A Vampire, A Seer, and A Cage. . . Oh, My!

SUMMARY: Cordelia visits Angelus while he is caged up in the Hyperion basement.
POSTED: 21 Sep 2003
CONTENT/PAIRING: Cordelia/Angelus
WARNINGS: Sexual SItuations
1) The idea of Angelus in the Cage is the only part of Soulless borrowed from the episode. In my plotless smut fic, C/C *shudder shudder* NEVER happened and Cordy is Cordy but NO DEAL.. just her visiting Angelus in his cage while everyone else is out AKA no-one to interrupt them. *hint hint* *nudge nudge* *wink wink* GET THE IDEA ? YES?
2)Just a uncontrollable urge to write this scenario, sorry about the title but it came out of the blue when I refused to use Caged Heat as it’s reserved for my sequel to When A Demon ..
3) Have no idea where this is going or if it will leave the starting line … depends on whether anyone wants to see it continue or not!! This fic is purely R & R for me
Angelus’ head shot up when he heard the destinctive click of the basement door being used, a cold smirk gracing his hard mouth as he watched Cordelia sneak down the staircase. Her desire to enter unheard by the others amusing him.

“There’s not need to tip-toe down here Cor .. dee … lia,” he sang out startling the young woman as he emphasized her name slowly. His smile grew bigger as her wide eyes sprang up to meet his dark ones. “Don’t tell me I scared you?” he drawled as his tongue crept out to slowly wet his lips, “I heard the souled one’s ..” he paused a moment before spitting out, ” .. family leave a little while ago. So it’s just you and me here … all alone … whatever shall we do to while away the time?”

Gaining her wits Cordelia sauntered over to the cage which the vampire was currently locked inside of. “What’s the matter Angelus? Feeling a little caged in?” she teased smiling at his growl of response.

Watching his bottomless eyes closely she moved till her body was pressed against the steel bars of his prison, her entire body singing with pleasurable anticipation that his very presence created inside her. She had only felt this once before when Angelus had tackled her to the ground back in Sunnydale so many years ago. His brief appearance in LA was just too short to allow for any close contact between them.

She had partly come down alone to see if her response that night in Sunnydale had been a fluke, now she was sure it wasn’t as she felt an over bearing need to reach out and touch the vampire who had come to stand in front of her. The only thing keeping them apart were the steel bars they were both leaning against, as their bodies touched each other as much as the bars would allow.

“Why don’t you come inside and see for yourself?” Angelus purred into her ear causing her to moan loudly as his hands reach around to touch her back with firm strokes.

“You know you want to be in here with me Cordelia,” he whispered to her as his hands palmed the firmness of her ass tugging her closer. “Think of all the fun we can have without these bars between us. The fun that should of been ours that night in the graveyard.”

He chuckled at her shocked gasp and pulling back his head he locked his burning eyes onto hers, allowing her to see his desire for her.

“That’s right Cordelia … I remember the feelings, the needs and desires which coursed through us both when I lay on top of your soft, firm body pressing you into the hard ground. If it hadn’t been for those interferring teenagers you were with, we would have been together that night. Why didn’t you come to me that night when you should have? Never mind, don’t answer that, you’ve come to me now and that’s all that matters now.”

Cordelia felt herself lose all reason as his eyes pleaded with her to open the door and join him inside the cage. With him urging her all the way she quickly retrieved the key and opened the door, gasping when Angelus yanked her inside the cage. She barely acknowledged the sound of the door slam shut as she was propelled onto the hard surface of the cot that was situated at the back of the cage.

Following her down Angelus pinned her to the cot with the weight of his own already aroused body, her gasp of surprise swallowed by the hot insistance of his mouth. She wrapped her arms tightly around the strong column of his neck as she returned his kisses with a unabating hunger of her own. Years of desire, dreams and fantasies centered around the evil vampire making her desperate for his every touch and caress.

Roughly kissing her Angelus revelled in the feel of her soft, willing body as he pressed himself as close as he could without squashing her flat. There was nothing as erotic as a human who willing comes into your bed for a vampire, whilst taking what you want was thrilling there was something indescribable about having one willing giving you what you want or need.

Leaving her ravenous mouth he quickly set about relieving her of the unwelcome barrier of her clothes. Soon they all lay shrewn over the floor of the cage while he delightedly feasted all his senses on the naked exposed body of his new lover.

Growling loudly in appreciation he made sure to taste his way down her body, refusing to leave even one solitory surface unexplored by his ravenously hungry mouth and agile talented tongue. Soon he found himself laying encased between her supple legs as comfortably as his narrow cot would allow. Burying his face into her hair covered mound he sensuously purred with growing pleasure as the wet warmth of her desire called out to him making his mouth hunger for her taste.

Unable to get close enough due to the limited space he reluctantly pulled away just long enough to guide her thighs up and over his broad shoulders. Once her legs were comfortably repositioned he gleefully returned his attentions to her exposed pussy.

Cordelia restlessly moved her hands, trying almost desperately to find purchase. She finally settling on gripping ahold of the steel bars of the cage situated directly behind them. Using her strong grip on the bars and the sheer power hidden within of her slender thigh muscles she was able to garner control her hips. With this leverage she was able to push her hips upwards as she wordlessly encouraged Angelus’ mouth to continue it’s attentions to her aching wetness. His hands were gripping her thighs firmly enough to leave bruises behind as he used his lips and tongue to his best advantage, swimming in the sea of passion and desire her moans and screams created between them.

Cordelia raised her body up towards his talented mouth desperately needing his every touch as she felt his blunt teeth nibble on her distended clit while his tongue worked it’s way as far inside her as it could reach. There was definitely something to be said for a partner who didn’t need to breath, that was for sure.

Using his decades of sexual experience he soon felt her screaming loudly as her orgasm, only the very first he intended to give her, rolled it’s way over her entire body leaving her trembling violently in it’s wake.

Releasing his hold on her legs he let them drop exhaustedly back onto the cot before he crawled his way back up her body and lay gently on top of her once again.

When her heartbeat finally returned to normal Cordelia looked up into the smiling face of her new lover as she slowly released her own iron grip on the bars of the cage allowing her arms to flop down to rest limply over his shoulders.

After a few intense moments of silence where only her ragged breathing could be heard, his gruff voice broke in bringing her attention back to his smiling face as he demanded softly. “Ready for the next round yet, Princess?” as his head lowered itself intently towards her own waiting face.




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