Letters Between Dawn and Cordy

SUMMARY: Letters shared between two unlikely friends.
POSTED: 6 Jun 2006
CONTENT/PAIRING: Dawn & Cordelia Friendship
WARNINGS: None Included

Hey Dawnie,
It’s nice to here from a Fresh face, Someone from Sunnydale to keep in contact with. I Agree with your choice to send me letters, Wes is still a little stuffy and I am much closer to you in Age than Angel. But have to say that he does have some wisdom left in him.

I am so glad to hear that everyone is ok, and that things worked out for you all in Sunnydale.

Ever since I woke up from my coma, Angel has barley let me out of bed. It’s good sometimes when his here with me. But then other times it’s just boring.
Which is another reason, that I am glad you decided to write to me, it means that I’ve got something fun to do, every couple of days.

I am sorry to hear about Spike, I know that the two of you were close, and that you looked upon him with fondness,

Ok onto what’s been going on here, I’ve been back for a month. Angel is now running an evil Law firm, trying to make it good. It’s now all ours.
Guess that you could say that we’re on easy Street, but that doesn’t mean that we trust everyone just yet. Give it time and we might.

Angel is no way happy at all that Skip lied to me; I still get the Visions and am still part demon and a higher being. Which came in handy when I was sent back, from my coma. I asked the powers to make Angel’s Soul perment; after all he more than deserved it.

They did what I wished, as soon as I woke from my coma. The first thing that Angel told me was how much he loved me so much. I guess that it’s a good thing, just wish that he’d let me out of bed/

Faith has turned up here, with some guy called Robin; she gave me a lot of goss on Sunnydale. She comes to see me daily to keep me company and is helping me plot against angel, to let me out of bed.

She said to say hello to you, she’s here to help and is doing a good job at it.
Will tell you more about her in my next letter.

Love Cordy
Hey Cordy,
Well guess now that someone has a perment soul, that another someone got lucky hey?

Please give me details, well not thoses details I am not a dirty old woman, well not yet anyway.

And before you ask, I won’t be telling Buffy what’s in these letters. They are something private between you and I, between two friends.

At the moment she’s annoying me, we are moving around too much. I just wish that we’d settle in one place, but that doesn’t seem to be her thing at the moment.
It’s like she thinks that if she settles, then she’ll get nothing out of life. Which isn’t true and in my eighteen years of life I know that isn’t true.

I make friends, but then we don’t’ stay friends long, because I’ve got to move.

It’s good that I’ve got someone, that I can write my feelings and thoughts too. I’ve got a Pen pal, well an email pal at that. And glad that it’s someone that I know.

Wow so guess that Faith and Robin weren’t just a one night stand, Just glad that she’s able to find someone that she can love. Tell her I say hi back and that I am sorry for the way, That I acted when we meet again.

I am sure that sooner rather than later, Angel will let you out of bed. But glad that his making you happy, really in a way that’s all that matters.

Sometimes I wish that my sister was more carefree like you, That she could understand me and my feelings more. But don’t think that’s going to happy.

She talks to Xander, Willow and Giles often. But don’t think that Buffy like Willow’s new girlfriend Kennedy who I think is really nice.

Kennedy said that if I ever needed to get away, that I am welcome to come and stay at her parents house, they live in this huge place.

Xander is off somewhere who knows, he took off and said that he needed time to deal with Anya’s death, I do miss the Ex half demon. She really was a nice person deep down and was a good friend.

Anyway time for me to get off to my new school, another new one sometimes I wonder why I both to go at all.

Love Dawn.
Hey Dawnie,
So sorry that I haven’t written in a while, but have been so busy.
Angel finally let me get out of bed, with a lot of help from Faith. I told him that I was my own person and that if he didn’t let me out of bed, which he was never getting lucky, with me at least again.

That changed his mind pretty fast, I swear since he was able to get laid Angel is a typical guy, But I love every moment of it. Makes it all the more special.

Today when I walked into my office, my darling manpire had made the most wonderful, romantic Gustier. It was so cute.

On my desk was papers that he’d had Gunn Draw up, Gunn is now a Lawyer, Transferring the firm from just in his name, to in both of our names. He told me that he wanted this to be our connection, that he wanted me in every single aspect of his life.

Now isn’t that romantic or what? Then later that night, we went out to this romantic place, I am sure that you can imagine how the nite went after that.

I posted you in the mail, a copy of this cd that Gunn gave me. Thought that you might enjoy it that it might help uplift your sprits. Gunn said that he was happy to make you a copy. His music tastes went from Rap to Classic he likes a lot of different stuff.

I’ve been telling everyone about you, and the ones that don’t know you can’t wait to meet you.

Back on the topic of Robin and Faith, She told me the story a couple of weeks back. It seems that they talked after you left them in St Louis, They both started to get back to full strength.

Faith said that she lay everything on the line, that she told him all her feelings. Robin did the same, Faith in fact told me that Robin could be the guy. That she’s willing to spend the rest of her life with.

So everything is very serious between them, Maybe we could be hearing wedding bells between them soon. Which I think would be nice for Faith.

So is everything going well with you, How are things between you and Buffy? Are they are getting better?

With regards to what else is going on, about you moving around a lot. I have no idea other than to tell you to stick it out. Maybe Buffy will want to settle down soon.

Anyway Hope that the CD reached you and up lift your sprits.
Talk soon
Love Cordy

Think that you’ve got one in a million guy there, think that his the most romantic guy and hope I find someone one day, that is willing to do all that for me.

I am so happy for Faith and Robin, and hope that it all works out for them. They both deserve a little happiness after everything that they went through.

The other day when I got the CD in the mail, Buffy wanted to know who it was from. I told her an old friend, she kept bugging me about it, saying that I should tell her who this person was.

To me the friendship between us is something private, something that I share with you. I share my good feelings and my bad. Something that I’ve never really been able to do with my sister.

I told Buffy that I’m not a little girl that she can boss around anymore, and that maybe it was time that we settled somewhere, rather than moving around all the time. Also maybe time that she finally moved on with her life.

That didn’t go down too well at all, she told me to but out of her life. That her life is her own, to do with what she wants. I give up, My sister and I are never going to agree about anything.

Tell Gunn anymore music, like that he wants to send my way he can. It was uplifting and great to listen to.

Sounds like you’re really getting a great family there in LA, your surrounded by people that you love and people that love you.

I can’t wait to meet all of them and get to know them. I miss LA it was fun living there. I hope to talk to you soon.

Love Dawn
You are never going to believe the new that I got today I wasn’t feeling well so I went to the doctors and I guess what the powers through a loop.
I am pregnant Angel has barley had his perment Soul for a year and now we are going to be pregnant, ah I can’t believe this, Angel was so Excited he kept telling everyone that we saw.
It was so funny, the guys kept telling him to shut up I think that he told them at least twenty times each, I am just basking in the glow of being pregnant.
What was really funny is that I picked up the dirty washing to put it in the wash and he said that he would do it I sat back and watches as he tried to turn the washer on he knew how to use the old one in the end he called me over and asked for help with that cute smile of his, it was so cute.
We found out that I am pregnant with twins, and angel and I would love it if you came to LA to meet them when they are born it would be so nice to see you again let me know if it’s possible and I will make the arrangements.
Anyway I have been told that I should have been in bed ages ago so will talk to you again soon
Love Cordy

I am so happy for you and Angel it’s great you both deserve to be happy.
And yes I would love to be able to come to La and see everyone when the twins are born, please send me pictures because I would love to see them.
I loved the pictures that you sent me the one with Angel and the Goffy look on his face is so funny, and all your friends seem so nice, it will be so good to finally meet them.

I meet this guy he seems so nice I told him about you well I didn’t go into too much details but I told him general stuff I told him about how you and I send each other letters and tell each other a lot of things he said it was strange but nice that I had someone that I felt I could talk to.
He isn’t like other guys he isn’t pressuring me to have sex with him, which is great.
He takes me to great places Buffy doesn’t like him but I do and I guess that’s what matters, more than anything it matters that I like him really.
Let me know when the twins are born and I will let you know when I can come and see you.
Love Dawnie.

Wow it has been so long since I have sent you a letter I am getting so close to my due date, and Angel is being Scary he keeps fussing it’s really funny though, to see all the Fussing.

You would think that it’s him having the Baby I swear it’s so funny with the morning Sickness I can’t believe it I am going through all this and he gets Sympathy pains it was so funny the first morning that he bolted out of bed he felt awful for Days a Friend of our is a Doctor and told us that it was Sympathy pains, Angel hated it and has hated it every day since, he gets backaches and cramps his favorite saying at the moment is that I am not human so why the hell is this happening to me?
I think it’s Funny Glad you liked the photo’s I have included some more this time

From Cordy
I can’t wait to see you and meet your baby so let me know the Details and I will figure something out with Buffy

From Dawn.

Ok here goes we are having this huge party so that everyone can meet the twins and would you believe that this was Angel’s Idea?
We want you to come everyone that hasn’t met you is dying to meet you, please come and if you feel better brining someone then go ahead.
Details as Follows.

May 5th, 4:00pm, Hyperion Hotel, Guests Allowed, everything provided, please come I am dying to see you.
Love Cordy

I can’t wait to come I told Buffy that I am going to see some old friends in LA and my friend Monica is going with me, after all I am eighteen and didn’t need to tell her, she was going to say no till Giles told her it might be a good idea for the both of us to spend some time apart.

Our plane arrives at Midday on May 4th at Midday, It would be great if someone could pick us up but if not possible, but if not that’s ok, let me know
Love Dawnie

For sure one of us can pick you up not sure who it will be yet but will be one of us for sure, and don’t worry about somewhere to stay right before the twins were born Angel and I moved into this Cute Condo it has plenty of room, so you can either stay there or stay at the Hyperion it’s up to you what you want to do.
We made up a room for you, I am sure that you will love it, cause I loved Directing it with you in mind there is room with a connecting door that Monica can stay in.
Anyway have to go the twins need to be feed and their Daddy is saying that there is a lot he can do but that isn’t one of them.
Love Cordy

If you are sure then we would love to stay with you Angel and the Girls, would really love it.

I told Monica that things are different in LA than they are here, and her mum said that LA has always been a little wired, It’s the city to go Wild in, her mother used to be a Hippie. Anyway see you in a week.
Love Dawnie.

This is the last letter before I see you face to face, details as follows Gunn will be the one picking you up, he is brining a surprise along with him one that you are going to love trust me on this, He will be holding a Sign that’s Says Summer’s Party so look for him ans then he will being you back here
From Cordy


I had the best time every when I stayed with you guys in LA your friends are so cool, Monica Said that she loved Lorne the Best she didn’t tell her mother anything that we did while we were there.

Everyone asked me what we did and who we saw while we were in LA and I said that I caught up with some old friends that’s all.

Everyone seemed to love Their Presents, and Willow and Kennedy really loved my Hair I am glad that you talked me into getting it done.

Buffy said thanks for her present but not much more than that, I didn’t even think about telling her about Spike not because I don’t want her to know well I guess yeah I don’t want her to know, I guess that I sound like a bitch right now.
Miss you guys so much
Love Dawnie

First of All We miss you just as much as you miss us, Second Angel read the last letter you sent me and came up with a sort of plan on his own he said he thought it up all by himself and I said well I guess now I know what I could smell.
I am sitting in the Kitchen right now at the counter watching him trying to get the Girls to Talk to call him Dada they are blowing Raspberries at him, it’s so funny.
I glad that Willow and Kennedy loves your hair.

Anyway back to Angel’s Plan he want out to his Studio and painted this Sign that said Dawnie’s Room and stuck it on the Door of the room that you stayed in, and told the girls that was your room.

That I think is so sweet I hope you like it.
But with Regards to Buffy hang in their Sweetie I hope that everything turns out for the Good.
From Cordy.

Thanks for the offer and Tell Angel it’s so Sweet what he did.
And who knows I might take you up on it sooner rather than later, you must be asking why, well here goes I came home the other night to find Buffy in my room going through my things.

I asked her what she was doing she held up a box of Condom’s and asked me what they were doing in my room and I told her what did she think they were doing there?
Then her other hand came up with your envolpes for your letters, I’d chucked them in the trash the day before, and she asked why I was writing to you and what I was writing about.

I Grabbed the Letter and we begin to Fight then Giles walked in and told Buffy that she shouldn’t be going through my room and that I shouldn’t be having Sex.
I miss LA and you guys so much.
Wishing I was there
Love Dawnie


Sweetie I am so sorry about this attached to this letter is a key to an apartment that the firm owns in Central Part, go there sweetie when you want to get away, But Dawn when it comes to Sex please be careful, that’s the one thing that I hope that I can get across to you be really careful ok?
Anyway the Girls said their first word the other day and it was Mamma and they said it to Angel you should have seen the look that came across his face, it was a classic Faith had the Video Camera out so will show you next time you’re here.

He said there and then that we should have another baby and this time have a boy; I said to him that we should at least wait until the Twins are at least one.
Love Cordy
Can’t wait to see the tape, I am sure that was a classic moment, when th4e girls said their first word.

Thanks for the Key it came in great lately Buffy is still wanting to know what we are writing about but I won’t tell her I said that it had nothing to do with her at all.
I moved my Box of Letter to the Apartment, that way she cant read them not that there is anything in the letter that bad but you know what I mean.
And you didn’t have to make sure that the place was full of Food, but thanks for that.
Am seeing this great new guy, and the best thing about this is that he wants to take things slow, His a Year older than me and a Sophomore in Collage, we have Panics in the Park at moonlight so Romantic.
Signing off Romance Girl
Love Dawnie
I seem to remember Vaguely what Romance is but better Late Night Feeds and Nappy Changes and work Angel and I don’t have time for Romance, he comes home from work and deals with the girls while I do something’s around the house, then by the time we are ready for bed I am asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

When Angel and I first Started Dating we had moonlight Picnics almost every night at the beach all alone which was good, wish I had more time for romance but don’t.
I wish I had more time for Romance, sometimes I think that we should handle a Nanny and Housekeeper now rather than Later is a good idea, Angel and I both said when the girls were one we would do that, but thinking now is the better time.
I know how much Angel loves me but sometimes it gets so bad I wish that girls weren’t here I can’t mean that it would be horrible to think that about my own daughters.
Love Cordy.

Cordy doesn’t know that I am writing this and sending you a copy of your Loving Wife’s Letter I think that she is a little depressed at the moment.
In a way I think that going back to work might be the bet idea but that isn’t up to me it’s up to you and her but she sounds really depressed at the moment.
I keep telling her that right now things don’t seem great but they will in the long run but you know just as well as I do what she like please take care of her
Love Dawnie.

Yeah I know it snuck a look at her last letter before she sent it to you and saw what she wrote, I didn’t relies she had been feeling that bad, so what I did it hired this Lady to come in and be a nanny for the times she is the women that Raised Alyssa and Matt, her name is Emily, she said that she would love to watch the twins gives her something to do with her days.

Also hired a young Uni Student to come in Three times a week to clean the house.
Plus took Cordy out on the most Romantic night will let her tell you all about it ok?
Love Angel

You are the most amazing girl, thanks for letting Angel know how I felt even though he read my letter and talk about romance this guy knows how to pull out all the stops that’s for sure, he brought me new clothes, asked Robin and Faith to watch the Girls for the night, we had a pinic on the beach, the moonlight was beautiful then he surprised me again with a hotel room for the night.

Think that I have a new go all night Puppy in Angel as he has Proven once again.
Gotta go having Dinner with the Girls to tell them everything
From cordy
First of all, just wow you do have the most amazing guy in the world wish that someone would do that for me.

Second I came home the other night to Buffy going over my Credit Card Statement she asked me why a Law Firm in LA was paying money into my account I told her that it was none of her business please ask Spike to stop doing it his a sweetie and I love him but I have a great paying job, and can look after myself.
I have told who knows how many times
Love Dawnie

What aren’t you telling me there seems to be something missing from this letter something you want to tell me but don’t know if you should come on Dawn please tell me what’s going on and I will try to help in Anyway that I can and not Judge you.
I told Spike What you said and he said he will take care of you, you should worry more about School and was thinking that maybe you and the New Boyfriend could come out to LA for the Week or Weekend something like that?
Anyway please write back soon and tell me what’s going on
Love Cordy

Wow three months since I last sent you a letter and lots has happened since then so much you wouldn’t believe, my Boyfriend and I broke up.

I only got the Letter today I couldn’t go past the apartment to get them because Buffy kept Following me and didn’t want her to know where I was going, in answer to your question the problem is that I am three months pregnant and when I went to tell Alex the father I overheard him and his mates talking about the Girls that they slipped Rohipnoel to and then had sex with them while they weren’t wearing a Condom I ran out of there and then called and told him it was over, when I told Buffy she said that there was no way that I was keeping the baby but how am I supposed to do that?

How am I supposed to get rid of my baby or give it up? My Friend want to Deck Alex and I have no idea what I am going to do now who knows talk as soon as I can
Love Dawnie



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