wouldn’t be putting down any bets on that.”

Shocked at this news Angel stopped dead and looked down at her, letting her read the shock in his eyes.

“Don’t worry Angel I am used to my parents by now. After seventeen years I wouldn’t expect anything else, if they had rushed back I would have been more surprised.”

There was no bitterness in her tone which surprised Angel.

“You aren’t alone at home are you?”

“Only till next week, my parents thought I would be in hospital till then so they let our maid Marie have the week off.”

Her matter of fact attittude shocked him further as they began to sway to the next song which thankfully was also a slow song.

Unsure what, if anything, to say he simply held her and danced slowly to the music allowing her to lead as much as possible.

Silence reigned between them as they continued through the next couple of songs until the faster more modern music took over once again.

Looking down he went to speak to her to offer to walk her home at the very least.

As Cordelia raised her head she found their faces almost touching as her breath brushed against his cool skin.

Their eyes locked as the others danced frantically around them, Cordelia lost herself in his deep brown eyes as he gazed deep into her eyes.

Angel couldn’t believe the feelings racing through his long dead body, the hot puff of her breath touching his own cool skin set off sparks of desire inside of him. Entranced he fell into her warm eyes, the pull of her body unstoppable to his spinning senses.

Leaning down he tasted her breath for just a second before his mouth found hers, the feel of her lips as they brushed his own caused his groin to tighten even more. Their lips still barely touched as he pushed his tongue out to touch her lips, groaning when she immediately allowed her mouth to fall open admitting him to the paradise that lay within.

Their tongues brushed tentatively for a moment before they began to wrestle for control. Angel had never tasted anything so delicious before as he pulled her hot body close, moaning at the feel of her soft body curving into his own hard frame.

Her arms wrapped around his back hugging him tightly against her, her fingers digging into his body through the barrier of his jacket.

Remembering her need for air he pulled back with more than a little reluctance, giving her lips one last lick as she breathed his name against his mouth.

Cordelia caught his lower lip between her teeth and after giving it a sharp bite she licked at soothingly causing him to let out a deep groan before resting his forehead against hers, sighing heavily in satisfaction.

For a first kiss, it wasn’t half bad. And he enjoyed it even more as Cordelia already knew that he was a vampire, also she knew first-hand about his alter ego and the havoc he could wreak. Giving all that and she still had returned his kiss, a kiss that surprised both of them by it’s intensity and the fact it had occured in the first place.

Cordelia breathed heavily as she rested her body on Angel’s strong form, unsure how this had happened she just knew she had never experienced anything close to this before. If this was what a simple kiss from him did, she couldn’t imagine what other pleasures she could find in his arms.

It was no wonder Buffy couldn’t stay away from him for long, even after all he had put her through during his time as Angelus.

As her thoughts of the blonde registered she froze, fear radiating through her as she realized she had just been kissing Buffy’s boyfriend smack dap in the middle of the dancefloor at The Bronze.

Her life passed before her eyes as she thought what the other girl would do to her when she found out about this.

Feeling the body in his arms tense Angel pulled away and closing away the desires her touched invoked as his concern for her came to the fore.

Pulling back he could smell the fear coming off her. Looking down into her panicked face he asked softly, “Cordelia? What wrong?”

She met his eyes taking in the concerned look she whispered urgently, “Oh God Angel,” as she was assaulted with visions of what the slayer would do to her when she found about their kiss.

“Cordelia please tell me what is wrong? What has made you so afraid? I can feel the fear coming off you in waves and your heart rate has almost tripled.”

She gaped at him, surprised he didn’t know what was causing her reaction. “What’s wrong? I can’t believe you just asked me that!” At his confused look she continued on as he panic grew, “Well how about this then, I’m standing in the middle of The Bronze kissing you in front of the entire world.”

“What’s wrong with that? I know that this is hardly the best place to do it but it isn’t the end of the world. And it’s hardly the whole world, it’s just most of the occupants of this dancefloor. Most of which we don’t even know.”

Both of them were shocked as he came out with the longest conversation either of them could remember him expounding. And Angel was surprised to find he wasn’t finished as a shocking idea came to him and he demanded uncomfortably, “Unless you didn’t want me to kiss you. Oh my God, you didn’t and here I was practically forcing myself on you, all I can only apologize to you for any embarassment or discomfort …” he trailed off disappointed that she hadn’t enjoyed it as much as he had.

“Oh Angel! I did like it alot!” she rushed to assure him as she saw his face fall.

“Then what’s wrong?” Angel asked shooting her uncertain looks.

“Apart from the fact I will soon die a long and probably pain-filled demise because of our kiss, nothing I can think of.”

Angel couldn’t stop the frown of confusion as she ended her explanation with a exasperated sigh. “I’m lost here Cordelia,” he admitted, ” we both admit we enjoyed our kiss and as it’s nobody’s business but ours what we do. Then why do you think it will cause you to die at all?”

“Well, duh much Angel.” Cordelia let out a frustrated sigh at his obvious denseness before she deemed herself to explain her predicament to him. “Well there’s the little matter of your girlfriend.”

After a moment of confusion Angel caught on, “Buffy?” he asked still uncertainly.

“Ding Ding Ding we have a winner folks,” Cordelia retorted sarcastically rolling her eyes.
“Or do you have another girlfriend none of us know about hidden away somewhere.”

Angel sighed as he ran a hand through his short hair, “I am not her boyfriend, not anymore, we have split up.”

“Not for long I’m sure.” Cordelia added.

“For good and I’m sure before you say anymore,” Angel made sure to look directly into her eyes. “And given that fact it is none of her concern if I kiss you or anyone else for that matter.”

“I’m sure you believe that Angel but it won’t matter what you think when this gets back to Buffy.”

“Even on the off-chance this gets back to her as you say, it’s none of her business really,” Angel insisted.

Weariness catching up with her Cordelia sighed deeply, “I’m sorry Angel but I really need to be getting home now. So if you will excuse me.”

She made to push past him but he stopped her short with a firm hand on her arm. She looked at him questioningly, “Angel?”

He smiled softly hoping to ally any fears she might have. “I’ll do you one better,” he stated and laughed as she raised a surprised eyebrow. “I just mean that I’ll see you home, and this way any gossip which gets back to your talkative friends won’t make either of us into liars.”

Cordelia smiled warmly and allowed him to link their arms together and lead her towards the exit.





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