Hell Hath No Fury

SUMMARY: Angel demands Cordelia be a more efficient secretary, and he quickly learns to regret it.
POSTED: 27 Jan 2004
CATEGORY: Challenge Fic / AU
1) A CHALLENGE by SUNSCORCHED: Can you remember in the episode Rm W/a Vu where Angel stated he knew Cordy couldn’t type or file? Well, Angel complains about her lack of skills in the secretarial department and asks if she could be a little more efficient!! Cordy agrees with him to his face but when she gets home, she’s fuming at his daring suggestions that she sucks as a secretary. So she turns into the most efficient, and scary, secretary the world has ever seen!!! At first, Angel is content with the change in Cordy but she keeps up the ‘efficient secretary’ act up and he starts to hate it until he cracks, asking her to stop it and be herself!!

Cordelia was excited by the prospect of a night out with her new girl friends, she couldn’t remember the last time she had dressed up and gone out dancing. She made a mental promise to herself that she would make more of an effort to do normal things, just because she received visions and worked for a vampire was no reason to let her social life stagnate. Concentrating on applying her lipstick perfectly evenly, Cordelia didn’t hear Angel enter the office.

“You look nice.” Angel made himself known.

Cordelia jumped and spun around in shock, shooting Angel a glare as she put her hand to her racing heart. Looking back at her reflection in the window, Cordelia began to wipe away the streak of lipstick from across her cheek.

“And now I look like the Joker.” Cordelia groused at Angel.

“Sorry.” Angel wasn’t particularly sorry at all, if his secretary wanted to apply make up she should do it at home, this was a work place.

“Hopefully I’m still too young and carefree for a heart attack. Would it kill you to hum a little tune when sneaking up on people?”

“I don’t hum. I’m confused here. Why is Mrs. Bensen filed under ‘P’?”

“That’s not a ‘P’ that’s an ‘F’. Or is it an ‘R’?” Cordelia scrutinised the file trying to remember what she had been thinking when creating the file.

“I don’t know. Maybe we can be a little less – young and carefree with the filing?” Angel tried to hide his annoyance, but the utter lack of regard Cordelia had for the alphabet was beginning to bother him a little.

“Oh, it’s an ‘F’. I remember now.”

“All right, so… Why is it Mrs. Bensen is filed under ‘F’?”

“Because she is from France. – Remember what a pain she was?”

“Yeah. It made me what to drink a lot.”

“Well, that’s the French for you.”

The conversation was interrupted as Wesley walked into the office, wearing a suit and holding an axe awkwardly in one hand.

“Hello. I was just in the neighbourhood, patrolling with my new Bavarian fighting axe, when I suddenly thought ‘perhaps Cordelia has had a vision’, perhaps you need my help in the battle against evil.” Wesley looked eagerly from Angel to Cordelia.

“We seem to be evil free at the moment.” Angel answered gratefully; he wasn’t sure who would be in more danger if Wesley were to take that axe into battle; himself or the demons.

“Evil free that is, except for the evil that is your filing Cordelia. Perhaps you could try to embrace the alphabet a little more.” Angel turned to his secretary who was reapplying her lipstick.

“I’m sorry?” Cordelia turned to glare at Angel.

“I’m just saying that your secretarial skills leave a little to be desired. I can never find files, nothing is organised and you don’t even answer the phone half the time.” Angel suddenly found that all the little things that had been bothering him lately were spilling out.

Cordelia looked over at Wesley who was trying to be invisible as he pretended to admire the upholstery on the couch.

“I’m sorry you feel that way Angel. Um, I’ll be more efficient if that’s what you really want.”

Cordelia picked up her bag and left without another word. She no longer felt like going out with the girls, she felt like crying, she couldn’t believe Angel had attacked her job skills in front of Wesley. By the time she got home, Cordelia had gone from close to tears to fuming in anger. How dare he question my skills, it’s not like I’m just a secretary, I’m the seer. I have migraines for that man and he questions my job skills. He wants efficient, he’s damn well going to get efficient. I’ll efficient his arse off.

“Dennis, bring me my lap top.” Cordelia called out as she changed into some comfortable clothes.

If she was going to be the perfect secretary she would first need to know what that entailed.


At precisely 9.00 a.m. the next morning, Cordelia entered the office. Looking around the space with an eye to efficient office organisation she began to make a list of all the equipment she would require to complete her job effectively. List completed Cordelia called an office supply company and arranged to have the equipment delivered within the hour. Whilst she waited, she began to rearrange the furniture she had decided to keep.

Angel entered the office at 11.00 a.m. He had wanted to get up early and apologise to Cordelia, he realised after she left that she may have been upset at him speaking out in front of Wesley and he was angry at himself for hurting her.

“Cordelia, I just wanted to say….” Angel trailed off as he noticed the changes in the office.

Cordelia’s desk was larger than he remembered and sported a new 19 inch flat screen computer monitor, the hard drive was no where to be seen. Behind Cordelia’s desk was a row of filing cabinets. Cordelia was sitting at the desk typing away. She was wearing a phone headset. Cordelia’s desk was spotless, but for the phone, monitor, keyboard, a diary, a legal pad and a pen there was nothing on it.

The couch had been removed and in front of Cordelia’s desk were two perfectly aligned client chairs. The coffee machine had been moved to the corner and was brewing a delicious smelling coffee. The coffee cups were no where to be seen. Next to the coffee machine was a coat cupboard.

“Where are the coffee cups?” Angel said the first thing he could think of, he was sure this wasn’t how he left the office last night. Maybe he was in the wrong office, looking around again, Angel noticed that it was definitely his secretary/seer at the desk so this must be the correct place.

“If you’d like to proceed to your office Angel, I’ll bring you a cup of coffee whilst you check today’s correspondence which I’ve left on your desk.”

Cordelia stood quickly and removed the headset. Pressing a button on the phone, she moved over to the coffee machine. From the cupboard under the machine, she took a tray containing a coffee mug, matching saucer and sugar and milk dispenser. Pouring coffee into the cup, she picked the tray up and walked into Angel’s office.

Placing the tray on the corner of the desk, Cordelia fixed Angel’s coffee the way she knew he liked it, removed the cup and saucer from the tray and placed them on the desk. Picking the tray back up she returned to the office and put it away before once again sitting at her desk, head set on, fingers at the keyboard.

Angel looked in disbelief at Cordelia, waiting for her to make a joke or to comment on his appearance or something else equally personal. When she did nothing but continue to type, Angel wandered into his office and picked up his coffee, it was delicious. Angel was pleased to see that his office had remained unchanged except for a new phone, he could deal with that, a new phone wasn’t a problem.

Putting his feet up on his desk Angel leant back in his chair and enjoyed his delicious coffee. Maybe the changes weren’t all bad, Cordy seemed more efficient, the coffee was delicious and there was no annoying chatter that he couldn’t follow and that made his head hurt, yep things were looking up for Angel.

Glancing over his desk, Angel spotted the correspondence Cordelia had mentioned. It was typed and printed on ‘Angel Investigations’ letter head, he hadn’t even known they had letter head. There was an invoice to a client and a letter to the landlord of the building detailing several OH&S concerns. Both sheets were sporting little sticky ‘sign here’ notes. Angel signed the correspondence with a flourish and began to get up to take it back to Cordelia.

Before he could stand, Cordelia’s voice came over his phone.

“Angel, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce is here to see you. Would you like to see him now or should I make an appointment for him?” Cordelia asked.

“Um, oh, do I need to press a button, can you hear me?” Angel yelled, he wasn’t sure if he needed to pick up the phone to answer or if he could be heard.

“I can hear you.”

“I can see Wesley now. I’ve signed the paper work, do you want me to bring it out?” Angel asked.

“No thank you. I can pick it up when I bring Mr Wyndham-Pryce in.”

A moment later, the door to Angel’s office opened and Cordelia escorted Wesley in. She took the papers Angel handed her before turning to Wesley.

“Can I get you a drink Wesley?”

“Why thank you Cordelia, tea would be fine.” Wesley seemed pleasantly surprised at the offer.

“Angel would you like another coffee?” Cordelia asked.

“Thanks that would be great.”

Cordelia nodded and left the room. Depositing the paperwork on her desk, she prepared a tray and took it into Angel’s office. After pouring Wesley’s tea and Angel’s coffee she turned to Angel.

“Angel, I am going to lunch now, I’ll post the correspondence whilst I’m out. You have a 2.00 p.m. appointment with a potential client. I have prepared some background information for you and it’s on my desk. You may like to read it before the client arrives.”

Cordelia put the tray away and grabbing her bag went to sit in the park for an hour whilst she read a magazine and ate her sandwich.

Back in the office Angel and Wesley were complimenting the efficiency of the new Cordelia.

“Well I must say Angel, it’s good to see Cordelia applying herself to her position.” Wesley smiled as he sipped his freshly brewed tea.

“I have to admit that I’m impressed. I thought she might have been upset at me, but look how well things are working out.” Angel congratulated himself on his people skills as he once again sat back in his chair and put his feet on the desk.

Angel and Wesley sat in silence enjoying their drinks. When they finished their drinks and realised that they really didn’t have anything to say to one another Wesley left.


Cordelia returned from lunch at precisely 1.00 p.m. to find Angel reading ‘The Tragical History of Dr Faustus’ by Christopher Marlow. The client outline she had prepared for him still sat on her desk untouched. Cordelia left it there.

Angel registered the return of Cordelia from lunch and prepared to put his book down. Whenever Cordelia returned from somewhere she would tell him what she’d done or what she’d seen. Often her anecdotes made Angel smile. When Angel heard Cordelia sit at her desk and begin to type he realised that she wasn’t coming in to chat to him. Angel found it hard to believe but he discovered that he was disappointed. He enjoyed talking to Cordelia; she was the one person in his life that he felt comfortable with.

Putting his book down, Angel stood and walked over to the doorway separating the two offices. Standing there silently he stared as Cordelia continued to touch type rapidly, apparently oblivious to his presence. He hadn’t known Cordelia could touch type Angel mused to himself.

“Is there something I can help you with Angel?” Cordelia asked without looking up.

“Um, no, I was just um, going to let you know that I’m going…downstairs for a while.” Angel muttered before turning and making his way out of the office. As he reached the stairs he heard the phone ring once before Cordelia answered it.

After finishing the phone call, Cordelia turned back to the computer and deleted the gibberish she had been so efficiently typing. Reverting to her tried and true hunt and peck method of typing she continued her document, pausing only when the phone rang.

At 4.30 Cordelia printed her document, collected Angel’s phone messages and walked in to set them on his desk. Angel had not returned from downstairs.

Shutting down her computer, Cordelia rang Wesley.

“Hi Wes, it’s me. I have some research I need you to do.”


“Ok, I need a detailed report on Brentlock demons, Aklon demons and Pspots Demons by Monday.”


“Yes I know its Friday now. Look can you do it? We’ll pay you a consulting fee of course.”


“Extremely detailed. I need history, habitat, pictures, feeding requirements, best way to kill, all of it.”

“Thanks Wes, you’re the best. Have a good weekend, bye.”

Cordelia turned off the office lights, locked the door and made her way down to Angel’s basement apartment where she knocked at the door and waited for Angel to answer.

“Hi Cordy, come in.” Angel invited opening the door.

“No thanks Angel. I’m finished for the day; I just wanted to let you know that your phone messages and your evening schedule are on your desk. Have a good weekend.” Cordelia turned to leave.

“Wait, what evening schedule?” Angel asked grabbing Cordelia’s arm.

“Well the 2.00 p.m. clients called and wanted to reschedule, so you’re seeing them at 6 at their place, the brief is on your desk. I recommend you read it before leaving. After that meeting you need to take care of my vision; the details are on the schedule. You also missed a call from Buffy, she needs you to call her back.” Cordelia eased her arm from Angel’s grip. “Don’t make me enrol you in a course on inappropriate touching in the work place Angel. Bye.” Cordelia turned and made her way home.


Collapsing on the couch in her apartment, Cordelia gratefully accepted the Diet Coke Dennis brought her.

“Thanks Dennis. I’m exhausted; who knew being a super secretary would be such hard work.” Cordelia kicked off her shoes and curled up on the couch, feeling just the tiniest bit lonely.

After Cordelia left, Angel made his way up to his office to find everything laid out neatly on his desk. Looking at the address of his 6.00 p.m. appointment, Angel realised that he wasn’t going to have time to read the briefing before he left. Piling all the information into his arms, Angel took it with him in the hopes that he would find time to read it as he drove.

Several exhausting hours later, Angel returned to the office. He had meet with the clients, taken care of their problem and received a large cheque in reward. The report Cordelia had prepared had been helpful, at least the bits Angel had had time to read. Going from there to the destination the vision had revealed Angel had had to take care of 6 newly risen vampires. All he wanted to do for the rest of the weekend was rest.

Opening his apartment door to find it silent, dark and empty felt wrong to Angel. Whilst unnecessary, he missed having someone wait for him, someone fixing his blood and fussing over his wounds. Walking through the dark apartment Angel entered his bedroom and lay fully clothed on the bed, he wondered what Cordy was doing now, he missed her.


At 9.00 a.m. precisely on Monday morning Cordelia opened the door to the office and began her working day. She’d never realised what a large part of her life work was and how much she missed it when she wasn’t there. The weekend had seemed interminable.

Wesley arrived at 9.30 a.m. looking dishevelled and exhausted. He set a heavy manuscript on the desk in front of Cordelia.

“Here’s the report you asked for.” Wesley immediately turned and left, he had an overdue appointment with his bed.

“Thanks Wes.” Cordelia called after him.

When Angel entered his office at 11.00 a.m. he found his desk once again neatly arranged. Phone messages to one side, daily schedule to the other. And in the middle of the desk was a weighty tome. Angel picked up the tome and leafed through it before entering Cordelia’s office.

“What’s this?” Angel asked dropping the book with a loud thud on Cordelia’s desk.

“Good morning Angel. Would you like a coffee?” Cordelia asked politely.

“No I don’t want a coffee. I want…” Angel trailed off as the phone rang and Cordelia held up a shushing finger.

“Angel Investigations, we help the hopeless.” Cordelia answered professionally.


“Oh hello Buffy. Yes I gave Angel your message, I don’t know why he didn’t return your call. Please hold whilst I put you through to him now.” Cordelia glared at Angel as she transferred Buffy’s call through to his office.

“This isn’t over.” Angel warned as he left to take the call, leaving the book on Cordelia’s desk.

By the time Angel had finished talking to Buffy it was 12.00 p.m. and Cordelia had gone to lunch. Reading over his schedule, Angel realised that he had appointments all afternoon beginning at 1.00 p.m. with the owner of a demon karaoke bar. Grabbing his coat Angel shot a look of annoyance at Cordelia’s efficient yet empty desk and left the office.

Angel finished his last appointment at 10.00 p.m. Making his way back to the offices he left several cheques on Cordelia’s desk for banking before making his lonely way downstairs. If they continued to make money like this they’d be able to expand. The thought should have made Angel happy, they would be able to save a lot more people, but the thought merely made Angel feel even more empty and alone.


Angel was walking across a perfect untouched sandy beach. The sun was shining, causing the sand to sparkle and the clear waves to glisten with delight. The water was so clear that sea shells on the ocean floor could be clearly seen. Angel could feel the sand sifting between his toes, the waves dancing up and touching his ankles as he walked slowly along, enjoying a rare moment of perfect contentment. Angel caught sight of Willow walking across the waves towards him, and he stopped to wait for her.

As Willow neared Angel, she opened her mouth and emitted a loud, harsh buzzing noise. Angel stared at her in shock; she seemed to be trying to tell him something and was now looking at him expectantly, as if awaiting a reply. Angel shrugged his non-comprehension at Willow and she frowned at him before opening her mouth and making the same harsh noise, only this time much louder than before.

Angel suddenly awoke and realised that he had been dreaming. Looking for the source of the buzzing noise, Angel was surprised to see an alarm clock sitting on his bedside table. Angel didn’t remember setting the alarm last night; in fact he didn’t remember getting an alarm clock in the first place. Seeing that it was only 8.00 a.m. and able to think of no reason why he needed to be awake, Angel pulled the alarm clock’s plug from the wall.

Lying back down, Angel was almost asleep again when the clock started its annoying buzzing again. Opening his eyes to glare at the alarm clock, Angel realised that it hadn’t miraculously plugged itself back in again in order to ruin his day. Therefore the annoying noise must be issuing from an alternate source.

Getting out of bed, Angel stalked naked through the apartment hunting for the source of the disturbance. He found a second alarm clock sitting on the kitchen table next to a neatly typed schedule for his day. Angel was beginning to hate these schedules. Reading the schedule Angel frowned as he realised his first appointment for the day was at 9.00 a.m. Recognising that he’d never get back to sleep now after all the frustration of dealing with the alarm clocks designed by the devil for the sole purpose of antagonising vampires with souls, Angel got dressed and made his way upstairs.

Reaching the office, Angel found the coffee brewing and Cordelia sitting in her usual spot behind her desk typing furiously away.

Angel stood in the doorway, shifting from foot to foot as he waited for Cordelia to acknowledge him. When she continued to type, oblivious to his presence, Angel cleared his throat loudly hoping to gain her attention.

Cordelia steadfastly ignored Angel’s childish attempts to garner her attention. If he wanted her to notice him, he had but to speak.

“Um, Cordelia…..” Angel finally began.

“Good morning Angel. I’ll bring you your coffee.” Cordelia stood up and began to prepare a tray.

“I was hoping that we could, um, discuss some uh matters…”

“Angel, your first appointment is due any minute now. I’ve placed a weekly schedule on your desk. You’ll notice that I’ve kept the 4.30 p.m. slot free tomorrow afternoon. After discussions with my union, it has become clear to me that we need to formalise my position description.” Cordelia carried Angel’s coffee in and set it on his desk. “I hope you had time to study that research I had done, your 10.00 a.m. appointment is with a company looking to outsource their demon security, it could be a real coup for us.”

“You joined a union?” Angel followed after Cordelia, listening to only part of what she was saying.

“Of course.” Cordelia replied, picking up the tray and walking back into her office as the front door opened.

“Good morning Pixiecat, Angelcakes. Oh I can sense a little tension in here, it’s bad for my skin you know.” The flamboyant green demon breezed in the door.

“Good morning Lorne. Angel is ready to see you now. If you’ll go through to his office, I’ll bring you some coffee in.”

“Thank you poppet. You are a gem. No wonder Larry’s trying to head hunt you, not literally of course, although one never knows with demons. I might be in the search for an assistant myself. I’m really not all that great with the business side of things. You probably find that hard to believe, but it’s true. I’m really more of a people person, yep mingling and helping that’s where I shine…” Lorne could be heard continuing the conversation as he made his way through to Angel’s office and took a seat.

“Who is Larry?” Angel demanded of Cordelia.

“He was one of our clients, speaking of which, Lorne is waiting.” Cordelia answered.

“..and that wasn’t even really his main problem, let me tell you. So, I said to him…..” Lorne’s voice drifted through the office becoming part of the back ground noise.

“Did he offer you a job?” Angel was becoming irritated.

“Who Lorne?” Cordelia queried.

“Larry?” Angel was suddenly furious with this Larry, how dare he offer Angel’s secretary a job, and what kind of name was Larry, if only Angel could remember who he was, he would pay him a visit.

“We can discuss this tomorrow at 4.30 p.m.” Cordelia picked up the tray and walked through to where Lorne was waiting.

“..and that seemed to do the trick. Thanks sunshine, just the way I like it.” Lorne finished his story, took his coffee and smiled in delight at the beautiful girl in front of him. “You are a vision of loveliness this morning, makes me happy to have eyes, although when I was in my own dimension that wasn’t always true, a dreadful place may you never visit it.”

Cordelia smiled warmly back at Lorne before making her way back to her office. Angel was waiting by the coffee machine, not having moved since he found out about Larry the evil secretary stealing demon.

“I don’t like the sounds of this Larry.” Angel frowned at Cordelia.

“..and no music, can you imagine. Although the mind boggles because we had dance, if you could call it that, why that jerk Numfar once…” Lorne was now talking of his home dimension.

“I’m sorry to hear that Angel.” Cordelia responded to Angel. “Now, if you’ll just focus a little here, Lorne is waiting for you and he can’t keep pretending to ignore your poor behaviour all day.”

Angel glared at Cordelia before storming through to see Lorne.

“Muffin, why the glower?” Lorne asked as Angel slammed the door.

“Sorry Lorne, how can I help you?” Angel attempted to momentarily dismiss all thoughts of dismembering Larry and the various hurts he could visit upon his dismembered body for daring to poach on what belonged to Angel and to focus on the demon in front of him.

“My problem can wait. I don’t think yours can. You’re in danger of losing your path.”

“What path?”

“It’s a rocky road to redemption that the fallen Angel must walk. And the alienation of your link to humanity,” Lorne nodded towards the outer office, “is causing you to waver a little, you don’t just need to save people, you also need to connect with them. I see why the Powers sent me in early; you need to fix things with Cordelicious.”

“The Powers sent you?” Angel was confused.

“Honeycakes, try and keep up here. Now how are you going to win back the sunshine to your life?” Lorne asked. The vampire was a hottie for sure but Lorne wasn’t convinced of his intellectual capacity.

“Cordelia? I don’t know. I’m not even sure what’s happening anymore.” Angel admitted.

“Start at the beginning and tell me all about it.” Lorne ordered.

“Well, I asked her to you know, be a little more efficient and then she was, but it wasn’t like I imagined, it’s actually a little bit scary.”

“Ok I see it now. You need to work out what you need in your life, not what you think you want. Like I want only to eat chocolate, but if I do, I get sick, so I need balance, are you following me here crumpet?”

Angel stared in puzzlement at Lorne, he wasn’t sure he completely understood what the demon was getting at, Angel didn’t eat chocolate.

“Think about it my little boston bun.” Lorne stood and exited the office, calling a cheery farewell to Cordelia as he left.

Angel sat in his office for a few minutes before deciding to take Lorne’s advice and think about what he needed. Getting up, Angel told Cordelia to cancel all his appointments for the rest of the day and to take the rest of the day off, then he made his way down to his apartment to think.


Angel was walking on the beach again, this time he was with Cordelia. She was smiling up at him with the smile that made him feel safe and she was teasing him about his pale skin. Angel smiled back at his best friend as he realised that he didn’t mind her teasing or her thoughtlessness as long as she stayed by his side. With this new found knowledge in hand, Angel looked over at Cordelia to share it with her when he saw that she had sped up and was now walking in front of him. Calling to her to wait, Angel began to run but he couldn’t seem to catch up; she was continually pulling away from him.

Awakening with a gasp, Angel realised that he had fallen asleep, but in his sleep the answers he had been seeking had been found. He needed Cordelia and her friendship, he did not need an efficient secretary, in fact Angel didn’t think he was capable of dealing with the extra business an efficient secretary could generate, he was exhausted. Now Angel needed to somehow convince Cordelia of this epiphany.

Cordelia was on the phone to Aura when a knock sounded at her door.

“Aura, I’ll have to call you back, there’s someone at the door.” Disconnecting her call, Cordelia answered the door, surprised to find Angel on the other side.

“Angel, hi. Do you need me to come back to work?” Cordelia asked as Angel walked past her into her apartment.

“No, I wanted to talk to you.”

“OK, can I get you a drink?” Cordelia offered shutting the front door.

“No thanks, just come and sit down.” Angel waited until Cordelia was seated before beginning to pace the room as he considered how to begin. “Um, ok. When I left Sunnydale, I just wanted to cut myself off, to be alone so that I would never hurt someone again like I hurt Buffy, and to be honest, in part to protect myself from that pain. And then I ran into you at that party and again at Russell Winter’s place and suddenly you were there, in my life. In all the tim I’ve been souled, I’ve never met anyone who accepted me the way that I am, even Buffy couldn’t accept parts of me. But you accept all of me, you keep blood in your fridge, you fix my injuries, you hug me even if I’m in game face, you make me feel that things will be ok. I’ve missed you lately, and I’m so sorry that I said what I did, especially in front of Wesley. I was wrong, I like the old you. I need you to be my friend far more than I need you to file alphabetically. I need you. I’ve never needed anyone before, but I need you to be in my life. I’m so sorry Cordy, I missed you so much.” Angel finally finished what felt like his longest speech ever and looked hopefully at Cordelia.

“I missed you too.” Cordy jumped up and hugged Angel.

Safe in the warm embrace, Angel relaxed and felt at home for the first time in days.

Pulling back slightly, Cordelia smiled up at Angel. “It works both ways you know? You accept me like no one else, you know me like no one else ever has and you still accept me, I need you too. Sit down and I’ll get us some drinks, we can catch up.”

When Cordelia returned from the kitchen, Angel asked the question that had been plaguing him ever since the secretary from hell had put in her appearance.

“So how did you become Nazi secretary over night? And where did all those clients come from?”

“I had help. The first night Dennis and I researched what a good secretary would do and we called Harry and asked her to put the word out about the business. Then the next day was Friday, so I winged it a little. Over the weekend, I did some more research whilst Dennis organised all the filing I brought home and then Harry and I did some more advertising and voila, efficiency plus many cheques.” Cordelia grinned cheekily.

“And who is Larry? Is he for real?” Angel asked.

“Yes, but I turned him down flat.”

“Good.” Angel was only a little reassured, he still need to visit Larry and make sure he stayed well away from Cordelia, possibly though the dismemberment might not be necessary.

Cordelia giggled at Angel’s frown, knowing what he was thinking and feeling strangely comforted by his possessiveness.

“So things can go back to normal at work now? You forgive me?” Angel asked, needing to be sure.

“I forgive you, and yep things can be normal again, well what passes for normal for us. What say we go to Caritas for a celebration drink?” Cordelia asked standing up.

“Ok, I’ll even shout.” Angel answered.

“Damn skippy you will, I’ve earned you a lot of money lately.” Cordelia grabbed her bag and followed Angel out the door as he told her how much drinks cost in the day, and how he wasn’t a tight ass, he couldn’t help it if inflation was out of control.

Cordelia’s laughter drifted back through the air as Dennis closed the door, happy that things were looking up again for his friend.



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