Nothing But Possibilities

SUMMARY: Once again the world needs saving. The Fang Gang and Scoobies must work together.
POSTED: 21 Jul 2009
WARNINGS: None Listed


In a darkened alley, behind an old hotel in downtown LA, a battle between good and evil wages. There is no moon out tonight. The air feels heavy and stiff. Angel, Spike, Gunn, and Ilyria stand defensive against a hoard of evil beings set lose upon them. Gunn who is already badly beaten and stabbed from earlier events this very night, doubles over in an attempt to catch his breathe. Angel and Spike have definitely seen better days. They already look tired, but under the surface you can already see their strength building for the next encounter. The two vampires are like opposite sides of the same coin. Angel is dark and broody. He stands ready for the fight out of necessity. Spike, who is always ready for a fight whether or not it is necessary, wears a black leather duster that has accompanied him through many battles. Ilyria doesn’t even appear to be winded. The previous events of the night seemed to have had little effect on her. There does appear to be sadness in her blue eyes.

A hoard of frenzied teeth, claws, weapons and bodies swells against these battle-weary champions of good. A sea of demons and every conceivable creation of evil rushes towards them. Hell has unleashed its furry upon the urban surroundings. The two sides clash in battle. Greatly out-numbered, the weary band of heroes bravely stand their ground. Knowing the odds are against them, Gunn lets his guard down. The sword comes in from his left. He barely glimpses it from the corner of his eye before it is plunged through his hart. His lifeless body falls to the ground, his blood staining the alleyway. He is lost from his companions in the frenzied melee.

Suddenly, a brilliant flash of light illuminates the ally. A light so pure and bright it would have stolen the sight of any mortal who had seen it. Angel and Spike are thrown back by the light’s energy and intensity. They writhe in pain as they feel it burning them to there very core. In their pain they lose conciseness. They lie on the ground motionless. Ilyria, with terror in her eyes, also succumbs to the light’s effects. Turning to run, her body is ripped away leaving only a swirling mass of blue energy shooting off into the distance at great speed.
An ocean away a small group of men and women sit staring as one woman on the ground has been screaming in pain for the last few minutes. Her body contorts in torturous movements as pain rips through her body. Her pale face is wet from tears and her breathing is labored. She cries out as a vision rages through her mind. At the moment the light in LA appeared the woman lying on the apartment floor in Rome stops screaming. To her relief and those around her the pain was gone. She could see it all as if she had been there herself. A woman crouches beside her to offer comfort.

“Willow are you ok?” The petite strong blonde asked putting a protective arm around her.

“I think so. Just give me a minute Buffy. I’ll be ok. Giles, every one, you can stop staring at me like that.” The thin ethereal aptly named Willow answered.

Willow began looking about the room at the grim faces. A younger girl returns to the room carrying a glass of water. She bares a striking resemblance to the petite blonde, Buffy. In fact they are sisters. Dawn is somewhat taller, and her hair is a bit darker. She hands the water to her sister and moves to the sofa with the others. The three men in the room also look very worried. Xander, whom she considers as a brother, is a younger man with rakishly good looks and eye patch witch reminded you of a pirate. Giles was Buffy’s watcher. Willow had known him for many years and always looked on him as a father figure. Andrew, a relatively new addition to the group, looked silly. Of course, he always looked silly but right now he looked worried. They all looked worried.

There was a scattering of females around the room. They all looked very startled. There was Buffy and Dawn of course, and any number of potential slayers here at slayer central. Then there was Kennedy. Willow cared for Kennedy, but she couldn’t go so far as to say she loved her. Willow wasn’t quite yet ready to move on after Tara had died.

Buffy hands Willow the glass of water. As she begins to sip the water she feels it soothing her throat. She has calmed down and feels less shaky. Looking up to the group she began to recant what she had witnessed in her vision. Small cry arises during her story. There are shocked looks when it is reviled that Spike is alive. He had been for almost a year, but she continued with her tale. “… and that is when the pain stopped. Now she is coming for me.” she finished.

“What about Spike and Angel. What happened to them are they ok?” Buffy was on the verge of breaking down.

“ I honestly don’t know. I feel that they must be ok but I just don’t know.”

Not really listening anymore Buffy begins screaming at the Andrew. “Why didn’t you tell me he was alive when you went to LA. Why didn’t Spike call?” she shouted to the room.

“ He told me not to. He didn’t want to interfere with your life.” Answered Andrew.

“ Interfere! How could he? I needed him. You had no right to keep this from me”

“I’m sorry Buffy, truly. He asked me not to tell you.” Andrew defended.

“Why do you need him?” Giles questioned.

“ Because I do. I grieved for months. I just need to know. Don’t you get it? Don’t any of you get it!” she screamed. She turns sharply from her friends and flees from room.

They all looked around the room at each other, some of them in shocked silence and some of them in shame. They heard the weeping through the walls from another room and all felt helpless. Giles stands up and pulling his cell phone from his pocket walks out of the front door.
Chapter 1

In an alley way behind the old hotel a surge of light consumes the area. Spike and Angel lay on the ground unconscious. The light begins to fade revealing two men and two women standing a few feet away. Where once there was a horde of demons now stand Cordelia, Wesley, Fred and Gunn. The four look at each other with wonder and happiness. They collectively let out a sigh of relief. It has been a crazy year. Now they are all back together. No one really knows what to say as they stand staring at each other in silence.

“Well that was a rush,” spoke Cordelia, breaking the quiet. She looks at the others and flashes a brilliant smile.

“We’re back ya’ll!” Fred exclaims.

“What are we supposed to do now?” Gunn asks.

“Ooh Can we get tacos?” Fred does a little happy dance.

“Perhaps later, but we better get these two inside first,” replies Wesley as he gestures at Angel and Spike lying on the ground.

“Wes, you and Cordy grab Angel, Fred and I got Blondie Bear.”

They wrestle the two vampires into the hotel and lay them on a sofa in the lobby. The group waits anxiously for Angel and Spike to regain consciousness. As their eyes roam around, memories from the past fill their minds. The familiar surroundings of the Hyperion comfort them. After all, this is where they worked together for so many years.

Hours pass and after several pots of coffee a groan escapes from Angel. Some one is walking towards him. His eyes began to focus as he stares up into the faces of those he loves. These four people mean everything to him. The thought enters his mind that he is dead, but he doesn’t feel dead. Well, any more dead then usual anyway. One face draws him in. It is as if nothing else in the world has ever mattered or would matter again. The girl, with the hazel eyes, stares into his. Reaching up he pulls her close to his heart. His heart! It is beating. He can feel it after so many years. He is alive. Cordelia’s head rests against his heart. He looks up at his friends with tears in his eyes.

Spike is awakened by cries of joy. He looks across the room to see his friends. He is very surprised to see them all. He doesn’t quite know what is happening. Spike thinks to himself in confusion, “Cordelia and Wesley were dead and yet there they are surrounding Angel. Maybe I’m dead? No, I was just sleeping. Wasn’t I? I thought I was finished and would never see any of them again. Well maybe Angel. I figured we would be sharing a nice little two bedroom in hell. So why aren’t I dead?”

“Hey now! Can’t you let a bloke rest in peace?” he spoke in a dry scratchy voice.

“Spike you’re awake!” Fred squeals and rushes over to hug him.

“What the bloody hell is happening? Fred is that you? You’re not blue! Am I dead? Are we all dead?’

“You always were slow Spike. All of us are alive. I can hear your heart beating from here,” Angel says with a laugh.

Pressing a hand to his chest he can feel his heart. It is beating and still broken for Buffy. In spite of that he lets out a tremendous laugh. “And I can hear yours. You are alive too,” Spike looks around the room confused and asks. “Hey now, how is it that we can hear each others heart beats from across the room if we are human now?’

“Do either of you remember anything just before you passed out?” Cordelia asks.

“A brilliant light and then a searing pain. It knocked me right on my ass,” answers Spike.

“That brilliant light was us, Wesley, Fred, Gunn, and myself,” Cordelia begins explaining to the two ex-vampires what has happened. “Because each one of us has sacrificed our lives in the struggle for good we were given the chance to come back and continue fighting for good. With a little help from Gunn, Wesley, Fred and the PTB, I was able to boost my demon powers. It took out the entire horde of demons. It also destroyed your demons, leaving you two alive. No more Angelus, and no more well, William the Bloody I guess.”

“But, the Powers that Be still want you two to fight battles for them. They still need you both so you still have supper strength, speed, hearing and all that. You’ll be like boy slayers. You also have the four of us. They think you need us too,” Fred smiles.

“How many times does a bloke have to die before he can stay dead?’ asks Spike.

“I guess that would depend on if you dated Angel,” quips Wesley

“Your exes sure do seem to come back from the dead a lot,” says Gunn breaking them all into laughter.

“Hey! I never dated Angel,” Spike says defensively but laughing just as hard as the others.

On a more somber note Wesley says, “You know that means you can go outside into the sun.”

Angel arises from the sofa. He stares towards the door where the sun is shining through. All at once Spike leaps from his seat and rushes out side, Angel follows. The warmth of the sun on their faces is ecstasy as they shield their eyes from its intense rays. It’s like nothing they had felt or remember feeling in the longest time.

“Here I thought necrotempered glass was so great. This is infinitely better!” Spike exclaims.

“So much better. Now shut up Spike. I’m basking,” Angel replies.
It is at that moment the phone on the desk rings. Angel had never had the line disconnected. Walking over to the phone Cordelia reaches to answer it, ” Angel Investigations we help the helpless.” A silent cheer goes through all of their minds.

“Angel Investigations?” a very British voice asks.

“Giles is that you?” Cordelia speaks into the phone.

“Yes who is this?” Giles asks. He could swear he recognizes that voice but it can’t be.

“Giles it’s Cordelia.”

“But you are dead!” Giles replies in surprise.

“Yes I was, but now I’m not.”

“When did this happen?” he wanted to know.

“Last night. A lot of things have happened Giles,” Cordy replies.

“We heard something on the news about localized earthquakes and mass hysteria due to gas line breaks.”

“That’s code for a bunch of demons went tromping around LA causing a ruckus.”

“Good Lord! Is everyone okay?” Giles asks worriedly.

“We are all fine here for the moment anyway. Did you want something or were you just calling to inquire about our good health?”

“I have been trying to reach you for hours. I tried every number I had for you people. I called Wolfram and Hart at least fifty times. I finally decided to take a chance and try this number. The reason I am calling is that Willow has had a vision.”

“A Vision!” Cordelia exclaims.

“What’s this about a vision?” Wesley asks Cordelia.

“Hey Giles, Wesley is motioning for the phone so I’m going to give you over to him and go join Angel out side,” as she hands off the phone to Wesley.

“Mr. Giles how are you?”

“Worried about Willow and wondering what the bleeding hell is going on!”

“Why don’t you tell me about this vision Willow had,” Wesley requests.

“She saw Angel and Spike in danger. A horde of demons was closing in and then there was flash of light and the demons were gone leaving Angel and Spike lying on the ground.”

“Well that is pretty much how things happened last night.”

“Willow also said something about some one named Illyria. She said she was coming for her. Who or what is Illyria?”

“She is a great monarch and warrior of the demon age, a primordial god, she is extremely dangerous. We called you when she arose, and if I recall, you weren’t all that interested in helping us,” Wesley answers bitterly.

“You were working for an evil corporation. Were we supposed to trust you? What would you have done if our rolls were reversed?”

“I would remember that my friends are still my friends and if they are suddenly working for Evil Incarnate then it is for a damn good reason. That sounded better in my head. I would do the same thing you did.”

“So what do we do now? We need help with this Illyria situation,” Giles exclaims.

“Giles listen very carefully. Willow is in great danger. We cannot let Illyria find her. She will destroy her.”

“Wesley I suggest we bring Willow there. You obviously know more about what’s going on then we do. A group of us will be there as soon as possible,” Giles sounded scared.

“Ok we will see you then.” with that Wesley hung up the phone and turned to see everyone staring at him. Angel, Cordelia and Spike came back in on the tail end of the conversation.

“Giles and Willow are coming, maybe with some of the others. There is a problem with Illyria.”

“Wasn’t she destroyed?” asked Angel.

“Unfortunately not, and that is our newest problem. Illyria is not just a demon she is a god. When we came back and the horde was destroyed she was only cast out of Fred’s body. She is way too powerful for that to kill her,” answered Cordelia.

“Without the limits of a human body or emotions she is a loose cannon now. She has no corporeal form. She’ll be seeking a host that can hold her without the physical limitations of normal human body. Someone whose body is flooded with magic,” Wesley explains.

“Like a demon?” asked Cordelia.

“No, like a very powerful witch. She is looking for Willow”

“And, we know this how?” Gunn asks.

“Well first we have Willows vision. Second, we know that Illyria will need another host if she is to survive. Three, Willow is probably arguably the most powerful witch in the last one hundred years. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if her body is more magic than human now,” Wesley rolls off the information.

“Wow, add that all together and Willows in big trouble,” Cordelia expresses.

“That is where I was getting to Cordelia,” Wesley says exasperated.

“Yeah, but you were taking too long to get there.” Cordelia smirks.

“Children please, don’t we have more important things to do then argue,” Angel loudly interrupts.

“She started it,” Wesley points accusingly at Cordelia

“Cordy can you please not egg Wesley on,” Angel requests.

“But Dad!!” Cordelia pouts.

“What am I going to do with you?” Angel shakes his head as he walks into his office.

Hours later Giles returns to Buffy’s apartment. Entering he encounters the regular chaos one finds in a place were teens and young adults gather. At times like this it makes him feel very old. Willow and Dawn seem to be rushing around. Xander sits quietly alone on the sofa. Also, a faint burning smell from the kitchen means Andrew is in there cooking. Xander arises and stretches his legs. He walks to the older man.

“She says she is going to LA,” Xander shakes his head bewildered. He begins informing Giles of what has been happening while he was gone. “She wants to know what happened to him. I don’t understand it and I don’t like it.”

“We are going to LA.” Well most of us anyway. We have to deal with what Willow saw in the vision. Kennedy and Andrew will stay here in charge of the potentials. You, Willow, Buffy, Dawn, and I are going to LA. I called Faith and she will fly from Cleveland and meet us there. Our Plane leaves in three hours.”

“Giles are you sure it’s a good idea leaving Kennedy and Andrew in charge?” questions Xander. “I don’t even think we should be going.”

“Xander when I want your opinion I will ask. We need to get Willow out of here and we need answers. Answers that we can only find in LA.”

“What bout Dawns school?” Xander blinks.

“I have arranged for home study for the next few weeks,’ answers Giles. Sensing Xander’s anxiety, Giles sigh and takes a deep breath. “Xander all the excuses won’t change anything. If you don’t want to go then don’t, but I would think you would want to be there for Buffy and Willow.”

Walking past Xander, Giles enters the hall way to Buffy’s room. He pauses at her door for a brief knock. With out waiting for an invitation he enters a sunny yellow room and sees Buffy sitting near the window looking out on the city. She doesn’t look up or even acknowledge that he is there.

“Buffy?” Giles asks somberly. “I spoke to Wesley in LA. Everyone there is fine, but since we need some help protecting Willow we are all going to LA. Our plane leaves in three hours.”

“Thank you Giles,” Buffy answers. One could tell she had been crying but she has since returned to her usual stoic self.

“Buffy could you please look at me,” Giles pleads.

“Giles?” Buffy’s voice is straining as she looks up at him. The tears begin to return to her eyes.

“It’s not for you that we are going.” Giles whispers. He places a protective hand on her shoulder as she cries quietly. “We need to find out what we can to protect Willow. They have more answers then we do.”


Back in LA the group gets to work on researching Illyria. Wesley and Fred had left earlier to get some books from Wesley’s place. That had been a while ago now. Books didn’t seem to be the only things on their minds when they left. Angel is sitting in his office with a book on his lap. He hasn’t read a page of it. There are so many things going on inside him. He is human now. This is exactly what he has wanted for the last hundred years. He just doesn’t know what he wants to do now. The Powers have given him his redemption at last. He is human and he can be with the woman he loves.

He leans back in his chair so he can watch Cordy. She is sitting at the counter hunched over a book with hair cascading down around her. Her long legs are dangling and her right foot taps to the beat of the tune running through her mind. She seems engrossed in the book she is searching through. He smiles to himself thinking about her. She is beautiful and kind. She is also strong in spirit. She does things to help others always before herself. She has changed so much in the last eight years. When he had first known her she had been vain and selfish. She was considered to be quite a bitch. When he looks at her now he see none of that. She is his best friend. She keeps him on his toes and he loves her for it.

A noise causes him to turn. He glances to the lobby thinking maybe Wesley and Fred had returned. Instead, he sees Spike coming back inside after attempting to tan for the past few hours. Angel begins to laugh out loud. Instead of a tan Spike is sporting a bright red sunburn.

“Shut your bloody mouth,” Spike spat at Angel. “I fell asleep outside.” Spike whines.

“Oh poor Spike,” Cordelia says sympathetically. “I think I can find you some aloe for that burn. Come on upstairs.” She tugs at Spike’s arm to move up the stairs.

Angel glares at Spike’s back. Why is Cordelia being so nice to Spike? Spike has already taken Buffy from him why does he need to take Cordelia too. Angel shook his head casting out those thoughts. Spike hadn’t taken Buffy away. He wasn’t sure exactly what the situation with Spike and Buffy was but it was not his business anymore. He and Buffy were over long ago and however much he wished things could be different they weren’t. He realized he didn’t even want them to be. His heart isn’t with Buffy anymore. It belongs to Cordelia now. He hasn’t told her yet but it has been hers for a while now.

Cordelia and Spike return from upstairs. “I promise in a few days you won’t look like a tomato any more, but you will be peeling,” she tells him.

Angel goes to intercept them. This is the time. He needs to tell her how he feels. “Cordelia, I need to talk to you can we go up to my room?” he requests.

“Of course Angel,” she replies smiling at him.

He takes her hand in his and leads her up the stairs. As they enter his room he pulls her into his arms. She doesn’t pull away, but neither does she know exactly what to do. She has dreamed of being in his arms for so long. This is way better than her dreams.

“Angel?” she said questioningly.

“Cordelia just let me hold you for a moment. It’s all I have wanted for so long.”

“Oh Angel!” she is overjoyed but apprehensive.

“What is it? I know something is going on in your head Cordelia.”

“Buffy is coming,” it is all she has to say, her voice cracking.

“Cordelia, I know what you are thinking, but you do know that I don’t love Buffy. I still care for her, but she doesn’t have my heart, you do.”

“Angel, do you mean that?” she asks tears forming in her eyes.

“Of course I do. You are the girl of my dreams. I love you Cordy.”

“I love you too Angel!” she replies with love in her eyes and passion in her voice.

His hand cups the back of her neck. He pulls her face close to his as his lips close over hers. She tastes like honey. Their kiss is perfect, and as he lowers her to the bed they lose themselves in each other’s embrace.


An hour or so later, a young man walks into the hotel. He has a worried look on his face. He sees Gunn and is somewhat relieved.

“Conner. It’s really been too long man!” Gunn says to the young man.

“Yes it has. Is my dad here? Is he ok?”

“Your dad’s up stairs. Spike would you be a good ex-vampire and go get him.”

“I will since the strange noises coming from his room have stopped,” Spike smirks.

Conner raises an eyebrow in question. “Strange noises? Ex-vampire?”


A knock on the door wakes the two lovers entangled on the bed. From out side the door they here Spike call, “Hey Angel, your son is here.”

Pulling slightly away Cordelia looks up at Angel, “Should we both go down?” she asks.

“No let me first. I need to tell him everything. Do me a favor and wait about fifteen minutes.” He leans down giving her a long deep kiss and confesses, “I love you Cordelia Chase.”

Pulling a shirt over his head he looks back at her lying on his bed as he leaves the room. He smiles to himself as he descends the stairs. He sees Conner engaged in a conversation with Gunn. He walks to his son motioning for a handshake but instead pulls him into a hug. That’s when Conner feels it. His father’s heart beat.

“Dad you’re alive. I mean really alive.”

“Yes I’m really alive. In the battle something happened and it took away the demon and left me a man.”

“Oh so you are like an ex-vampire. I get it now.”

“There is something else you need to know. I don’t know how to tell you and I don’t want you to run away and hate me for it but….”

“Dad I know. Cordelia is back. You love her. She loves you. She always did. I understand. So many things went wrong in the past. I can smell her on you. I know that sounds gross.”

“It’s ok I get it. So what are you doing here anyway?”

“I had to see that you were ok. After I left you at Wolfram and Hart I didn’t know what had happened.”

“The kid was at Wolfram and Hart?” asked Gunn.

“Yeah and Hamilton would have had me beat if it weren’t for Conner giving me something to fight for,” Angel explains while proudly smiling at Conner.

A sound at the door draws everyone’s attention. Wesley and Fred have finally returned with books and tacos in hand. They both look a little uncomfortably at Conner. Then after seeing the look on Angels face they relax and begin to smile at him.”

“Hey weren’t you sporting the blue look when I saw you last?” Conner asks Fred.

“Yes but now she is looking to sport someone else’s body, which is our new Big Bad problem. Are you here to help us out?” asks Fred.

“I might just do that.”

The conversation progresses and no one notices Cordelia coming down the stairs. She sits on the arm of the chair next to Angel. She lays a hand on his shoulder letting him knows she is there. She is just a little embarrassed to be around Conner. Jasmine had slept with him in her body. She gives him a shy smile. He smiles back. It was a friendly and not creepy in the least. Taking Angel’s hand in hers she looks into his eyes as they lean to share a gentle kiss.

They all turn as they hear the door opening. There stands Faith, dressed head to toe in black leather. Her dark hair hangs loosely around her face.

“Hey all! Is this a private party or can anyone join?”

“Faith, It’s good to see you,” says Angel

Everyone stands to greet the dark haired slayer.

“Well, well look who is alive and kicking, Spike. Not that I’m surprised. Giles let it slip once that you were back. Now, Queen C that’s different, I thought you were dead. I didn’t know you were back,” Faith says. Maybe it was the fact Faith had knocked her out and tortured Wesley. It could have been that the last time Faith was around she had to stop Conner from killing Angel on Cordelia’s command. Even though it had really been Jasmine at the helm and not Cordelia. What ever it was her comments to Cordelia seemed hostile.

“I’m five by five Faith. So, what brings you to LA?” Cordelia replied snobbishly. There were a few people who could still bring the old Sunnydale Cordy to the surface. Faith was one of them. The other two, Xander and Buffy, would be arriving sometime tomorrow.

“Giles asked me to hop on a plane when he couldn’t get in touch with anyone here.”

“They finally did. In fact they should all be here tomorrow evening,” spoke Angel. He then began to fill her in on the other events of the day.

“Wow, busy day for you guys. ”

“Yes we are all tuckered out. In fact I think Fred and I will be heading back to my place to sleep.” Wes decides.

“Sleep is that what you are going to do?” Gunn asks, with a cocky smile.

“Sleep sounds like a great idea,” Angel says picking up on the joke. Angel offers Cordy his arm and leads her up the stairs. “I’m sure the rest of you can find a place to sleep. But you know, sleep sleep not sleep. You know what I mean,” Angel says befuddled.

“Come on Angel. Don’t hurt yourself. I think they’ve got it,” Cordy says laughing at Angel as she pulls him up the stairs.

“I guess I should head home. I’ll come back tomorrow after classes,” Conner says as he heads out the door.

Gunn, Spike, and Faith make their way up the stairs to work out sleeping arrangements. They look at each other and smirk at the muffled squeals coming from Angel’s room as they pass by.





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