Dawn’s Life

SUMMARY: What would happen if a teenage Dawn got pregnant and Buffy said she couldn’t or wouldn’t help, who would she run to for help?
POSTED: 6 Jun 2006
CATEGORY: AU / Dialogue & Script-style Fic
CONTENT/PAIRING: Cordelia & Dawn friendship
AUTHOR NOTES:  This is a sequel to ‘Letters Between Cordy and Dawn’

“Dawn listen to me, I can’t take care of a child you need to do something,” Buffy said.

“What would you have me do Buffy? Get rid of my Baby? I’m not going to do that, and you can’t force me too either,” Dawn shouted.

“Dawnie I think that like the rest of us, this has been a shock to Buffy and that you need to clam down,” xander suggested.

“It doesn’t matter I can always find somewhere else to go,” Dawn walked out of the room and into her bedroom, she slammed the door.

Buffy looked away from the door, “She is only seventeen, Guys what am I supposed to go?”

“We will deal with this, when everyone has had time to calm down, I suggest that we finsh the patrol and then we talk,” suggested Giles.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Dawn moved to her closet as soon as the front door shut, She pulled a letter from under some sweets.


Trust me on this, there is always a way out and if you ever need something then just let me know. Sometimes siblings and family aren’t always the best people to turn to, but try to talk to Buffy about what ever is troubling you.

If she doesn’t help you feel a bit better, then let me know and I will try what ever I can to help you.

Love Cordy.

Dawn grabbed her suit case, and started to throw clothes into it, Along with various other things. She knew exalty where she was going, to a place where she would be allowed to make her own choices. To decide her own life.

Half an hour later Dawn shuts the front door after leaving a note telling Buffy she is going away for a while. She gets into the taxi that is taking her to the bus station.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Cordy hugged Dawn, from the expression on the girls face she knew that things had gone with buffy, “Sweetie do you want something to drink?”

“No Cordy I need help, Buffy is trying to tell me what I should do rather than talk about it with me, I can’t take it anymore,” Dawn cried.

Cordy wrapped her arms around Dawn, “Sweetie in the end it comes down to this, It’s your body your baby, and your old enough to make choices for yourself. We all will support you no matter what know that ok?”

Dawn nodded her head, “Why is it that you can support me and Buffy can’t?”

“I don’t know sweetie I don’t know.”

Cordy wrapped her arms around the crying girl, knowing that right now she needed love and support something which it seemed that Buffy wasn’t able to give. Cordy hated to think what sort of emotional stuff that Dawn was going through right now.

She knew that she needed to give Dawn, the love and the support that she was lacking.

~ * ~ * ~ *

“How is she?” Wes asked as Cordy walked into the room.

Cordy took a seat next to angel on the sofa, “Not good on top of the shock of the pregnancy, She’s also dealing with Buffy’s negative feelings on this, She’s a really emotional girl right now.”

“How could B do that to her own sister?” Faith asked.

“No idea, but she needs love and support right now, Not anything negative while she makes this choice,” Cordy said.

“So what do we do?” questioned Faith.

“Make sure she gets through this ok,” Angel said.

“But can we make sure that she doesn’t feel that type of hurt again, We can’t be sure of that can we?” Cordy asked.

Angel wrapped his arms around Cordy, he knew that she was taking it hard. In the past months both Cordy and Faith for that matter, had developed a relationship with the teen. Enjoying the feeling of playing big sister and lending support to Dawn.

Not only would the negative stuff from Buffy affect Dawn, But it would also affect the other two, He knew that they needed to do something and it needed to be done now.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Angel follows Cordy into her office where they find that Spike has got Dawn laughing, she has taken her jacket off and you can see that she’s pregnant.

Angel: Hey Dawnie, Cor and I wanted to talk to you about something.

Dawn: About?

Cordy: Well I know that Spike is thinking this already but his place is such a bachelor pad so we were thinking of where you were going to live and Angel and I thought that it might be a good idea if you came and lived with the both of us. Most of the guys are there all the time anyway.

Dawn: Are you both sure about this?

Angel: Yeah plus Spike never cleans his place.

Spike: I do so.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Buffy walks around the house looking for any sign of Dawn she comes across some letters between Cordy and Dawn, they are recent ones.


Listen I talked it over with the others and if you ever need to just get away for a while you know where to find me, you will always have a place here no matter what happens I hope that you know that

Love Cordy

Buffy shows the letter to Willow.

Buffy: Those letters that come all the time, that Dawn won’t tell anyone about are from Cordelia, how could she do that to me she has taken my little sister away from me.

Giles: Buffy I am sure that there is some sort of explanation about all of this.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Buffy is getting ready to go patrol when she opens her front door to find Cordy and Angel standing there, she invites them inside.

Buffy: What, come to take something else?

Cordy: What are you talking about?

Buffy: I assume that Dawn is with you?

Cordy: She turned up in LA at our office a couple of days ago, she was hurt and upset.

Buffy: Well you can just send her back here then.

Angel: Buffy we aren’t here to bring her back and we aren’t going to send her back.

Willow: Then why are you here?

There is a knock at the door Xander opens it to see Faith Wesley and Robin standing there; they have boxes in their hands.

Giles: What is going on here?

Angel: We told Dawn that we would come and pack her stuff for her and bring it back to LA with us.

Buffy: I am not going to allow you to do that.

Robin: Buffy you have no choice. She can choose where she wants to live and she doesn’t want to live here, she wants to be away from you and she just needs time which you should give to her.

Xander: So now you’re working with a vampire as well?

Robin: Yeah I am working with a friend Xander if that’s what you want to say unlike you I have no problem with Angel at all.

A cell phone rings Angel pulls it from his pocket.

Angel: Yeah?

Spike: How are things going?

Angel: Not good but we are handling this. How is she?

Spike: She is sitting watching Raven and Amy sleep. She has been sitting there ever since Kate put them down for their afternoon nap.

Angel: Try and get her out of the house ok?

Spike: Will try and see what I can do.

Angel hangs up the phone and puts it back in his pocket.

Giles: Well I suppose that we should show you where Dawn’s room is.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Six months later

Cordy: You sure that your going to be able to manage Raven and Amy?

Dawn: Yes the twins are so easy to manage they gave me the practice that I needed and now that Angelina is here I can manage just fine.

Angel: Yeah that and the fact that Spike is coming past and bringing his new girlfriend to get Dawn’s opinion on her.

Cordy: You know where we are if you need us.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Dawn hears someone at the door, thinking that it is Spike she starts talking as she opens it.

Dawn: Did you forget the key again?

She opens the door to find Buffy Willow Kennedy Xander and Giles standing there.

Dawn: What are you doing here?

Buffy: We came to see you.

Spike: Nibblet you ok?

He walks up to Dawn with Louise his new girlfriend.

Dawn: Yeah can you check on the twins, I just put the baby down.

Spike: Sure thing, Louise let’s go.

Spike and Louise walk off.

Dawn: Well guess that you might as well come in; excuse me I need to make a call
~ * ~ * ~ *

Faith: Angel isn’t that your pager?

Angel unclips it from his belt.

Angel: Let’s go.

He throws some money on the table, as Faith, Robin, Cordy, Gunn and Gwen stand up.

Cordy: What’s going on?

Angel: Buffy is at the house.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Buffy and co are surprised as the front door opens and Angel walks in with everyone.

Cordy: Dawn where are you?

They walk into the sitting room.

Angel: You ok?

Dawn: Not really.

Cordy: Buffy what do you want?

Buffy: To see my sister.

Faith: Considering that you told her not to keep her baby?

Buffy: That is between Dawn and me and our family not you.

Spike: That’s where you’re wrong slayer, because it is between us. We are Dawn’s family now.

He walks into the room as Fred, Lindsay, Kate, Matt, Wes and Maria walk into the house.

Gunn: Yeah Blondie and we protect our own really well. You hurt one of us we hurt you.

Xander: Look I think that everyone should leave Dawn and Buffy to talk alone.

Dawn: No they shouldn’t Xander. They are right, they are my family and I am not going to let them go, they have stood by me in one of the most difficult years of my life, and I know that they will be here for me now, they have done more for me in the last year than you have done in all my years.

Giles: Maybe it might be best if we left the talking until another time.

Angel: That might be a good idea.

Cordy wraps her arms around Dawn.

Fred: We should head home.

She grabs Matt’s hand and they leave followed by Gunn, Gwen, Kate and Lindsay.

Maria: Sweetie we’ll see you at home.

Louise: Maria can I get a lift with you?

Maria: Sure thing.

She leaves, leaving Faith, Angel, Wes, Dawn, Spike and Cordy standing there.

Dawn: I need to check on the baby.

She walks off upstairs.

Buffy: This isn’t over, she is my sister and we are going to talk.

Wes: Not now, this is too much for her right now, she needs time to get over the fact that you’re here, give it a couple of days.

Angel pulls a card out of his pocket and writes some details on it then hands it to Giles.

Angel: Give it a couple of days then call the office someone will be able to set up a time when the six of us have nothing on.

Kennedy: Why six of you?

Cordy: Because that way if Dawn wants us there then we can be there for her, but we all have jobs to do.

Buffy and co leave as Faith and Cordy walk upstairs, Wes Angel Spike and Robin walk into the kitchen.

Spike: So much for an enjoyable evening hey?

Angel: She doesn’t need this right now.

Robin: None of us need them around.

Wes: That’s for sure.

~ * ~ * ~ *

Cordy knocks on the door as she and Faith walk into Dawn’s room they find her lying on the bed Cordy lies down in front of her while Faith lies behind her.

Dawn: Why now, why when my life is starting to pick up again?

Cordy: Sweetie you don’t have to see them if you don’t want to.

Faith: And if you do then us Ex Sunnydale people will be right there with you and hey if they annoy you that much I know that Gunn could beat them up.

Dawn: Thanks guys I don’t know what I would have done if you had turned me away that day, I would be who knows where.

Cordy: Please I know what the big bad city is like and there is no way that I am letting you go out there alone.

Faith: Me either, after all you’re like the little sister that I never had.

Dawn smiles at this, as the three of them drift off to sleep.

~ * ~ * ~ *

Angel, Spike, Robin and Wes stand by the door watching the girls.

Spike: Think that we should wake them?

Robin: Nah let them sleep. I think that Dawn needs the both of them right now more than anything.

Angel: Doesn’t mean that we can’t take pictures.

Wes: Doesn’t mean that at all.

He hands the camera to Angel.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Xander: Why do I feel under dressed?

Buffy: Maybe because we are and that’s why they wanted to meet here.

Lexi: If you will follow me they are waiting in the conference room for you.

They walk through a series of halls, at the end of which Lexi opens a door for them, they walk in.

Cordy: Thanks Lexi.

Lexi: Can I get you anything else?

Angel: No that’s ok Lexi we can handle things from here thanks.

Lexi: Sure thing.

She walks out closing the door behind her as Buffy and co take seats.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~*

Dawn sits in the middle; on one side of her sits Cordy then Angel and Wes. On the other side Faith, Robin and Spike.

Buffy sits in the middle opposite Dawn, Giles and Xander on one side Willow and Kennedy on the other.

Giles: We are all here.

Faith and Cordy grabs Dawn’s hands and hold them.

Cordy: Yes we are.

Dawn: Well what do you want to talk about?

Buffy: What you have done with your life.

Faith: Meaning?

Buffy: Meaning nothing. I just want to know about the last year of her life that’s all.

Dawn: Couldn’t do much I was pregnant most of the time but am getting back to work well to school at the moment.

Xander: School?

Dawn: Yes I am starting a Business Degree, at UCLA.

Willow: Wow that must be nice.

Dawn: It is. I applied and they accepted me, had a little help in that area though.

Angel: How was I to know that sending them a letter about you would help that much?

Dawn: The fact that you own this place might have something to do with it.

Cordy: That too and hey we all wrote good things about you.

Buffy: You wrote letters about Dawn and that’s how she got in?

Angel: She got in because she is smart she wouldn’t have got in no matter how many letters we wrote otherwise.

Giles: That will be nice for you Dawn, getting back to school.

Buffy: What about your baby? Where is the baby going to be when you’re at school?

Cordy: With a nanny or one of us, it’s only a couple hours a day lots of people do it.

Xander: That’s nice.

Buffy: How do you expect to pay for a Nanny?

Angel: She isn’t.

Buffy: So you’re footing the bill?

Spike: No I am, I know that once Dawnie is able to, she will pay me back but I don’t want one cent from her ‘til she is working herself and able to pay me back.

Buffy: Nice.

Faith: We are not doing anything bad Buffy. Dawn knows that getting pregnant at her age probably wasn’t the best thing but we aren’t going to put her down or make her feel awful because she made a mistake.

Angel: She doesn’t deserve that, no one does.

Cordy: We have all done something in our lives that we aren’t proud off. Faith, Angel, Spike and I have a list as long as our arms of the things that we regret but no one and I mean no one is going to make Dawn feel bad for bringing that beautiful baby into this world.

Buffy: I never meant for that to happen.

There is a knock on the door and Gunn sticks his head in.

Gunn: We need to head out.

Cordy: What’s the problem?

Gunn: Got trouble in the hood they need help ASAP.

Angel: How big?

Gunn: ‘Bout a hundred vamps down there. Gwen, Fred, Lindsay and Kate are loading weapons up as we speck.

Cordy, Angel, Faith, Spike, Wes and Robin stand up.

Angel: Dawn get Maria to take you back to the house ok?

Dawn: Ok.

They walk out of the conference room; ten minutes later after they are changed they leave the office. Dawn stands looking out the window as Willow walks up to her.

Willow: Do you mind if I come and see your baby?

Dawn: Do you really want to?

Willow: Yeah you’re like a sister to me Dawn and I would love to see your baby.

Dawn: Thanks Willow, I just wish that Buffy felt the same way, and she is a little girl her name is Angelina Cordelia after two people that helped me a great deal.

Willow: Cordy and Angel right?

Dawn: Yeah they gave me a home and made sure that I saw doctors when I didn’t want to and when I wouldn’t agree to anything they got Spike to move in to look after me.

Willow: I am glad, after you left I tried to find you but couldn’t. Kennedy and I let Buffy have it; even Giles said that she was wrong, Xander said nothing.

Dawn: Look as Faith said, I made a mistake but it’s something that I have to learn to live with, something that everyone here hasn’t made me regret for a second.

Willow: I am glad that you found someone to care for you, you deserve it Dawn you have been through so much.

Dawn: Thanks.

She and Willow hug.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Buffy: So where did Kennedy and Willow say they were going?

Giles: They didn’t say.

Xander: That’s weird they usually tell us where they are going.

~ * ~ * ~ *

Willow: She is so beautiful Dawn she looks so much like you and like your mother.

Dawn: Thanks Will you don’t know how much that means to me.

The front door opens and Cordy and Angel walk in laughing.

Cordy: Hey guys.

Willow: I want to say thanks to the both of you.

Cordy: What for?

Willow: For taking care of Dawn, I am glad that she found someone that cared about her.

Angel: Hey don’t worry if it wasn’t us then it would be Spike, he is very protective of her, guess that we all are at this moment.

Kennedy: Yeah so what’s with that? Last time we saw Spike he had light coming through him and he was being killed while saving all of us?

Cordy: The Powers that Be gave him a second chance and made him human. He is the second vampire in Angel’s line to become human.

Willow: The first being Darla, so they skipped Angel?

Angel: Nah I am just needed in other ways at the moment that don’t include me being human.

Willow: That’s good for now I guess.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Willow: Well we should get going they are going to be wondering where we are by now.

Dawn: Thanks for coming.

Spike: Yeah been a pleasure.

Kennedy: And don’t worry she will be getting a piece of our minds that’s for sure, Dawnie. She doesn’t know what she is missing out on; that little girl is amazing and she has an amazing mother.

Dawn: Thanks, come on I will walk you out.

Dawn walks Kennedy and Willow out.

Spike: The Slayer isn’t going to come around.

Cordy: We know that.

Angel: We just need to be there for her as we have done before that’s all.

Spike: Yeah I guess.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Dawn and Cordy are watching the twins run around in circles in front of them; they keep bumping into each other. Angelina gurgles from her carrier.

Dawn: I am just glad that when she reaches their age there will be only one of her.

Cordy: Yeah know what you mean, sometimes I wish that but wouldn’t give up the girls for anything in this word they are my life no matter what.

Dawn: I know what you mean.

Cordy: Yeah.

Dawn: So I heard you and Angel talking the other night.

Cordy: Yeah, he wants to know if we had put in enough practice, that man is so crude sometimes.

Dawn: Yeah but I can understand where he is coming from though can’t you?

Cordy: Yeah I can. I just don’t know with everything going on you know.

Dawn: Hey there is always the fun in trying though.

Cordy: Please! This from the girl whose last date stood her up because his daughter was breathing heavily.

Dawn: Hey girls look whose walking towards us.

Raven: Da.

Amy: Da.

Dawn: Girls, ready set go and get him.

They take off running and knock Angel over when they pounce on him.
Cordy and Dawn burst out laughing.

Xander: What’s so funny?

Dawn and Cordy turn around and see Buffy and Xander standing there as Angel walks up with the girls in his arms.

Cordy: Buffy and Xander what are you doing here?

Buffy: We were taking a walk when Xander saw the two of you sitting here so we thought that we would come over here.

Dawn: That’s nice.

Angel: Why don’t I take all three girls and get ice cream?

He takes Angelina from her carrier and walks off with the twins following him telling him they want every Flavour.

Buffy: She looks Cute.

Dawn: She is, she is a peaceful baby.

Cordy: Not like the twins. So many sleepless nights where they were concerned hey Dawnie?

Dawn: Yeah don’t I know it.

Buffy: I thought that maybe the two of us could have dinner tonight I was going to call you?

Dawn: Sorry, tonight is Mummy and Me swim class.

Buffy: Can’t you miss it?

Dawn: No I can’t. Sorry maybe another time. Anyway I have to get going Cor you sure that you will be fine with the baby?

Cordy: Please you actually think that I am going to get her away from Angel? She will be fine Dawn, go to class.

Dawn: Buffy and Xander see you another time.

Dawn grabs her bag and walks off.

Cordy: Let me just say one thing and one thing only.

Xander: What’s that?

Cordy: Don’t hurt her. She has been hurt enough, she doesn’t need this anymore.

Buffy: She is my sister.

Cordy: That doesn’t mean anything Buffy. You barely know her anymore; you need to get to know the Dawn we all know, the one that is a big part of our lives.

Angel walks back with the girls and the twins offer her a lick of their ice creams while Angel shares his with Angelina.

Cordy: She is making a mess of herself rather than eating any of that.

Angel: So what?

Cordy: Please! You are all male you know that right?

Angel: Yep.

He smiles as she leans over and kisses him, then pulls away.

Buffy: We should get going.

Cordy: Remember what I said Buffy.

Buffy and Xander walk off.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Dawn walks along the street with Spike his arm linked with hers.

Spike: So how are things faring so far has she come around yet?

Dawn: Yeah right she hasn’t said anything to me barely and she hasn’t come and met the baby. Spike what did I do that was so bad that makes Buffy not want to know my child?

Spike: I know how much this hurts you Nibblet but remember no matter what she does or doesn’t do you will always have us your family here; there is nothing that any of us wouldn’t do for you, nothing at all.

Dawn: I know that and I love you guys for that so much.

She wraps her arms around him and hugs him.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Dawn is alone in the kitchen at Angel and Cordy’s home, she goes to get up and feels a bit faint, she grabs hold of the table and begins to become woozy, she falls down. Angel and Cordy come running into the room after hearing the fall, Cordy sits Dawn up.

Cordy: What happened?

Dawn: I don’t know one minute I was fine the next minute the room was spinning around and around, and I fainted.

Angel: That is the second time this week.

Cordy: That’s it young lady tomorrow I am taking you to the doctors and there are no if’s buts or maybes about it.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Doc: When we get the test results back I will call you or is there someone else you wish me to call?

Dawn: No that’s ok I will be waiting for your call Doctor.

Doc: Of course Miss Summers.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Lindsay looks up as the door to his office opens, he is surprised to see Dawn standing there.

Lindsay: Hey what’s up?

She walks in and closes the door.

Dawn: I need some help.

Lindsay: What with?

Dawn: I need to make a will. I think it’s something that I should do.

Lindsay: Dawn what is wrong really?

Dawn: Nothing just please do this for me ok?

Lindsay: Sure thing.

She hands him a letter.

Dawn: I want this letter to go to Spike and the others if anything should happen to me ok?

Lindsay: Sure thing.

They get to work on the will.

Dawn walks out of the doctors office Shocked Surprised and Scared wondering what happened how this happened she was so young how could this happen to her she had a baby to look after and now this was happening.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
Cordy, Angel, Fred, Gunn, Matt Darla, Alyssa Wes, Kate Lindsay robin Faith and Spike sit there in silence.

Angel: We just have to do what ever is needed to make sure that she comes out of this then.

Cordy: What if that isn’t enough?
She has tears in her eyes and buries her head in Angel’s shoulder as Spike gets up to answer the doorbell as it rings, he opens it to find Xander Buffy Willow Kennedy and Giles standing there.

Spike: Yeah what do you want?

Giles: We have come to see, is she home?

Spike: Now isn’t a good time.

Buffy: If my sister is home I think that I have a right to see her don’t you?
Faith walks to the door with robin.

Faith: She is upstairs with the baby and wants to be alone so come back another time she told us that earlier she is spending time with the baby.

Giles: Then we will come back later.
They go to walk off.

Willow: Kennedy and I will stay and talk to Cordy.
They walk into the house and Faith closes the door on buffy Giles and Xander.

Kennedy: What happened?

Faith: She got her results back from the Doctor he told her that she has Cancer and she wont last more than six months that is why she has been feeling down lately.
They walk into the lounge Willow hugs Cordy and sits next to her.

Spike: She wasn’t to tell Buffy in her own time she says that none of us are to tell her ok?

Willow: Yeah we understand that but this must be so hard for her.

Darla: She’s upstairs right now.
Cordy gets up and grabs Faith’s hand and they walk upstairs.

Robin: It is so hard on the two of them much more than it is on us.

Angel: They both think of her like a little sister and protect her so much this is going to hurt them bad, not that you don’t’ feel the same Willow.

Willow: Nah that’s ok I have started to see in the last couple of weeks how close the three of them are.

Spike: This isn’t right Darla and I were given a second cahance at life and she is not being given one why is that?

Matt: We are going to do everything that we can to make sure that nothing happen s to her but we need to listen to what she wants there is nothing that she wants more than for us to be there for her nothing at all.

Angel: Yeah I know.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
Faith lays behind Dawn and Cordy in front of her.

Faith: Where’s the baby?

Dawn: In her crib she needed some sleep so I put her in there was it Buffy that I heared downstairs?

Faith: Yeah.

Cordy: But we told her that you didn’t want any Visitors at the moment but Kennedy and Willow are downstairs we told them but told them not to tell Buffy about it.

Dawn: Thanks how am I supposed to tell her about this how am I supposed to tell my sister that I am going to die it was hard enough telling the lot of you how am I supposed to tell someone that wants nothing to do with me really for the last couple of months.

Cordy: We are going to be there for you no matter what happens.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Dawn sits on the couch as Angel lets Buffy Xander and Giles into the house they take a Seat and notice that Faith is sitting on one side of Dawn and on the other side is Cordy they are each holding Dawn’s hand.

Angel: You guys be ok?

Cordy: Yeah we will be.

Dawn: Yeah thanks.

Angel: ok well the Girls and I are off for the afternoon call me if you need me ok?

Faith: Yeah we will.
Angel walks out of the house with Spike.

Xander: So why did you want us here?

Dawn: There is something that I need to talk to you about.

Buffy: What is so important.
The front door opens and Willow and Kennedy walk into the house.

Willow: Sorry we ran into Faith outside and were talking.

Dawn: That’s ok.

Kennedy: You feeling ok?

Dawn: Yeah I am ok for now.

Buffy: What is going on here?

Dawn: Lately I haven’t been feeling well so Cordy made me go to the doctor a week or so ago and she ran some test it’s seems that I have cancer.

Giles: So you will have Chemo right?
Dawn: Wrong it wont make a Difference if I had noticed it earlier then it would have made a difference but as of now it wont it’s life threnting.

Buffy: What your kidding right?

Dawn: No the doctor ran the tests twice Angel and Cordy had the Doctors at the Firm go over the reports as well and they all say the same thing that I have about Eight months to live, maybe more if I am lucky Chemo will slow it down but wont cure it.

Buffy: No this isn’t happening to me not again I can’t go through this again.

Kennedy: What about what is happening to Dawn you think that she wanted this to happen to her this isn’t you that is going through this she is the one Dying here.

Buffy: And I am the one that has to go through this again.

Faith: I think that it’s Best that you leave Buffy I don’t want you upsetting Dawn she is upset enough as it is.

Buffy: This isn’t your house.

Cordy: No but it’s mine, Buffy I would like you to leave Dawn is going through enough as it is now leave.
She and Dawn gets up and walk out followed by Faith who walk out of the room.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Buffy Giles and Xander leave Willow and Kennedy walk upstairs and find the three of them sitting on the bed.

Dawn: Why can’t she just be here for me doesn’t she relise how hard this is for me how hard it is knowing that I am never going to see my little girl grow up I heared her first word and saw her take her first step but there will be no other firsts that I am going to see doesn’t she sees how much that is killing me?

Willow: Dawnie I wish that there was something that I could do to change the way she is acting just to make things Easier on you I am sorry that I can’t.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
Spike opens the door to his Aparment to find Dawn standing there.

Spike: Hey come in.

Dawn: Thanks there is something that I need to talk to you about.
They walk into the kitchen and Spike Starts making Coffee.

Spike: So what did you want to talk about?

Dawn: Spike I think that you’re the best you know that right?

Spike: Yeah I do.

Dawn: I want to talk about who I want to have Angelina when I am gone.

Spike: You arne’t gone yet lets worry about that then.

Dawn: No because I want to explain my Descion explain why I have chosen who I have.

Spike: Because she will be better off with them the girls are there and she has lived her entire life in that house Dawnie I know that you would choose them and I know that it has nothing to do with me, hey I would have no idea how to raise a kid.

Dawn: Thank you for understanding I have always known that I could count on you.

Spike: Hey that’s what I am here for.

Dawn: Promise me that you will always be a part of her life please?
Spike sits down next to her.

Spike: There is nothing I would rather do she is the most amazing little girl and I would love to be a part of her life.

Dawn: I am glad.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
Dawn lay in her bed thinking she looked over at the sleeping baby beside her and smiled she remembered when she went into labour and how Spike freaked out, But Cordy and Faith came to the Rescue they took her to the hospital and stayed beside her till the baby was born then spent the next night sleeping in chairs in the hospital so that she wouldn’t be alone which wasn’t good for a six month pregnant women she and angel managed to convince Cordy to go home but it took a lot of effort, but she left but Faith stayed there she kept wishing that Buffy would walk through the door and say that she was there for her but she never came not even after Angel called her and told her that she had the baby she still never came.

She remember sitting with Cordy who was feeding Amy and Raven when Angelina said her fist word it was mama she jumped for joy as Angelina kept saying it and Cordy was there smiling, she handed Dawn the phone and then Dawn called Spike and Angelina told Spike then spike told everyone else they had celebrated that night it was amazing her little girl was growing up right before her eyes.
She hoped that there was a way that she could see her daughter grow up she ho0ped that she didn’t miss out on the most important moments of Angelina’s life.



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