Shock and Awe

SUMMARY: Just what did Cordelia’s mother when she called during Sense and Sensitivity? Beginging of my Stolen Moments group of stories.
POSTED: 29 Jul 2009
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) It is based on a short writing exercise I did last night and couldn’t get it out of my head.

He walked stiffly down the sewer tunnel. His clothes were covered in some viscus fluid. A shower sounded like heaven. Being covered in demon squid goo was uncomfortable and itchy. Maybe if Cordelia and Doyle had gotten there on time he wouldn’t be in this predicament. He had punished them by making them clean up the mess. He could still hear them talking about him as he walked away. Cordelia was complaining about him, and Doyle was doing a terrible job standing up for him. He would just ignore it for now.

Coming up from the sewers through the trapdoor in his basement apartment he can her the phone ringing. Grumbling to him self he crosses the room to answer the call. He just hoped it wasn’t some big emergence because he really wanted that shower.

“Angel Investigations. We help the hopeless.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t think I have the right number,” a cold voice answers.

“Who is it you are looking for? Maybe I can help.”

“I’m looking for my daughter, Cordelia Chase.”

“Cordelia is my secretary Mrs. Chase. I’m Angel,” he replies politely.

“It’s just Ms Chase now.”

“I’m sorry MS. Chase,” he stresses the Ms.

“If she is your secretary they why is she not answering the phone for you, isn’t that what a secretary does?” she says coldly.

“Cordy is out at the moment. Can I take a message or something?”

“Cordy what a charming little nickname,” she answers snobbishly.

“Yes isn’t it,” his reply was curt. This woman was starting to piss him off.

“When you see her could you please tell my daughter I called?”

“Yes Ms. Chase.”

“Oh and tell her not to call before noon or after 3:oopm.”

“Yes Ms. Chase.”

“Oh and not on Wednesday I have bridge.”

“Yes Ms. Chase.”

“Not on Thursday either because I have my spa day. A woman’s got to look her best you know.”

“Yes Ms. Chase.”

“Such a polite man. Well ta ta. You will remember to have my daughter call wont you?” she managed to make it sound like both a compliment and an insult.

“Yes Ms. Chase,” he had barely gotten the word you before he was cut off by a definitive click.

She had hung up on him in mid sentence. What an unpleasant woman he thought to himself. She was nothing like Cordelia. Well, except for the making any complement sound like an insult part. That woman was just cold. Cordelia was never that cold even when she was being bitchy. She was even sweet sometimes, and she cared even though she pretended not to. He scribbled down the information she had rattled off for Cordelia.

He stalks of to take a shower. Imagine the nerve of that woman to make Cordy’s nickname sound like it was disgraceful. If he ever met that woman he would. He didn’t know what, but he would do something. Cordelia deserves to be treated better.

From the shower he can hear movement from upstairs. Their voices float down the stairwell, he can sill hear Cordelia complaining about him. Does she ever stop? He is tiered of pretending he doesn’t hear every comment she makes about him. She should know by now that vampire hearing picks up everything. He picked up that grumbling conversation she had with herself last week about the terrible date she had the night before. He smiled think about the inventive names she had called the man with the grabby hands. He even remembers the first thing he ever heard her say.

“Ooo! Hello, salty goodness! Pick up the phone, call 911. That boy is gonna need some serious oxygen after I’m through with him.” Cordelia had said that almost years ago one night at the Bronze.

He remembers not understanding exactly what she meant. Later he realized she though he was hot. He was flattered but obviously distracted with ever consuming thought of Buffy. He listens closely. She has finely stopped complaining about him. He gets out of the shower, dresses, and climes the stairs to face her wrath head on.

It had been one creepy week. Seeing Angel all touchy feely was just wrong. It was kind of nice how he had opened up a little. He was very cuddly and sweet last night after she and Doyle had helped get him home. He reminded her to call her mother. Then he went off a little on how he thinks her mother didn’t get enough love as a child and maybe she needs a hug. They were back to creepy after that. Cordelia smiled to herself in spite of it.

Now she is sitting at her desk agonizing over the phone call she had been putting off all week. Taking a deep breath she picks up the phone and slowly dials her mother phone number. It rings for a few seconds and is answered by her mother.

“Everit and Chase residence.”

“Mother is that you?” Cordelia questions.

“Cordelia, darling. It took you long enough to call me back.”

“I’ve been busy mother.”

“Oh yes you are a working girl now.”

“You make it sound like am a hooker or something,” she replies, hurt by her mothers tone.

“Cordelia that is completely inappropriate.”

“You started it.”

“God! Cordelia don’t be such a child.”

“I’m sorry mother.”

“A secretary is a perfectly acceptable career, but just barely.”

“Thank you mother.”

“You’re welcome dear,” Ns Chase replies oblivious to her daughters feelings.

“How are you mother?”

“Oh I am wonderful. Randy is such a dear. You really should come up and meet him.”

“Who is Randy?”

“He is the most wonderful man. He’s been so patient through the divorce.”

“Divorce!?” she asks shocked.

“As of last Thursday, your father and I are divorced and good riddance.”


“Of course now that the divorce is final Randy and I can get married. You must come to the wedding. I told Randy how much we look like sisters. He is so excited to meet you. We are thinking of a June wedding. Isn’t that romantic?”

“Mother STOP. What do you mean you divorced dad?”

“Come now Cordelia you know I couldn’t very well stay married to your father after the embarrassment he caused me,” her mother remarked.

“The embarrassment he caused you.”

“Yes, embarrassment! Do you know what people think of us now?”

“Mother, those people don’t matter.”

“Of course they matter darling. I did everything for your father to make us look good in society and he did everything he could to throw it all away.”

“He didn’t know Mr. Collins wasn’t paying your taxes.”

“Of course he didn’t, and if not he is stupid.’

“Don’t call him stupid.”

“That’s what he is. He is a very silly stupid man, and I will not let him drag me down any farther.”

“Shut up mother!”

“Cordelia don’t you…”

“I said STOP!” she shouts into the phone. “Mother I don’t think I will be coming up to visit. I don’t think I will be calling again either.”

“Darling, don’t you think you are over reacting?”

“No mother I really really don’t.”
Cordelia furiously slams down the receiver causing Angel to jump. It’s not like he was eavesdropping he just happened to over hear everything. He steps into the doorway to see Cordelia with her arms and face on the desk crying. The empty space where his heart should be clutches. The phone on the desk rings. She looks up at him with tears in her eyes. He crosses the room and answers the phone.

“Angel Investigations we…,” He is cut of.

“I want to speak with my daughter right this minute. Put her on the phone,” Ms Chase angrily demands.

“I’m sorry but that will not be possible,” He replies looking Cordelia in the eyes.

“Listen bucko I want to talk to my daughter now.”

“Ms. Chase, Cordy obviously does not wish to talk to you. I think it would be best you don’t call here again.”

“I want…” she is cut off.

“I don’t care what it is you want Ms. Chase. If and when Cordelia decides she wants to talk to you she will call you. You will not contact her until then is that clear?”

“Tell my daughter I will be calling her later,” Ms. Chase answers defiantly before hanging up the phone.

He crouches down to look Cordelia in the eyes, as she remains seated at her desk. He takes her hand and squeezes it. He admits, “Cordelia I was wrong about your mother. I think maybe it’s you who didn’t get enough love as a child.” He pulls her into a hug. He holds her as she cries.

“Thank you Angel,” she whispers.

“You’re welcome baby,” Angel replies.

They pull away from each other in shock.




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