Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

SUMMARY: “You know who you’re like?” Cordelia asked, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”
POSTED: 4 Oct 2009
CATEGORY: Angst / Post-Ep / Humor
AUTHOR NOTES: Finally, something happy from me! This is just a short ficlet written for one of the prompts for the LJ community Still_Grrr. This is un-betaed, so any of the mistakes are my own.

“You know who you’re like?” Cordelia asked. She was organizing her files that Wesley had completely ruined by putting the Stevensons under S and so on.

Angel, who was shining some weapons, only grunted. Cordelia took that as a sign to continue and said, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

That made Angel look up. “What? How?” As soon as he asked that, he knew he shouldn’t have asked. He had seen and faced and caused countless horrors but somehow none of them scared him as much as Cordelia’s mind. Just when he thought he had heard it all, she’d turn around and say something else to surprise him.

“Ya know, you’re normally a good guy, but get a happy and you turn evil. But you always manage to turn back into Broody Boy. Plus there’s the whole ‘grrr’ factor,” Cordelia replied, making a face and hand movement similar to the one she had made when they first met up in L.A. “Not that your ‘grrr’ face is ugly,” she hurried to reassure him.

“Thanks,” Angel responded sarcastically, shooting her a half-amused half-annoyed look.

Yep, Cordelia was full of surprises.


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