The Evil Zipper

SUMMARY: Cordy has a problem with a zipper.
POSTED: 22 Sep 2005
CATEGORY: Romance / Humor
CONTENT/PAIRING: C/A – Set AtS S3 after Birthday
AUTHOR NOTES: Okay, well… be nice to me, please. This is the first time I’m posting something I’ve written that’s not on my website. So yeah, I’m nervous… as hell. This is not my first story I’ve ever written (those were bad and another fandom) but the first decent in my mind. So since it’s been so quiet here I thought I should maybe take the risk…

Confused Angel looked up from the book he was immersed in. The constant cursing coming from the small bathroom in the lobby would irritate even the calmest person. His vampire hearing didn’t help either. He would have never expected that Cordy knew all those interesting words.

He didn’t know what it was, but some unknown power seemed to draw him to the room. It wasn’t only his desire to always help his seer whenever she needed it… or not. His feet carried him over there without his mind being consciously aware of the fact. After a moment of hesitation he knocked lightly and asked, “Cordy? Are you okay?”

Long seconds of mumbling even he couldn’t understand followed, then another curse. Finally the door opened and Cordy stood there smiling at him. She had disappeared into the bathroom already half an hour ago to get read for her date. He really hated that word. It was like an evil power he couldn’t really get rid of. Ten minutes ago he had heard the first swear words but he never found out what she was so angry about. Well, he was about to now.

“Angel,” she still smiled making him increasingly suspicious as to what was going on. Half hidden by the door he could only catch a glimpse of what she was wearing. It was definitely a dress, a red dress, one that accentuated her appeal. If only she knew what effect she had on him.

“I know I’ve been in here for a while. But vampires don’t need to pee, don’t they? So I can get back to my… dressing.” This was getting more and more interesting and he couldn’t hide the slight smile that appeared on his lips. He knew her and waited as he was sure there was more she would say.

“Are you still reading? Because….” She never finished that sentence because she decided that there were rare occasions when action was better than words. So she simply pulled Angel into the bathroom closing the door behind him again.

“Do you think zippers can get evil?” she continued once he was looking at her again and not confused at the chaos around her in the room. He just stared at her as if she had suddenly gotten a second head. “We have to deal with so many crazy things so I wouldn’t be surprised. And since you are the evil-thing-fighter, you have to do something.” With that she turned around to show him what the actual problem was.

“Is it stuck?” Angel asked as he didn’t really know what he was supposed to do now. The only thing he could do was staring at the skin of her bare back. “What do you think I’m talking about the whole time?” she replied rolling her eyes. Luckily he couldn’t see that but he did hear her annoyed sigh.

Before doing anything he carefully examined the zipper and the damage she had already done. As it seemed a part of the material had gotten between the slide and the teeth of the fastener and now she couldn’t even move it a millimetre up or down.

Mind made up about how the problem could be solved, he set to work. She shuddered when the knuckles of his cold hand brushed her skin lightly. Touching was inevitable so he moved his hand further inside her dress until he had found the right position to move the slide. With his other hand he tried to pull the silky material out of it. Nothing happened and he could feel Cordelia getting nervous.

“Are you done already?“ she asked full of restlessness. The only answer she got was a growl that sounded a bit like a no. What was bothering her most, was the fact that she couldn’t see what he was doing behind her. She just felt. Felt how his hand absorbed her warmth, how gently he touched her, how careful he was.

Angel, however, had enough of the carefulness. The thing just didn’t want to move. So he decided to take more drastic measures. Holding the slide with one hand and the material with the other he tugged them in opposite directions with a jerk. The zipper did move – down. And the only thing he did then was staring. Her back was completely bare and all he wanted to do was feel the skin under his fingertips. But there was something that fascinated him even more.

“I didn’t know you had a tattoo,” he stated. His hand moved of its own accord to the beautiful design. When his index finger grazed it finally, both seemed to feel something like an electric shock. For once Cordy didn’t know what to say, was sure that words weren’t necessary right now. So she let him look and touch, enjoying the attention he gave her.

“Got it before we met,” she explained when she couldn’t stop herself anymore, “but Angel, I wanted the zipper closed not opened.” The sensations going through her at the moment were fogging her brain a little, so she didn’t clearly remember why exactly that was. He didn’t either, “Oh, yeah.”

He still needed a while to move his hand over to the zipper, not without brushing his fingers over the soft skin of her back. He just couldn’t help himself. It was way too difficult not to do that when he had the chance. Who knew if this would ever happen again? So he breathed in deeply absorbing her scent and took the delicate tab of the fastener between two fingers to slide it up.

“Are you done?” Cordelia asked impatiently. She wasn’t really sure as something felt strange. And that something was confirmed a moment later. When she tried to walk away from him, she felt she couldn’t. “My shirt got stuck in your zipper,” Angel muttered so low she could barely hear it. But she did.

“Angel, this is not the time for any not at all funny jokes. I need to go. I’m sure my date is already waiting outside.” Again she heard a growl, a pretty loud one. It made her even angrier. “This is your fault, so get it out. Preferably in the next ten seconds and without ruining my dress.”

Two words and only those two were swirling around in his brain – drastic measures. And that’s what Angel did. With a quick twist of his hand he ripped his shirt out of her zipper – with drastic results. “I think you should change, Cordy,” he told her when he noticed that the slide was gone from her dress.

“What did you do now? I ask you one time to do me a favour and you ruin everything. That’s great, just great.” Without even glancing at him she went to the door to storm out. A strong arm suddenly appeared around her waist stopping her tracks. “You shouldn’t go out there like that,” he whispered. His voice was so close to her ear, his arm so tight yet gentle around her that it made her shiver.

“Why Angel?” she asked looking up into his eyes. She immediately lost every fight she had in herself. Never before had he looked at her like that, so full of emotions. Now she knew that that saying was true, the eyes were really the windows to the soul. And what she saw there was overwhelming. Angel, however, had that amazing talent to destroy moments like this with as much as a snap of his fingers, “I broke your zipper.”

Cordy thought for a while and decided not to be angry at him, for now. “As long as you pay for the repair. I knew the thing was evil. Or maybe not.” They were still staring at each other, neither one could tear the eyes away from the other. And then he lowered his head to do something he had dreamt of for so long. This time it was not Angel who interrupted them. Just when their lips were about to touch there was a knock at the door.

It took the person four times to pull them out of their haze. More than annoyed Cordy went to open the door slightly. “What is it? I’m in the middle of something.” Wesley, completely oblivious to the fact that Angel was in there with her, told her that her date had arrived and was asking for her. She nodded and closed the door abruptly without another word.

Wesley stood in front of the door shaking his head. Not that his friends weren’t known for acting weird occasionally but that was new. He didn’t even get to ask her where Angel was and why the book he was looking for the whole morning lay on the reception desk. Another thing he didn’t understand was when Cordy had decided to date again and why that man resembled their resident vampire so much.

All his questions were answered when first he heard a grunt, then something or someone was pushed against the door, followed by some telling moans and growls. Even he could tell what was going on in there and that Cordelia certainly was not alone. That also explained Angel’s whereabouts.

“Finally,” he sighed and turned around to the date, obviously not needed anymore. He opened his mouth to tell the dark-haired man, that he wouldn’t have company tonight. Everything he saw, however, was an empty space, where he had stood. So he apparently wasn’t the only one gripping what was going on.

Steps of someone coming down the stairs could be heard a second later. Wesley knew who it was without seeing her. Smiling he turned around to Fred. “So…,” she began but didn’t get any further as the sounds from the bathroom became louder accompanied by something that could only be classified as tearing of clothes. “I guess that means that my plan of playing around with the zipper of Cordy’s dress was successful.” His nod was followed by a smirk, “Indeed, Mission: Evil Zipper successfully completed.”




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