Stupid Vampire Strikes Again

SUMMARY: Sequel to Stupid Vampire From a group of stories I’m calling Stolen Moments.
POSTED: 16 Nov 2009
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: I know this is a sad one for the most part but it will get happier. I promise. This dedicated to my muse. (I’m sorry I shut you up in a box when I moved and forgot all about you.)

How could he do this to her? One minute Angel was kissing her senseless, then not even ten minutes later he’s running off to Sunnydale to rescue Buffy without even a word. Stupid Doyle and his stupid visions! This is typical Angel behavior. Buffy comes first and the rest of the world be damned.

Cordelia jabbed her key in the lock furiously jiggling the handle to open her apartment door. It had never been hard to open before. It could have been the way her hands were shaking in anger, or the fact she couldn’t see because she was holding back her tears. She was just about to give up when the door swung open.

“Thanks Dennis,” she was never more grateful to be living with a ghost.

She dropped her purse next to the door. Wearily she crossed the room and collapsed on the sofa in tears. She barley noticed when the box of tissues floated over to her or when the blanket was pull up over her body. She started to fall asleep from emotional exhaustion when she heard a clink of dishes next to her. Peaking one eye open she saw a teacup and saucer settle on the coffee table in front of her. Rising up she tucked her legs underneath her and the blanket around her. She wiped the remaining tears from her face and reached to pick up the cup.

“Thank you Dennis. It’s nice to know some one cares. If only Angel would take some tips from you, but no. He just runs off at the first sign that Buffy is in trouble. She is the slayer, since when is she not in trouble or about to be. What does it matter that he just kissed me. Doesn’t even give me an explanation. Just goes riding off on his white horse to save Buffy,” she ranted to Dennis as she stomps in to her bedroom and roughly yanks her cloths off. “ So that’s it, Dennis. I’m giving up all of my daydreams about Angel, no matter how good a kisser he is. So when he comes back that is it. It will be all work and no play ever, totally professional.

When the phone rings she just stares at it. She doesn’t care who is calling. She’s not in the mood to talk to anyone. She pulls a sweatshirt over her head as her answering machine picks up. She stalks over to the machine just as Angels voice emanates from it. She begins to argue with his message.

“Cordelia, pick up I know you are there.”

“I don’t want to talk to you Mr. I’m a Vampire With a Soul but That Doesn’t Mean I Have to Care,” She yells at the machine.

“Come on Cordy, please pick up. I know you’re not at the office. Doyle said you left right after I did all huffy.”

“Don’t you think I have a reason to be just a little pissed off? You just took off.”

“Cordelia, I’m sorry I couldn’t stick around and finish talking about things, but I had to respond to Doyle’s vision.”

“Oh, you just had to did you. We have a damn phone you could have called and told Buffy she was in danger but no. You just race off to save the day.” She crossed her arms and glared at the machine.

“I know you feel like I just pushed you out of the way to go rescue Buffy, but this is something that I need to do. We’ll talk when I get back. I promise. You’re my best friend Cor don’t be too angry with me.”

There was a click as the he hung up. She felt like her heart was stopping and it hurt so much. She just reached over and erased the message. She slumped to her room and lay on the bed to cry until she couldn’t cry any more.

It was with resolve that she walked into Angel Investigation a few days later. Doyle had called to let her know that Angel was back from Sunnydale. She arrived at work before Angel got up or Doyle got there. She stared the coffee and looked at Angel’s schedule to make sure he didn’t have anything pending for the day. She sat at her desk and began to go over some cases she needed to file.

Angel heard her come in. He wandered if she would come down, but he knew she wouldn’t. He messed up good. When Doyle had told him Buffy was in trouble his instincts took over. His first thought wasn’t even of Buffy’s safety but that someone needed saving. He jumped in his car and drove off to save the day. His drive was spent with his mind flip flopping between his kiss with Cordelia and getting to Sunnydale to save Buffy. It wasn’t even until he began to compare the two in romantic terms that he realized he hadn’t said anything to Cordy before leaving. He could be such an idiot sometimes. It was then that he had called her, but she hadn’t answered. Now he didn’t know if he would be able to fix things with her.

He came up stairs a short time later to fine her still sitting at her desk. Her head was bent over a file and she was oblivious to everything around her. He stood at the door watching her and she never looked up even though she could feel him there. After a few minutes he crossed the room to get a cup of coffee. She spared the tiniest glance up at him as his back was turned.

“Cordelia, I just,” he began as he tuned to her.

“Just don’t Angel please. Nothing important happened and it’s over. It’s in the past, and it should stay there. So what ever it is you were going to say don’t,” she pleaded looking up at him with sad eyes.

He just stood and stared. After a moment he nodded, walked in to his office and closed the door.




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