Would the Real C.C. Please Stand Up

SUMMARY: No one really knows Cordelia Chase, but they will.
POSTED: 29 Jul 2010
CATEGORY: Drama for now
WARNINGS: None Listed

Cordelia stalked out of the Sunnydale High library. She was fuming as she rounded the corner she slammed right into what felt like a brick wall. It knocked her flat on her ass. Her arm crashed into the wall of lockers. She looked at it to find a long scrape down her left arm. She winced in pain as she checked the damage with her right hand. She looked around her and glared up at her brick wall. Which wasn’t a brick wall at all.

“Angel, what in the hell are you doing just standing there?” She asked annoyed.

“I’m sorry. You’re back! Are you ok?” Angel asked as he leaned down and took her by the elbow to help her to her feet.

“I’m fine,” she lied yanking her arm from his grip. It was a stupid reaction she realized. His hand rubbed across the scrape pulling the skin open. She yelped in pain.

“You’re not fine. You’ve cut your self,” he replied. He could smell the blood on her arm and he could see the pain in her eyes.

“I said I’m fine,” she muttered darkly as she tried to push past him. She couldn’t stand being this close to him.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he said as he grabbed her wrist and twirled her towards him. They where now uncomfortably close. His eyes stared intently into hers. His hand still firmly held her wrist. She backed up, once again pulling her arm from his.

“Damn it Angel. What’s your damage? So what if I scraped my arm. It’s my arm,” she replied with a glare.

“You need to put something on it so it doesn’t get infected. Giles has a first aid kit.” He told her as he reached out to grab her arm again. She pushed her arm behind her so he couldn’t grab it. So he instead grabbed her shoulder and guided her through the library doors.

She argued with him as he pushed her along in front of him. “Really, I can put something on it when I get home. Can’t you just mind your own damn busyness?”

“No,” he answered definitively,

Heads turned to look as they entered the library. Willow and Xander were seated at the table researching. Giles stood in the middle of the room dressed in safety pads as Buffy practiced her punches and kicks.

“Look every one Cordelia is back. I told you she would come to her senses and come back and apologizes,” Xander.

“Not on your life,” Cordelia replied.

Angel was confused by the hostility in the room. Everyone seemed to be glaring at Cordelia. He knew they didn’t always get along well, but he had never sensed so much anger coming from the three teenagers in the room directed towards the longhaired brunet before. He had obviously missed something.

“Then what are you doing here?” Buffy demanded to know.

“Ask your psychopathic boy toy,” Cordelia through back.

“You better take that back,” Buffy replied icily.

“Your right. Angel, I’m sorry. You’re not a psycho. They rest of you can go to hell,” Cordelia stormed out of the library for the second time that night.

“I can’t believe she’d even show her face back in here after what she said,” Willow exclaimed.

“Nothing Cordelia does surprises me anymore,” Xander replied.

“I’m sorry you had to deal with that again Willow,” Buffy crossed over to her friend and put an arm around her.

Angel figuring if he wanted to know what was going on he would have to ask crossed over to the table and took and empty seat. “So, what’s going on with you guys and Cordelia?”

“You wont believe what she said to Willow. She called her and idiot amateur witch. Can you believe that?” Buffy asked.

“Why did she do that?” Angel asked hesitantly. Judging by everyone’s attitudes tonight he was a bit afraid someone would jump down his throat.

“Because she’s Cordelia. Why else?” Buffy told him.

“Where does she even get off coming in here? She hasn’t been around for months and all of a sudden she waltzes back in here and wants to help,” Xander interjected.

Angel sat there as his girlfriend and her two friends berated Cordelia. When it was clear they were never going to get to the point what happened he got up and went in search of answers elsewhere.

He knocked on Giles office door and went in. “ Giles, what’s going on with everyone tonight?” Angel asked.

“Teenage drama, and prophecies,” Giles replied.

“That doesn’t really answer my question. What is this I hear about Cordelia calling Willow and idiot amateur witch?” Angel asked.

“I think everyone is just a little high strung tonight and Cordelia isn’t the most tactful person to begin with. When Willow suggested using a time travel spell in order to gather information on an upcoming apocalyptic event Cordelia said she was an idiot. Unfortunately things only escalated from there,” Giles explained.

“Messing with time travel is a dangerous idea.” Angel said.

“I tried to explain that. Time travel can dramatically alter things that shouldn’t be tampered with,” Giles went on to explain.

“So then how did it go from there to idiot amateur witch?” Angle wanted to know.

“Well, Willow argued that time travel into the future couldn’t change things. Cordelia laughed and everyone got angry with her. Cordelia tried to argue the points of how to get back if you did go into the future and that it would take a extremely powerful witch or and extremely powerful spell to time travel,” Giles continued to explain.

“All that is true,” Angel replied.

“Willow took it as a challenge to argue how powerful she is. Then there was more arguing as Xander and Buffy leapt to her defense. Cordelia called Willow an amateur witch with delusions of grandeur. Buffy demanded that Cordelia leave or apologies for being a bitch. Cordelia stormed out,” Giles finished.

“So that’s why she came barreling out of the library and hit me. I feel bad now. She fell and hurt her arm so I forced her to come back in here, which is probably the last place she wanted to be.” Angle told him.

When Cordelia hit the hall way she took off running. She ran through the halls of the school and out into the parking lot. When she reached her car she got in and wept. She allowed herself only a few seconds before she pulled her self together. Crying was not the Cordelia way. She was just so tired. Having a secret was exhausting and after everything she had been through lately she was feeling worn out.

A nock on the window sent her jumping and she hit her knee. She rolled down the window.

“Jeeze Angel! You really know how to give a girl a heart attack. Are you actively trying to kill me this evening?” Cordelia bitched.

“I just wanted to apologize and see if you were alright,” Angel replied.

Her eyes softened a little. “Thanks, but I’m fine,” Cordelia answer as she turned the key and her engine roared to life. Having Angel this close and caring was making her tense.

Angel knew he was having an effect on Cordelia. He heard he heart speed up and a small tinge of fear rose off of her. He couldn’t understand it. He had smelled her fear before when he had been Angelus. This was different. She smelled different. He would swear she even looked different. “I know something’s up, Cordelia.”

“Sorry Angel I gotta go,” she quickly replied before peeling out of the parking lot and leaving him standing there.




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