Weepy Eyes and Not White Knights

SUMMARY: Cordelia receives bad news and cries on Angel’s shoulder.
POSTED: 17 Sep 2011
CATEGORY: Drama-ish
WARNINGS: None Listed

“Since when is this my life?” Cordelia mumbled to herself. When exactly did trudging through a graveyard in the wee hours of the morning become normal? She cursed as her heel stuck in the wet earth covering a fresh grave almost tripping her. She wanted to curse louder. She wanted to scream but that wasn’t exactly stealthy. Where were the damn Scoobies?

The cool night air had become increasingly damp in the short time since she had arrived. a light mist seemed to settle over everything. It was an eerily quiet morning but every once in a while the call of a bird would startle her. Her imagination was starting to run away with her. She could almost hear the thumping of her hart as it became so loud it was almost deafening.

“Buffy, Hey Guys! Where is everyone?” She called out in a not quite steady voice.

She was probably all alone in this big spooky cemetery. True, she had been late. She should have been there nearly an hour ago, but she had been up late. Her parents had cornered her and had kept her up talking. Oh no why did she have to start thinking about her parents again just when being creeped out was stating to become so comforting. Cordelia want to just sit down when she was in the middle of the graveyard and weep over the events of the previous evening She couldn’t help it, as she was flooded with memories or her previous evening.

“Your father and I wanted to talk to you about something very serious.” Helen Chase informed her daughter.

“Is this about the ding in the left fender of the Mercedes, because I can totally explain. It wasn’t even my fault.” Cordelia assumed.

“No, but you will be explaining that.” Her father grunted sternly.

“Perhaps you should sit.” Helen Chase was pacing now. Her voice edged on anger and she was visibly upset.

“Are you two getting divorced?” Cordelia asked. A lump was forming in her throat. The increasing agitation of her parents was making this uncomfortable situation worse.

Several seconds ticked by with the only sound coming from and ornate brass clock on the mantle across the room. When the silence was finely broken both of her parents answered at once.

“Yes,” Helen Chase had replied casting a glare at her husband.

“It’s a little more complicated then that honey.” Richard Chase started to explain.

“Your father is going to prison and I will not be married to a criminal.” Helen Chase stated bitterly.

“What? Why?” It was all Cordelia get out. She was so floored. Both questions were lost in the noise as her parents begin arguing.

“This isn’t how we said we would tell her.” Richard shot at his wife.

“No, this isn’t how you wanted to tell her. This is all your fault.” Helen shouted angrily.

“You agreed that we should…” Cordelia’s father began to yell back.

“Would both of you please stop and tell me what is happening.” Cordelia yelled to have her voice heard.

Cordelia’s mother intently sat down angrily and begin glaring and pouting. Her father walked across the room and stood with his back turned.

His voice was quite and calm when he began to explain to her that they were in financial distress. Cordelia listened as he explained how financial discrepancies had been found at work and the IRS was now auditing both him and the Company. He explained to her that he had mad mistakes with clients’ investments. He didn’t come right out and tell her about his involvement with embezzling money and numerous years of tax fraud but he talked around it.

Cordelia went to bed that night in a stunned fog. Her parents were divorcing and her father was a criminal. Her mother was leaving to go live with Cordelia’s aunt Elizabeth in New York. Cordelia was welcome to go with her or she could stay and essentially be on her own. She had trouble going to sleep but eventually succumbed to exhaustion.

As Cordelia wandered the graveyard in search of her friends her thoughts became more upsetting. The dense melancholy of her environment was increasing the tension. Perhaps the Scoobies had come and already left. It would be just her luck if a vampire jumped out and got her.

Suddenly she heard a noise right behind her. This was her own fault. She thought it and now it was going to happen. If she went right she would have a clear sprint to the gates and to her car. As she turned to run a hand grabbed her arm. She started to scream and struggle as she was turned towards her attacker.

“Cordelia.” Angle exclaimed. He released her arm. He knew he must have scared her just coming up like that. She had seemed deep in thought and he hadn’t wanted to interrupt but she also seemed lost and he had arrived late and thought they could find their friends together.

A wave of relief flooded over Cordelia. She stopped screaming but her relief had heightened emotions and busted right though a wall that she hadn’t been able to get through. She went from stunned and pissed about her parents to completely over whelmed. With nothing else to do she flung herself at Angel and begin to weep uncontrollably.

Angel was shocked by the sudden fullness of his arms as Cordelia flung herself into them. Not sure what else to do he held her as the tears fell. He wasn’t sure what the brunet was feeling but his hart went out to her. Several minutes past before the weeping changed to sobbing. Eventually she went completely still in his arms. Her body sagged against his. He just continued to hold her until she mad a move to be released.

As Cordelia backed away her head hung low. She couldn’t look at him. She had completely broken in front of him. Why did she have to do that? What would he think? He would tell Buffy and everyone would know. She thought very seriously about running.

“Cordelia.” Angels voice was soothing as he tried to gain Cordelia’s attention. When she didn’t look up he took a step towards her and tried again. “Cordelia please look at me.”

“I’m sorry.” Her voice was barely audible but things like that don’t mater to vampire ears. She never looked up.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for.” His voice was full of concern.

“Angel please don’t tell anyone.” Cordelia begged shakily. For the first time she looked into angels face with pleading eyes.

“Cordelia,’ Angel said gently. ‘I don’t know what’s wrong but if you felt you need to cry then there is nothing wrong with that.”

“This just sucks so bad.” Cordelia sighed wearily.

“What does?”

“My life.”

“It does that sometimes.” Angel didn’t really know what he could say to help. Whatever problems Cordelia had might be simpler then she thought or just as bad.

“Does your life suck? Cordelia asked curiously.

“Sometimes. Do you want to talk about it?” Angel offered.

‘”Not really but if the offer is open later I might.” Cordelia replied honestly.

“Any time.”

“Thanks. I think I’m just going to go. I can’t face everyone. I probably look hideous.” Cordelia told him.

He took a good look at her. Her mascara was running and her make up was smudged. She had puffy red eyes, but Angel didn’t think he had ever seen her look more beautiful. When Cordelia dropped her mask she was a kind an honest person. He would always remember that.

“You look beautiful.” He told her honestly.

She was taken back for a moment, but gave him very small smile. “I know you’re lying, but thanks.” She turned to walk way only to turn back briefly. “ And, Angel just because I was all damsel in distressy tonight doesn’t make you my white knight.



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