Christmas Miracles

SUMMARY: Secret Santa 2003 – FangGirl’s Secret Santa Fic
POSTED: 20 Dec 2003
WARNINGS: Sexual Situations
1) This is the only Season 5 fic you will ever see me write. As I no longer watch AtS please excuse any mistakes – this fic barely mentions anything about S5 and I centered it TOTALLY around C/A (as I know knowt that happens in S5!). Some of the criteria which FG asked for are just mentioned in passing – that’s just because every time I tried to write these parts (Spike, possessive Angel etc.) it was growing too long to be a Standalone as required. The first attempt (which I still have on disk) was as long as the following fic and I had just reached the Spike/Angel confrontation with that one. So I wrote them in as just background info at the beginning of the fic – some day (when I am not so busy) I might put them back into the following fic and finish it as I originally wanted it to be before my house move was made official. So given that I hope this version doesn’t disappoint FG too much!!
2) Sorry for the 48-hr delay in posting, we are moving house in the New Year and are in the midst of stripping walls & decorating the new house PLUS clearing out, down-sizing, packing etc at our current place. So we just started decorating and getting in supplies Thursday and I was caught incredibly short on time and wasn’t able to get online till just now. So SORRY!! To make up for this I added onto the smut scene before posting, almost doubling it’s length!!

FangGirl’s Secret Santa: Christmas Miracles
As the elevator doors opened Angel let out a deep sigh. Getting out of the elevator car he sluggishly headed towards his private suite.

Entering the luxurious penthouse suite he immediately headed towards the bedroom he shared with Cordelia.

Originally when she had failed to come out of her coma, he had considered placing her into a specialized medical facility all of five seconds.

His entire being … body, soul and demon … had rebelled at the very idea.

At the decided lack of improvement in Cordelia’s condition, his protectiveness of her had grown stronger.

As his protectiveness grew, so did his possessiveness.

Before long he found himself totally unable to share her with anyone else. Their family included.

After a while they gave up trying to visit her, leaving her totally in his care.

Just the way he liked it!

Entering the bedroom Angel smiled contentedly as he caught sight of the beautiful brunette lying motionless on one side of the enormous king-sized bed.

As he passed the stereo he slipped in the CD of Christmas songs, one of Cordelia’s personal favourites.

Sitting down on empty side of the bed he began his daily ritual of telling Cordelia all his news.


After he had ran out of things to tell her, Angel sat silently stroking his hair.

One good thing had come of Cordelia’s incapacity, her hair had totally returned to it’s natural rich mahogany. And it had also began to grow till it began to look like it did when he first met her.

A time which felt like centuries ago, instead of a few too short years.

Sighing Angel began to talk softly to his bedmate, as always seeking her advice and guidance.

“Spike was talking about meeting you again today. I know it’s irrational but I can’t help feeling so angry … and jealous … that he got to spend that time with you. I would have given anything to be in his place just then. To touch you … hold you … hear you call me all those annoying pet names again. I really … really … miss you…”

His voice trailed off as he took note of a tiny shiver which ran through Cordelia’s body.

“Cordy?” he whispered uncertainly. “Cordy? Please if you can hear me, open your eyes. Please wake up…”

Another, deeper shiver rippled through her.

A shot of sheer anticipatory excitement went through his body. If his heart actually worked, he knew it would be racing by now.

Tears shone in his eyes as he watched her eyelashes begin to flutter. Her heartbeat began to slowly speed up, in preparation to awakening.

As if in slow motion he watched as Cordelia’s eyes opened. For the first time in almost six months he looked into her warm hazel orbs.

“Cordy … I can’t believe it … your awake … your final awake … I’m so…”

“Shhh …” Cordelia placed a couple of fingers over his slightly open mouth. “It’s good to see you too.”

Reaching a hand out to touch her face, Angel was shocked to see his hand was trembling.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized lowering his hand again.

Chuckling softly Cordelia grabbed his hand in her own. After giving it a reassuring squeeze she placed it on her cheek himself. “It’s all right Angel,” she murmured soothingly. “I know this was sudden and unexpected but I’m real, I’m awake and I’m not leaving you ever again!”

“I just can’t believe this is finally happening and your finally awake at long last.”

His emotions shone brightly in his eyes as she spoke. His fear that this wasn’t really happening, that this might be some really cruel dream, broke her heart.

“Oh … Angel!”

Gently Cordelia held his face in palms, pulling his lips to hers in a soft kiss.

His lips toyed with hers gently as her armed moved to around his neck, pulling him close.

So close that she could feel the press of his strong body against her own softer form.

“Hmm Angel … please. ” Cordelia mumbled against his lips.

“Please what baby?” he whispered as he nibbled on her lower lip.

“Kiss me!”

“I thought I was.”

“You are,” Cordelia groaned. “But I want a real kiss.”

“A real kiss hmm?”

“Hmm … yes!”

“All right … I’ll kiss you … I’ll never stop,” Angel promised. Resting his mouth on her, huskily ordering her. “Open your mouth, baby…”

Willingly Cordelia opened her mouth and he immediately slipped his tongue into her welcoming mouth. As she responded to the dip and stroke of his tongue with her own, Cordelia softly moaned.

Never before had she experienced such a deeply sensual kiss. Although she had kissed Angel in the past, it had never felt quite like this.

Sinking her fingers deep into Angel’s hair Cordelia held his mouth firmly in place. Determined not to let the need for air stop their kiss.

Regardless of her own feelings on the subject Angel pulled away to allow her starved and burning lungs to take in some much needed air.

“Annggeell,” Cordelia gasped trying to pull his mouth back to her own.

Ignoring her attempts Angel peppered small kisses from her mouth, down over her chin and down the side of her long neck. “Yes?” he whispered softly, between kisses.

“Why did you stop kissing me? I didn’t want tttooo,” she ended on a long drawn out moan as he latched on, a previously unknown pleasure spot, sucking gently.

“I had to baby,” he mumbled into her neck.


“You need to breathe baby.”

“But A…An…gel, I like kissing you!” Cordelia moaned. “It’s a lot more fun than breathing, any day!!”

His chuckle of amusement vibrated through his chest, into her own making her whole body tingle.

Instead of a verbal response Angel went back to kissing.

Planting his hands on the pillows at either side of her head, he lowered his head and deeply kissed her. His tongue plunged into her mouth and tangled with her own which eagerly met it.

Unable to resist the temptation of his body looming over her, Cordelia reached out to explore with great enthusiasm.

Beginning with the hard arch of his muscular shoulders she touched any part of him she could reach.

All too soon clothes were an unnecessary incumberance and were quickly and expediently removed by the eager vampire.

A terrifying thought occurred to him. In panic he looked down into Cordelia’s concerned face.

“Angel? What’s wrong?”

Doubts rushed through him as Angel continued to stare down at Cordelia with a blank, but horrified, expression on his face.

“Angel please tell me what is wrong? Please … ” Cordelia begged softly.

Ignorant of their nakedness she wrapped herself around his rigid body as much as well as she could manage. Trying to comfort the obviously distressed vampire.

“Please? Tell me.”

“Do you … I mean … I need to know the truth … ” he stuttered out.

Cordelia frowned in confusion. “What is it Angel? Please tell me … I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.”

“I need you to tell me whether or not you really want to do this.”

Thinking for a long moment Cordelia tilted her head in contemplation. “Yes … I want to be with you. But not if it’s not what you want. Is it? Is this what you want? With me?”

“Always!” Angel replied immediately rubbing his nose against hers.

“Well … in that case … what cha waiting for?” Cordelia teasingly drawled, winking at him saucily.

With the speed and accuracy that only he could manage Angel had her gently pinned to the bed. His naked aroused body pressing down on her own softer form.

Cordelia could feel Angel’s hard arousal pressing against her. Her own arousal grew as she wondrously realized how much he really wanted her.

“Cordy,” Angel moaned, his voice low and gritty with his desire. “Can you feel just what you do to me?” he thrust his groin against her a couple of times for emphasis.

“Hmm … yes!” Cordelia groaned.

“Good … I want you to know,” Angel growled as she thrust back against him.

After a much too short and too hot kiss Angel moved his lips down to pay homage to her breasts. Drawing first one, then the other, into his mouth he nipped slightly on her nipples with blunt human teeth before laving them with his cool soothing tongue.

Her arms were wrapped around him as her body arched up into the touch of his mouth. Moaning breathlessly she clung to him as best she could as his touch ignited her passion even further.

Lifting his head Angel took in the sight of her laid out before him like a sensual sacrifice.

Smiling he returned to his oral exploration of her body. Skirting across the length of stomach he reached the apex at the top of her shapely thighs.

Burying his face against the slight thatch of hair he inhaled deeply. Letting out a long low growl of appreciation at the intense aromatic aroma of pure feminine arousal.

Her long legs automatically parted as his hands moved between them working his magic on her taut body. Mewls of sheer pleasure escaped her panting mouth as she writhed beneath his insatiable touch. Cordelia separated her lithe legs even further allowing him to touch her more intimately.

Almost purring with pleasure Angel roughly growled. “I’ve never wanted anyone so badly before.”

“Me either,” Cordelia gasped.

Moving to lie fully between her parted legs Angel settled into the soft cradle of her body. Preparing himself for their inevitable joining.

Cordelia gasped as he lifted her hips up into his more firmly. Both of them moaning at the added stimuli.

Wrapping her legs around his Cordelia moaned even louder, her hips rocked against his in a regular cadence. Angel’s mouth covered hers swallowing her moans.

As her hips sped up Angel wretched his mouth away whispering urgently. “Slow down … slow down baby.”

“I’m on fire,” Cordelia groaned. “I need you so much.”

“I need you too … now!”

“Then you will have me now!” Angel assured as he reached down between them, lining himself for penetration. Glancing up he met her hot gaze, “ready?”

“More than ready.”

Gently, slowly he entered her hot welcoming body. “I’ve never wanted anyone this badly,” he hoarsely admitted.

Clasping his broad shoulders, her finger nails digging into his skin. Feeling Angel move inside her as his body merged with hers. “Yes,” she breathed hotly against his neck.

Finally he was completely seated within the confines of her scorchingly wet warmth. After a minute of complete stillness as he revelled in being with her, like this, at long last, he began to move.

Slow and sure quickly turned into fast and relentless as the momentum of his thrusts increased. He could feel the sting of her nails as they tore at him, her own passion flaring completely out of control.

As her scratches began to weep blood Angel felt his demon rise up. “You excite me,” he bit out as his face wavered between man and demon. “Everything about you excites me.”

Cordelia’s heart pounded loudly in her ears as she saw the vampire flicker on and off his face. Instead of feeling fear she felt herself becoming, however impossible, more turned on by the prospect of his demon coming out to play.

“Don’t stop,” she begged lowly. “Please … don’t ever stop.”

Increasing the strength of his thrusts Angel began to pound into her willing body. Her mewls of pleasure becoming louder and more continual as he felt her passage begin to tense slightly. Knowing what was about to come he pulled back just enough to see her face as it happened.

Cordelia felt her entire body begin to tense as she raced onto the very edge of desire. Gripping his shoulders tightly, she dug her short nails in for purchase against the coming storm. Then it happened. Her body froze and arched up into his. After a moment of total stillness she let out a loud shrill scream as her entire body exploded around his still thrusting hardness.

As she gasped air into her burning lungs Cordelia opened her eyes to met Angel’s feral gaze. As she collapsed back onto the bed her arms fell to her sides uselessly. “Angel … ”

“Enjoy that baby?” Angel hoarsely whispered.

“Hmm … ” she admitted as she watched him through slumberous eyes.

Holding still Angel tried to control the increasingly vocal demands of his demon. He had kept moving during her orgasm despite the strong tight pulsing of her silken shealth. To stop would’ve pushed him over the edge into uncontrollable lust where he would not be able to control his demon.

Now she lay spent beneath him he began to thrust, this time intent on his own satisfaction.

As he once again began to pound Cordelia felt her body begin to tense once again. With a gasp of shocked surprise she felt her own passion mount along with his.

“Angel … yes … oh please … ”

As she began to move with him once again Angel felt her body begin to tighten slightly. In surprised pleasure he realized she was going to come again. This time with him!

As her nails once again began to scratch up his back and shoulders he could smell his own blood seep from the wounds. Growling he fought against the urge to vamp out again.

Seeing the flickering of his demon Cordelia realized what was happening and why Angel was trying to stop himself from giving in.

Taking his face in tender palms Cordelia met his questioning gaze. “Angel … it’s all right. Let him out … it’s all right … I love him too. Just let go.”

Hearing the words and seeing the acceptance in her loving gaze he let go. Hearing her gasp, he was sure he had made a mistake and she couldn’t handle his demonic countenance. Reluctantly he forced himself to meet her gaze. To his shock, and delight, there was no disgust or fear showing in her eyes.

Cordelia gasped as she looked into his game face. Instead of fear or horror at seeing the vampire inside him, up-close and personal, she found instead that the very sight of him. His tiger eyes, his lethal razor-sharp fangs and his bony hard ridges, weren’t frightening to her at all.

In fact she was stunned to find them a major turn-on.

Angel looked deep into her eyes, surprised to find her turned on by his demon side instead of repulsed. Who would have ever guessed?

Feeling that specific tensing of her inner muscles begin he decided that this time he wanted to come with her. Speeding up his own thrusts he began to feel his own orgasm build, his balls pulling up tightly in preparation.

Then it happened …

Cordelia screamed as her second orgasm began.

Angel felt himself reach the edge, just as Cordy screamed out her own pleasure.

Looking up she met Angel’s passionate gaze. Seeing he was about to follow her into oblivion she watched closely.

Fighting the desire to close her eyes as she peaked she forced herself to keep her eyes on Angel’s as he fought his own battle.

Angel fought against his demon’s call to sink his fangs into her soft neck. Instead he kept his eyes firmly on hers as he followed her over the edge.

Cordelia felt him tense up then let out a deep groan as he exploded inside her. “Angel!”

At her shout he closed his eyes and let go completely with a whisper. “Cordy.”

Holding onto his body Cordelia felt his tremors go through her own body.

As his body continued to spasm he collapsed onto her making her gasp in shock at the sudden added weight. Watching closely as he opened his glowing eyes.

Opening his eyes Angel looked into her warm satisfied gaze. Although he was more satisfied as he could ever remember being before in his very long life.

But something was still very missing. Moving off her Angel lay beside her on the bed.

Sensing his preoccupation Cordelia reached out a hand to touch his facial ridges. Stopping short of his face she looked quizzically at him. “Do you mind?”

“Mind what?” Angel asked slightly confused.

“If I touch your face, I’m curious. You don’t show your game face that often, it’s usually all ‘don’t look at me I’m all vampy!'”

“Vampy?!!” Angel asked with a chuckle.

“I’m glad you find me so amusing. So can I?”

“If you really want to,” Angel answered unsure.

“I really want to,” Cordelia assured with a warm smile.

Taking his face into her small palms Cordelia slowly examined all his facial ridges and grooves. Falling onto his back Angel felt the pleasure her touch touch invoked.

Unable to resist the sensual pull of her touching his vampiric countenance. Closing his eyes he let himself fall into the spell her touch created.

Cordelia’s soft tinkling laughter made his eyes pop open. Suspiciously he looked into her delighted face. “Just what’s so amusing Miss Chase?”

“You … ” she chuckled.

“Laughing at a vampire can prove hazardous for your health,” he teasingly threatened.

“You were totally blissed out there. And you were making a funny rumbling noise. Sorta like the cat my Grandmother had when I was a little girl.”

“Well … I … I mean we … hmm … vampires can be pretty sensitive when in their natural form. In certain places anyway … ” Angel stuttered. Thanking his lucky stars that vampires couldn’t blush or he would be scarlet by now.

“Oh don’t be like that,” Cordelia pleaded. “I think it’s pretty cool.” After a moment of contemplation she seriously asked, “Angel?”


“If I kept on doing that would you actually start … I don’t know … I guess I mean … when Scarlett, my Grandma’s cat, started rumbling like that, it was just as she began to … erm … purr. Do you do that too? If I was to keep stroking you like that?”

“To be honest I don’t know,” Angel admitted softly. “Vampire can and do purr, that’s a fact. But it is very rare and only occurs if the vampire is completely and totally contented. So given our violent and murderous lifestyles, it doesn’t happen much.”

“Has it ever happened to you?”

On tender-hooks Cordelia waited for his response.

“No … never have … ” he replied adding in anticipation of her next question, “tonight is the closest I’ve ever come to actually purring myself.”

Smiling Cordelia reflected before rolling on top of him. “I say we try again then … don’t you?!!”


The sound of distant music came to his ears as Angel lay totally focused on his best friend and now lover, as she slept on restlessly.

Glancing down, Angel looked at the head pillowed on his bare chest. His arms tightened around the woman in lying sleeping in his embrace.

“Good morning … ”

Okay … not sleeping.

“Hey … your awake.”

At his hushed words a pair of brown eyes rose to meet his own.

“Hmmm … I’m awake … just. Did you even sleep?”

“Wasn’t tired.”

“Angel … you need to sleep sometime.”

“I will,” he promised dropping a kiss on her forehead.

“Would it help if I promise I’m still going to be there when you wake up?”

“I’m just not ready to except that just yet.”

“I’m sorry Angel, I really am. I didn’t do any of this to hurt you.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for Cordy. I’m just glad your back. That’s all that matters.”

“I’m glad I’m back too.” Cordelia admitted as he leaned down to kiss her.


Angel dragged his eyes open, his eyelids feeling as if they were weighed down by heavy weights.

Something was wrong …

Something was missing …

Checking the bed beside him he realized what was wrong.

No Cordelia …

She was gone …

His panic was assuaged as he heard the music coming from the bathroom.

With a smile he lay back down as he continued to listen to the Christmas song Cordelia was so enthusiastically singing along to on the radio.

It was true …

Miracles do happen at Christmastime …


Merry Christmas to FangGirl


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