An Unforeseen Development

SUMMARY: Why you should never take skin care advice from a green demon.
POSTED: 25 Jul 2005
CONTENT/PAIRING: Cordelia & Lorne Friendship
WARNINGS: None listed
AUTHOR NOTES: This is my contribution to the AO/FSB themed fic challenge #1. I chose the ATS Theme #1, the fake tanning one and contrary to popular belief, I chose to write a drabble on purpose! I thought that everything I wanted to say could be easily summed up into 100 words. Plus, I wanted to be able to make my Author’s Notes longer than the actual fic. 😉

Cordelia looked at the bottle she held, then looked down at her self. Looking back at the bottle, she read familiar words.

“Instant Bronze Summer Tanning. Use all over daily for a healthy glow. Wash hands after application”.

Cordelia looked down again. She was not bronze, not glowing and certainly not healthy. Instead, she had sickly green spots covering her body. She read the bottle more closely. Printed in tiny words at the bottom was, “Not intended for use on human skin”.

Her scream could be heard throughout the Hyperion. In fact, some even heard it on the street.



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